Class 1 Crowpoint

Friday 8th Sept

Unfortunately the previous years posts have not been archived yet so I am not going to post too much in here yet in case it all disappears too when it does eventually get archived! But, I did just want to say a quick well done to all the children (and to you all too) for such a brilliant first few days at school. The children have settled in really well already and are beginning to learn where everything is. Mrs Elphick and I have already made loads of observations which is unusual this early on but a very positive sign as it means the children are already engaged and involved. Don't be surprised if Monday brings a few more tears...usually happens when they realise that they have to come everyday! It has been lovely meeting with some of you already and to learn more about your children. This information really helps us to plan the continuos provision and the best way to help your child reach their full potential. Thank you for being so welcoming. Just one photo for now....there are more on the wall by the pegs. Have a lovely weekend. See you all bright and breezy on Monday.

Mrs M and Mrs E 😄

Welcome to Class One!! 

Friday 21 July

We started our final week visiting the chicks. it was a beautiful day and they children were superbly well behaved. We had an exciting trip on the bus and were warmly welcomed by Mrs Wilson. We had a quick drink and a snack and then went on a hunt for some very interesting animals! On the way home we had a quick dash for the bus and then the long hot walk back up the hill. the children were great and we all had a wonderful morning. On Wednesday the children visited their new class. A lot of them were very nervous before they went. When they came back they all looked very excited and thrilled with their bags to fill over the holiday. I asked them how it was and they all said 'fantastic' 'brilliant' excellent'! And then suddenly it is the last day. What a year it has been. All the children have worked really hard and it has been lovely to see how they have progressed and grown over the last few months.  Thank you so much for all the lovely and thoughtful gifts. You have been very kind. It has been an absolute pleasure to teach your children this year and we wish them all the best in Class 2. Have a wonderful Summer - don't forget to come and visit next year! 

The EYFS team 

Visit to the chicks

Friday 7th July

Last weekend our caterpillars officially became butterflies. So this week we have looked carefully at the beautiful creatures, beginning by drawing them. But they didn't just draw them once. After their first drawing, their friends gave advise on how to make their drawings even better. They listened to the advice and went back to do a second draft. Some people even did third and fourth drafts! Great perseverance! As butterflies do not live very long we decided not keep them for too long and we all enjoyed watching them fly away. We have also enjoyed spotting them in the playground all week...seems they like it here! Well done everyone for completing your first sports day! You should be very proud of yourselves. 

Mrs M and the EYFS team 🏃🏻🏃🏽‍♀️

Friday 30th June

On Monday we had another very successful family workshop. The children are really enjoying having that special time with you and are very keen to talk about the activities they have done when we get back to class. This week we have continued to look at minibeasts, in particular making our own representations of our chosen minibeast using felt and then Plaster of Paris. The children have been fine tuning their fine motor skills with pipettes and making their own potions using water and food colouring (highly diluted!) There has have been some  lovely writing happening this week and they have truly blown my socks off. I always tell them this and today our conversation turned to where my socks have gone! They ended up being the best travelled and most adventurous socks I have ever owned! The children have a wonderful imagination and we all enjoyed 'The Adventures of Sock!' Have a great weekend

The EYFS team 

Friday 23rd June

This week has been mostly about trying to keep cool and we all had loads of fun with our water play at the beginning of the week. If the hot weather returns just keep sending the spare clothes in!! On Wednesday it was our turn to audition for Instow's Got Talent and wow! what a confident little bunch they were. I will try to upload some of the videos. We are continuing to look at minibeasts and have focused on habitats this week. We collected numerous woodlice and carried out a little habitat investigation in one of our 'Tuff Spots. (and yes that is how you spell 'Tuff'!) We put sections of straw, sticks, lego, water etc, tipped in the woodlice and watched to see where they would go. They were an adventurous bunch of woodlice! At Forest school today we played the '1.2.3 where are you?' game and then made houses for more woodlice. Some were definitely 5 star hotels!  Enjoy the photos - rather a lot this week :-)  

