Class 2 Eddystone

Week Beginning 5th July 

What a busy week! Sports day on Monday and tie dying at the end of the week and a football match in between!

It's Coming Home!!

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Week Beginning 28th June

This Week has been a busy one.

We were able to release three of the butterflies this week. Two of them flew off to explore and another one we got to handle and left it on a flower in the garden.

We have also done some gardening this week and weeded the planters. We then planted the sunflowers and potatoes.

Today we had Denise Austin a national volleyball coach come and speak to us. She started learning volleyball at age 16 and has travelled the world with the sport. She narrowly missed out on participating in the Olympics in 2000 and now coaches England Volleyball. She inspired us all to keep active and try new sports. We then had a fantastic session with Denise teaching us some skills of volleyball.

Week Beginning 21st June

This week the caterpillars had turned into chrysalis so we moved them into the big net to continue their journey into butterflies.

In maths we have been looking at time. The Year 1’s o’clock and half past and the Year 2’s quarter past and quarter to. 

In Science we have been learning more about plants and on Friday we said Goodbye to Mrs Guymer the school cook. 

Week Beginning 14th June 

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Week Beginning 7th June

This week we became the carers of five caterpillars. We will be observing and watching them grow and change over the next few weeks. The children have been very kind and caring to them.

The children have astounded us with their writing this week. They have been writing a report about Neil Armstrong and writing a diary entry about their worst day at school. They have been trying hard to use interesting language and vocabulary choices.

In Science we looked at our bean plants that we planted on a paper towel in a plastic bag, taped to the window and could see the roots, shoots and leaves.

In Religious Education we started looking at Judaism and some of the symbols that are shown in this religion. We coloured a lovely Star of David on a stained glass window today. 

We have also picked a country to follow for a sweepstake on Euro 2020. We will see which team wins!



Week beginning 10th May

This week in Class 2, we have been learning all about position and direction and the language that is used to describe this. We pretended to be 'robots' who had to act on instructions from our partners to complete moves such as a quarter turn clockwise, forward 3 spaces, half turn anti-clockwise, back 1 space and so on. The Year 1 children have been focusing on using resources to find half of a 2D shape or amount, for example, what is half of 18? 

In Religious Education we learnt all about Ramadan and what it means to fast. We learnt about the 5 things that Muslims do during Ramadan.

The most exciting part of this week was doing the Art project! We had a visitor who used clay and paints to help the children create a beautiful clay project using their hands as a template and then using printing techniques to add patterns. The end results have gone off to be dried and fired and will be on their way back to us in the next few months...

We also watched a film of the chicks hatching in Class 1 and it was amazing. Mrs Martin says we can have the chicks next week in the classroom and so we might be able to get them out and hold them!!

Week Beginning 3rd May

This week in Literacy we have been learning about Tim Peake and thinking about what questions we would like to ask him. We wrote a letter to him and asked him some of the questions we wanted to know. These will be posted off in the hope of receiving a response! We have also learnt part of a diary entry using actions and then drew the first part using pictures.

In Science we asked the question ‘Can plants grow without soil ?’ In partners, we planted a seed in a plastic bag, on a wet paper towel and stuck it to the window. I wonder what will happen to them this week? We each also planted some sunflower seeds in pots which will hopefully start to grow soon... 

In Art we had a go at sketching bluebells. We used peer assessment to help us to listen to, and act upon, feedback from others, to re-draw and improve our sketches. The end results were beautiful!

We had another fantastic tennis session on Thursday and the Year 1’s tried some football on Friday.

Week beginning 19th April

Welcome back from the school holidays! We hope were all able to enjoy the weather and spending time with your families.

This week in class we have started to learn about Neil Armstrong and the 1969 moon landing. We watched a film clip of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon and reporting back to mission control with the famous line, 'One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.' In pairs, we pretended to be Neil Armstrong and asked him questions as if we were news reporters of the time.

In Maths, the Year 2 children have been learning to measure length using rulers and standard units of measure. The Year 1 children have been learning to group objects in 2s, 5s and 10s - and then to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

This week we have also learned about the importance of brushing our teeth and visiting the dentist.

In PE, we have continued to work on ball skills including throwing and catching - and enjoyed a session with the tennis coach.



