Class 2 Eddystone

Week beginning 2nd March

It's Science week! The focus this week across the whole school has been Forces and Flight. We started the week with an assembly from Mr Penfold who brought his hawk, Cassius, to school. He talked to us about flight and explained the science behind getting airborne. He then showed us Cassius in flight on the bottom pitch. Later in the week we enjoyed a visit from the Devon Air Ambulance who explained all the important, life-saving work they are able to do thanks to the donations from the public that have enabled the purchase of air ambulance helicopters. We found out how quickly they can get to emergencies in various parts of Devon - and learned about the way in which a helicopter flies. Our final visitor was a STEM ambassador, Mr Mullen, who encouraged us to work in teams and think scientifically and then apply that to an engineering project making 'wings' out of various materials. Miss Graves was very pleased when her team won!

The children have also been learning about forces this week with various workshop activities. They have learned about the friction caused by different materials on a ramp and completed an experiment to show the distance that a car travelled. They have investigated how to use magnets and learned new facts around the properties of magnets. The have enjoyed making and flying kites - as well as singing 'Let's Go Fly a Kite' - and spent time making rockets. These were launched on Friday - and any remaining rockets will be launched in the coming week...

This week we also had a go at designing and building an invention for Queen Victoria. These were linked to forces and flight with many children choosing to design a variation of a hoverboard, flying carpet, helicopter, diving machine and so on - all combined with a lot of imagination of course! The children all talked about their inventions and then choose to build them out of lego or paper.

Also on Thursday, it was World Book Day. Thank You to all the parents who stayed and shared a book with the children. We had great fun guessing what book their prop was from. Look at the pictures below and see if you can guess.

As you can see, it's been a very busy week! 


Week Beginning 24th February

This week we have started a new text in Literacy called 'Chimney Charlie' and started discussing how difficult being a chimney sweep was.

In gymnastics we looked at different balances and how we could improve our partner's balances. We have to be strong in the balances, hold them for 3 seconds without wobbling and extend our bodies.

In art we continued looking at William Morris' designs and picked part of a design to enlarge and worked with others to form a group piece. Do come and see our Art work hanging in the class.

We have been practising our songs for the Key Stage 1 Music Festival in a few weeks time, where we will be singing on stage to the rest of the schools.

In Numeracy we have been looking at 3D shapes and this afternoon they worked in teams and had a 3D shape quiz to check their knowledge.

Week Beginning 13th January


Class 2 have settled well into the new term. Our new topic ‘The Victorians’ has been introduced and the children have been sharing their thoughts on what life might have been like for children in the 1800s. (There are lots of fun homework tasks going home on the 17th to help support the children with this new topic!)

In maths year one have been looking at subtraction and year two are working on column addition. Lots and lots of good effort and progress being made!


In P.E the children have started a gymnastics unit where they will be learning different stretches and balances and putting together their own routines.


On Friday the children learnt about William Morris and had a go at colouring some of his designs, as you can see in these photos.




Week Beginning 9th December

What a fantastic group of children we have in KS1. They have been absolutely fantastic in the shows, singing and performing their hearts out.

Week Beginning 2nd December 

This week we learnt a bit more about Captain Scott and decided for and against reasons for him going on his trip. We then made a conscience alley where our very own Captain Scott (Torrin) had to walk down the middle while children whispered reasons for or against to him. Our Captain Scott decided he would still go and explore Antarctica even though there were good reasons for not going. 

We had a look on a globe, and a world map, to find out where in the world we live and where the Arctic and Antarctica are located. We talked about countries being grouped into continents and located all of these on the map. We talked about the countries that make up the UK and found and labelled these on a map. We also used Google Maps to find Instow and dropped the man in to look at our school! The Y2 children also found out which seas surround the UK.

As part of our Literacy work, we wrote to Mrs Knight explaining reasons why we should, or should not, come to school on Christmas Day! The majority definitely didn’t want to - but a few children had good reasons why they should!!

In Numeracy we started to look at adding on a number line and making sure we explain in our jumps what we are doing. We realised we have to make our number lines quite big to fit all the information in. 

For Science we looked at the human life cycle and how we start off as babies and progress through life to being elderly.

We also fitted in some rehearsals for our show next week and tried on our costumes. We're really looking forward to showing it to you!

Week Beginning 25th November

This week we have been continuing to rehearse our Christmas Play and it is sounding really great. A reminder that costumes need to be in by Wednesday.

In Literacy we have written a book review on our story “Lost and Found” and we also used purple pen to look at things we did not get right in our Final Write of our instructional text. Please look at our proud cloud in the cloakroom for a bit of the work.

In Numeracy we have continued to look at money and counting out different amounts. We need to remember that we don’t have 11p or 30p coins!!!

Today we had our lovely Christingle service in the church.

Week Beginning 4th November 2019

This week was our fantastic class assembly. We hope you enjoyed it and learnt about some of the things we have been learning in Class. 

In Literacy we combined our ideas and wrote a class text called How To Wash A Scruffy Polar Bear.

We have also learnt what our parts will be in the Christmas Play and started learning the songs.

Week Beginning: Monday 7th October

This is the first week that we have been able to start editing our class pages! So apologies that we haven't been able to post anything earlier in the term. We'll make up for it from now on!

So far this term, we have enjoyed spending time getting to know each other as a class team as well as adjusting to a new classroom and/or changes within our immediate year group.

Our topic question this term is 'Can polar bears and penguins be friends?' As you may have guessed we are looking at the Arctic and Antarctica and learning about the geographical environment as well as finding out about the animals that live there. Next half term we will be focusing on Robert Falcon Scott's expedition to the Antarctic and learning about the challenges he faced.

This week we have made a printed igloo wallpaper to cover our classroom door, completed challenges in phonics and maths and the Year 1 children have written acrostic poems in literacy and created their own poetry book - to name just a few things! The year 2 children have completed fantastic factfiles about penguins that showcase their learning about non-fiction writing. They are now published authors on this website - see below.

In maths, we have been spending lots of time working on and consolidating our concepts of number and place value. We have explored the available maths resources and understand how to use them to support our learning. 

In the classroom, we have started to record our learning in a class journal. This is for all learning that is not evidenced in some way in our books so that we have a record of all that we have done for every week of the school year! Parents and family members are very welcome to come and have a look at our class journal - and share the learning with the children.

On Friday this week, we had a visit from Nick Toczek who is a poet currently touring with the Appledore Book Festival. He read poems to the children and talked about the power of writing. The children were excited to meet a 'real' poet with work published in actual books!


Amazing Penguin Fact Files from our Year 2's!

Nick Toczek Poet Visit