Friday 16th June

In maths this week we have continued to look at capacity and how we can measure the capacity of containers without using water. We have looked carefully at the plants in our garden and the children have each done a pencil study of one of the plants. They then used the ipad to take a photo of the plant the had drawn. The children have also explored the technique of 'wax resist'. They looked carefully at the spiral on a snail shell and created they're own lovely snail pictures using this technique. We are all enjoying watching the caterpillars grow and have begun to think about the life cycle of a caterpillar. We are actually off to the woods in Forest School today. Photos to follow. 

Mrs Martin and EYFS team 

Friday 9th June (Lunchtime)

Everyone sounds like they had a wonderful half term, there has certainly been a lot to Show and Tell this week! We have begun to think about minibeasts. The children already know which animals are minibeasts and now we want to find out about their habitats and what they like to eat. We have looked at The Snail by Henri Matisse and the children have ripped paper to make their own interpretation of their favourite minibeast. In maths we have begun to look at capacity and what that actually means. They have been using water and multilink cubes to compare the capacity of various containers. This afternoon we are off to Forest School. The children are very excited. I will put the photos on here when we get back. smiley

Mrs Martin and the EYFS team

(After school)

We had a wonderful afternoon in the field (one child named it Field School today not Forest School!) There are lots of photos and some more information about what we got up to on the Forest School Page.  Go to 'Children' and then 'Forest School'. 

Thursday 25th May

For various reasons the chicks have had to go to their new home a little earlier than planned. The children were obviously a little disappointed but have on the whole taken it in their stride. This week we have completed more challenges. These included finishing their chick diaries, weighing and comparing the weights of toys, writing all the letters of the alphabet, finding out how many numbers you could write in a minute etc. In maths we have been looking at number bonds to 10 (pairs of numbers that go together to make 10 e.g. 6 and 6, 9 and 1, 7 and 3 etc) We have used the numicon to help us and lots of the children have a good grasp of this concept.  Some of the children have been asking about the structure on top of the hill. So yesterday we took a walk up there and talked about what it used to be. We stood with our backs to the windmill and just looked. It was fun seeing what they could spot! We then walked back through the churchyard and talked about how and to be respectful around graveyards. When we got back to class I asked the children to write about our little adventure. Most of them wrote about the sheep poo. You've got to love the mind of a 4/5 year old! It is has been very hot today and it due to be so tomorrow too. If the weather continues like this please send your child in with a sun hat and sun cream that they can apply themselves (supervised by an adult) before lunch. We had to keep some children in this afternoon as they were looking a little pink. Have a lovely half term. 

The EYFS team 

19th May 2017

What a week of ups and downs! Monday we were very excited about the 4 gorgeous chicks that were no happily in the brooder. The children wrote their choice of name on a piece of paper and then 4 were picked out. Rainbow, Oo oo, Rosie and Gary. We all had a lovely cuddle on monday afternoon and there was lots to write about in our chick diaries. Then sadly on Tuesday Rainbow died. We have no idea why. I guess that's just nature sometimes. The children dealt with it very well. We talked about how they felt and what we can do when we feel sad. The other 3 had a quick trip to the vets who assured us they were fine and looked very healthy.  We have talked about how to care for the chicks and also how to care for ourselves when handling animals i.e. hand washing etc. We have measured the chicks and weighed them and recorded our findings. Surprisingly Oo oo, despite being the biggest, is not the heaviest. That would be Gary. Wonder how much they have changed by monday! Today the children have had a wonderful morning with Mrs Harvest in the school garden listening to and identifying bird calls. This week, for home learning, we are encouraging the children to get out in the garden, or beach, or to go for a walk, and to spot as many different birds that they can.  This afternoon in cooking they made chocolate crispy cakes. They looked yummy!

