Class 2 Eddystone

Class 2 2021-2022

Week Beginning 13th June 2022

This week in Science we have looked at what is inside a seed and a bulb and thought about the right conditions that would make it grow. We then had to make predictions about if we thought a plant would grow in different situations e.g. warmth and water, warmth and no water, no warmth and no water, no warmth and water. We have then planted cress seeds and put them in the different conditions and we will see next week if they have grown.

On Thursday we spent the day in the woods for Forest School. We had a fantastic day.I am sure you have heard all about it. The pathway down to the woods was extremely overgrown so we were glad of our long tops and trousers. We went over the rules of the woods and then split into groups to make a den for our class mascot. While this was going on, the fire was started and we went in small groups to toast our marshmallow for smores. They were delicious. We enjoyed having our picnics in the woods and were joined by lots of robins. Miss Graves tried to feed them with some of the broken biscuits and this led onto us all trying to build a bird feeding station for them. We also did a stick collection and then learnt to play the game “1,2,3 Where Are You?”. We played this twice so must have enjoyed it. 

Week 1 Learning the Recorder

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Week 1 Learning the Recorder

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Week Beginning 16th May 2022

This week the Year 2s have been amazing when completing some of their SAT’s papers. They all enjoy their biscuit before hand to give them brain power.

We had ‘Toadie of Instow School’ visit our outside learning area on Tuesday and he soon disappeared when the noise of playtime came!! Hopefully he will hop back soon for a visit!

In Music we started learning a sea shanty which I hear a few children have started singing at home. 

In PE we continued on our archery journey. Beforehand, we drew some characters and stuck them to the archery boards and then tried to aim at our own target. we scored ten points for hitting our target, five points if we hit someone else’s and two points if we hit the board. Hopefully we should be able to show you at the Jubilee Celebration on Thursday. 

in Literacy we thought about all the things Mrs Armitage went back for to help her wait for The Big Wave. We had to order them. We have really started immersing ourselves in the text.


Week Beginning 9th May 2022

This week in maths, we have been looking at time and for the Year 2s looking at quarter past and quarter to. We have also explored a bit of symmetry and subtraction. The Year 2s looked at column subtraction while exchanging a ten.

Great new- our peas have started growing and have little roots and shoots. We are keeping a pea diary to see how they grow. Today we also planted some bulbs, tomato plants and a cucumber plant. Hopefully they will grow. 

In art this week, we looked at our fruit from last week and this week drew them using oil pastels. It was great to see the children really observing the fruit and mixing the pastel to make the colours. 

We had great success in archery this week with every child hitting the target and scoring some points. 

We started reading Mrs Armitage and The Big Wave this week and left the children wondering what Mrs Armitage would do when the Big Wave came but she could also see Miranda in trouble. They then predicted what might happen and wrote about it. 

Week Beginning 2nd May 2022

Mrs Worsnop tells me how lovely it was that you could come in a share the children’s art work that they had been doing this afternoon. We are slowly getting back to pre Covid things and the children being able to share more learning with you rather than a small photo on here. In art today, we were doing some observational drawings of the inside of a piece of fruit. They did a black and white picture and also one in coloured pencil, looking very carefully at the tones and textures of the piece of fruit.

This week we also had the second session of archery. Last week nine children hit the target and this week fifteen. We saw a great improvement and the children now know the stance, how to load the bow, draw, aim and fire. 

In Science, we are learning all about plants. Last week the children had to make and label their own plant using all sorts of different materials. They learnt about what the different parts of the plant were called and the job they did. This week we learnt about garden and wild plants. We went looking around the school for the garden and wild plants and drew some. We also planted a pea seed on wet tissue paper in a plastic bag and stuck these to the windows so that we can observe them as they grow.

We have started our new TTRockstars booklets this week. The Year 1s are looking at halving numbers and the Year 2s are looking at multiplying and dividing with the two times table.

In Maths we looked at subtraction and then Year 1s looked at using a number line to jump backwards and the Year 2s looked at basic column subtraction.

