Class 1 Crow Point

Dear families and friends of children in Reception Class,

Ms Graves, our Literacy Lead for younger children in school, has worked together with Mrs Martin, our Early Years Lead, to create a video that supports you with how we teach phonics in school, so that your children become confident readers and writers.

We understand that the process of learning to read new sounds and words seems to be very different from our own experiences when we were little, however there has been much research around the importance of developing children self confidence with how sounds are put together to form words. Please look through this video link as many times as you wish.

Instow Phonics Video

When prompted please type in' Instowphonics' as a password to watch the video. It is just under 30 mins. Thank you Ms Graves and Mrs Martin!

Kind regards

Mrs Knight and team x

December 18th 

We have had lots of fun finishing off our craft projects this week. We really hope they got home in one piece! They have made reindeer food to sprinkle outside on Christmas eve, a lovely Christmas card for someone in their family, they have weaved a tree decoration and have turned themselves into a snow globe.  They have worked really hard and have really showcased their creative talents! We have also written thank you letters to year 6 for the lovely bags they gave us on Monday. Today we have had our Christmas party and enjoyed pulling a Christmas cracker with our lunch. BIG NEWS! We had a reply from Father Christmas! It was all very exciting. 

We wish you all a very Merry and safe Christmas. 

Friday 11th December. 

We have been kept busy this week with jobs from the Kindness elves. This week they asked us to remember our manners, draw a picture for someone we love and write I love you on it, wrap up a 'pretend' gift and put it under the tree and today we had to write a list of present ideas for Topsy to give Tim as she doesn't know what to get him for Christmas! We have been really enjoying our new outside space with the new fence. It is turning out to be a great place to build an obstacle course! The children are really progressing with their reading and many have moved up a level today. Please keep hearing the children read at least 3 times a week and writing in their reading journals. Just a signature will do if you are short of time. Similarly with the writing many of the children are beginning to get the hang of hearing the sounds in the words they want to write. Our new white boards are a fantastic resource and the children are loving practising their writing on them.  We all got given a new book this week called My Pet Star and our own star to decorate.  The children loved the story and some have brought their own decorated start in to school to show us. If you haven't already sent a jam jar into school please do so on Monday. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Friday 4th Dec

December already!! This week we had some very special visitors. We have 2 kindness elves in class. They arrived yesterday and have written us 2 letters and are giving us special jobs to do each day. Yesterday we had to make snowflakes for Mrs Knight and today we had to decorate the Christmas tree that also arrived over night! Yesterday the children all wrote to the elves introducing themselves and we had a lovely letter back today. We also had a very important job today and they asked us to think of their names. We decided on Topsy and Tim. We hope that Topsy and Tim will be with us for a few more days yet. Our snowman are now all finished and they look amazing! They will be coming home in time for a Christmas. We have begun recording our Christmas Nativity film and the children have enjoyed dressing up in some Nativity costumes and making up little dances. I can't wait for you to see the finished film! Please also go into the Video resource section and watch the Christingle Video that is now on there. In class we now have a Christmas post office. The children have been writing each other little cards and posting them into the postbox. They are welcome to bring in Christmas cards for their class friends if they would like to. Thank you if you have sent in a jam jar, please remember to send one in next week if you haven't already done so. We have also been looking at the Numbots games. The children have all brought home a letter about the game and their own log in. These games are all about knowledge and speed and they can earn certificates along the way. 

Friday 27th November

This week in phonics we have been recapping the sounds we have learnt so far. Please don't forget that these should be in the children's oranges book and it would be really beneficial if they could look at these regularly. On Tuesday afternoon the children all made a Christingle orange in preparation for  Wednesday when we walked down to the church and filmed our part of the Christingle service. This will be on the website soon. We have looked at the nativity story and talked about why Christians celebrate Christmas. We have practised the songs for our Nativity film and will be filming this soon. Thank you for sending in the Christmas jumpers - we will be keeping these here so we can wear them when we film. The children have been very creative and enjoyed making their sock snowmen. The last few will be made next week. We are also hoping to participate in the Morrisons Snowflake competition so we have been busy practising how to make them.  Today we had an exciting walk to the postbox to post our wonderful letters to Father Christmas. These will be on Tapestry for you to see and a copy has come home in their book bags tonight. Fingers crossed we get our replies before the end of term!