Liz Martin and the EYFS team.  

Cooking 12th May

Once again, the children have been brilliant and learnt a new skill of making pastry for jam tarts this week. They were very good working in their pairs and thank you very much for the adult helpers who came along.

Mrs Guymer and Miss Graves

Cooking 5th May

This week the children made some delicious chocolate chip cakes. They were very good and remembered that they had to wash their hands first and put the aprons on. They then very carefully mixed up some butter and sugar and then carefully poured in the egg. After that they added the flour and chocolate chip and mixed some more. They then chose some cupcake cases and carefully spooned in the mixture. The children were great at washing up, tidying up and sweeping the floor. We hope the cakes were yummy.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mrs Guymer and Miss Graves

Cooking-28th April

We hope you enjoyed the Cheese and Cress Muffins as much as the children enjoyed making them today.  They were perfect chefs - helping each other hold the bowl while the other whisked or mixed and carefully putting their muffin mixture into the trays. They even dried up, cleaned the tables and swept the hall floor!

See you next week, Miss Graves and Mrs Guymer

Wow what an amazing morning. We are so proud of the children for all they have achieved today. So many children managed to exceed expectations, conquering fears and getting back on their bike or scooter after a fall. Their medals and certificates were well deserved today. Thank you to all the parents that stayed to help with 'tumble turn' and pushing children up the hill (No I didn't realise our playground was on such an incline either!) As you can imagine it has been a fairly quiet afternoon! A massive thank you for all the sponsorship. You have managed to raise an overwhelming £297.44!!   Such an amazing amount for 3 very worthwhile charities. The memory of today will keep me going through London on the 27th!  THANK YOU CLASS ONE! YOU ARE ALL SUPERSTARS! 

Our finished Terraniums

Friday 24th March

Thank you for supporting Red nose Day today. The children looked fab and were remarkably calm and  sensible today. Maybe it was because yesterday was such an exciting/exhausting day for them! We mustn't underestimate how nervous the children get when it is our assembly, we always have a few wobbles. I think they did amazingly well considering we only had Wed and Thurs to practise. They all spoke clearly and many remembered what they were supposed to say without prompting. I am so proud of the way they told our story. That was the best they have ever done it! Next term we will be learning another story. Not sure which one yet! This afternoon we started to make our terraniums. We have 5 almost completed ones and they look brilliant. We are all so excited about continuing them next week! Home learning is to look at the technology we use in our homes.  I have added the photos of their kite flying as I am not sure how clear they were in the assembly yesterday. Enjoy the jokes below frown

The EYFS team 

Red Nose Day Jokes

Still image for this video

Red Nose Day Jokes

Still image for this video

Red Nose Day jokes

Still image for this video

Red nose day jokes

Still image for this video

Red nose day jokes

Still image for this video

Friday 10th March

The Theatre Company 'Furry Fingers' came to visit at the beginning of the week. It was a lovely puppet show all about the importance of eating healthily and the  children really enjoyed it. They especially loved giving the puppets a high five at the end of the show! In phonics we have now covered all the phonemes in phase 2 and we will be revising all of these over the next few week, whilst also learning how to apply our knowledge of these phonemes when we are writing and reading. In maths we have been looking at addition and how to record this in pictures, symbols or numerals. We are also continuing to tell lots of stories, focusing on characters and story language. Don't forget to listen to your child read as often as possible, keep practising number recognition to 20 and please keep helping the children to learn the tricky words that are in their reading diaries. It sounds a lot but it doesn't all need to be done at once -and remember the golden rule - make it fun not forced. 

