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Class 2 2017-2018

Class 2 2017-2018 1

Week Beginning 11th September

Wow! What a week we have had in Class 2. The children have been brilliant and met every challenge with effort and enthusiasm. We have been trying hard to read our numbers and form our number correctly when writing them. We have sorted objects into different groups and explained how we have sorted them. We have been using numicon and dienes to represent different numbers.

During this year we are going to see how long it takes us to do 100 days in school. Each day we are seeing what day we are on and representing this number in different ways. Also everyday we look at the day, date and month and change this.

In Literacy we have stared looking at the book "Small Knight and George" and the children are beginning to learn the story through actions and pictures.

We have done two PE lessons this week and today we had fun using the parachute playing some games.

This week we have recapped the sounds a,m t, s and i in phonics and in our handwriting practise.

This afternoon we worked in groups to build a castle out of cardboard. We have not finished yet so we will do more work on this next week.

have a good weekend.

The Class 2 Team


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