Spring Term 2013


Martial Arts


Class 4 children for 8 weeks have taken part in martial arts.



As part of our design technology; Class 4 and 5 have been designing and making their own mini tree houses. They have looked carefully into properties and design purposes of different materials.

Autumn 2012


Class 4 Science Investigations

As part of our Science learning on Micro-organisms, Class 4 was set the challenge to investigate what happens to yeast.

Children making careful observations when adding sugar yeast and warm water.



"I found out that yeast feeds on the sugar which makes bubbles of carbon dioxide. This makes the balloon rise." By Bethan


"Micro-organisms can be helpful and harmful. The yeast feeds on the sugar causing them to multiply. This makes small bubbles of carbon dioxide which makes the balloon blow up." By Ethan C


Class 4 and their giant pumpkin are helping to raise, with the help of the school council, money for a fun whole school activity.


The Year 5's in Class 4 found out about animal habitats at Paignton Zoo and overcame their fears at woodlands.

First Half Summer 2012


Class 4 have made their own Olympic Torches this term and took them along to wave when the Olympic Torch went through Bideford.

Spring Term 2012


As part of Class 4's science and maths, they have been using their accurate measuring skills to investigate a balloons velocity.

Class 4's inspirational world book day characters:

Class 3 and 4 had a fantastic time during their residential to Simonsbath.

Britain since the 1950s - Spring Term 2012


This term the children have been learning about Britain since 1950s.