I have not send a menu home this week. Most of the children know what they would like to eat and we are trying to promote independence as well as looking our planet by not using so much paper. Any problems please email me. The menu is on the school website so you can talk to your child about the options before they get to school. 


Please would you send a clean jam jar with labels removed (child's name on the inside of the lid please) next week for our next Christmas craft. 

Thank you. 


Friday 20th November

This week in phonics we have learnt the phonemes   h,b,f,l. Everyday we ready words with these phonemes in and then a simple sentence. The children are progressing really well with their segmenting and blending and their focus during whole class sessions has improved massively! Ii maths we have looked at the number 5. We have begun to talk about 'part part whole' partitioning e.g. 5 can be 2 and 3 or 1 and 4 or 5 and 0. We have had an exciting delivery of a large easel and storage cabinet which more importantly for the kids means we have some very large boxes to play with! Loads of wonderful mark making and imaginative play has been happening. We have finally finished looking at all the photos you sent in and hearing about where everyone was born and all the wonderful places they have visited. If you haven't sent us that information yet it is not too late to do so. The children have also finished their diva pots. They painted them and then decorated them with stars etc. They took such great care with them and they look beautiful. 

Please see the parentmail that was sent earlier this evening. 


Friday 13th November

This week we have continued to think about Festivals and have been looking at the festival of Diwali. We looked at the story of Rama and Sita and found out how Diwali is celebrated.  The children have begun to make some lovely Diva pots which we will hopefully finish next week. On Wednesday the children watched a short video about remembrance during the 2 minutes of silence.  They were very respectful and thoughtful. In the afternoon we used our fingers to create some beautiful poppy pictures.  Today the children have enjoyed wearing their rainbow clothes to raise money for Children and Need and we talked about why we need to raise money. We then thought about being thankful for all that we have and thought about how lucky we are. Some of our thoughts on why we are lucky are below. The children decorated colourful pictures of Pudsey and shared these in assembly. They have brought them home today and have been asked to put them somewhere visible to they can be reminded of how lucky we are to have warm homes, nice clothes, toys to play with and food to eat. 

Our new phonics for this week have also been sent home for you to stick into their orange books. 


We feel lucky because:


Sebastian – I can have Christmas presents.

Isabelle – I can play with my little sister.

Esme – when I have my birthday I’m going to have a unicorn

Lilly – I get ice cream every day because my daddy is an ice cream man

Florence –my little baby brother gets to play with me.

Ethan –everyday after school at my mummy’s I get ice cream

William –every Sunday I get to go to my nanny and granddad and they live in North Molton and for desert after lunch we always have spotted Dick.

Ivy –  I get cuddles with precious bunny.

Lauren –I always in the morning  get chocolate pillows.

Freddie –my mummy cooks me lunch.

Friday 6th November

What a week of all weathers! Thank you so much for all the lovely emails and photos letting me know where you all come from and the places you have visited. The children have enjoyed talking about where they have been. We haven't got round to everyone yet (so there is still time to send some photos if you haven't already done so) but we have already traveled quite far around the world!  In phonics we have looked at g ,  c,  o and k. These have been sent home tonight for you to glue into the orange book. In maths we have been thinking about measuring and using the language shorter than and taller than. At the beginning of the week we were so cold we ran a few laps around the bottom pitch. the older children run a daily mile and we think we might start to join in with this too. We won't obviously manage a mile but it is something to build up to. We will add an extra lap every week! We have begun to think about festivals and of course we started with Bonfire Night. We talked about Guy Fawkes and his naughty friends and why we have a bonfire and fireworks on the 5th November. The children have done some lovely Firework art this week. On Wednesday we walked down to the church in the beautiful sunshine. Yes we actually managed to get all the way there this time! Look out for the fab video that I will attempt to add on here later! Whilst we were there we had a quick chat about remembrance and symbols to help us remember. Next week we will be looking at the festival Diwali and thinking more about Remembrance on Wednesday. 