Enjoy the sunshine

The EYFS team

Friday 3rd March

This week has been all about stories and pancakes! First thing on Tuesday we watched 'Pancake Pancakes' by Eric Carle and from this the children were able to tell me what the ingredients they needed and what to do. They measured the flour and milk themselves and also cracked their own eggs. Then they stirred and stirred and stirred until we had a few complaints of aching arms!  Thursday they all looked amazing in their costumes and we had a little fashion show in the hall for everyone to see what everyone else was dressed up as. We enjoyed reading some of their stories too.  We drew our favourite story characters and used adjectives to describe them. In our art carousel we will be making out own story Terrarium. They have designed them today and they may come home asking to bring some small things in from home in order to make them.  If they do they will need them for friday please. If they don't, no need to worry, it all depends on what they want to put in theirs. 

Enjoy the weekend. 

The EYFS Team 

Friday 24th February

This week we have started out new writing books. We are using these for phonics and for guided writing. They all love the books and are doing their very best writing in them. In maths we have been measuring. They have measured themselves using strips of paper and have also measured using multi link cubes. I had some furniture delivered from IKEA and the packaging made very handy pieces of cardboard for us to compare lengths and to measure! We have also entered a friendly potato growing competition. Our seed potatoes are currently 'chitting' and we have all been talking to them and some of the girls have even been singing to them.  On Tuesday afternoon the children made up their own board games. They worked in pairs or small groups and they worked so hard getting the games just right. We were very impressed at the level and length of concentration. Similarly today we have had our Art Carousel. We have begun by developing our drawing skills by 'looking' carefully. We first all drew a dragon from memory. Then we watched and followed a dad and his 2 young children draw a dragon step by step. This is helping to develop essential skills such as fine motor, listening, and the biggest one of all - confidence. Can't wait to do another one next week! 

The EYFS team

Friday 10th February

Half way through the year!! Crazy. This week in phonics we have looked at ur, ow and oi. In maths we have continued to recognise numerals to 20 and we have begun to look at 1 more/1 less than a given number. All the children were encouraged to make finger pompoms and we taught them the game tick tack toe (or naughts and crosses). Sadly we had to say goodbye to the pirates today. They have gone back to Never Land but they did leave us a parting gift...some treasure. It was very tasty! They also left a version of my favourite story 'Peter Pan' and next term we will be thinking a lot more about stories, story language, characters etc. Next half term we will be changing for our PE sessions so please could you ensure that your child has a white t.shirt, black shorts  and trainers in school. We will mostly be inside for our PE sessions (until the weather warms up at least!) but you may also wish to provide a blue hooded top and tracksuit bottoms or legging. Please make sure everything is clearly named. We hope you all have a wonderful. relaxing half term. 

The EYFS team. 

Friday 3rd February

This week in phonics we have learnt oo, or, ar and igh (our first trigraph!) In maths we have been looking carefully at numbers to 20 and how to read and write these. We have also been investigating floating and sinking. The children enjoyed another music session with Mrs Wattley this afternoon where she showed and demonstrated some woodwind instruments, flute, clarinet and saxophone. The library can also came and we chose 20 new books. The children have really enjoyed some new stories and looking at the books independently. Well done to everyone who has been able to play on 'How to teach your monster to read'. I know some children have not yet had their log in. They are now ready and will be given out on Monday. If you are having any problems please let us know. 

The EYFS team

Friday 27th January

The children are really getting the hang of the handwriting in the morning. Along with this activity will be other pre-writing activities which even the best of writers will benefit from . This week we have had finger painting and sewing which the children have loved. We are going to try running our week from a wed to a Tues so that the same activities will be out on Monday. Hopefully this will help those children who still find Monday mornings a little tricky. We are still enjoying being pirates and the role play and deconstructed roleplay (boxes, planks, tyres etc) has been great. So much terrific language is being used and so many social skills are  being learnt. Our pirates are now finished and ready for the Burton Art Gallery. Please go and have a look if you can. I will let you know when they are up and ready for inspection! In phonics we have looked at   sh, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, oo and oa.  In maths we are continuing to look at naming 2d and 3d shapes and also number recognition. For home learning this week I have sent home a game to play. There is no one way to play and it will be up to you to use it at your child's level. Some will be recognising numbers to 5, some to 10, some to 20 and some can use the number cards to make numbers beyond that. 

