Class 1 Crow Point

Friday 14th January

This week we started to think about winter and the changes that happening in the environment. We have really enjoyed the beautiful sunny frosty weather!  We introduced the vocabulary absorb and expand.  

We have begun a Friday pen disco.  The children draw patterns on a large piece of paper in order to improve their fine motor skills whilst listening to a piece of music- Today it was straight lines to Elvis 'Suspicious Minds'. (See video clip below)

In phonics we have learnt ck e u r and in maths we have been thinking about ways to make 5; e.g. 4+1. 3+2. We have also begun to look at subtraction within 5. e.g. 5-1=4  4-1=3 etc. 

We have painted with ice, made snow (As we are unlikely to get the real stuff! sad) and have as very important and very cold (frozen!) visitor from Antarctica. The children were asked to find ways to warm him up and help him to melt. They were very caring and had some wonderful, thoughtful ideas about what they could do to help him.  


Pen disco

Still image for this video

Friday 17th December

In phonics this week we have learnt the phonemes ck and e.  In number we have looked at repeating patterns. On our welly walk we took a Thank You card to Instow Barton for letting us visit their stable last week and found some shells in the field and discovered that horse really do have fabulous hearing as they stopped to watch us from their field in the distance. What great science learning!  We have had Christmas picnic lunch, waved at Santa as he flew around our playground, watched The Snowman, watched ourselves in the Nativity and sung Away in a manger countless times. It has been a wonderful week. 

Have a lovely Christmas everyone. 

See you in January 


Friday 10th December

This week we have finished filming our Nativity with KS1. I cannot wait to see how it looks when it is all put together. We have continued to learn the Nativity story and to give us a bit of context we visited a real stable during our welly walk on Tuesday. There we were able to reflect on what it would have been like for Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus on that first Christmas morning. We were also able to stroke the beautiful horse that let us walk all over his lovely straw bed in his stable. His name is Paddy and we found out that he is the same age as many of us!! 5 years old! He was very gentle with us but his mum told us that he can be a bit naughty and likes to escape from his stable and eat things he is not supposed to eat! Thank you for coming to our Christmas Market. We hope you enjoy all the things the children have worked hard to make for you. 



Friday 3rd December

This week we have begun to look at the Christmas Story. It was lovely to gather the children's ideas about what Christmas means to them. Our welly walk this week saw us take a different route and we attempted the stile for the first time. Once in the field we went on a stick hunt to find antlers for our cardboard tube reindeers. smiley The children have now completed all their Christmas crafts for the market next week and we are very much looking forward to seeing you all there. In phonics we have recapped g o c k and the tricky words I no and the. On Wednesday the children enjoyed decorating the Christmas trees and starting our advent calendars. We have a Santa's beard to fill up with cotton wool! We have set up a wrapping station too and the children are really enjoying wrapping presents, putting them under the tree then pretending it is Christmas morning and opening them all! We have also finished our letters to Father Christmas and posted them off. We are waiting excitedly for the post!   (letters will be posted on Tapestry wink just in case Father Christmas needs some help). We have also begun to film our Nativity songs this week. 

Please feel free to dress your children in thermals. It is getting pretty chilly now and we are still spending the same amount of time outside!

Friday 26th November

This week in phonics we have looked at g o c and k. We will recap these next week before moving on. 

In math we have been exploring the number 5 and how 5 can be partitioned into 3 and 2 and 1 and 4. We went on a lovely welly walk on Tuesday. We had wanted to visit the church before today but unfortunately it was locked so instead we walked to the top of the hill. We had the most amazing view so we talked about all the things we could see. We were really trying to get the children to look up and out at the view rather than just what we can see in the field in front of us. We even had a performance from a beautiful bird of prey. In their own learning time the children have pretended to blast off into space and they have built a wonderful camp fire, around which they sat to have their hot chocolate today. I am pleased to announce that we are now having glass milk bottles delivered to school which is going to drastically reduce our plastic usage! The milk is decanted into a jug so the children are still able to pour it themselves. This afternoon it is the Christingle and the children have been practising their songs brilliantly. It will be live streamed on the Instow Parents facebook page but hopefully also available to watch afterwards if you can't watch it live. 


Friday 19th November

This week in phonics we have been recapping the phonemes previously learnt. s a t p i n m d 

We have also been practicing our blending skills by playing lots of blending games. In maths we have been looking at the number 4 and subitising within 4. We have been learning about how to keep safe on the when crossing the road and practiced our new road role play during our wheels time on the bottom pitch. Today has been Children in Need and after we placed our pennies on the giant Pudsey we joined in with Joe Wicks and his fitness for Pudsey session. We also enjoyed raising money by eating cake! 

Thank you to those of you who came to the phonics talk yesterday. If you weren't able to make it there will be a hand out in book bags next week with some important terminology and there will be a link on the website to a video that demonstrates how to pronounce each sound. 

Have a great weekend.  

