Class 1 Crow Point

Red Nose Day 2021

Friday 23rd July

Just like that the year is over. You should be so proud of your children this week. They have had to cope with heat like I have never known it before at school and lots of change going on around them as the pre-school equipment was moved up from the hall. They have been calm, sensible and just down right brilliant. Just in case you haven't found them yet the children have brought home, yesterday, a printed version of their Tapestry accounts and today a small picture frame and a key ring - just a little thank you from us to them. 

Thank you so much for all your gifts. We all feel thoroughly spoiled.

Here are the last few photos from me.

Have a wonderful summer everyone.  

Mrs Martin and the Early Years team. 

Friday 9th July

Well what a week that was! Sports day and then 3 days at Forest School - plus an epic football match in the middle! I hope you have enjoyed all the photos throughout the week. 

Here is a link to a video of Class One helping to bring it home!

Forest School Day 3

Forest School Day 2

Forest School day 1

Sports Day 2021

Friday 2nd July

This week we have been trying to master the triagraphs 'ear' 'are' and 'ure'. They are not easy! In maths we have been talking about sharing and the reasoning that took place this week has been phenomenal.  They really blew my socks off! We have been preparing for sports day and for forest School next week. Miss Graves practised their races with them and  we walked down the hill to see where we would be crossing when we go to the forest. All the children have thought of their forest name. I wonder if they can remember them? We have had some kind donations of small world characters which the children have loved playing with this week. It has really given them the chance to let their imaginations fly. They have also enjoyed a few games of hide and seek coming up with some very inventive hiding places! 

Monday - don't forget to wear your house group colour t.shirt for sports day.

Tues/Wed/Thurs - Welly walk gear for Forest School. Water proofs, long sleeve tops and long trousers/leggings please. No shorts even if it is hot.  The children do not have to be in uniform on those days. Sun hat and sun cream depending on the weather! 

Friday 25th June

This week our wild June had us talking about  the artist Andy Goldsworthy. He is known for making wonderful art using natural objects. We used pine cones, shells, twigs ect to make some wonderful pictures in the playground. Can you spot the giraffe? The children thought really carefully about their pictures, thinking about pattern and shapes. This morning Ethan brought in a story that had been written by his dad when he was 16 years old. The children really enjoyed the story and were then inspired to write their own stories.  It was lovely to see the enthusiasm and excitement of so many boys becoming authors themselves. Thanks for sharing your story with us Mr Collins! 

Friday 18th June

This week we have been going wild! The Wildlife Trust is doing '30 days wild' and are providing activities to do for the whole of June. I can't promise that we will do all 30 days but we have completed 6 this week! Our random acts of wildness this week have been:

1- feel the wild beneath your toes - we went to the garden and took off our socks and shoes and felt the grass tickle our toes!

2. Lunch in the wild - or the school garden!

3. Sketch up close - we have been doing a lot of very careful observational drawing of flowers this week.

4 - Map your local wildlife - we drew a map of where we went on our welly walk and plotted where we saw the wildlife. 

5 - Listen for wild sounds - we all closed our eyes in the field and listened for 1 minute.   It was very interesting what we could hear! 

6 - Find a creepy crawly - on our walk we had a clip board with a white piece of paper. We put the paper down on the grass and waited to see which creepy crawlies would land on the paper. 

More next week! 

After drawing our beautiful flowers we used brusho to add colour to them. The children were so delicate with their painting. They each showed such amazing fine motor skills today and the results are spectacular. 

This week we have also begun to welcome our new intake for a short play on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. The current reception were tasked with the job of making them feel welcome and showing them around our area. They all took this responsibility very seriously and were polite and welcoming. I think they have all made at least one new friend this week!  