Have a lovely weekend

The EYFS team. 

Friday 13th January.

This week we have had two very special visitors. Pirates!! They have brought all sorts of goodies with them and every day they are in a different place in the classroom! We have found out that our pirates love stripes and they even left us their favourite stripy top so we could think about stripes when we were drawing our own pirates. In maths we have continued to practise counting in 10's and also learning about 3D shapes. Thank you for digging around in your recycle boxes for the shapes for their models. I know some of you had some challenging shapes to find! I hope you are impressed with the final models. Some are still to be made next week. 

Homework this week is reading and maybe some counting in ten's. Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes on wednesday. The children decorated cakes (and ate them!) and then we tried Maypole dancing for the first time. They were brilliant! Have a great weekend. 

The EYFS team 

Friday 6th January

What a great start to the New Year. The children have come back refreshed and ready to learn. We have started phase 3 of our phonics and have looked at sh  ch  and th this week. In maths we have been using the numicon to really think about numbers and the meaning of numbers. We have also started thinking about number bonds to 10! On Friday afternoons we will be joining the rest of the school in Carousel. Our first one is music with Mrs Wattley and today we were the first children to explore the new percussion instruments that arrived at the end of last term.  Don't forget the homework in your book bags which will help us when we are looking at 3D shapes next week. 

EYFS team  


Apologies for the late entry. I have been having a few difficulties logging in but all seems ok now thankfully. What a month December was! I was so proud of the children for the way they coped with numerous rehearsals for the Nativity. They all learnt the song words really well and they all knew what they were supposed to be doing and where they were supposed to be.  We hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed performing it. We also had our Winter party. The children planned the whole thing, wrote the invites, decided what food and drink to have and decorated the room. We were really chuffed with how many of you were able to come. Thank you so much. On a very frosty morning we wrapped up and went for a walk to see how our environment had changed. We wrote our names in the frost and then collected pots of frost and put them in different places - indoors and out- to see which pot would last the longest. It has been a busy term and I hope the children are all managing to have a good rest. Thank you so much for all the lovely Christmas presents. We all feel very spoiled. See you next year for another exciting term! 

Friday 25th November

Last weekend I spent a small fortune on packs of brightly coloured paper, notebooks and some really exciting and different pens and pencils in an attempt to inspire the children to 'write'.   And it worked!! This week the children have really begun to become 'writers'! Everywhere we have looked there have been children 'writing'!! We have also enjoyed being scientists again. This weeks experiments involved baking powder, vinegar and a balloon - mix the first two together in a bottle and it blows up the balloon!! It really works! In maths we have been collecting data and measuring. In phonics we have been focusing on segmenting and blending and learning how to write cvc words. Our rehearsals for the nativity have stepped up and each child should have a list of what they need for their costume in their yellow reading diaries. What an exciting week it has been!!

Enjoy the weekend

The EYFS team 


Friday 18th November

Well what an exciting day! Pudsey Bear and a hail storm! So much fun to be had. The children have really enjoyed being in their pj's and onesies and making the big penny Pudsey. We enjoyed watching the hail storm and when it finished we went out and played in it...collected it...and investigated the best place to put it so it would last the longest! We still have some in the fridge! This week we have also made fruit fireworks and made our own snow! (baking powder mixed with soap and water - so good!) 

I have heard that some of you are worrying about the amount of home learning your child is bringing home. I just want to reiterate that home learning is only useful if it is fun and if your child is in the right state of mind to do it. There is no point trying to force your child to do it when all they want to do is go and play outside or go to sleep! Our home learning in Class 1 is very relaxed. There are no 'consequences' if they do not complete it.  Aim to hear your child read 3 times a week. If they want to read more then great. If it really is a struggle for you to get them to read at home then let us know. We will make them a priority to read in school. Reading at home should be enjoyable.


