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Week beginning 8th January


This week we have continued with our poetry theme as we studied Thomas Hardy's 'Snow In the Suburbs'. The poem beautifully depicts the arrival of winter in a local town. We were hoping for some snow ourselves, but when it sadly failed to appear we decided to write our own poems about the fantastic frosty mornings that we have had this week. Here are a few of our poems....


The wind howled like a baby wolf,

Calling to his mother,

We caught a glimpse of the silhouette in the sky,

Howling like no other.


As the heat dropped suddenly,

The snow began to settle,

within minutes,

We were scraping ice off the frozen metal.

by Erin



Every pavement sprinkled with it;

Every grass patch stiff with it.


A child slips but does not fall,

There parent catches them standing tall.


Every pavement and every street mute.

The frost and the cold is extremely 



The frost is coming 

so be ready...

By Josh Hill


Welcome back to Trinity Class in 2018! We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We have had a really busy start to the term; in Numeracy we have been completing mind-stretching angle investigations using a wide range of mathematical and reasoning skills. Over the holidays the Reading Rocks challenge involved learning a  narrative poem to recite to the class - we have been treated to recitations of some brilliant poems, including a poem from Peita that she wrote herself!


In a forest, far far away

An old lady sat and there she will stay,

For you see the old lady was under a curse

Through troubles she sought with a penny in her purse.


A thousand worries needed for the curse to be broken 
A penny becomes a gift all,

A gift becomes a token

Through lives of mystery, danger and wonder

The old lady sits and hears the thunder.


Inside her hut she sits all year long

When the curse is lifted the worries will be gone,

As the years go by the lady gets older

But she gets no closer and her heart grows colder.


The wind whistles through the open shutters

She can not get up to close it,

A worrie  slips through the open hatch 

It's the last trouble ad she knows it.


The old woman crumbles and her breath is no more 

For now the tide calls her (come to the shore)

The lady is no more and no more worries there will be 

The curse is lifted and in the wind she hurries to me.


Today we shared in our annual Christingle Service, a beautiful service that reminds us about the true meaning of Christmas.

Year 6 spent Thursday afternoon helping the other children throughout the school to create their own Christingle.

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Christingle Poem


If the orange is the world,

And the candle is the light,

Then we know Jesus is with us,

Every day and every night.


If the sweets are the seasons,

And gifts given by Him,

Then we know always to thank God,

To clap and cheer and sing.


If the ribbon is Jesus blood,

His love wrapped round us all,

Then no-one need to feel lonely,

He'll catch us if we fall.


This is the Christingle,

A service full of fun,

Prepare the way for Christmas,

God loves us every one. 

Our Local Legends


Following our work on the beautifully written book 'The Mousehole Cat', we have been creating our own local legends. Here are a few of our opening paragraphs to draw you in!


On the tired and sleepy fields of Littleham ,the tractors play around in the sun all day. Between the cobbled hedge rows and the drowsy trees lay a little farm far from the village. All day long you would see kestrels hunting for rabbits,and rabbits hunting for mice. But NEVER would you see a deer. Although no-one ever saw him,they could hear him rustling in the woods. 



At the far end of Instow Beach, lie the sand dunes caching all the sun. The sand dunes are always a place that children love to play and hide. At the highest point of the tallest sand dune lived a rabbit named Thumper.                                                                        

BY MILLIE WORSEY                                    


At the far end of Jamaica a land of sand and greenery lay under the blazing sun , palm trees blow in the wind with waves 7 foot tall with surfers riding the waves. Once there lived a stray dog named Freddie; he was as strong as a bus and as wise as a old man , he was a Great Dane . Freddie was a leader of dogs, and was known all round . He knew everything and everyone . Nothing happened without Freddie  knowing . Although he was the strongest and the wisest dog on the island, he could never keep up with his three sons , always causing trouble! But Freddie was living a happy life                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Then one day Freddie heard a cry of horror , he shot out of the broken wooden panels and up the busy street . Everybody running  towards him had a look of terror on there faces. He arrived at the square with hundreds of curious people . He pushed himself through the roaring crowd and up to the steel railings. At that moment  he saw it , a gorilla; a furious gorilla  eating the left overs in the bin , last time this happened he destroyed halve the city and Freddie was determined not to let this happen again .by JAMES

Exciting Update

More replies received! Do pop into Trinity class and see our board of replies... we've even been lucky enough to get some gifts. Annabelle would love to tell you about hers. Roxy has heard from a Sir ... which one could it be? Alfie is an animal love and he's had a letter from the Super Vet and Tom loves Rugby so can you guess who he wrote to?

