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Spring 2018 Year 2

The Year 2 group spent the first week on the beach. Amongst other things we did a beach clean and managed to clean the beach of half a bag of rubbish. The children also created various sculptures including a dragon.

Another week we went for a Spring Walk looking for signs of spring. Back at school we were inspired by the Facebook group Devon Rocks and Stones to paint our own stones to hide in the local area for others to find.

Last week we had a look through the magnifying glasses at things in the garden. Miss Graves got a fire going despite the rain and using the three point stance toasted marshmallows to make into s’mores. We also learnt how to tie the figure of eight knot.

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Picture 34

Year 4

A few visitors in the woods today. The children were taught by past pupils who shared their knot skills with them. We then used these skills to make zip wires, rope swing and rope ladders for the Pudseys who also joined us. The group worked really well together and came up with some great solutions.  

Friday 17th November

Friday 17th November 1
Friday 17th November 2
Friday 17th November 3
Friday 17th November 4
Friday 17th November 5
Friday 17th November 6
Friday 17th November 7
Friday 17th November 8
Friday 17th November 9

Year 4

A crisp afternoon in the woods. The children spent some time reflecting on Remembrance and produced 2D and 3D poppies. We continued the hunt for stick insects but sadly did not find any this week. The children did find a lovely snail however!

Friday 10th November

Friday 10th November 1
Friday 10th November 2
Friday 10th November 3
Friday 10th November 4
Friday 10th November 5
Friday 10th November 6
Friday 10th November 7
Friday 10th November 8
Friday 10th November 9
Friday 10th November 10
Friday 10th November 11
Friday 10th November 12

Year 4

A fun-filled firework Friday! We had natural firework making and great team work today. The children enjoyed hot chocolate, fire-work biscuits and marshmallows. We even had time for den building! The best thing is we found a HUGE stick insect. 

Friday 3rd November

Friday 3rd November 1
Friday 3rd November 2
Friday 3rd November 3
Friday 3rd November 4
Friday 3rd November 5
Friday 3rd November 6
Friday 3rd November 7
Friday 3rd November 8
Friday 3rd November 9
Friday 3rd November 10
Friday 3rd November 11
Friday 3rd November 12
Friday 3rd November 13
Friday 3rd November 14
Friday 3rd November 15

Year 3

A lovely afternoon exploring the woods with toasted marshmallows to finish off the term with. Great to see such fabulous team work within the group!

Friday 20th October

Friday 20th October 1
Friday 20th October 2
Friday 20th October 3
Friday 20th October 4
Friday 20th October 5
Friday 20th October 6
Friday 20th October 7
Friday 20th October 8
Friday 20th October 9
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Friday 20th October 11
Friday 20th October 12
Friday 20th October 13
Friday 20th October 14
Friday 20th October 15
Friday 20th October 16
Friday 20th October 17
Friday 20th October 18
Friday 20th October 19

Friday 22nd September

Fun filled afternoon on the beach this week. We worked on our team work skills and together made a castle with a moat, tower and drawbridge. The children also had to work together to find objects and we played team games. 

Year 3

Year 3 1
Year 3 2
Year 3 3
Year 3 4
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Year 3 15
Year 3 16
Year 3 17
Year 3 18
Year 3 19
Year 3 20

Class 1

Last session for this lovely group! Mini beast hunt and making with marshmallows to follow. Yummy!

Friday 15th July

Friday 15th July 1
Friday 15th July 2
Friday 15th July 3
Friday 15th July 4
Friday 15th July 5
Friday 15th July 6
Friday 15th July 7
Friday 15th July 8
Friday 15th July 9
Friday 15th July 10
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Friday 15th July 12
Friday 15th July 13
Friday 15th July 14
Friday 15th July 15
Friday 15th July 16
Friday 15th July 17
Friday 15th July 18
Friday 15th July 19
Friday 15th July 20
Friday 15th July 21
Friday 15th July 22
Friday 15th July 23
Friday 15th July 24
Friday 15th July 25

Class 1

A lovely afternoon playing in the woods! We recapped the rules which help to keep us safe at Forest School and played '123 Where are you?' The children then spent some time building homes for Woodlouse with some amazing ideas including slides, pools, cozy beds and secret hidey holes. Followed by juice and biscuits then a quick march up the hill!

Friday 23rd June

Friday 23rd June 1
Friday 23rd June 2
Friday 23rd June 3
Friday 23rd June 4
Friday 23rd June 5
Friday 23rd June 6
Friday 23rd June 7
Friday 23rd June 8
Friday 23rd June 9
Friday 23rd June 10
Friday 23rd June 11
Friday 23rd June 12
Friday 23rd June 13
Friday 23rd June 14
Friday 23rd June 15
Friday 23rd June 16
Friday 23rd June 17
Friday 23rd June 18

Class 1

A trip down to the woods today. The children began to learn about the things which keep ourselves and our friends safe at Forest School. We played the 'Name game' with some very inventive animals being chosen! The children decided on a boundary and we talked about what that meant. We then had some time to explore the woods and we collected 10 different items each to take home in our collecting bags. 

