Class 1

Saturday 23rd July

I apologise for the late entry but I have been trying to add the photos from the last week but it is not working. I did not want the year to end without a final thank. First, to the children for all working so hard this year. Second, to all of you. Thank you so much for your support. Wellie walks and Forest School would not be possible without you!   It has been a great year and it has been such a pleasure to see the children grow and mature. They are all little super stars and Mrs Elphick and I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing and happy summer holidays.  Thank you also for your gifts, we are totally overwhelmed, you are all very kind. See you all in the playground in September! 

Mrs Elphick and Mrs Martin 

We have been asked to paint pictures for the Instow Community on Show which will take place in August. The pictures are so good I had to show you!   
Another fab assembly! Well done class One smiley

Class 1 Assembly

Sports Day was a huge success! Well done to all the children, I hope they enjoyed it. I am sure they will all sleep well tonight...I know I will! 

Forest School with class 1

Last afternoon in the woods and what a lovely afternoon we had. Mrs Martin joined us for part of the session and the children were able to share the skills they have so far learnt. All the children were fab at remembering their Forest School names and showed her how to play '123 Where are you...? The highlight was the marshmallow toasting! The children were able to toast a marshmallow safely using a 3 point stance. We even found some time to create dinosaur nests! A big thank you to all the parents who have been able to help over the sessions. 

Forest Schools

Class 1

A very windy day today! We listened to the story 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish' which inspired some amazing clay work creating dinosaurs and other creatures. The children worked the clay to make it soft then used natural materials to add features. We also had ago at making paint form vegetables and leaves we had collected from the garden. The finger paintings the created were very impressive! Hot chocolate warmed us up too. 

28th June 2016

We have been asked to paint/draw some pictures of Instow for the Community on Show, sometime in August. At first we were going to look at some pictures of sail boats and talk about what we know about Instow. But, as it was a beautiful morning we decided to go for a walk to the beach and see the boats for ourselves. The sun was shining and the children enthusiastic! Thankfully I had seen the weather forecast so we did take our coats! We sat and had snack on the wall, ran around on the beach, looked at some boats and managed to get back to school in time for lunch. And we only got a little bit wet! 

Wednesday 22nd June

A little bit wet in the woods today but that didn't dampen the children's spirits! We enjoyed the 'name game' with all the children doing really in remembering their Forest School names. The children also played '123 Where are you...'with some great hiding! With the help of each other the children made large and small dens, developing great teamwork skills. 

Forest School

Wednesday 15th June

The children enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the woods. We have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe and exploring the woodland. Today we started with the ' name game' and played 123 Where are you....? The children were able to use collecting bags find themselves some forest treasure and then we shared our finds with the group. Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us today. 

Forest School

Friday 10th June

We have only been at school for 4 days this week but we seem to have managed to fit in rather a lot!  I am sure that you all already know that our chicks have hatched!! Well 4 out of the 7 have. We currently have 3 very lively (and cute) little chicks in our brooder and one not so lively little chick whom is currently being nursed in the office. :-(  The children have all been told that he may not survive and as sad as it is, they understand that this is all part of nature. They are being very grown up about it. The chicks have been held and measured and this morning the children made a run for them out of duplo blocks. The children have each written a diary of their first week. In other news (!) the children had a wonderful first Forest School, found some dinosaur eggs in the garden and made cucumber sandwiches for the Queens Birthday this weekend. Phew!    

Friday 27th May 2016

This week has been all about the Chelsea Flower Show. We had a look at some of the beautiful gardens and found ourselves on a journey which included salt streams and Evelyn Glennie, and being able to overcome the odds! The children were really inspired so we decided to hold our own 'Crow Point Garden Show'. The children worked in small teams and designed their gardens. They wrote a list of which resources they would need and drew pictures of what they wanted the finished garden to look like. The children were so excited and the finished gardens are amazing!  The children then made posters and wrote invitations to children and staff inviting them along to the show. They made bunting to protect their gardens and tickets to sell on the day. As the crowds poured in (well, trickled really) class One took on the roles of curators and ticket sellers. Ticket prices ranged from 20p to £30 depending on who was selling at the time!! Everyone who visited the gardens were asked to vote for their favourite. All votes have now been counted and verified and I am pleased to announce that the winning garden was number 13 - Well done Sam and Joshua!! All children have received a rosette and a bag of sweets as a 'well done!'  

