Class 1 Crow Point

Friday 20th July

What a week! We had a wonderful day on Wednesday when we took the bus to Yelland and went to visit our chicks. I think we were all a little surprised at how big they had got!! They are all obviously thriving in their new home. Whilst we were there we went on a Bear Hunt. Mrs Wilson had set up a wonderful trail which included swishy swashy grass, oozy mud, a snowstorm and an actual bear in a cave!! It was so exciting we ended up doing the trail many times! We then walked to Lagoon View and had a lovely picnic lunch in the Orchard. Feeling revived we walked all the way back to school. The children were so well behaved and we had a lot of lovely compliments on the bus journey. On Thursday afternoon the children visited their new class, Class 2. They were a bit nervous but as predicted they all came back really excited for September.  Today we had Forest School for the last time this year and we all toasted marshmallows, squashed them between two biscuits and enjoyed a s'more! The children have been VERY helpful with the tidying and boxing up so far. Especially after our talk this morning from Mrs Green about saving our planet from all the yucky single use plastic. They were really fired up and went straight outside and started picking up all the rubbish and bits of broken things that were outside (I think we should have Mrs Green to talk to us in the Autumn term next year!!) 

Have a lovely weekend, 3 days left!

Tuesday 3rd July

Thought you might like to see a few pictures from todays trip to a Rosemoor. We started in the classroom with snack (of course!) then started learning a little more about how plants grow, in particular how apples grow. The children should now be able to tell you exactly what happens! New word for today 'sepal' - if they can't remember, it is the outer part of the petal...the green bit that encloses the growing bud. They were then given a magnifying glass to go and explore the flowers and look for any sepals. Oh and ask them what honey is...but I suggest you wait until you're not about to have it for breakfast 😉. They then all planted their own salad leaves which you will enjoying for your tea in a few days 😁. We were also taken on a tour of the Education Centre garden and were fed freshly picked peas and strawberries. We have been trying to encourage one child to try new food all year with not much success...he was finally tempted by the fresh peas and actually liked them!!  He was very pleased with himself and rightly so! After lunch, sat in the round cob house, we explored the woods. The children, in groups, collected leaves, stones, bark and petals that were on the floor and made pictures. I wonder if you can work out what they are! The explanations by the children were brilliant and their imagination second to none! The day ended with a quick trip to the brash and some children overcoming their fear of the big slide! So proud of them all. A great first trip. Thanks to all the helpers...well done for not wandering off to the shop 😉

Friday 29th June

This week it has all been about trying to keep cool!! Lots and lots of wonderful water play and lollies! We have been looking at number bonds to 10 and using the numicon to help us add and subtract numbers. Yr 3 came to read with us earlier in the week which was lovely. Spring Watch news: The Swallows have flown the nest! The sensibly chose a quiet time when we had all gone home! Another exciting moment was when we managed to actually watch one of our caterpillars turn into a cocoon. It was magical. They are in their net now, until their emerge in a week or so. 

Don't forget it is our trip to Rosemoor next Tuesday. If you have offered to come you should be receiving a parentmail over the weekend. 😁

Friday 15th June

The children had their first experience of Forest School today! Thankfully the rain went away and we had a warm walk down to the forest. Our first game was the name game - all the children had to give themselves a name of an animal that began with that letter. We had William the Whale, Dylan the dinosaur, Koby the Kangaroo etc. We then played the boundary game so that during their exploring time they knew where they were and weren't allowed to go. They were each given a paper bag to fill with interesting things they found and their home learning this week is to decorate their bag.  