Friday 5th November

This week we have begun our formal phonics sessions. It is actually not very formal at all but lots of fun! Ask the children about Geraldine the Giraffe. She has been a bit of a pickle this week! We have learnt the phonemes (sounds) s a t p i  and we have already begun to segment and blend words to read using these phonemes sat, at, it etc. In maths we have been teaching Clever Crocodile some tips to help him count. i.e. the last number that you say when counting a group of toys is how many there are altogether; Only say one number for each object etc. We are also teaching Clever Crocodile that even though he finds it difficult we are all good at different things and although he can't do it 'Yet' he will be able to if he keeps practising. We have learnt about the festivals of Diwali and read a lovely story called 'The Best Diwali Ever' by Sonali Shah  and we have also been learning about why we celebrate bonfire night. Ask the children about naughty Guy Fawkes. Both festivals involve fireworks so we have made lots of firework pictures using shaving foam and food colouring and watery paint and straws! At the beginning of the week we took our painting outside and made firework pictures using powder paint and raindrops. The children also made their own salt dough and then turned them into diva pots. We have cooked them today and will be painting them next week. 


Friday 22nd October

Wow what a week! It was lovely to see you all at parents evening and to actually have time to chat properly. This week in class has been even busier than usual! On our welly walk on Tuesday we discovered some Mole hills and talked about what they were etc and then whilst we were following the molehills through the field we spotted lots of wild mushroom and toadstools. The children were fascinated by the different colours, shape and sizes. So we then started to play find the toadstool. The children were very sensible and just used their eyes to look and not their hands to touch. We even managed to talk about the importance of biodiversity and how important every part of nature is - even the prickly thistles - and how we need to look after it. Back in class we watched a film about 'Spookly The Square Pumpkin'  which is about a pumpkin who doesn't have any friends just because he looks different to everyone else. Don't worry - it has a very happy ending. We then looked at 4 different pumpkins, all different shape and sizes and talked about how they were all pumpkins even though they all looked different, which led on to talking about how we are all different too. We then read the story Odd Dog Out and talked about how it is good to be different. In maths we have continued to look at subitising and we have continued with our listening games. A member of staff celebrated a birthday on Thursday so the children made her a card and planned a party for her. There was lots of party games and even cake and biscuits! Today we have had a special visitor. Keith Putman came in bringing his new book The Lost Balloon. He read his story to the children and then they had to go and find a balloon each. They then decorated their balloons. It was a lovely visit and we all felt very lucky to have a real author read his own story to us.  After that it was the cake sale and then stay and play and more cake! 

I hope you all have a peaceful week next week!  

Friday 15th October

This week we have looked at the story 'A Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle. This is the story of how a tiny seed travels from its parent plant and blows across seas, deserts and mountains, braving many hazards along the way, before finally finding a place to settle and grow into a beautiful flower so that the story can start again. We have also looked at the Festival of Harvest and why it is celebrated in Churches and schools. In maths we have begun to look at subitising with small numbers. This is when we look at some objects and can instantly recognise the amount. In class we say 'Don't count just say the amount'.  Many of the children are very good at this already when playing dice games. They don't need to count the dots on the dice because they already know how many there are without counting. We have continued to develop our listening skills and will continue this next week before starting our more formal phonics sessions after half term. We also went for a welly walk on Tuesday afternoon. The sun was shining and we had a lovely time thinking about what we could see from the top of the hill, discussing what the structure on the hill was used for (we think it used to be an old windmill but no-one is certain!) and running down the hill! 


Please look in book bags for letters with times for parents evening. Any problem please email

Friday 8th October

This week we have enjoyed dressing up, dissecting sunflowers to find the seeds, making a card for Mrs Sullivan who is running the Manchester marathon on Sunday, and learning where paper comes from. We have talked about the importance of not wasting paper and about reusing and recycling paper as much as possible.  We will be talking more about how we can reduce our waste in the coming weeks and months.   We also had a visit from the most beautiful dragon fly. We have also been talking about the value of questions and how important questions are in order to learn as much as we can! We have had some brilliant questions this week! If your child asks any awesome questions over the weekend please email them to me and we can add them to our question collection! 

Friday 1st October. 

This week we have started to learn our song for our Harvest video. It is a song about telling the bird not to go pecking in the cornfield because Mr Scarecrow is there. Ask your child if they can remember how to sing it! If not can they remember the actions? The children are really getting used to our rules and routines now although we are still working hard to improve our organisational skills- especially at home time! On Wednesday we made good use of the sunny afternoon and had a good time on all the scooters and trikes. As the weather has certainly become more Autumnal we treated the children to some hot chocolate or warm milk at snack time. It was a big hit! We also enjoyed playing with the shaving foam this afternoon - We squirted it all over the floor and then the children used the big brushes and some warm soapy water to give it all a good clean. This activity really works their shoulder muscles and strong shoulder muscles are essential for being able to develop those fine motor skills, which in turn enables the children to write. The children then wanted some on their hands and I was really proud of a few children who don't particularly like having mess on their hands as they overcame their worries and joined in. What progress! 

Friday 24th September

This week we have been encouraging the children to use their imagination. They have used the deconstructed role play to make rockets and aeroplanes and houses! We have looked at where milk comes from and why it is good for us and the children have really been enjoying their milk both in the morning and during the afternoon. We had some more time on the bottom pitch with the trikes and bikes and scooters and we are now having to set up a fast lane for those speedy riders! Also this week we have practiced what to do when the fire alarm rings. The children were super sensible. Sorry that there are only a few pictures this week. Technical issues!