Video is on...sorry about abrupt ending! I was too keen to let you see it and forgot to fade out the end! Enjoy x


Still image for this video

Friday 23rd October

This week we have recapped the phonemes s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d and the tricky words to, the, no go I into. Please use the orange books to help your child with these over the next week. In class we have used the tweezers to pull bottle lids with the phonemes written on them out of water and squirted the phonemes with water pistols. Some of the children enjoyed mark making on a chalk pumpkin! In maths we have looked at the number 3. We discovered that it was 1 more than 2 and 1 less than 4 and that 3 can be 2+1. The children enjoyed representing '3' in their own ways - some drew 3 shapes, some wrote the digit 3, some drew the number block '3'. We have also practised our fine motor skills by trying to pick up lentils etc with a finger and our thumb. Sounds easy - it wasn't! Outside the children have been making cars and other vehicles with the deconstructed role play (tyres, pallets, crates etc) and at the creative table they have drawn and painted their own hedgehogs and clued leaves on to make their spikes. They are very sweet! It has been another wonderfully busy week!

Please check book bags for new reading books and also a little bit of home learning. There is a phonics reading game and also the children have been given a very important mission. Please read the letter to find out more! (If it has disappeared between school and home then please send an email!) 

Enjoy next week. The children have been told to rest, eat and to play lots. 

Friday 16th October

It has been lovely to catch up with some of you during our parent consultation calls this week. I am looking forward to speaking to more of you next week. Just wish w could meet in person. I have everything crossed for our next meeting! This week has been about Autumn and Harvest. The children have done some lovely paintings with pine cones which turned out looking like falling Autumn leaves. In phonics we have learnt i,n,m,d and all the children have brought home their phonic books this week.  Please see the letter that goes with the books that should also be buried somewhere in a book bag! In maths we have been looking at the number 2 and finding matching pairs around the room. We have looked at the meaning of Harvest and why we celebrate it. Please make sure you go on to the website and watch our lovely Harvest Festival film. the children really enjoyed watching it today and I know they will enjoy sharing it with you over the weekend. This morning the children were so excited about wearing their own clothes that we decided to have a little fashion show. I am very impressed with some of their groovy catwalk moves! Also in the sunshine today we managed to have a socially distanced meeting with our year 6 friends. In normal circumstances the children would be getting to know each other quite well by now so it was lovely for them to have a chance to see chat together. I have lots of lovely photos on my ipad - which I will add just as soon as I can find it!

Have a lovely weekend.         

Friday 9th October 

This week we began our phonics sessions. We have covered s, a, t, p. We are using cued articulation signs to help us learn our phoneme (sounds) so see if your child can show you what they are! These signs are a set of hand cues for teaching the individual sounds in a word. The hand movements are logical – each hand movement represents one sound and the cue gives clues as to how and where  the sound is produced. When helping your child with these phonemes please ensure that they do not put an 'uh' sound at the end - e.g. s is not s'uh' but ssss. Please come and ask if you are not sure. In maths we will be using the cbeebies programme Number Blocks. This week we have started at the beginning with the number 1. We will be spending roughly a week on each number and during the week we will be really embedding the concept of number, incorporating addition, subtraction, sharing and reasoning right from the start. As we are now in October and have officially moved into the new season we have been sponge painting with Autumn colours and looking at hibernation. We read the story 'Don't Hog The Hedge' which is about animals trying to find a winter home whilst incorporating sharing and the importance of friendship.  The children have used various materials to make a winter home for an animal and today they used clay to actually make an animal to hibernate in their home. Today we went for a walk in the field next to school. The children are already gaining independence and many of them are able to get their welly walk gear on by themselves. 1 or 2 children still don't have waterproof trousers in school. Please make sure they are in school next week. This weather is so changeable! 

Thank you to everyone that has already sent slippers in to school. It is really making a difference in class. 

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend. 


Friday 2nd October

Autumn is here with a bang! We have had a lovely time today talking about how we know it is Autumn. We are lucky to have been able to spot blackberries, red leaves, falling leaves and autumn apples without leaving our playground! The children have really enjoyed investigating magnets this week too. It all started when one child was walking around the room looking for things that her magnet would stick to and grew until they were all joining in. We decided to get the dressing up out this week. It will sadly have to go away again now for a while to but it can come out again towards the end of next week. It has been lovely to see the children helping their friends put on and take off the dressing up clothes. Such super team work! This week we have been playing 'I Spy'. Maybe that is a game you could be playing this weekend. In maths we have been matching objects and sorting objects.  we looked at a picture of 4 objects and I asked which is the odd one out. Lots of lovely thinking and reasoning! 