Friday 16th June

Friday 16th June 1
Friday 16th June 2
Friday 16th June 3
Friday 16th June 4
Friday 16th June 5
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Friday 16th June 16
Friday 16th June 17
Friday 16th June 18
Friday 16th June 19
Friday 16th June 20
Friday 16th June 21
Friday 16th June 22
Friday 16th June 23
Friday 16th June 24
Friday 16th June 25
Friday 16th June 26
Friday 16th June 27
Friday 16th June 28
Friday 16th June 29
Friday 16th June 30
Friday 16th June 31

Class 1

What a delightful group of children class 1 are! We starting by playing the name game and thought about our Forest School name and what action could go with that. The children showed a great understanding of why it would not be safe for us to go to the woods today. After that we climbed over the style into the field and collected objects to weave into our frames. The children also enjoyed strawberries and a drink. 

Friday 9th June

Friday 9th June 1
Friday 9th June 2
Friday 9th June 3
Friday 9th June 4
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Friday 9th June 23
Friday 9th June 24
Friday 9th June 25
Friday 9th June 26
Friday 9th June 27
Wow! What amazing end to our Forest School sessions. As the weather was to hot for a fire this week we explored water & ice instead! We played some team games with ice cubes, working on our transferring skills and then used water to increase the tension! In the garden we made rivers and boats to float or not... Ice was enjoyed by everybody. 

Friday 26th May 2017

Friday 26th May 2017 1
Friday 26th May 2017 2
Friday 26th May 2017 3
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Friday 26th May 2017 58
Friday 26th May 2017 59

Year 3

A lovely day sunny day in the woods with plenty of things to look at and discover. In teams of three we made three different sized Pyramids using what we could find. The children also enjoyed making their own Egyptian inspired necklaces. 

Friday 19th May

Friday 19th May 1
Friday 19th May 2
Friday 19th May 3
Friday 19th May 4
Friday 19th May 5
Friday 19th May 6
Friday 19th May 7
Friday 19th May 8
Friday 19th May 9
Friday 19th May 10

Year 3

A lovely afternoon spent looking at hieroglyphics. The children used natural materials to make words of their choice and then we guessed what each one was. Hot juice and custard creams were enjoyed by all! Free time was spent developing their dens and tree climbing skills.

Friday 12th May

Friday 12th May 1
Friday 12th May 2
Friday 12th May 3
Friday 12th May 4
Friday 12th May 5
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Friday 12th May 18
Friday 12th May 19
Friday 12th May 20
Friday 12th May 21
Friday 12th May 22

Year 3

This week we split into 4 teams and worked together using natural materials to complete Egyptian challenges.We had lots of fun working out how to complete them with no tools! Miss Beer loved the boat, bridge and temple....all the children were very inventive. 

Friday 5th May

Friday 5th May 1
Friday 5th May 2
Friday 5th May 3
Friday 5th May 4
Friday 5th May 5
Friday 5th May 6
Friday 5th May 7
Friday 5th May 8
Friday 5th May 9
Friday 5th May 10
Friday 5th May 11
Friday 5th May 12
Friday 5th May 13
Friday 5th May 14
Friday 5th May 15
Friday 5th May 16
Friday 5th May 17
Friday 5th May 18
Friday 5th May 19
Friday 5th May 20
Friday 5th May 21

Year 3

First session for the Year 3's. We enjoyed an afternoon recapping what we do to keep ourselves safe at Forest Schools and spent some time making dens.

Friday 28th April 2017

Friday 28th April 2017 1
Friday 28th April 2017 2
Friday 28th April 2017 3
Friday 28th April 2017 4
Friday 28th April 2017 5
Friday 28th April 2017 6
Friday 28th April 2017 7
Friday 28th April 2017 8
Friday 28th April 2017 9
Friday 28th April 2017 10
Friday 28th April 2017 11

24th March Final Year 2 Session

24th March Final Year 2 Session 1
24th March Final Year 2 Session 2
24th March Final Year 2 Session 3
24th March Final Year 2 Session 4
24th March Final Year 2 Session 5
24th March Final Year 2 Session 6
24th March Final Year 2 Session 7
24th March Final Year 2 Session 8
24th March Final Year 2 Session 9
24th March Final Year 2 Session 10
24th March Final Year 2 Session 11
24th March Final Year 2 Session 12
24th March Final Year 2 Session 13
24th March Final Year 2 Session 14
24th March Final Year 2 Session 15
24th March Final Year 2 Session 16
24th March Final Year 2 Session 17

24th March

This week was the final session for the Year 2's so fire and smores were ha!

Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 17th March

Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 17th March 1
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 17th March 2
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 17th March 3
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 17th March 4
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 17th March 5

Forest School 17th March

Today we went to the woods again - through the mud and up the bank into the wood. The children continue exploring the woods, climbing trees, finding insects and we collected wood for next weeks fire. Some children also used the knives to help whittle a stick.

Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March

Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March 1
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March 2
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March 3
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March 4
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March 5
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March 6
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March 7
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March 8
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March 9
Year 2 Forest Schools Friday 3rd March 10

3rd March

This week we went to the wood and trailed through lots of mud to get there! We played the name game and went through the rules of Forest School. We then played 1,2,3 Where are you and then the children went and explored the woods. Some children built dens, some climbed trees, some picked up logs, some rolled in the leaves and others swept the leafy floor and created a path!

Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February

Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 1
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 2
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 3
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 4
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 5
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 6
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 7
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 8
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 9
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 10
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 11
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 12
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 13
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 14
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 15
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 16
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 17
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 18
Yr 2 Forest School Friday 24th February 19

Friday 24th February

A lovely first session at the beach today with Year 2. They are studying buildings back in the class so they were given the challenge to make one out of things found on the beach. We had a fairy house, Buckingham Palace - complete with the Queen and a guard, Big Ben and a house with a moat around it. Other loved looking for creature in the rock pools and under the rocks and many a shrimp was found. The wall was a great challenge for some as well.

Friday 27th January

Friday 27th January 1
Friday 27th January 2
Friday 27th January 3
Friday 27th January 4
Friday 27th January 5
Friday 27th January 6

Year 5

A lovely afternoon playing in the woods today. The children explored and played in the woods looking for some magic along the way! We found magpie feathers, interesting moss, sticks galore, bird song, spotted a deer and made some amazing dens.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
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Picture 12
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Picture 50
Picture 51
Picture 52
Picture 53
Picture 54
Picture 55
Picture 56
Picture 57
Picture 58
Picture 59
Picture 60
Picture 61
Picture 62
Picture 63

January 2017

A few mixed weeks of Forest Schools. The children have enjoyed den building in class 1 playground and sampled soup made by the Year 1s. We also had a lovely afternoon exploring the work of Andy Goldsworthy and spent another afternoon creating collages with man-made and natural materials which reflect our topic of World War 2. With den building in the woods too we have been busy!

Friday 18th November

Miss Graves had the pleasure of taking the group today. We went for a short walk up the lanes and enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles! We then put our brains in gear and had a very good game of eye spy while looking over a gate. We came back to school and continued making some Christmas craft of reindeers out of tree cookies and glitter!!

Busy, busy busy today at Forest School. We made natural Remembrance gardens and had a go at making metal poppy pins. Some really thoughtful ideas were shared. The children also enjoyed playing  'touch the tree'


Friday 11th November

Friday 11th November 1
Friday 11th November 2
Friday 11th November 3
Friday 11th November 4
Friday 11th November 5
Friday 11th November 6
Friday 11th November 7
Friday 11th November 8
Friday 11th November 9
Friday 11th November 10
Friday 11th November 11
Friday 11th November 12

Year 5

Amazing, wonderful, super, treetastic, metaltastic, awesome..... were just some of the words used to describe this weeks Forest School. The year 5s enjoyed a new game called Touch the tree. Great fun was had in trying to get back to the tree before the time was up and we loved some of the ingenious places the children found to hide. We also really enjoyed making some objects with wire and hammers!  Special thanks to our industrious helpers!

Friday 4th November

Friday 4th November 1
Friday 4th November 2
Friday 4th November 3
Friday 4th November 4
Friday 4th November 5
Friday 4th November 6
Friday 4th November 7
Friday 4th November 8
Friday 4th November 9
Friday 4th November 10
Friday 4th November 11
Friday 4th November 12
Friday 4th November 13
Friday 4th November 14
Friday 4th November 15
Friday 4th November 16
Friday 4th November 17
Friday 4th November 18
Friday 4th November 19
Friday 4th November 20
Friday 4th November 21
Friday 4th November 22
Friday 4th November 23
Friday 4th November 24
Friday 4th November 25
Christmas making today! We started to paint driftwood snowman but also found time to make bird feeders and cooked yummy marshmallows in the garden. A lovely sunny afternoon.

Friday 21st October

Friday 21st October 1
Friday 21st October 2
Friday 21st October 3
Friday 21st October 4
Friday 21st October 5
Friday 21st October 6
Friday 21st October 7
Friday 21st October 8
Friday 21st October 9
Friday 21st October 10
Friday 21st October 11
Friday 21st October 12
Friday 21st October 13
Friday 21st October 14
Friday 21st October 15
Friday 21st October 16
Friday 21st October 17

Class 2

Super afternoon on the sunny beach! Today we collected driftwood and worked together to made scary sharks.