We hope you have a wonderful half term. Think of those of us who will be peddling our way around London at some crazy time on Saturday night/Sunday morning! The children have made a wonderful good luck video for us which I am trying to add to the website. I am not having much luck so far but I will persevere!! But we will remember their supportive words when the pain begins!

The children's homework is to relax and enjoy the outdoors...with a little bit of reading thrown in for good measure!

Mrs M and Mrs E 



Friday 20th May

This week we read the story 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra. It really captured the children's imagination and they made their own 'Supertato' using potatoes, pipe cleaners and googly eyes! They really are a very sweet bunch of superheroes! We also talked about speech bubbles and the children had great fun writing what they thought their 'Supertato' would say. We have been looking at patterns and the natural patterns that we see everyday without realising it. Homework this week is to look for patterns in our homes, gardens and local environment. This could be anything from a patterned pair of socks to a beautiful flower.  With Mrs Ryan, the children have been focusing on number and they enjoyed an interesting number hunt...made all the more interesting when someone decided to walk off with one of the numbers!   They have also been making their own little books about 'How To Plant A Seed'. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs M and Mrs E 

Friday 13th May

Wednesday morning, all togged up, we walked down the hill to catch our coach to Rosemoor.  The children were a credit to you all in behaviour, manners and listening skills. Jane was our teacher for the morning and she taught us all about seeds, pollination, sticky stigma and how to cheer up a very unhappy plant. The children each planted their own salad leaves and as a gift the class was given the now happy plant, as long as we promised to look after it in school. After lunch we went to visit Mabel's mums allotment and she showed us all the exciting vegetables she is growing. Monty would be very proud! As it was still raining we decided to visit the Brash via the woods. It was supposed to be a quick walk through but we got slightly distracted jumping in puddles, making pictures with pine cones,  playing '1,2,3, where are you?' and working out how tall the trees were by looking backwards through our legs! A tried and tested method according to Mr Bloom!! (Ask Isabel's mum!) We eventually made it to the Brash where the children enjoyed balancing on the tree stumps, exploring the willow dome and investigating the mirrors that turned them upside down! The coach journey home was rather quiet! Hope you enjoy the photos.   

6th May 2016

This week we have been focusing on food and where fruit and vegetables grow. We have talked lots about why it is important to eat fruit and vegetables and where and how fruit and vegetables grow.  As we were clearing the compost ready to plant some potatoes the children dug up some potatoes left over from last year! The children were very excited to find such interesting treasure! On their wellie walk today they went to the church and explored inside and out. Below I have also added the photos from last weeks wellie walk...I think they were a bit warmer this week! I hope you have all had a letter about our trip to Rosemoor on Wednesday. Please make sure all money is in a.s.a.p and if you would like Mrs Gymer to make your child a packed lunch I must give her numbers by Monday. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend. 

Mrs M and Mrs E

29th April 2016

I apologise for not adding any text to the photos last week. I thought I had but obviously not. So a quick round up of the last 2 weeks...Captain Nasty Chops threatened to invade our school but thanks to the quick thinking of the children signs were made, letters were sent to warn the other classes and treasure was made with a trail leading the deadly Pirate away from the class.  Phew! We were safe! On the same day we celebrated the Queen's 90th Birthday by making cucumber sandwiches. The children have each written a letter to Her Majesty telling her a little bit about themselves. As soon as they are all finished I will post them off and see what happens! In our garden we have planted grass and wild flowers and the children made bird scarers to protect the seeds. The children have also planted some purple sprouting broccoli and are being encouraged to look after them. If they are successful they will be able to bring a plant home. Some children have been very diligent about the watering...some, not so. Last friday we went on our first wellie walk. We walked up the lane from school and didn't have to go very far before we began to spot some exciting things. Ask them if they can remember where the 'hole for nosey dogs' is! We also watched the recycle men collecting the green boxes which led to a conversation about recycling. As it was raining we walked in the small stream that had been created in the road and had lots of questions about where the water goes. On the way back we measured how big the biggest puddle was and found that it was more than 19 children long! When we got back to the classroom someone asked whether the classroom was as big as the puddle so we measured again and found that the puddle was indeed bigger than the width of the classroom!  Todays wellie walk was a little chilly so although we had intended to collect green items it really turned into a march to keep warm! Lots of style and gate climbing on the walk today! Pictures of todays walk to follow as we had to borrow someone else's camera.  Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and happy scarecrow hunting! 