Week Beginning 29th March 2021

This week we have completed our adventure stories based on Pirate Pete and illustrated with some pictures. We have worked very hard on these and have been really thinking about writing one sentence at a time and putting the capital letters and full stops in.

In Science this week we carried out our investigation on which would be the best spill to mop up a spill in the Gladiator Arena. As a class we found a cotton t-shirt was the most absorbent but then discussed how this could be quite expensive all the time and how a paper towel might be less costly. We all were given a sticker and had a different job to do each time for each material. 

We also enjoyed our tennis session again and learnt a new game called ‘Ghost’.

Week Beginning 22nd March

This week the children have started writing their own Pirate Pete story but based on their own ideas. They children have been trying really hard to first think of their sentence, write it down using their phonics and then go back and check each sentence for a capital letter, full stop and to check it makes sense. 

In maths the Year 1s have been finishing looking at capacity and the Yr 2s still looking at fractions of shapes and numbers.

We have also learnt and recorded two songs for the Easter Service which will be available next week.

On Wednesday we started thinking about how to do an investigation to find the best material to mop up a spill from a Gladiator Arena. The children had to predict the best and worst material that they thought. Next Wednesday we will carry out the investigation.

This week the children have been doing a variety of assessments so we can see where gaps are and help us plan for next term. The children have been fantastic throughout.

On Thursday we had another session with the tennis coach.

Week Beginning 15th March

This week in literacy we have continued to look at the life of Sir Captain Tom Moore and been recapping our work on Pirate Pete. 

In maths the Year 1s have been continuing looking at capacity and started looking at all numbers to 100. The Year 2s have started looking at fractions.

On Thursday we started having our tennis sessions with coach Tom and learnt about having ‘ready toes’ and played great games like mashed potato.

On Friday it was Red Nose Day and we all came in dressed in red. We enjoyed a scavenger hunt trying to find all the red noses on the bottom pitch. 

Week Beginning 8th March 2021

It has been fantastic seeing the whole class back together this week. They have all grown taller and many have longer hair!! 

We had a lovely time at Forest School on Tuesday morning and enjoyed making a den for Instow Ted. Some had added extras such as swimming pools, hot tubs and a dance floor. 

Week Beginning 30th November 2020

🎶It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!🎶

This week we have started recording some of the songs for our Christmas Play and some of the scenes. We are learning what it is like being a movie star with lights, camera and action and if we could put the out takes together it would be hilarious with seagulls joining in with the singing, Mrs Woo making a guest appearance and a car driving past Bethlehem!!

As well as all this we have managed to fit in some fantastic math learning on subtraction and the Year 2s are experts at column subtraction.

The Year 2’s also took their phonics screening check that they missed in the summer and they all did fantastically well.

In Science Miss Bennet got the children to think of their own investigation they wanted to investigate - favourite flavour of ice cream, pet, season, chocolate bar, colour etc and go round the class asking everyone their opinion. 

Today we took on Mr Bedford’s PE Challenge- how many baskets we could score in 5minutes. We spent some time looking at technique and having a practise. We then took on the challenge twice to see what our best score was. It was a grand total of 61 (Mr Bedford never said that teachers couldn’t join in!😁). We will find out on Tuesday how we got on against the other classes!

Week beginning 23rd November

This week we have visited the church and sang a song for Christingle. All children enjoyed making a Christingle and carrying it to the church to sing with their lighted candle.

In Maths this week, we have been consolidating addition and starting to work on subtraction. We have talked about the language of maths and how we need to use specific language in our maths work. We found out that there are lots of ways to say 'subtract' including less, find the difference and minus!

In Literacy, Pirate Pete continues to cause trouble and has asked the children to design a treasure map to help him find his treasure!

We are focusing on spelling, punctuation and grammar and encouraging the children to notice when they have made a mistake - for example, missing a capital letter or full stop, reversing a letter or spelling a familiar word incorrectly.

Next week is the start of December! It's come around so quickly!!

Week Beginning 16th November

This week in Miss Graves’ literacy we have continued learning our Pirate Pete story and drawing our own story plan for this. Ask your child what the story is so far and see if they can recite it. It starts “Long, long ago...”. 