Friday 8th June

Welcome back to the last half of the Summer Term. On Tuesday the children were so excited to tell us all about the lovely things they had been doing during the half term break. Lots of fantastic speaking and listening...what a change from September! We have loved reading the children's diaries. On Tuesday afternoon we had the first of our new intake visitors. The current Class 1 were so welcoming and caring towards the 4 Pre-School children. We were very proud of the way they looked after them and showed them what to and what not to do. It certainly showed us how much they have matured over the last few months.  On Wednesday we had an art day. Kate Harvey from Appledore was with us for the whole day. The children began the day looking at the different birds that the house groups are named after, Egret, Greenshank, Curlew, Dunlin and Whimbrel. They then spent the rest of the day drawing, observing closely, adapting their pictures and using pastels and baby oil. They even had a go at some batik. Their work from the day is all in the cloakroom and their batik is hanging in the class. We all had a really lovely day. On Thursday the children were exploring shadows and how and why shadows are made. Today we have been looking more closely at some dinosaurs and we measured out how big a stegosaurus would have been on the bottom pitch. Ask the children how big it was. (They should tell you it was 9 meters long and some may even remember that it was 2m75 tall!)  We measured it out in 9 lots of 100 (on our tape measure) so they may say it was 9 lots of 100 long! This afternoon they began their Forest School experience. As we were a little short staffed we stayed up at school and read 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson. After listening to the story the children had a go at being Superworm the skipping rope, Superworm the fairground ride, Superworm the hat etc. We were all very impressed with their hoola hooping skills. We seem to have packed rather a lot in to a short week!! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 25th May

Over the last couple of weeks we have been thinking about Dinosuars; a strange link with chicks I know but ask your child what chickens have got to do with dinosaurs! We have also been thinking a lot about 3D shapes and the children have begun to make their own 3D shape dinosaur. Erin from Class 5 came and showed us how to make a cool 2D shape that you can blow up into a 3D shape. She made it look very easy!  Last week we thought about homes and the different types of homes there are. Our examples were the chicks home, the tadpoles, the swallows, hedgehogs and of course our own home. It was lovely to see the many different hedgehog homes. I think the hedgehogs will be very comfy now. We went on a lovely wellie walk in the sunshine last Thursday and sat in the field and had our snack. We had planned to go today but so many children did not have a coat that we thought it best not to risk it, which was sad as they had all been looking forward to it. Please make sure your child has a coat in school even if it is sunny when you come to school. This morning it was looking like it was going to by nice again but by lunchtime it was raining. I really hope the sun comes back again if only for a few days next week! 

Friday 11th May

So today we said goodbye to the chicks. They have gone to live in Yelland and we will be visiting them in July to see how they have changed. But before they went we were able to measure them using duplo and the change from tues to today was massive! They have grown so quickly. We have been completing a diary about the chicks, decorated biscuits to look like a chick and painted a chick using a balloon! Before the chicks went home today all the children wrote a little message to them wishing them good luck in their new home. There will be pictures to follow. Mrs Slater kindly brought us some bluebells to draw and in Wednesday they completed  their mobiles. In maths we have been talking about numbers and practising our reasoning.  Home learning this week is to make a home for their clay hedgehog. Bring it in next week so you can take your hedgehog home. 

Friday 4th May

There has been only one topic of conversation this week! Chicks! The eggs arrived Monday and as you already know, we now have 10 healthy fluffy chicks. We were very lucky and watched at least 2 out of the ten hatch. I am so glad to hear some of you come and say how much your children are telling you about the chicks. They do listen then!! If you do not know how to tell the male chicks from the females, or what an egg tooth is then please ask your child. They SHOULD be able to tell you! In carousel today the children made scarecrows ready for the trail this weekend. They are brilliant. Come and find them in the school garden. Enjoy the long weekend. 

Friday 27th April

Thursday we began our football sessions again. They did a warm up and then played a game of 'fetch the treasure'. We have begun to prepare for the arrival of the chick eggs and the pictures below are of how they feel about them arriving. I wonder if you can guess how they are feeling! Everyone has planted a sunflower and we have begun to think about bossy instructions. In maths we are thinking more about addition and subtraction. Home learning this week: matching the baby animals to their mother. Please also find the letter in their home learning books about the chicks. 