Friday 14th October

Friday 14th October 1
Friday 14th October 2
Friday 14th October 3
Friday 14th October 4
Friday 14th October 5
Friday 14th October 6
Friday 14th October 7
Friday 14th October 8
A lovely afternoon spent with Miss Beer and Mrs Metcalfe in the garden looking for mini-beasts.The children had a super time making a deluxe bug hotel and finished off with a story about mini-beasts.

Friday 7th October

Friday 7th October 1
Friday 7th October 2
Friday 7th October 3
Friday 7th October 4
Friday 7th October 5
Friday 7th October 6
Friday 7th October 7
Friday 7th October 8
Friday 7th October 9
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Friday 7th October 12
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Friday 7th October 14
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Friday 7th October 16
Friday 7th October 17
Friday 7th October 18
Friday 7th October 19
Friday 7th October 20
Friday 7th October 21
Friday 7th October 22
Friday 7th October 23
Friday 7th October 24
Friday 7th October 25
Friday 7th October 26
Friday 7th October 27
Friday 7th October 28
Friday 7th October 29

Year 1

Sunny afternoon on the beach! As it is Coastal Clean up day we had a 2 minute treasure hunt for thing we should find on the beach and 2 minutes to find things we should not leave on the beach. The children found some surprising and interesting objects to produce pictures with. 

Friday 23rd September

Friday 23rd September 1
Friday 23rd September 2
Friday 23rd September 3
Friday 23rd September 4
Friday 23rd September 5
Friday 23rd September 6
Friday 23rd September 7
Friday 23rd September 8
Friday 23rd September 9
Friday 23rd September 10
Friday 23rd September 11
Friday 23rd September 12
Friday 23rd September 13
Friday 23rd September 14
Friday 23rd September 15
Friday 23rd September 16
Friday 23rd September 17
Friday 23rd September 18
Friday 23rd September 19
Friday 23rd September 20
Friday 23rd September 21
Friday 23rd September 22
Friday 23rd September 23
Friday 23rd September 24
Friday 23rd September 25
Friday 23rd September 26
Friday 23rd September 27

Year 1

A fun filled first session for the year 1 children. We played 123 Where are you? and talked about all things we remembered from the last time which help to keep us safe in the woods. They had some free time to explore and look for changes. Biscuits and juice were enjoyed by all!

Friday 16th September

Friday 16th September 1
Friday 16th September 2
Friday 16th September 3
Friday 16th September 4
Friday 16th September 5
Friday 16th September 6
Friday 16th September 7
Friday 16th September 8
Friday 16th September 9
Friday 16th September 10
Friday 16th September 11
Friday 16th September 12
Friday 16th September 13
Friday 16th September 14
Friday 16th September 15
Friday 16th September 16
Friday 16th September 17
Friday 16th September 18
Friday 16th September 19
Friday 16th September 20
Friday 16th September 21

Class 1

Last afternoon in the woods and what a lovely afternoon we had. Mrs Martin joined us for part of the session and the children were able to share the skills they have so far learnt. All the children were fab at remembering their Forest School names and showed her how to play '123 Where are you...? The highlight was the marshmallow toasting! The children were able to toast a marshmallow safely using a 3 point stance. We even found some time to create dinosaur nests! A big thank you to all the parents who have been able to help over the sessions. 

Wednesday 6th June

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Wednesday 6th June 39

Class 1

A very windy day today! We listened to the story 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish' which inspired some amazing clay work creating dinosaurs and other creatures. The children worked the clay to make it soft then used natural materials to add features. We also had ago at making paint form vegetables and leaves we had collected from the garden. The finger paintings the created were very impressive! Hot chocolate warmed us up too. 

Wednesday 29th June

Wednesday 29th June 1
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Wednesday 29th June 33

Wednesday 22nd June

A little bit wet in the woods today but that didn't dampen the children's spirits! We enjoyed the 'name game' with all the children doing really in remembering their Forest School names. The children also played '123 Where are you...'with some great hiding! With the help of each other the children made large and small dens, developing great teamwork skills. 

Class 1

Class 1 1
Class 1 2
Class 1 3
Class 1 4
Class 1 5
Class 1 6
Class 1 7
Class 1 8
Class 1 9
Class 1 10
Class 1 11
Class 1 12
Class 1 13
Class 1 14
Class 1 15
Class 1 16
Class 1 17

Wednesday 16th June

The children enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the woods. We have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe and exploring the woodland. Today we started with the ' name game' and played 123 Where are you....? The children were able to use collecting bags find themselves some forest treasure and then we shared our finds with the group. Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us today. 

Class 1

Class 1 1
Class 1 2