Class 1 Crow Point

Friday 25th September

We started the week by looking again at the book  "We Are Here" by Oliver Jeffers. We talked about Earth and who lives here and some of the things that happen here. Here are some of our answers. 

Who lives here?

“I do!” Isabelle

“Me and my mom and Jack and me”. Ezra

“Granny and Grandad and everybody else”.  Flynn

“I live on it as well”.  Ethan

“Mummy and Daddy and brother Jan”.  Hanna


What happens here?

“It goes around the sun.” Freddie

“Aeroplanes take off”.  Lilly

“Everyone in the entire world lives on it”. Rowan

“Sometimes it gets dark on earth, that’s how it’s bedtime”. Bethany

“Animals live there”. Evie

“It rains”. Arnie


The children enjoyed looking at Google Earth and then zooming in to find our school. On Wednesday the children used a special tool to make a hole in a conker and turned it into a necklace. They were all very careful and handled the tool sensibly. Today we practised getting our waterproofs and wellies on for the first time. The children will be wearing these a lot this term, especially on wet and windy days and it will add an extra layer of warmth for them whilst playing outside. We then took the plunge and decided to walk into the field over the road. There is a stile into the field and for some children it was their first time going over a stile. We had one or two wobbles but they all mastered it in the end! By the end of the year they will all be expert stile climbers. Yesterday we got the funny foam out. It was so funny to see their faces as it grew in their hands and wonderful to hear them all explaining what it felt like. 

This morning some of the children rescued a snail. They put it in a safe place and gave it food and water. This led on to us looking at another page in the book "We Are Here". The page about all the different animals that live on earth. We had a big discussion about how we need to look after animals no matter how small and that they are just as important to our world as we are. We did discuss the Dodo (as one appears in the illustration) and how it is now extinct and what that means. We also talked a little but about endangered species. It might spark some interesting conversations this weekend! Please let me know if it does! 


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Friday 18th September 

Well done on getting to the end of the first full week! The children are going to be tired - it has been a busy week! Lunchtimes are going really well. They are eating well and it is lovely to see them chatting to the people on their table. We have explored the Trim Trail on the bottom pitch which all the children have really enjoyed. We have met the year 6 - they were playing at the other end of the bottom pitch and we had a socially distanced hello! They enjoyed meeting Miss Graves on Wednesday morning. Miss Graves covers my planning time every week. We have begun to work on our listening skills with a game called - guess the animal! Not actually as easy as it sounds!  I did not know that a camel sounds like a sheep! On Wednesday afternoon we attempted our first walk. We wanted to go to the church but actually only made it about 50 yards down the road! We will try again another day. To help the children begin to learn each others names we have played a game called Honey Pot. Winnie The Pooh sits in the middle and closes his eyes. Someone is chosen to be Tigger who pinches the honey pot. Winnie then has to guess who has the Honey pot by saying a child's name and  asking the question - Do you have the Honey Pot?. So much giggling when the wrong person was chosen! Freddie was the star of the game as he quickly worked out that if he asks everyone in turn he will eventually find out who has the pot!  Superb thinking!  This afternoon we went over to the school garden and the children made their own ball of salt dough. they used their magic mixing finger to stir the water into the flour and salt. They then used rosemary and thyme to make it smelly salt dough! It was wonderfully relaxing. We are having fruit delivered to school now so it is not necessary to send your child in with a piece of fruit. It is also perfectly fine if you would prefer to keep doing so. We have begun to look at a story called 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. We will be looking at and using this book to inspire our work over the next few weeks. Also - ask your child to tell you about Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle! Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend. 


Friday 11th September

Wow! What a fantastic start to the term. The children have settled in beautifully and are already bonding together really well. They have spent this week getting to know each other, making new friends and exploring our classroom. They have been showing us how fantastic they are at sharing and tidying up! We have been to the castle and had lots of fun going down the slide. They have blown us away with how brilliant they are at saying goodbye at the gate, thank you for supporting them with this and for entrusting them to us. We hope you made good use of your little goodie pack on Tuesday and didn't need too many tissues. Have a wonderful weekend.