Thank you if you have already replied to the email regarding the photo in the North Devon Journal. Also please look in book bags tonight for a letter about reading books and for next weeks menu. 



Friday 25th September

We started the week by looking again at the book  "We Are Here" by Oliver Jeffers. We talked about Earth and who lives here and some of the things that happen here. Here are some of our answers. 

Who lives here?

“I do!” Isabelle

“Me and my mom and Jack and me”. Ezra

“Granny and Grandad and everybody else”.  Flynn

“I live on it as well”.  Ethan

“Mummy and Daddy and brother Jan”.  Hanna


What happens here?

“It goes around the sun.” Freddie

“Aeroplanes take off”.  Lilly

“Everyone in the entire world lives on it”. Rowan

“Sometimes it gets dark on earth, that’s how it’s bedtime”. Bethany

“Animals live there”. Evie

“It rains”. Arnie


The children enjoyed looking at Google Earth and then zooming in to find our school. On Wednesday the children used a special tool to make a hole in a conker and turned it into a necklace. They were all very careful and handled the tool sensibly. Today we practised getting our waterproofs and wellies on for the first time. The children will be wearing these a lot this term, especially on wet and windy days and it will add an extra layer of warmth for them whilst playing outside. We then took the plunge and decided to walk into the field over the road. There is a stile into the field and for some children it was their first time going over a stile. We had one or two wobbles but they all mastered it in the end! By the end of the year they will all be expert stile climbers. Yesterday we got the funny foam out. It was so funny to see their faces as it grew in their hands and wonderful to hear them all explaining what it felt like. 

This morning some of the children rescued a snail. They put it in a safe place and gave it food and water. This led on to us looking at another page in the book "We Are Here". The page about all the different animals that live on earth. We had a big discussion about how we need to look after animals no matter how small and that they are just as important to our world as we are. We did discuss the Dodo (as one appears in the illustration) and how it is now extinct and what that means. We also talked a little but about endangered species. It might spark some interesting conversations this weekend! Please let me know if it does! 


Still image for this video

Friday 18th September 

Well done on getting to the end of the first full week! The children are going to be tired - it has been a busy week! Lunchtimes are going really well. They are eating well and it is lovely to see them chatting to the people on their table. We have explored the Trim Trail on the bottom pitch which all the children have really enjoyed. We have met the year 6 - they were playing at the other end of the bottom pitch and we had a socially distanced hello! They enjoyed meeting Miss Graves on Wednesday morning. Miss Graves covers my planning time every week. We have begun to work on our listening skills with a game called - guess the animal! Not actually as easy as it sounds!  I did not know that a camel sounds like a sheep! On Wednesday afternoon we attempted our first walk. We wanted to go to the church but actually only made it about 50 yards down the road! We will try again another day. To help the children begin to learn each others names we have played a game called Honey Pot. Winnie The Pooh sits in the middle and closes his eyes. Someone is chosen to be Tigger who pinches the honey pot. Winnie then has to guess who has the Honey pot by saying a child's name and  asking the question - Do you have the Honey Pot?. So much giggling when the wrong person was chosen! Freddie was the star of the game as he quickly worked out that if he asks everyone in turn he will eventually find out who has the pot!  Superb thinking!  This afternoon we went over to the school garden and the children made their own ball of salt dough. they used their magic mixing finger to stir the water into the flour and salt. They then used rosemary and thyme to make it smelly salt dough! It was wonderfully relaxing. We are having fruit delivered to school now so it is not necessary to send your child in with a piece of fruit. It is also perfectly fine if you would prefer to keep doing so. We have begun to look at a story called 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers. We will be looking at and using this book to inspire our work over the next few weeks. Also - ask your child to tell you about Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle! Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend. 


Friday 11th September

Wow! What a fantastic start to the term. The children have settled in beautifully and are already bonding together really well. They have spent this week getting to know each other, making new friends and exploring our classroom. They have been showing us how fantastic they are at sharing and tidying up! We have been to the castle and had lots of fun going down the slide. They have blown us away with how brilliant they are at saying goodbye at the gate, thank you for supporting them with this and for entrusting them to us. We hope you made good use of your little goodie pack on Tuesday and didn't need too many tissues. Have a wonderful weekend.