Friday 20th April

Welcome to the Summer Term! This week we have been talking maths. We are really trying to encourage the children to answer how and why questions about numbers and various number problems and not just give us the answer. It's called reasoning and we are at the early stages! Lots of children, when asked, "How do you know?" answer with "Because I thinked it in my head!" They have really had to think carefully this week as that is now no longer an acceptable answer! We are also still continue to develop those gross and fine motor skills, so essential to writing. we have been dancing, drawing and using the big gathering drum. The children have enjoyed a little of the heatwave and we have been spending a lot of time outside. Please remember to send your child in with a sun hat, sun cream and also a coat. We need to be ready for all weathers! Yesterday we got a little excited by the fog! We went to the bottom pitch and discovered we couldn't see very much! We then tried to catch some fog - we weren't too successful. Then we tried to make our own fog and the children were like real scientists and recorded their findings. Hopefully they will be able to tell you a little about fog and what fog is!  In Carousel this half term this children will be working in the garden, planting our vegetables and generally making it look lovely. Keep your eyes peeled for new things popping up. 

Friday 23rd March

Well after a snowy start it has been a lovely spring week. We have been very active this week, football Thursday, sports relief today! We started the day with some exercises in our house groups on the bottom pitch, then we went back out and used the phonic splats for some phonic games, then after assembly we watched the Sports Relief song and followed the actions. This week the children have been wanting to make kites so we have been exploring the best way to do that. Some of the children have also set up a shop outside and that has led to lots of interesting conversations about money. We have also begun to think about Easter and what Easter means to Christians and we have continued to spot those signs of Spring! 

Friday 16th March

This week we have been enjoying using our new phonic splats! They are really helping us to learn our phase 3 diagraphs and trigraphs. We have had a donation of tadpoles and have really enjoyed watching how quickly they are changing. The children have all written about the tadpoles and whilst writing we have really been focusing on the correct letter formation, finger spaces and using the tricky word wall to help us write those words correctly. We also have a new tricky word song. Ask the children to sing it to you! We had another session of football yesterday which the children really enjoyed. They were focusing on throwing and catching skills, stopping skills and they had a great game of stuck in the mud. 


Friday 9th March

Wow what another great week! I really hope you enjoyed the assembly yesterday. They all spoke up so clearly and I was so proud of them all for joining in. Thanks also for the great costumes for World Book Day. As we were focusing on our assembly we didn't get to read all their stories so please feel free to bring them in next week and we will spend time throughout the week reading them together. Every Thursday we will be having a short session with a football coach so please make sure they have a PE kit and trainers in school. Enjoy the pictures. :-) 

Friday 23rd February

This week has been all about the Olympics. The children came in on Monday buzzing with all all the sports they had seen on the telly. So on Tuesday we held our own winter Olympics! In the hall we each had a turn trying each of these sports...skeleton, ice hockey, curling, slalom skiing and luge!! We all had a lot of fun! Mrs Elphick brought in her skis for us to try and yesterday her daughter Sophie brought in her snowboard for us to compare with the skis. We have learnt some facts about the Olympics and next week we will be looking more at the countries taking part. Home learning this week is reading and tricky words. 

Friday 9th February

What an exciting week! The highlight was obviously Tuesday and all that lovely snow. Sadly it didn't settle but we still had a lot of fun playing in it, catching the snowflakes on our clothes, hair, tongues! The flakes were so large that we were really able to see the detail of them and how beautiful they are. When we came back into class to warm up we looked at close up images of snowflakes. We talked about how each snowflake is totally different to the next and how they are all just as special as each other...just like us! We have also made bird feeders to keep the birds happy in the cold. In contrast to the cold and grey outside the children have made some beautifully colourful flowers using tissue paper. We have also been given a lovely bunch of daffodils and the children have enjoyed watching them open up during the week.

The weather continues to be very cold and some of the children are struggling at playtimes and lunchtimes. Please send them with hats and gloves and a warm coat as we don't always have the man power to let them stay in.  Spring is coming but if the weather man is right we are in for a few more cold weeks yet! 