Friday 11th June

This week we have begun to think about plants and growing. We have set up a garden center and a cafe and the children have enjoyed planting their own seeds and taking orders for the cake and tea. In phonis we have been recapping phase 3 phonemes and practising spotting these in words. In maths we have been looking at addition and how to represent what we know in order to prove our answer is correct, instead of saying 'I just know it'. Yesterday Jane Poole came to take our class photo and all the children were really well behaved as always. I cannot wait for the proofs - I have a feeling it is going to be a great picture! Thurs and Fri the children were able to get to know Mrs Slater a little better as I had Google Meets with the children starting in September. Mrs Slater was very impressed with how independent they are and how well they all got on with each other. I think she is looking forward to September. smiley 

Friday 28th May

This week has gone so fast! What a variety of weather we have had too!! It was so lovely to be able to enjoy the sunshine yesterday and we had a bit of a play on the trim trail without coats on! Mrs Slater was in class on Wednesday morning and she got the parachute out. The children enjoyed hiding underneath whilst listening to a story and trying to bounce the ball from one side to the other without it falling off. This week we have had lots of great mathematical reasoning whilst counting out the milks for everyone and also whilst counting out the smarties tubes for the whole school! We sorted the tubes into groups of ten, then made sure that each class had three groups to make 30, apart from class 1 who only had 20. Our question is always 'how do you know?'. How do you know there are only 20? How do you know that they have more? How do you know that we have enough?  Lots of the children are really beginning to apply their knowledge when answering this question! e.g.  'I know there are 9 because I know that three lots of three is 9.' (The cups were laid out in 3 rows of 3) On Wednesday we planted cress and sunflowers. The children have brought the cress home today and their homework is to keep a cress diary! This can be pictures, drawings or writing depending on their ability and enthusiasm! (I am also aware that the lines on the first page are very small - please feel free to ignore them and the children can write in the box underneath. They have been asked to bring their diaries back after the holiday please.  The PTFA have given each child a packet of smarties and they have been asked to eat the smarties and then refill the tube with 20pence pieces, not gold coins like someone in class 1 suggested! 

Have a wonderful half term.    


Week beginning 17th May

This week we have had lots of animal fun! On Monday we measured and weighed the chicks 🐥 and then we weighed and measured them again on Friday. It was amazing how quickly they grew in such a short time! We also investigated what different foods they enjoyed...we tried apple, pear and cornflakes. The cornflakes were definitely a hit, the fruit, not so much. 😀 We have learned a dance to help us rmlot ember the life cycle of a chicken and read the story Chicken Licken. Also this week we had a special visitor in th garden...a large toad! We looked at the differences between toads and frogs and listened to The Frog Chorus by Paul McCartney - blast from the past but still wonderful! The children finally enjoyed a sunny welly walk this week the then sat in the garden to do some observational drawing of some flowers. It was also World Bee Day on Thursday so we looked at how important bees are the children made their own bee on a tree cookie. They also leant the words pollination, climate and habitat. On Friday we experienced our first trip to the hall and an indoor assembly with our KS 1 bubble. Can't believe it is May and this is the first trip to the hall for many of the children. So many new experiences still to come for them! Here are some quotes f m the children about bees:

Ezra - "They give us honey"

Flynn - "They are so polite giving us honey"

Hanna "They jump on one flower and then another to get the honey."

Lilly - "They help the world".

Friday 14th May

This week, of course, has been all about the chicks. They eggs arrived just before the children went home on Monday. By Wednesday morning, when the children came into school 4 had hatched, with 3 more hatching as they came into school. The last one arrived over night on Wednesday and was a nice surprise for the children on Thursday morning. By Friday all the chicks had been moved into the brooder and all but one are wonderfully healthy. 1 little chick we are taking special care off as he has 'curly toe' - yes it's an actual thing! He has a splint on his bad toe and needs regular feeding with a pipette! The children have drawn some wonderful pictures of chicks and have started to write a diary about their time with us. There was also lots of talk about there begin 10 eggs, only 7 had hatched, how many were left to hatch etc. Bonds to 10 with chicks! Today we were able to hold the chicks for the first time. All the children demonstrated real care and a good level of maturity whilst holding them even though some of the chicks were a little adventurous and decided to walk up some arms! Next week the chicks will spend a little time visiting the other classes but we will have a good amount of time with them before they go to their forever homes on Friday. If you are interested in giving them a forever home please contact me asap on the usual class 1 support email. 

p.s. Ask your children if they can remember what oviparous means! Please let me know if they can tell you and I will make sure they get a house point. 

Enjoy the photos. 

Mrs Martin