In maths we have been looking at the bar model for number bonds to 10 and for our morning activities for two days this week we have been doing a Barvember Challenge set by White Rose Maths Group. We have also been looking at how to answer a problem in a systematic way. They had to find all the number bonds that make 10 but do it in a systematic way e.g start with 10+0, 9+1, 8+2 or start with 0+10, 9+1 etc. We also looked at finding a part in the part whole method. They Year 2s have been looking at subtraction and how they can jump back to the nearest 10 very quickly to help them. Today we looked at exchanging a ten rod for ten ones to help us when we didn’t have enough ones to subtract.

In Science this week Miss Bennet taught them about predictions and how Scientists use these to help them experiment. The children then made predictions about the most popular eye and hair colour in the class and then carried out an investigation to find out on their table what the results were. We will put all the results together next week to find out.

The children have all found out their parts in the Christmas play and the Year 2’s have been highlighting and reading their lines.


Week Beginning 9th November

Today in class was Children in Need and the children did well coming into school wearing ‘the colours of the rainbow’. We were also given a lovely rainbow by nature just before the children came to school. We then tuned in live to Joe Wicks and did the last 20minutes of his 24hour exercise challenge. We had great fun and got very hot.

This week we had a go at thinking what some pirate sayings meant like ‘Shiver me timbers’ might mean that the pirate is ill and ‘There’s the loot’  could mean there’s the beer!!

In maths the Year 2s have been looking at adding and subtracting multiples of 10 from numbers and the Year 1s have been looking at the part whole model, bar model and sums for number bonds to 10.

We have also started learning songs for Christmas!

Joe Wicks Children in Need Workout

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Joe Wicks Workout for Children in Need

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Week Beginning 2nd November

This week Pirate Pete left us a note that he has decided to leave his ship here with us as it has too many holes to repair. We started learning his story with actions to help us remember it. We also looked at Pirate flags and wrote down what we though they meant.

In Numeracy the Year 2’s have looked at ‘Fact Familes’. Every addition sum has two add sums and two subtraction sums that you can make with just those 3 numbers. The Year 1’s have been revisiting the part whole model they looked at in Reception and been using it to solve problems up to 10.

We have started thinking about Remembrance Day and used tissue paper and black paper to make poppies for our windows. They turned out really well and look fabulous.

Week Beginning 19th October

Wow what an exciting week we have had.

A ship was blown into our playground on Thursday. We went  out to investigate and found it had a pirate flag and a treasure chest inside full of treasure. We became reporters to report the news and made found posters so hopefully the owner will find it.

In maths we having been looking at using a number line to find more than and less than and the Year 2s have been investigating counting in twos.

On Friday Pirate Pete tore into our classroom demanding his treasure back. He caused quite a stir and told us the story of how his boat ended up in our playground. He had then spotted Stanley’s Found poster and came to find his boat and treasure. He did share his loot with us as we had looked after his things so well!


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We have been learning the story of Tiddler, the storytelling fish - and we made a film so that we could share it with you!

Week Beginning 12th October

This week the children have worked hard in all the work they have done and we are super proud of them. We have taken a few pictures of the classroom so that you can see what it looks like and the children can talk to you about it.



Week Beginning 5th October

This week we have continued looking at letter writing and note writing and wrote to Mrs Knight telling her what we liked and didn’t like about the changes in school since we came back. We really tried hard to write in sentences with a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces, made sure they made sense and had a full stop at the end, The Year 2’s were trying to extend their sentences.

In maths we have been using the words greater to, less than and equal to and learnt the symbols for these which Miss Graves says always reminds her of a Crocodiles mouth. We had to use these words and solve problems.

in Science this week we have begun to look at our five senses. We played a fun game where we all had a picture and had to decide which sense was shown in the picture.

We also took on Mr Bedford’s PE challenge of seeing how many passes of the rugby ball we did in. 5 mind. If we dropped the bell the score started again at 0. We scored 24 for the challenge and today repeated it again and improved with a score of 30.

We have also learnt and recorded our Harvest Song. The children may have been singing it at home!!

Science - Labelling parts of the body

Welcome Back Class 2! 

We are so pleased to see you all back in school!

This year things are a little different, but we are still planning on having lots of fun together! 

Our class are part of a larger bubble so that we can play and learn together. There is lots of handwashing!

We are spending time with one another, catching up with news and enjoying eating lunch in the classroom. As teachers, we have been so impressed at the way in which all of you have risen to the challenges of being back at school. Some things are different and some are the same - but all of you have taken this in your stride. Keep up the good work Class 2! 

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