If they are reluctant to read to you then read to your child instead. At this age we want to install a love for reading - not the idea that reading is a chore and something they are forced to do before they go to bed.

Same with the tricky words. Try to think of fun ways to help them learn them so they are not just reciting a list of words:

Stick them on post-its around the house and send them on a hunt to find the word 'the'.

Give them a post it with the word written on so they can match it to the words you have stuck around the house.

How many can they find?

Make up the words with fridge magnets.

Focus on one word a week.

Write that word when you go to the beach in the sand...find the biggest stick to write it with, find the smallest feather to write it with. Write the word in steam on the bathroom mirror for your child to read.

Try to make it fun not a chore. It should not be a chore for you either. If you find it boring so will they. Make it all a game!


Above all please do not worry about this or any other aspect of school life. If you are worried or concerned or struggling with anything PLEASE come and talk to us in the morning or make an appointment to come and see us after school.  

Have a lovely weekend.

The EYFS team.  

Tuesday 15th November

A little midweek treat for you. The children have been looking in a mirror today and drew a self portrait. I love them all. I hope you do to. Some are not named - can you recognize your child?! 

Self Portraits

Friday 11th November

This week I have asked the children to tell you about their week. 

'We have been so good'.

'We get house points'.

'We have made poppy pictures for remembering people that have died in the war'.

'I have played with the vehicles outside, we have been playing building sites'.

We have been playing with carrots in water.'

'Molly and Will got arrested because I was a solider in our class assembly'. 

'We done Diwali and now we know what it means - festival of light'. 

'I really like making things for people'.

Our assembly was:




'I really liked it because I had to dance and I did all of it'.


So now you know!

Have a great weekend.

See you at the Lantern Festival

EYFS team


4th November 2016

Monday was such a beautiful day that we decided to walk down to the bottom of the hill and collect some leaves. We had looked at some Andy Goldsworthy art in class and wanted to create some of our own. We had a lovely time playing in the leaves and brought a good stash back up to school. We have also talked about why we celebrate bonfire night and how to keep safe around fireworks. The children have also made their own bubble blowers and they made their own solution with which to test them out.  Please make sure your child has a coat in school even if the weather is sunny. It is getting very chilly and lunch break is a long time to spend outside without an extra layer. 

EYFS team 

Thursday 20th October

This week we have been to space! We watched Tim Peak jet off into space and we talked what it would be like to be up in the Space Station. We have learnt a little bit about gravity and how exciting it would be if there wasn't any on earth! The children made their won rockets and decorated some moon biscuits. We are continuing with our daily phonics and we have also been focusing on recognising numbers to 10 or 20. We have talked a lot this week about filling up each others buckets and today the children have begun to decorate their own real paper buckets. It is lovely to see how they are now beginning to use the creative resources much more carefully and with more control. They are putting real thought into how they want their end product to look.

Homework over half term is to make a lantern for the lantern parade in November.

Have a restful week.   


14th October 2016

What an amazing week. It started with a visit from Chloe Inkpen the author. We were all super excited and she did not dissappoint. She read 2 of her stories getting the children to join in with lots of crazy actions. At one point they were singing a song whilst skipping around the moon, upside down, with pants on their head! She then showed us that even drawings that go a bit wrong can turn into something exciting! She signed some of our books and had a photo taken with us. She gave one of her newest books to the school, signed by both herself and her dad,Mick,  which we are all very excited about!  The rest of the week has been busy too! The children have been measuring and comparing lengths, continuing with our phonics (s,a,t,p,i,n,m,o,d,ck,e), using brushes to clean the playground (their idea not mine!) and making hedgehogs using potatoes and tooth picks. Enjoy the photos (lots this week!) 

