Class 2 Eddystone

Designing Wedding Dresses for Miss Byrom

Year 2 Sleepover 2018

Pizza Express and Rock Park

Rhyme Rockets Visit Instow


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Class 2 having a 'cool off' this afternoon

Class 2 have had such a busy week! This week they have enjoyed a multi-skills festival at St Georges, they have had an amazing morning on Instow Beach testing out their very own paper aeroplanes (with great success, even with the strong winds!) and an incredible sports day! Every child has been at their very best this week and deserve a good rest over the weekend, for more fun learning next week!

Beach Day

This week class 2 have had an exciting week. We had a visit from Kate Harvey to do an art workshop to create our house group banners. Class 2 have also had a Father's Day afternoon, the dad's helped the children make paper aeroplanes and then test them out on the bottom pitch. They had great fun!

In literacy this week, we have started out 'big write'. The children have been rewriting Traction Man using their story maps, we have seen some excellent writing.

In maths this week, we have been focusing on addition of lots of different numbers. We have used dice to create the numbers to add together.

A great week of learning for class 2, here's to next week!

Father’s / Male Celebration

Harry and Megan’s Wedding Reception In The Wood

Fun with Magnets

Maypole dancing in May!

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Week Beginning 7th May


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Week Beginning 23rd April

The Year 1’s have had a fantastic time in the woods at Forest Schools today. We walked along the muddy path and then entered the woods. We explored the woods and some of us played 1,2,3 Where Are You.

In Literacy we have continued to look at The Scarecrow's Wedding and have written diary entries pretending to be Betty. We have started making our scarecrows for the scarecrow competition next week.

In Maths we are been looking at position and direction and using language such as forwards, backwards, quarter, half and three quarter turns. We have also been testing our knowledge of left and right!

Week Beginning 16th April

This week started to feel like summer and ended with a fantastic trip to the Beach with the Yr 1 Forest School Group. I set them the challenge to make or find something that would float and we had races using the stream. It was great fun. We also did a five minute beach clean.


Week Beginning 19th March

This week we have continued looking at instruction texts and wrote our instructions for making scones. We had to remember to be bossy in our writing.

Today the class did a fantastic job with their class assembly. They all spoke their lines really well and sang amazingly. You should all be very proud.

In Science this week we planted sunflower seeds and will be watching them grow over the next few weeks.


Week Beginning 12th March

This week our student teacher Miss Byrom has been teaching us all about instructions and how they have to be bossy and have commands at the start of them.  Next week we are going to be writing instructions of how we made our scones last week. 

In Science we did an investigation to see which material would be the most waterproof for a jacket for Moose. This involved us working as teams and all having different jobs for each material we tested. We had to work scientifically and think about how to make the test fair.

On Friday we travelled to St Mary’s school to take part in the Singing Festival. We sang ‘A Wave Went Up My Nose’ to the other schools and then sang Father Abraham and some other songs with the other schools. It was great fun and Class 2 were very well behaved.

On Friday afternoon the Year 2’s braved the rain and went observing with magnifying glasses. Miss Graves’ got the fire going and we cooked marshmallows over the fire to make s’mores. We also learnt how to tie a figure of eight knot.

Week Beginning 5th March

This week we have done lots of preparing for Mother’s Day. We decided that as our topic is about Celebrations we would host our own Mother’s Day Tea Party at the end of the week. We wrote our Mums invites, made some beautiful cards and learnt a song about Mothers. On Thursday afternoon we carefully followed the recipe in groups and had great fun making the scones for our tea party. 

This afternoon we had a lovely tea party with the Class 2 Mum’s and Gran’s where we drank tea, ate a cream tea and listened to some lovely songs performed by the class. Thank you Mum’s for coming.

This afternoon we split into our Year groups and the Year 2’s did some Forest Schools. They went for a wet, muddy walk and looked for signs of spring before coming back to school and decorating some rocks to be part of the Facebook group Devon Rocks and Stones.

Ruby had brought in a owl pellet and the Year 1's spent the time learning about owls, dissecting the pellet to see what the owl had eaten and owl crafts.

Oh yes, we also had World Book Day this week and what fantastic costumes they had!


Week Beginning 19th February

This week at school we celebrated our 100th Day of being at school. We have been counting everyday since we stared in September and building up our knowledge of number, place value and the calendar. 

We celebrated with some smarties but before we could eat them we had to sort and label into arrays for maths. The Year 1's had to write the repeated addition sums and the Year 2's the multiplication sum.

This week Miss Graves' daughter, Lily, told us how the dragon's egg had hatched over half term and left a trail of footprints behind which led to the cat flap. They searched the garden but no dragon was to be found! This led on to a discussion about whether a dragon would be a good pet and why. 