Mrs M and Mrs E. 

Friday 15th April

Welcome back! What a productive week it has been! The children have come back in good spirits and really ready to learn. We have begun to think about Seeds and Eggs and New Life. If you haven't already heard we have eggs in the classroom that we are hoping will hatch into chicks in about 21 days. The children are very excited but sadly nothing much is going to happen for a little while so we are all learning a lesson in how to be patient! We are however learning about what is actually happening inside the eggs and today (day 3) they should have started to grow their beaks and wings. Amazing to think so much is going on inside that tiny egg!  We have also begun to think about seeds and each child has planted a purple sprouting broccoli seedling. In maths we have focused on how to recognise and how to write numerals to 20. We had our first official PE session for which the children changed into their PE kits. We were very impressed with how well they can change on their own but if you know that this is something your child finds difficult please do all you can to encourage them to become more independent with this. 

Mrs Martin and Mrs Elphick

Friday 25th March

This week began with an Easter Egg Hunt. The children had to find clues which finally led to the treasure. There was a lot of excitement which led on to a few children making their own egg hunt, writing clues for their friends to follow. There have been lots of Easter activities and hopefully you will have rescued the beautiful easter cards each child has made. (If you haven't found it look in the book bag!) On Wednesday we were able to spend some time exploring the new scramble net on the bottom pitch and the children were able to show off their agility skills. They were challenged to find ways to go over, under and through the net. Some children were very confident and sure footed, some knew their own limitations and some pushed these limitations and had a real sense of achievement.  The week ended with our Easter service at the church. I hope you are all still singing the 'Spring Chicken' song!   

Have a wonderful Easter

Mrs M and Mrs E

Friday 18th March

This week the children have had to cope with lots of staff changes. They have taken these in their stride and this is proof of how much they have matured and of how much their PSED skills have developed over the last few months. In maths they have been continuing to look at 1 more and 1 less and also simple addition and subtraction. We have been thinking lots about how we celebrate Easter and why. This week we have been getting to grips with the Easter story and next week we will be exploring different Easter traditions. It has certainly been quiet around school this week with so many classes being on residential and on various trips. But it has enabled Class 1 to be on the bottom pitch at playtimes and lunchtimes and they have enjoyed exploring the different space and the new equipment. It has also meant that they have been spending these times with the children in class 5 and it has been lovely to see these 'big' children looking after our smaller ones.  

Enjoy the sunshine over the weekend.

Mrs M and Mrs E

Friday 11th March

This week we have been really focusing on number; recognising numbers to 20, ordering numbers to 20 and finding one more than a number. We have all enjoyed being a a different number each day and making human number lines.   In literacy we are still focusing on Each Peach Pear Plum and this week the children have made their own fruit kebabs. They were very tasty! This afternoon class 3 were making dens and invited us to visit them on the bottom pitch. Class one were very excited by this and enjoyed exploring all the wonderful dens that had been made.  Miss Davey has been teaching phonics this week and our focus sounds have been 'air', 'ow' and 'er'. The children are doing really well at picking up these new sounds and then using them in their independent writing. Homework this week is to make a number using natural materials (sticks, leaves, stones). Then make the number that is one more than the original number. 

Enjoy the sunshine


Friday 4th March

Well what a week! It's the start of a new month, the start of Spring (apparently!) World Book Day yesterday and snow today! We started the week with a bit of extreme reading - or rather it was extreme story telling! We went on our very own bear hunt. We found some splashy sploshy water, and some extremely oozy mud! We ran through some swishy swashy grass and balanced on a bridge for a photo! We eventually found the bear hiding in the tree. The children have been making their own books this week and they have been really thinking carefully about the sounds in the words the want to write and the letters that represent these sounds. Yesterday was a really great day and everyone looked amazing. They really loved talking about their favourite stories. Today we have been baking - mum's have a great day on Sunday and hope you enjoy your treats! (If you haven't been handed what we made today please fish around in bags and book bags as they may not be so nice if left until Sunday!)  Lots of photos this week (again!)- enjoy!

Mrs M and Mrs E 

Friday 26th February. 