 Friday 2 February

At last January is over...that felt like a long month! This week we have been focusing on RESPECT. The children should be able to tell you that respect means: making people feel cared for and making people feel important. We have also related this to how we treat our classroom and the things in it. Our early morning activities are gong to be focusing on fine motor skills from now on and the children are being encouraged to settle themselves at one of the available activities. This week these have included cutting skills, handwriting, play-doh and picking up objects using tweezers. Every day there will be a cutting activity and a handwriting activity and the other two activities will vary. At the beginning of the week we have a parcel from Iceman. He had accidentally frozen some of his friends and could we please help to free them. The children had to be very careful as we did not want to hurt the frozen characters. They had to decide whether to use warm or cold water or salt. We also had a delivery of some old egg boxes and the children have had fun making penguins/treasure boxes/sweetie boxes out of these. If you have any egg boxes in your recycling could you please bring them in on Monday as the children would like to carry on with this next week but we have now run out of boxes. In phonics this week we have been recapping the sounds learnt previously but have also learnt oo and oa. 

There will be a phonics workshop on Wednesday 7th Feb at 2.45 in Class 2 led by Miss Graves. You are all invited to come along and learn all about diagraphs and trigraphs so you feel better prepared to help your child at home. 



Saturday 27 January 

Monday was the first of our Family Workshops. I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. The children certainly did! We have been concentrating on blending skills this week and the children are beginning to get really good. in phonics this week we have learnt the following sounds:   Ch sh th ng ai ee oa oo   See how many they can spot when reading their books to you. On Friday we did some cooking for Edukid with Mrs Guymer. The children kneaded the dough and rolled it into bread rolls. They had a great time and the finished result smelt yummie! Hope they tasted as good! 

Friday 19th January

Class 1 had great fun with Miss Graves orienteering today. They had to go and find the hidden orienteering clues on the top playground and carefully write down the letters they found. Back in the classroom, they helped locate where the clues had been on a large map of the school. Next week they are making bread rolls to sell for the EduKid sale and if any parents can help on Friday afternoon that would be great.

Friday 12th January

This week the children have been working really hard to improve their blending skills. We have also been playing lots of games to help us improve our number recognition. Home learning this week is to go on a number hunt around your house. Some children are looking for numerals 1-10, some are looking for numerals 10-20. preparation for next month we have begun to look at how the Chinese celebrate their New Year. They have been putting some dance moves to some Chinese music, making Chinese lanterns and writing their own fortune cookies. No photos this week. Sorry. I'll put extra on next week. 

On Friday the children took part in their first carousel activity (every Friday the whole school split into Year groups and have a block of sessions with a different teacher) and with Miss Graves started learning and looking at orienteering. Miss Graves had drawn a birds eye view of her classroom and at first we looked at the map and discussed the shapes we could see. Then various people went to stand in the classroom and the rest of us had to try and put a finger on where they were standing on the map. Then we were all given a picture of something in the class and we had to go and find the place the picture was showing. It was a bit like a treasure hunt! Finally we came back to the map and we had to show the others where on the map our picture was.

Mrs Martin and Mrs Elphick.    

Friday 5th January

Happy New year! We hope you all had an enjoyable break. We begun the Spring term with a game of snap. The children are given a card and they have to find the person with a matching card. Wednesday was our first attempt and it took a while for us all to find our partner. Yesterday Florence suggested we try it against the timer so that is what we did today! What an improvement in just 3 days. I think this game will quickly become our favourite. It took us 2 mins 15 seconds today. We aim to beat our time on Monday! We all wish it had snowed over the holidays so we tried to make our own snow today. The children were really able to describe how the baking powder changed when the shaving gel was added. (It works better with shaving foam but I bought the wrong thing! It smelt nice though) We had a competition today. The children split into 4 teams and they had to recognise the numbers shown on a card. They were not allowed to call out but had to confer with their team members to make sure they all agreed. There were forfeits if people shouted out! It was a steep learning curve! 

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Martin and Mrs Elphick

Friday 15th December

Wow! The end of the first term already! We have clearly been having too much fun as it has flown by. This week we have been practising our wrapping skills, we have practised keeping time, using the percussion instruments whilst playing along to a Christmas song,used the items found on out beach clean to make a picture of a big fish. we have had our first Christmas dinner at school, enjoyed our first class party and today the children have been practising their engineering skills by building structures using straws and connectors. One of the games during our party was the 'no laughing' game. If you see pictures of your child looking grumpy they are trying their best not to laugh!  Each child has also made a Christmas card using a potato! There is no actual home learning over the holidays. The children need to rest and relax and enjoy family time. Each child has brought home a list of suggested websites and apps that will help with their phonics and number knowledge. Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you from both Mrs Elphick and myself for all your lovely cards and gifts. My children are most put out that there are presents under the tree already and not one is for them! 

