Class 1 Crow Point

Friday 6th March

Science week!!

What a week! A strong focus on forces and flight this week. The children made kites, met Cassius the beautiful Hawk, investigated floating and sinking and pushing and pulling, danced with Mrs Knight, had a visit from the Devon Air Ambulance, sung songs about flying, made parachutes for the teddies in class 1, investigated magnets and had a go at some Archery. Today we finished the week launching our rockets! There are so many photos so I have had to restrict myself to just a taster for now. We will be making a class book with all the photos in for you to look at soon.  

Friday 28th February 

Yet another Friday, yet another storm! Toady a few of us decided to embrace the rain! The children put out pots to measure how much rain had fallen between first play and lunchtime. Typically as soon as we put the pots out it stopped raining! So we have decided to leave the pots out until Monday!  If they have not blown away before then we will be able to see if our predictions about the amount of rainfall were correct!  In maths we have looked at the number 10 and without even realising it the children began to think about number bonds to 10. In phonics we are recapping those tricky phase 3 diagraphs and trigraphs. Please keep learning the tricky words at home too. In football this week the children were practising not using their hands when passing the ball to each other. Another session inside due to the weather! We have also been astounded by the ability of some children to work together to make salt dough. I need to go and stock up on flour and salt this weekend! They have been so good at following the recipe! 

Our new words for this week: 




These may not be 'new' words for some children but it is really making us think carefully about the actual meanings of each word.  

Friday 7th Feb

(Can someone please tell me what happened to January??) 

Well - if you are wondering why your children are so exhausted (one of our wonderful words for this week!) here is why - Football (well done to George for getting footballer of the week!)  family workshops, making bird feeders, looking after the animals in Noah's ark and making bandages for them, Phonics ear ure er air, Maths, Number 8, making a socktopus, new wonderful words - tired, drowsy, exhausted, (we are trying to have a word a day but we didn't quite manage all five this week!) Show and Tell (which they now have to write about before they are allowed to stand at the front of the class) measuring penguins, ice painting, mud soup from the mud kitchen (I was put firmly in my place when I reminded them that no water was allowed in the mud kitchen and one child said - "well how are we supposed to make mud soup?" - couldn't really argue with that!)  -pompom making, daily runs on the bottom pitch (we are up to 7 laps now which 0.25 of a mile!)...finishing with a love dry and sunny wellie walk! Phew! Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for a brilliant week! Rest up - refuel and be ready to start again on Monday! 

Friday 31st January

This week we have been getting creative! The children have begun to make pompoms to decorate our fence and we have begun to hand print the panels by the door to liven them up a bit. In phonics we have learnt oi ow ur ear and in maths we have been looking at the number 7. On Monday the children attempted to do a bird count. They went over to the garden in small groups and between the whole class they managed to spot 1 crow and 1 pigeon! next week we will be making bird feeders to try and entice a few more interesting birds to visit the garden :-)  Please try to remember to bring in a sock next week for our socktopuses! (See parentmail). 

Wednesday 22nd January

We have been continuing to read Nick Butterworth's One Snowy Night. The children are really enjoying putting actions to the words so we learn the whole story off by heart. We have also been enjoying the very frosty weather and some of the children did some beautiful painting on some of the pieces of ice we found. We have been thinking carefully about how to look after ourselves and how to keep warm - or warm up after going on a frosty walk - and when we had a rather frozen visitor yesterday the children were able to suggest some wonderfully caring ideas about how to warm the little penguin up. Some children then wrote letters to the penguin and some sat and read stories to it. Such lovely empathy and care. We then had a bit of a giggle and melted snowmen. Amazing what you can achieve with white paint and a straw! 

Thurs 9 January

Happy New Year and welcome to the Spring term! This week we have been looking at the story 'One Snowy Night'  by Nick Butterworth. In phonics we have been recapping the diagraphs ch she and th and in maths we have been looking at number bonds  to 5. Today we have been on our first proper wellie walk! The weather was very kind to us! We used our senses to explore what we could hear, see and smell during our walk. It was a really lovely and the children were very excited! Our walk is about 1 mile long and up hill for about half of it!  We also took full advantage of there being no sheep in the field and had great fun running down to the bridge. Please ensure wellies and waterproofs now stay in school so we are ready whenever the weather looks promising! Before changing out of our wellies we also had a sneaky peak inside the new build. The children thought it was very exciting being on a real building site! 



Friday 13th December

Wow! the children have been totally brilliant over the last few weeks. Our daily routine has been turned upside down with rehearsals etc and they have really risen to the occasion. This week they have completed 3 shows and I hope you all agree that they were fantastic! In between times we have been reading The Jolly Postman and have set up our own class post office. The children have been really inspired and have been writing cards and letters and wrapping parcels for the postman to send. Don't forget to follow the link to order your photos of the Nativity. 

Born In A Barn

Friday 8th November

This week we have focused on bonfire night and the story of Guy Fawkes. We really hope you enjoyed our assembly. Many of the children were very nervous so they did extremely well to join in. We have certainly seen their creative side this week with their rockets and sparklers and wonderful firework pictures. 

Friday 1st November

This week we started our football sessions with Pete from Exeter City Community Football. They had a great time learning some skills such as working with a partner, throwing and catching whilst moving. They will build upon these skills over the next few weeks. Please make sure your child has trainers in school by Monday. This week we also went on another welly walk, well two actually. On Monday we walked down the hill to the layby to collect some lovely Autumnal leaves. On Thursday we went over the style into the field across the road. unfortunately as we had to spend most of our time finding wellies and waterproofs for a lot of the children we only actually had about half an hour to actually walk. Please make sure your child has wellies and waterproofs, by Monday, which can be left in school. This is a very valuable and important part of our curriculum and we are now aiming to go for at least one walk a week. Next week we will be looking at the story of Guy Fawkes and why we remember November 5th. In advance of this the children have made a role play Fire Engine today which that have loved. The cardboard tubes in the photos below are the fire hoses! Very inventive!  

Friday 11 October 2019

This week we have been looking at the story of Elmer The Elephant. The children have enjoyed painting elephants with different patterns and then washing them off in soapy water. We have also spent time looking at how we are special and unique. We have looked at our finger prints and the children have created individual pictures with their prints, some chose to do animals and some just beautiful pictures. In phonics we have looked at d, m and u. In maths we have looked at the number 4 and what 4 means  E.g. 2+2 is 4, 4 is 1 more than 3 and 1 less than 5. Four is the fourth number in the counting sequence etc. Today we had a visit from an author called Nick Toczek. He read some of his poems and thoroughly entertained the children. He also inspired us to write our own poem.  It's on our wall...come and read it next week! 

Finally here is the first update of the 2019/20 Class One page!! 

Wow what an amazing few weeks it has been! Your children have all been amazing and it feels like they have been in school for ages! They have settled in really well and we are even going out to play on the big playground and to some whole school assemblies! The children have been getting used to the setting and what there is to play with and also what is expected of them now they are at big school. We have started our Phase 2 phonics and already covered s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,o,c,k,ck   please help them to learn these phonemes but going over the sounds in their orange books, and also to learn the tricky words in the back of those books. These are words they just have to learn off by heart. The North Devon Journal run a 'First class' section for all the new Reception children that have started school. This will be out on the 17th October. Our Wellie Walks will be starting next week so please make sure the children have wellies and waterproofs (and hats and gloves if the weather is really chilly!) in school by Monday. Enjoy the photos.