This week we have all really enjoyed being able to get outside without the risk of blowing away or turning to blocks of ice! The children are really enjoying exploring our new sand and water equipment and our new painting easel. We have started looking at 'Each Peach Pear Plum' and have begun to look at the stories and rhymes within this book. The children have really begun to take responsibility for their own learning and are beginning to have the confidence to express their own ideas and to find their own resources to explore these ideas. This is really encouraging and we're only half way through the year! The children worked hard to prepare their assembly and we hope you enjoyed it. We were very proud of them all. This afternoon the children enjoyed their first carousel with Mrs Harvest, looking at signs of Spring.  Lots of photos this week, enjoy!   


Friday 12th February

This week we have been learning about the Chinese New Year. Monday was a very busy day making lanterns, Chinese drums, learning how to write in Chinese writing. Each child also made a monkey hat as this year is the year of the monkey. During assembly there were able to share what they had been doing with the rest of the school. Later in the week the children made a fantastic Chinese Dragon which they have had immense fun playing in. We have also been doing a bit of DIY as we have had lots of new things delivered. The children helped put together our new trolley and also our new kitchen which arrived today. They were all very sensible with the electric screwdriver. We don't like to waste an opportunity so Mrs Elphick played 'What's in the box?' with them and they had to right their ideas on the box! We had some great suggestions ranging from green string to a cat and a pear. Some of them even thought maybe I was in the box! It turns out it was beanbags which we have put in the reading corner to make it a little more cozy.  The children had their last carousel with Mr Bedford today. They have all enjoyed it so much I couldn't bring myself to break that news to them yet! Home learning is the sponsored read which they have all been told about in assembly today. They should all have sponsor forms in their book bags. Also they should all have been given the next set of tricky words to learn. A huge apology, I have just found their homework books sat on the bench, so here is a list of the 'teddy bear' words and the 'fish' words in case your are in their home learning books. 


Teddy Bear - I   the   me   all   be   we   was   are   he   she   to   do

Fish - you   some   go   your   said   no   come   here   so  there   they   my


Have a happy and relaxing half term. See you when we come back on the 22nd February.

Mrs M and Mrs E

Don't forget it is Class One's assembly the first Thursday back-  25th February at 2.50pm. Hope to see you all there. 

Friday 5th February

This week, for one afternoon, we became postmen. We walked around Instow and delivered fliers advertising our Big Breakfast. The children were really excited and enjoyed playing 'spot the letter box'! This week we watched a short film called 'Austin's Butterfly'. It is about a little boy who did an observational drawing of a butterfly. His friends and peers then commented positively on his picture and advised him on how he could make it better. He tried and tried and didn't give up and ended up with a butterfly that was so much closer to the original. We have all been trying to be like Austin this week, not being satisfied with a 'that will do' attitude, instead saying to ourselves, 'How can I make this even better?'.  See if your child can tell you about Austin. 

Hope to see you in the morning for our Big Breakfast. 

Mrs M and Mrs E 

Friday 29th January

This week we have been continuing to practise our fine motor skills and we have also begun our challenges! Our challenges sometimes last a day, sometimes a week. Every time the children complete a challenge they get a sticker in their challenge book. This weeks challenges have included making a boat and racing your friend, making a winter picture and batting a ball to your friend. We have also had a dice challenge (rolling a dice in a pot and recording the number shown) and a phonics challenge (trying to write the names of various objects on the table).  The children have enjoyed completing the challenges and have certainly enjoyed collecting the stickers! We had a special delivery today, some new water play toys and some new cups, plates saucer etc. These are going to be great for helping us learn how to sort and count, improving speaking and listening skills and for enabling the children to develop their role play skills.  Well done to everyone who has taught their monster to read this week. Keep it up! 

Mrs Martin and Mrs Elphick

Friday 22nd January 2016

This week we have explored ice and how to make it. How perfect that we picked the one frosty night and there was plenty of ice for them to explore in the playground! The children have also begun to learn a song about a hibernating bear and have been pretending to be hibernating animals by hanging upside down from a chair (not as dangerous as it sounds...please see photos below!) and sleeping under a table (a bear cave!) In maths we have been comparing lengths and finding objects that are small medium and large. We have also been trying to order numbers to 20. This week we have also begun some challenges. The children each have a challenge book and every time they complete one of the set challenges they receive a sticker in their book. This week we have also continued to focus on improving our fine motor skills using clay, 'snow dough' and paint!  Homework this week is to find numbers around the house and right them in their books. I have also sent home their individual log in for 'Teach Your Monster To Read'. Please see the letters in homework books. Each child also has a set of tricky words - words we cannot segment and blend but just have to learn. When you feel they are secure with those words please let me know and I will give them the next list. 