Friday 7th October

This week we have been looking at 2D shapes. We have been naming and sorting them and drawing pictures with them. We looked at the artist Kandinsky and the children created their own Kandinsky pictures. On Monday we have an exciting visitor. Chloe Inkpen (author of the Zoe and Beans stories) is coming in to see us! We have read 3 of her stories, 'Where is a Binky Boo?', 'Hello Oscar' and 'The Magic Hoop', and we love them all. Some of the children have begun to make their own magic hoops to show Chloe and we have thought of some questions to ask her. The children have really enjoyed sharing their All About Me Bags this week and we have learnt a lot more about each other. In phonics we have now covered the phonemes (sounds) s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d,g,c,k and o.  

Have a great weekend. 😀




Wow what a busy week! We have continued with phonics and have now covered s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d. Hope they are teaching you the songs that help us remember each sound. We have begun to think about segmenting and blending (chopping up words and putting them back together) and the children are beginning to pick this up. The children have enjoyed the oats and the shaving foam this week whilst improving their gross motor and fine motor skills.  We do always encourage them to put aprons on but sometimes even an apron isn't up to the job!  All of the 'messy' materials we use though should be easily washable.  Some of the children have begun to explore our 'deconstructed role play' and we had a wonderful 'Winter House' that needed to be filled up with water for the turbo and needed 'Cowboy sand' in order to keep it solid. One child found an apple seed in his apple and we ended up planting it and writing a label so we all know what it is. It is currently sitting on a bench outside. We are all waiting eagerly to see what happens! We went to the hall and explored different ways of moving and  went under, over, through and on the apparatus. We also had some children taking food orders before lunch. I am still waiting for my pizza!! The week finally ended with our Harvest Festival. Well done to all the children. It was a long time to sit and to need to be still. They managed very well. Hope you enjoyed their song.

 Have a lovely weekend.

Class 1 team

Just to let you know a photographer from the journal will be coming to take a picture of Class 1 on 26th September.  

Friday 23rd September

Today we had our first class walk down to the church. We went to find out where we will be going next Friday and also to practise our song that we will be singing at the Harvest Festival. A child in class 2 paired up with a child in class 1 and they walked to the church with them so sensibly I think I may have to take class 2 every where we go! We got there and back in half an hour...our first walk anywhere normally takes at least twice as long!   Thank you class 2!  The year 6 children have been away on residential this week and so the year 4's have been helping Class 1 with their dinners this week. My class were not bothered by this change at all but they were happy to see their year 6 friends today. This week we have read more of the children's favourite stories. The children have been enjoying the water syringes and thankfully the warm sunshine to dry off in (!) and there has been a lot of lovely play language happening. The children are beginning to lead their own learning which is fantastic. They have all now got a reading book which should be brought into school everyday. Please note in their reading diary when they have had a go at reading their book. Today they will also be coming home with some home learning. Please remember that home learning in class 1 should be fun and not forced! In phonics we have covered the phonemes s, a , t, p, and i. They may even be able to sing the songs that go with them!

Have a lovely weekend 

The children have quickly picked up our lunchtime routines and are enjoying the company of their buddies. We have continued settling in this week and the class are beginning to gel well together. We have begun looking at some Chloe Inkpen stories in preparation for her visit later on this term and the children are already very good at joining in with parts of the story! The children have been enjoying the independence of getting their own snack from our new snack trolley, and we have enjoyed eating outside, making the most of the good weather!  I have really enjoyed learning more about your children this week during my home visits. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Full days next week 😀.

A very warm welcome to our new pupils in to Class 1, Crow Point Class! As you may be aware our wonderful teacher, Mrs Martin, is poorly and I have had the pleasure of teaching in Class 1 this week! 

We have all been getting to know each other, by taking part in social activities and investigations. In addition the children have been learning about our school grounds, making friends with older children at break-times, as well as telling us about themselves. here are a selection of photographs from this week, so far.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Knight, Mrs Elphick, Mrs Worsnop, Ms Beer and Mrs Metcalfe.


Exploring the playgrounds