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“Aim High”

Class 3 Hartland

Week Beginning - 8th January 2018


On Thursday 11th of January Class 3 went on a school trip. The trip was designed to round of our medieval topic. We were blessed with lovely sunshine and a dry but cold day. After meeting at school, the coach promptly delivered at Tiverton Castle where we had a guided tour. After this Class 3 walked to Tiverton Museum and could find out a wealth of historical information and interesting things to do. Everyone had a super day, please enjoy the photos and videos. 


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Week Beginning - 1st January 2018


This week we had our Medieval day. The children came dressed up in an array of costumes ranging from knights and princesses to castle ghouls, even the teachers dressed up! The children had a morning of exciting medieval themed activities such as sword making, catapult constructions, archery and shield designs. After lunch we had a treasure hunt in the playground for golden chocolate coins, there were 101 to find and we did some maths as we totted up our findings. Finally we had our medieval banquet consisting of a grapes, tomatoes, big chunks of bread and of course chicken drumsticks. A thoroughly enjoyable medieval themed time was had by all.

Medieval day

Medieval day 1
Medieval day 2
Medieval day 3
Medieval day 4
Medieval day 5
Medieval day 6
Medieval day 7
Medieval day 8
Medieval day 9
Medieval day 10
Medieval day 11
Medieval day 12
Medieval day 13
Medieval day 14
Medieval day 15
Medieval day 16
Medieval day 17
Medieval day 18
Medieval day 19
Medieval day 20
Medieval day 21
Medieval day 22
Medieval day 23
Medieval day 24
Medieval day 25
Medieval day 26
Medieval day 27
Medieval day 28
Medieval day 29
Medieval day 30
Medieval day 31
Medieval day 32
Medieval day 33
Medieval day 34
Medieval day 35
Medieval day 36
Medieval day 37
Medieval day 38

Friday 10th November

Today we looked at Remembrance Day and why this was important to our country. As an activity we cut out poppies and wrote on them why we celebrate Remembrance Day and who remember. We than stuck our poppies onto the Union Jack flag. Here is a photo.

Picture 1

Week Beginning -  16th October 2017


Volcano week! As part of our science topic looking at rocks and geology we have been busy at work making volcanoes. We started by making the right shapes using paper mache and bottles and then we painted the volcanoes to make them look more realistic. On the last day of term we gathered some secret ingredients and put our volcanoes to the test by erupting them, much to the excitement of the class. Please enjoy our pictures and videos. 


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*volume - Our erupting volcanoes

Week Beginning -  2nd October 2017


Class 3 unlocked their 'inner geologist' this week as we investigated carbonate minerals in different types of rocks. Children named and studied the rocks through magnifying glasses. Goggles were used as the groups applied several drops of acid (vinegar) to the rock samples. Children observed closely for bubbles or fizzing as an indicator of carbonate in the rocks. 

Reacting acid on chalk stone

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Week Beginning -  25th September 2017


This week class 3 worked well in teams to construct castles out of cardboard. Thank you for the great response to the message about bringing in spare cardboard, we had plenty! Children were shown the parts of a castle before construction began and it was great to hear specific language such as 'battlements' being used by the children. Some groups even took on the challenge of creating a working 'portcullis'. Here are some pictures of our groups in the initial construction phase as well as some of our finished castles. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16