Mrs Martin and Mrs Elphick


Friday 15th January

This week we have begun our new topic 'Winter'! We have talked about our own experiences of Winter and snow and soon realised that very few of the class have actually seen real snow so we though we'd make our own. There wasn't much of it but the children enjoyed describing the texture and feeling how cold it was! It was almost as good as the real thing. We have thought about what animals do in the winter and how many of them hibernate. In maths we have been thinking about measuring and the children have been keen to make towers that are the same height as themselves, using the tape measures and also zooming cars along the carpet and measuring how far they go. We are not using standard measures at the moment, just getting used to the idea of how measure things. In phonics we have enjoyed some of the games from Phonics Play. The phonics Play website is open to anyone and has some great free games. Class one enjoyed another fun afternoon with Mr Bedford today, playing Rugby. Judging by the photos they were all doing pretty well!  Earlier in the week we listened to 2 pieces of music, one a largo (slow) and one an allegro (fast). The children had some felts and large pieces of paper and were encouraged to make marks according to how the music was making them feel, or what it was making them think of. It was lovely to see all the children responding to the music so freely.

Lets hope we see some real snow soon!

Mrs M and Mrs E.  

Friday 8th January

Happy new Year! This week we have been focusing on 1 more 1 less in maths and have begun to look at phase 3 in phonics. Many of the children are not yet secure with the phase 2 sounds so we will be constantly revising these whilst learning the new sounds. We have also been using the 100 square to help us count to 20 and to recognise all the numerals. We have begun to think about the importance of being active in order to keep healthy so everyday, after play, we have been doing  'Let's Dance'. This also helps improve our co-ordination and movement skills. In addition it gets our brain active so we are ready for our maths input.  Every Friday morning at 8.50am we will be joining the rest of the school for Fitness Friday, on the bottom pitch. It certainly warmed us up this morning!   Parents are more than welcome to stay and join in! Also this term we are joining in with the carousel of activities that happens on a Friday afternoon. This half term Reception will be doing PE with Mr Bedford whilst I take Year 3 for music. They really enjoyed their first session this afternoon.  Now would be a good time to ensure that your child has a pair of trainers in school. Please also make sure they have a name in them. 

Thank you

Mrs Martin and Mrs Elphick

Friday 18th December

Thank you for helping your children pack for the North Pole, we had a lovely time, saw lots of snow and enjoyed a story on the journey. whilst sitting on the sleigh (aka sand box!) We were all very tired after the journey so they got into their snuggly clothes and watched 'The Polar Express' whilst drinking some warm milk. Sadly Father Christmas was too busy to come and see us in person but he left us a letter thanking the children for all their hard work in the workshop and gave them each a special bell to keep. The children really used their imagination and were adamant that we had 'travel' back to school at the end of the day in order to go home! We had a great Christmas party yesterday, thank you for all the food donations. We have enjoyed reading about the first Christmas and learning to recognise numbers through opening the advent calendar on the wall and also looking at the one on the computer. Homework over the holidays is to keep reading! All the children should now have all the sounds we have covered in phonics in the front of their homework books. If you have their homework book at home would you kindly glue the new sounds into the front. Thank you. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

Mrs Martin and Mrs Elphick 

What a week! I hope you enjoyed watching the Christmas play. We are so proud of them all, it has been a funny old week and they have all coped brilliantly! Next week we are off to the North Pole! The children have all been asked to pack a small bag with 5 items that they would like to bring, plus a onesie or a snuggly dressing gown. We are going on Tuesday so please make sure they bring them then. The reindeer's will bring us back for normal pick up at 3.30!

Mrs M and Mrs E    

Friday 4th December

On Monday we had a visitor from the North Pole carrying a very special letter. Carrying the letter was a little penguin who unfortunately had got rather cold on the way over (frozen in fact!) so the children were asked to look after him and think of ways to warm him up. The letter the penguin was carrying was from Father Christmas himself! He has asked us to help him make some toys as they are too busy at the North Pole and may not get everything ready in time.  So we have been busy turning the room into Santa's workshop .On Tuesday we even had a Live Link up to the North Pole so we could see the real workshop in action so we knew what we had to do! FC even sent a new tool box to help us and some elf outfits to make us feel like one of his team! The children have been wrapping presents and writing labels for them, writing their own Christmas wish lists and we now have a post box ready for the the children to write their own cards or letters next week.They have also been measuring the classroom to find out what is going to fit where and have made elf doors so the elves can peek in to check we are doing a good job. Also this week the children made their own Christingle candle ready for the service this afternoon. They were all very sensible holding their candles and sang the songs beautifully. 