See you all in the New Year. 

Friday 8th December

What a great couple of weeks! Rehearsals, Beach cleans, dress rehearsals and final performances. The children have been real stars. Don't forget to look for the link to Andy Casey's website for the photos of the children in their costumes. Enjoy a peaceful weekend. Maybe go and find some snow?! 

Firday 24th November

This week we have really stepped up a gear with our play rehearsals. Thank you to those who have brought in their costumes. I know we said by the 4th Dec but as soon as possible would be great. We have also had some amazing writers this week. Many of the children are really focusing on their tricky words and have been practising writing sentences using these. Today we had a delivery of some new PE balancing equipment. We have had a lovely afternoon practising our balancing skills! In maths we have been continuing to look at adding adding and are beginning to think about 'reasoning' - answering questions such as 'How do you know?'. The children are loving writing their own number sentences. On Tuesday afternoon next week we would like to do a beach clean. More info to come on Monday - any helpers would be appreciated. 

Friday 17th November

I hope you enjoyed the assembly yesterday. They did absolutely brilliantly and we are so proud of them all. Thank you so much for your kind donations to Children In Need today. The children enjoyed making the Pudsey out of all the small change you sent in. We have spent part of today thinking about how lucky we are compared to some and below are just some of the thoughts the children had...tissues at the ready!


"I am lucky because I have got a house."

"I am lucky because I have got a cat".

"I am lucky because I've got my mummy."

"I am lucky because I have a transformer and a racing track."

"I am lucky because I've got a bed and I get to sleep at night".

"I am lucky because I have good stuff and my family."

"I'm lucky because I have a house and I've got a mummy and daddy and I sometimes see a rainbow."









Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 10th November

This week we have had a closer look at some of the fruits from our story 'Handa's Surprise'.  Some of the children really looked at them carefully and did some beautiful observational drawings of them. In  maths we have been looking at addition, practical adding of two groups and also how to record adding calculations. We have also been looking at data handling and have used tally charts to find out which was our favourite fruit.  Today the children have thought about Remembrance Day and why it is important. They have painted some beautiful poppies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Friday 3rd November

Welcome back after half term. This week we watched a clip from 'The Blue Planet'. It was about a Tusk Fish that did not give up. I am sure the children can tell you all about him. We are trying to be like that Tusk Fish and not give up when we find things difficult. We have also looked at others, such as Jonnie Peacock and Gabby Douglas, who have not given up when things got a bit hard.  We are trying to be like them too. In maths we have been looking at patterns and trying to make out patterns. In literacy we have been reading 'Handa's Surprise'. The children have enjoyed dressing up in clothes from Africa and as African animals. We have looked at the story of Guy Fawkes this week and some of us have made our own rockets and have written some fireworks sounds. We even became scientists and experimented with fireworks in a jar! (Food colouring and oil) We have also started to weave a cushion to sit on when we are on the carpet. This week all the children have finished their trains and the results are amazing. As if that wasn't enough we have started learning the songs for our Christmas production! 


Friday 20th October

Half term already!! Well, they say time flies when you're having fun! This week we have been thinking about toys. The home learning from last week has been so interesting and the children have enjoyed sharing what they have found out about the toys their grandparents played with. William bought in a beautiful wooden train and the children have spent the week making their own toy trains. They are not quite finished yet...the photos show some of the trains so far. Our other challenges have involved drawing their favourite toy and writing what it is, and sorting old and new toys. We have continued to think about ordering numbers and how to write numerals to 9. In phonics we have now covered the following phonemes (sounds):

s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r 

Your child should be able to recognise these in their reading books. If you want to remind them of the actions you can youtube 'jolly phonics songs in correct order'. Please don't forget to keep checking book bags. There is no official home learning this week but I have suggested a few things you might like to do over the holidays. 

Have a great week.