In gymnastics we looked at balances and watched our partners balances before commenting on good things we saw and things they could improve on. Miss Graves was able to show some of us what we looked like when doing the balance by photographing us and instantly showing us the picture. Our partners told us a good thing and what we needed to work on and then we performed again and another photograph was taken. Straight away we could see the improvements from one picture to the next.

We have also looked at different clothes to use for different seasons this week and had great fun playing against a partner to find the correct clothes when the teacher called a season out.

Class 1 and 2 also had a visit from Sophie (Mrs Elphick's daughter) with her snowboard and she told us all about snowboarding as we have been learning about the Winter Olympics.

The Year 2 went to the beach for Forest Schools today and filled up half a bag with rubbish that they had found - a brilliant beach clean. They made sculptures, dragons and dens with the driftwood and seaweed they found.


Week Beginning 29th January

This week we have spent some time thinking about the rules of the school- respecting others, keeping each other safe and being ready to learn. 

In Literacy we have stared producing our information booklet about the Chinese New Year and have been thinking of all the facts we have learnt. We are writing these down in sentences with a capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end and checking they make sense. We have also started making a Chinese dragon and will be finishing these off next week.

 In Numeracy we have been looking at the value of numbers and using arrow cards to help us with this. We also started looking at our "three magic numbers" and how when you have just one addition sum this can generate another add sum and two subtraction sums from those three numbers.

During gymnastics we looked at different ways of travelling, the log and forward roll and putting together short sequences. Our partner also had to watch our movements and help us improve.

In carousel the Year 1's all came back with some excellent French flags  made with Mrs Turner and the Year 2's were all hot and exhausted after doing PE with Mr Bedford. 


Week Beginning 15th January

This week we have been very busy making our art exhibition exhibit for the Burton Art Gallery. Thank you for all your magazines and paper. We used them to create a fantastic "Castle On The Hill" collage.

We have stared our unit on gymnastics in PE on Friday. Please make sure your child has PE kits in school each week. We will be looking at balances, rolls and shapes over the next few weeks.

In Literacy we have started looking at the Chinese New Year and learnt about why gold and red are important to the celebration.

Week Beginning 8th January

What an amazing trip we have had this week! We departed Instow on a lovely sunny but chilly morning and headed to Tiverton Castle. We had a fantastic tour of the castle, including the steep steps into one of the towers and tried on a real helmet. We learnt some amazing facts including how boys used to crawl and clean toilets and chimneys! We left the Castle and walked the short distance to the Museum and after lunch we had a chance to explore their artefacts including our favourite the stream train.

As well as this, in school we have been singing out number bonds song to help us with out TTRockstars and the Year 1's have been looking at the numbers 11-20 and building them with the dienes. The children are getting really good at seeing if a number is odd or even. The Year 2's spent time with Mr Bedford looking and drawing 2D shapes that had to be measured accurately with a ruler in cm and mm.

We spent a lovely 20 minutes on Thursday with some football coaches who introduced us to a great game that had us running around and giggling.

Week Beginning 3rd January 2018

Well what a fantastic day we had today at our Medieval Day. We all did four activities this morning. These were making swords, designing shields, making and firing mini catapults and having a go with a bow and arrow. This afternoon those who wanted too had a go at being a jester and entertaining us all with jokes. We then learnt to joust with hobby horses and newspaper lances and jousted with our classmates. Then back up to class for our Medieval feast of chicken drumsticks, bread, cheese, tomatoes, grapes and apricots all washed down with plenty of cider(or apple juice!) in our goblets.

Week Beginning 20th November

This week the stage has been up so the children have been practising the Christmas Play on the stage and getting use to the microphone. 

In Literacy we imagined what it would be like to have a pet dragon and what we would teach it. We then wrote down our ideas in sentences using the words first, next, then and finally. We are learning to put finger spaces between our words, put a capital letter at the start of the sentence, full stops at the end of sentences and afterwards check it makes sense.

 We all learnt about symmetrical patterns this week and made a really good effort with drawing a symmetrical castle and crown.


Week Beginning 13th November

What a week! Mysterious objects left in our learning area, dragons flying over the school and Pudsey bears.

Week Beginning 6th November

Well what a fantastic Class Assembly your children put on to the school and to you. Your children learnt the actions and story so well and did an amazing job performing it to you. Thank you for help with the costumes. Some children have a note in their book bags with the costume they need for the school Christmas Play and those who don't have one the school are providing them.

This week in maths we have continued looking at the whole, part, part, whole method of adding .

Please look at our lovely poppies on the windows in our classroom for Remembrance Day, printed from apples and carrots!

Week Beginning 30th October

Welcome back after half term. Thanks for all the help and support you have given your child with their learning this first half term. It is great that you are listening to them read, supporting them with their phonics and their home learning. We hope you can all see the progress they have made since September.