Mrs M and Mrs E

Thank you to everyone who has already bought in their costume. Please could all costumes be in by Wednesday in a named bag. This week the children enjoyed the first frosty day of the year on Monday and we read all about Jack Frost! They have been busy finishing off their christmas crafts ready for today's market (which was a resounding success!) but we have also been busy trying to rein in the christmas excitement for just a little is only November after all! (That will all change next week however ;-)!! The children have really begun to play some lovely games this week and they are really gelling as a class now and are becoming quite inventive! (Bouncy hoppers with boomwackers on the handles = a new exciting percussion instrument!)

Have a great weekend :-) 

Friday 20th November

This week the children have been very creative. We read the story 'Leaf Man' and then they made their own leaf men and animals. They were amazing! On Monday they iced some biscuits and on Tuesday they made their own hedgehog bread rolls. It was an exciting snack time on both days!  Mr Bedford came and did some PE with us on Tuesday and the focus was on different ways of moving. In maths we have focused on counting and the children have enjoyed playing with the dice and making up their own games. We have also been thinking about how tall we are and the children were asked to try and measure themselves with pieces of paper. It was pretty impossible to do it on their own so they had to ask a friend to help! We have also been busy making things for the Christmas Craft Market next Friday so please make sure you come along and buy your own child's crafts! You will not want to miss out! We have also had a lot of fun watching the diggers this week! 

Mrs M and Mrs E

Friday 13th November

This week we have been learning about Diwali. They worked really hard Wednesday and Thursday preparing for the class assembly and Wow! didn't they do brilliantly!   Also this week they have painted firework pictures, made their beautiful Diva Pots out of clay and made kites, which they have had great fun flying today!. Christmas play rehearsals have also been continuing and we have now learnt all the songs and actions to go with them. The last set of song words have been sent home this weekend. I have also sent home a slip of paper in their home learning books letting you know what they are in the school play and what they will need for a costume. Thank you for your support.

Mrs M and Mrs E

Wednesday 4th November

What a brilliant day. The children behaved beautifully at the cinema and also at Rosemoor. At the cinema we enjoyed watching The Gruffalo, followed by Room on a Broom. 5 house points for every child who can tell me who wrote both of those stories! At Rosemoor we explored our 5 senses. We tasted some fruit and vegetables, touched lots of different textured leaves and plants around the garden, closed our eyes and counted how many different things we could hear, mixed up berries and leaves and herbs to make a delicious smelling concoction and looked at all the fallen leaves as we were collecting them to bring back to school. After such a busy day we had quite a few having a quick power nap on the way home on the coach! 

Friday 23rd October 2015

This week we have been having a big clear out. The children have been helping us by throwing away any broken toys and resources and sorting out the other resources into correctly labelled boxes. By involving the children we are giving them some ownership of the resources and enabling them to be able to see what we have so that after half term they can have a little more responsibility over what we have out. Our mantra at the moment is 'A place for everything and everything in it's place'. It seems to be working so far! We have been looking at shapes in maths. At the beginning of the week we went on a shape hunt and took photos of the shapes we found with the learnpads. To encourage some mark making we put out some cotton buds and paint. The children produced some amazing pictures! On our rainy day Amelia put on her water proofs and then enjoyed standing in the rain. She started to put out some containers because she wanted to collect all the rain! What a lovely idea. Now we are heading quickly towards winter it would be really useful for all the children to have waterproof trousers that they can put on themselves. Then they can enjoy jumping in the puddles just like Amelia did! Oh, we have also been to Africa and back this wee!. A few of the children have been very busy all week building and painting an aeroplane and for the flight we sat in the cockpit with the pilot. The children were fascinated when the pilots were talking to the Control Tower and pushing lots of interesting buttons! 

After such a busy week the children certainly deserve their week off. Have a lovely time and see you on the 2nd November. 

Mrs M and Mrs E