Class 1 Crow Point

Friday 28th 

This week we had more visits from our September intake. Your children have been really welcoming, showing them where things are and generally looking after them and making sure they are ok. Next week they will start their own transition to Class 2. This week the children have enjoyed more cuddles with the now very tame chicks! It has been so hot that we took them outside yesterday and gave them some water to paddle in. The children have been keeping up to date with their chick diaries. The last entry will be on Monday as at the end of today the chicks went to their new home, a farm in Oxford! They had a long journey ahead of them but the life of luxury once they get there. It was very quiet after they left 😕. This week we have started preparing for our art exhibition to be held in a few weeks. I'm not going to give anything away but I'll just say you have some budding artists at home! Next Tuesday we have our sponsored cycle or scooter ride. Please make sure they have either a bike or scooter and a helmet in school that day. We plan to do it in the morning and you are welcome to come and cheer the children on. I will let you know final details on Monday. Homelearning this week is to collect a pebble and bring it to school. About the size of their hand. Also could you bplease send in a donation to our Stall at the summer Faye...pencils, pens, small packet of sweets etc We are trying to steer away from plastic toys please.  

Tennis, chicks arriving and hatching, Maypole dancing, Forest school! Phew! What a week this has been! Obviously the greatest excitement has been the chicks arriving and hatching! The children have already learnt the importance of handling the chicks with care, taking care of themselves by washing their hands after handling the chicks, and they are enjoying having the responsibility of being our chick experts when other classes come to visit. They are keeping a chick diary and the entries have been some of the best we have ever had - both in terms of their writing ability and the things they want to write about. Have a great weekend and enjoy the photos.  

Friday 7th June

Welcome back to the last half of the Summer Term! Wow where has this year gone??!! It sounds like everyone had a good break and the children enjoyed telling us all about the wonderful things they had got up to during the week. It is lovely to see how the children's speaking has developed throughout the year. On Tuesday afternoons we will be having Forest School. They already have waterproofs and wellies in school so they will just need old clothes to change into for the afternoon. This week we stayed on sight but thought about the story 'Sharing A Shell'. The children then made their own under the sea habitat and even little under water creatures and gave them a shell to share. This week we have continued the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and on Wednesday morning they story mapped their own versions of the story, changing the character or setting. Yesterday and today we have been using the story maps to write our own stories. I have put Effie's story about a very hungry squirrel and Thomas' story about a very hungry cheetah in the pictures for you to read. Such a wet day today!! Hopefully it will dry up for the weekend. Homework is looking at illustrations in books and making up their own number stories. 

Thomas' awesome story!

Effie's awesome story

Friday 24th May

Today's wellie walk was very different indeed! We went to the Marine Base and were shown some interesting videos of Instow 75 years ago. They used the beach to practice driving tanks and trucks in the water. It looked like a lot of fun! The children were then allowed to explore some of the vehicles and some of the weapons they used. We also learned about the food Marines have to eat which gives them extra energy. It didn't look too tasty! 

Friday 17th May

This week we have had some exciting post! Some of the children wrote to a minibeast asking them something they wanted to find out. Guess what...the minibeasts actually wrote back! So much excitement! From their answers we have begun to create a fact sheet to help us with the information book we are going to make next week. In math we have been thinking about sharing and we have leant that sharing between 2 is the sameness as halving. In music Mrs Wattley brought some real instruments for us to hear and some to try! We then used the percussion to have some musical conversations. Today for our wellie walk we walked to the post office to post our letters to Finn and Ru. During our walk we saw a Friendly Lion called Eric, the year 6 playing volley ball on the beach and loads and loads of snails! We also had a very brief video chat with the boys this morning but it was very brief due to some technical issues! Hopefully their letter will arrive early next week so we will call them again maybe Tuesday. 

Friday 10th May

We had a perfectly timed Wellie Walk today. We took the ipads and some colour charts and investigated how many different greens we could find. There were lots! We took our time today as it was such a lovely morning. Just before we came over the style back to school we sat in the field, looked at the view and took some deep breaths whilst enjoying the sun on our faces. 10 minutes after getting back to school the heavens opened!! We were very glad we had not been walking any longer! Also this week we have started to look at the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Miss Graves showed the children how to paint a perfectly symmetrical  butterfly by painting one side of the paper and folding it over. In maths we have continued to investigate addition and subtraction. 