This week we have been looking at adding numbers in maths and seeing different ways we can make the same number. We have tried using the symbols + and = to show our sums.

We have been thinking a lot about what makes a good sentence - having a capital letter at the begginning or at the start of a name, day of the week or month or place, a punctuation mark  at the end, finger spaces and to check it makes sense.

Today the Year 2's did music with Mrs Wattley and the Year 1's did P.E with Mr. Bedford.

Remember our Class Assembly at 2.50pm on Thursday.

Week Beginning 9th October

Class 2 have been very arty this week doing drama, art, music, dance and listening to poetry. 

We have started to learn about Medieval dancing and have enjoyed working together to try out some of the moves.

On Wednesday the children had the pleasure of watching and joining in with poet, Joshua Seigal. He was fabulous entertainment and inspired Miss Graves to bring in her poetry book 'Please Mrs Butler' and she has been reading us some of her favourite poems from it. 

We have carried on looking at 'Small Knight and George' and split into small groups to learn and recite with actions the people Small Knight met on his way to find a dragon. This led on to us thinking about a different situation that Small Knight could face and after story boarding it we wrote an extra page in the same style as the author.

With all the leaves we had collected for home learning we read 'Leaf Man' and then were inspired to create our own leaf animals. The children really thought about which leaves would suit their animal. 

Today in carousel the Year 2's did more autumn sculptures and pictures with Mrs Tuohey and the Yr 1's were inspired by Mike Oldfield on the Tubular Bells with Mrs Wattley. 

We have also fitted in some maths working on one more and one less and the Year 2's calculated ten more and ten less.

Have a good weekend,

The Class 2 Team

Week Beginning 2nd October 

This week the children have continued looking at the second part of Chicken Licken and they acted out the story as a class. We started looking at the characters and describing them using adjectives.

In Numeracy we have been looking at our reasoning skills especially with how we look at odd and even numbers. We have used bead strings, numicon, dienes and arrow cards to consolidate our learning. We have also begun to look at one more and for the Year 2's 10 more. We had a Thursday challenge of estimating how many conkers Miss Graves had put in the jar. The closest guess was Zach who guessed 60 when the jar held 55.

This afternoon some children helped plant some bulbs for the Spring and some pansies on the top to look pretty now. They are now hanging in our outside learning area.

Have a good weekend,

The Class 2 Team

Week Beginning 25th September

Well what a performance the children gave at the Harvest Festival this afternoon. With Class 1 they performed a song called 'Let's Harvest' complete with sign language. The children did very well learning the words and the sign language.

This week the children have completed their first piece of writing on Small Knight and George. We have learnt the first part of the story through pictures and actions and then had a go at writing the part. 

We completed painting our group castles this week and for those who didn't come and see them after Harvest there are pictures below. 

In Numeracy we have looked at number sequences this week and working out missing numbers from the patterns. The Year 2's have been looking at representing numbers using dienes apparatus.

In PE we have been doing dance and looking at how to throw and catch. Please remember PE kits need too be in all week at school.

The Year 2's had a visit from the Fire Service this week and learnt about 'Stop, Drop and Roll' and when to check their fire alarms in their home amongst other things.

Have a good weekend.

The Class 2 Team


Week Beginning 18th September

Another great week in Class 2! The children are really focussed, helpful and pushing on with their learning even if they don't know something 'yet', they are trying their best. We have been doing daily handwriting and phonics each day focussing on a different letter  and the children have been applying their phonic knowledge in their books.

Each day the children have been challenging themselves in the TTRockstars Challenge. They have 3 minutes to complete as many of the 60 sums as they can and we can really see the progress the children have made this week.

The children have been continuing to work on their model castles and this week we got the paints out! They have also been using the outside learning area and had fun in our new castle tent.

Have a good weekend.

The Class 2 Team

Week Beginning 11th September

Wow! What a week we have had in Class 2. The children have been brilliant and met every challenge with effort and enthusiasm. We have been trying hard to read our numbers and form our number correctly when writing them. We have sorted objects into different groups and explained how we have sorted them. We have been using numicon and dienes to represent different numbers.

During this year we are going to see how long it takes us to do 100 days in school. Each day we are seeing what day we are on and representing this number in different ways. Also everyday we look at the day, date and month and change this.

In Literacy we have stared looking at the book "Small Knight and George" and the children are beginning to learn the story through actions and pictures.

We have done two PE lessons this week and today we had fun using the parachute playing some games.

This week we have recapped the sounds a,m t, s and i in phonics and in our handwriting practise.

This afternoon we worked in groups to build a castle out of cardboard. We have not finished yet so we will do more work on this next week.

have a good weekend.

The Class 2 Team