Week beginning Monday 6th November

We've had a busy week of learning in Trinity this week. In Maths we have been learning efficient methods for multiplication - on Tuesday the class had to did deep and show their resilience with some missing number multiplication challenges. We were so proud of them! In Literacy we have continued with our unit of work on letter writing. We have been writing formal letters to express our concerns over issues such as car park charges, recycling and dog waste. We've also had the excitement of our first reply from our letters to inspirational people. Josh was delighted to receive a note from Arlington Enterprises who manage James May - we were thrilled that a Top Gear autograph card was enclosed. we'll be looking out for the postman next week to see if anyone else is lucky enough to receive a reply!

Week beginning 30th October


Dream Islands

Over the half term break Trinity Class created some superb 'Dream Islands' for their home learning. Here are a few of the tropical paradise models that we now have in class - please feel free to pop in and have a closer look!


As the build up towards Christmas begins, the children have made a great start with rehearsals for Panto Pandemonium. We have been really impressed with their enthusiasm and energy - keep learning those lines Trinity Class!


In Literacy we are starting a sequence on The Mousehole Cat a beautiful legend, local to the south west. The children will be using this story as a basis for creating their own legends - watch this space. 


Week beginning October 9th 

Thank you to all of the family and friends who came to join us for our Class assembly. We hope you enjoyed hearing about how we are living life to the full in Trinity. It was great to see Baz from St George's too. 


In Literacy this week we have been writing balanced arguments. They are titled "Should development be allowed on our coastline?". Below are see examples of our writing.


On the other hand ,people are prepared to pay more money on properties near the coastline, which means the government gets more money to spend on other things we need. It is scientifically proven that the view of the sea helps your heart rate . Any day people living by the coast can easily go for a walk on the beach (which means that they get fresh air and exercize without having to use a car). Britain is known for our gorgeous and stunning beaches and lots of tourists  want to stay by the beach. Where are they going to stay if there are no houses or hotels to stay in?  Martha


On the other hand letting people develop our coast line could spoil the beautiful scenery for others. By building up our coast line we allow many of the stunning views and beaches to be spoiled by new  flats hotels and houses. Should we allow this to happen? Emily



Having said this ,once they are built on the coast , it can be very relaxing living there,and can actually help your heart rate. You can get lots of fresh air and and it is very healthy. When you go out , you can get free exercise by running , walking, swimming, surfing and bodyboarding. Charlie

Week beginning 2nd October


It has been another busy week in Trinity Class! Two more groups of Year 6 children completed their Bikeability training and our now ready to ride the roads of Instow! We also had an inspiring visit from the Tangled Theatre Company performing their piece 'No One is an Island'. The week finished with a bang...literally as we visited Great Torrington School for the STEM 'Big Bang' event.'The Big Bang' is a UK-wide programme designed to bring science and engineering to life for young people ; we visited a range of talks and hands on workshops from  'The Magic of Science' to 'CSI Whodunnit', 'Doctor Doctor' and large exhibition by local science and technology employers - a great day!

Week beginning Monday 25th September


It's been such a busy week in Class 5 that we've not been sure whether we are coming or going! The weather was mostly kind to the Year 6 children who started their Bikeability training. Jo, our lovely instructor, has been thrilled with the progress of the groups and commented on their super behaviour and manners - well done Year 6. Jo will be in school again next week so that all of the Year 6 children can benefit from this great opportunity.


On Tuesday Mrs Brewer and Mrs Tuohey were able to spend the morning in Croyde on a course about the coast. They learnt all kinds of things about the creatures and land around our coastline and are looking forward to sharing this with Trinity Class in our topic work this term.


Year 5 attended a fire safety course on Thursday and then on Friday it was time to walk down the hill to share in the school Harvest celebration. Thank you to Oliver, Peita and Abbie for writing and sharing their prayers and well done to all of Class 5 for their poem performance - bringing a whole new meaning to Peas, Turnips and Squash. 


Next week looks set to be another jam packed week with a theatre visit and our science day to look forward to at Great Torrington School.





Week beginning 18th September

It has been an action packed start to the term in Trinity Class! We had an amazing week on our residential to St. George's House in Georgeham - we will be sharing some of our adventures in our class assembly later this half term. Please have a look at the fantastic photos in the Gallery! We have been using our experiences to write recounts and odes to St. George's this week in our Literacy. 


Year 6 have had an exciting week visiting the open mornings at our local secondary schools; thinking about the next steps in their learning journeys. Next week Year 6 will also start their Bikeability training.