Today we had a visit from a new friend who will be joining us after half term. His name is Riaaz and we look forward to welcoming him properly in a  few weeks. Oh almost forgot! In carousel on Tuesday we started to explore the different instrument families using a program on the ipad. We listened to Benjamin Britten's Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra. Maybe try to listen to it this weekend and see if you can spot those families! 

Friday 3rd February

This week in math we have looked ta number bonds to 10 - pairs of numbers that go together to make 10.  We are also beginning to count in 5's and 10's. Cameron brought us a wonderful book to read called 'The girl, the Bear and the Magic Shoes.' It is a new Julia Donaldson book and inspired us all to write about where our own magic shoes would take us! During our wellie walk this week we looked for minibeasts. We used magnifying glasses and torches so spot them in their hiding places. We found a millipede so when we got back to school we drew and labelled the different parts of a millipede. Ask them if they can remember where the millipedes trunk is! In carousel this week we played our wonderful new handbells and using the coloured circles (corresponding to each handbell) we made up our own tunes. Some of them were amazing! 

Friday 5th April

For our last welly walk of the term we obviously had to have an egg roll! We decorated an egg yesterday and named it. Then today we carried our eggs to the field, sang to them, babysat someone else's egg and then found the perfect place to roll it down the hill! Lots of giggles and shrieks of joy! Also this week we have learned about the Easter story (the one that doesn't involve the Easter bunny!) and have made blossom trees out of cardboard tubes. Well done to all the children today, they were really well behaved during a long Easter service at church. Have a wonderful break. The children have been told that their homework is to play outside, eat, walk, have fun, play with their toys and read a little bit every night.  



Still image for this video

Thursday 28th March

We were finally warm on our wellie walk! This time we were looking at our environment and comparing it to a city environment. We watched a clip of a 'walk through London' and it gave us a pretty good idea about how a city is different to our environment in Instow. We walked all the way to the top of the hill to get yet another superb view! Today we have planted some peas, spring onions tomatoes. The children are going to be in charge of looking after the plants in our garden. We keep you posted with garden updates! In maths this week we have been looking at careful counting. On Monday Stanley blew our socks off by introducing us to negative numbers!! In 22 years of teaching I have never had to explain the concept of negative numbers to Early Years. How exciting! In your reading books today or tomorrow the children will be coming home with the tricky words they still need to learn. Please help them do this in anyway you can think of that makes it fun. Stick them to the doors and they have to say that word as they walk through that door...stick them on the fridge and they have to say one word as they open the door. Write the words on the fruit in the fruit bowl. (I wouldn't recommend doing this with apples!). When they have mastered all of the words leave us a note in their reading diary and we will send the next lot of words home. 


Friday 22nd March

In maths this week we have been learning about Odd Todd and Even Steven. Even Steven always likes things to be fair and always shares his snacks evenly. In phonics we are still on phase 3 and are spending our phonics sessions consoladating their knowledge of diagraphs and trigraphs. Today was our last day with Finn and  Rufus so they were in charge of our wellie walk today. They wanted to go on a "collecting story walk." They also chose the direction we went in. They chose to go over the stile first. Today is the first time all of the children were able to go over the stile on their own. Such progress from just a few weeks ago when it took us ages to all get into the field as nearly all children needed help to climb over the stile. It was a great wellie walk moment! Then the boys asked us to collect a we did. We had fun looking at the shortest, longest, spikiest, smoothest etc. Then we walked to the stream and played pooh sticks. Over into the next field and up the steep hill all the way to the top (another first!) it was tiring but the view was totally worth it. So was the run down! When we got to the church we sat and had the boys chosen story The Gruffalo. Then it was back to school for hot chocolate. It was a great walk. Thank you Finn and Ru!  This afternoon Mrs Guymer made Anzac biscuits with the whole class (they were scrummy!!) - oh and there were special kangaroo biscuits for lunch! We will miss both boys loads but hope to keep in touch when they are settled. 

Friday 15th 2018

Just a quick one tonight then you can get on and enjoy the photos! Just to say how super proud we are of them all for the awesome speaking and singing in assembly yesterday! They overcame a lot of nerves and butterflies and they were all brilliant. Have a peaceful weekend.