In Literacy we looked at a funny film about a sea serpent and then had a go at writing about it, making it funny for the reader.

This week we also had a go at maypole dancing! The children were amazing and listened really well and worked as a team to create a simple twist around the pole using all the ribbons.

Archery 1st Lesson

Naughty Bus Stories

Week Beginning 28th March 2022

This week we held our Great Fire of London re-enactment. The children for home learning had made a model of a 17th Century house and those who wanted too, let us burn them. We lit (after several attempts) Thomas Farriner’s bakery and watched the fire spread. The children were very excited. We used calpol syringes as water squirters to try and put out the fire and the Yr 3 children passed a water bucket along the line to try and put out the fire. The children decided against me using a fire hook to make a gap between the houses as they wanted to see them all burn. The children have really enjoyed our Great Fire of London topic and were able to answer and retrieve lots of information about this topic. 


Week Beginning 21st March

Sorry that we didn’t post about last week - I forgot!!

This week we have learnt more about levers and sliders and created another moving picture. This involved using a split pin and making more holes in cardboard. You can see our efforts in the pictures, 

In Tennis with Lottie we had two work experience students helping us which was good fun. We showed them all the fun games we played.

We hope you enjoy the Kenning Mother Day Poems the children created for you. They enjoyed finding the right words to create the poem. 

We also started writing our Sequel Naughty Bus story and concentrated on the opening part of our story. Some children chose to share their opening with the class and we were all impressed. 


Week Beginning 7th March

This week we had great fun learning to make our first slider in Design Technology, using a straw and piece of dowel. We had to draw, colour and then cut out our design. For some of us this took more tries as we made the object which was going to pop up too big for what it was hiding behind. We also had to think about the size of the straw as if it was too big it, it would stop our object hiding. 

For PE, in tennis Lottie taught us how to do a pop serve and we practised this to score points against a friend. We did a fantastic warm up where we had to touch various parts of our body and then had to be the fantastic mover to steal the cone from our partner. 

In Literacy, we used the pictures that we had taken of the naughty bus in our houses to write the adventure that it had had with us pretending to be the naughty bus. We tried hard to write on the lines, think of all the sounds in words and extend some of our sentences with ‘and’. 

In maths we looked at how if we want to add two numbers below 10 we can think of making 10 first by using our number bonds and then adding from 10. The Year 2s looked more at adding and subtracting 10 from numbers. 


Week Beginning 28th March

This week we celebrated 25 Years of World Book Day. What a fantastic effort all the children and staff made in celebrating this. We enjoyed the challenge of looking for the book covers around the school and remembering and discussing the book titles. We had great fun finding a comfortable place in the class to read today. There were some interesting places!

In Science, we investigated which material was the strongest to make a tent from. In our small groups, we couldn’t solve this problem as we did not have enough weight to break some of the materials. We ended up doing a whole class experiment to find out. Plastic was the winning material.

In maths, the Yr 2s have been reinforcing their understanding of adding multiples of 10 and the Yr 1 ave been looking at adding by making 10 first and using our number bonds to 10.

Week Beginning 14th February 2022

This week in art we looked at the colours that were used to show fire and then painted some flames which later in the week we cut out to add to our display. We also used the rubbings we created earlier in the term, to make a collage of houses and then added details to the houses. The flames then went in between the houses to show a representation of The Great Fire Of London by Class 2.

In P.E, we had a windy session with Lottie and the children had fun scoring points for their team. 

In music we learnt the song London’s Burning and taught the children how to sing it in a round. William then challenged us to sing it in three groups and then eventually four!

Week Beginning 7th February 2022

This week we were all Scientists and investigated which material would be the most waterproof to make a tent from. We all had a go at each job to make it fair. We found out that two of our materials, foil and plastic, were waterproof and next week we are going to investigate the strongest material for a tent. 

In Literacy we thought about the part where the Naughty Bus fell in the pond and we all wrote a short piece as if we were the bus. We thought hard about our handwriting and trying to join at least one sentence with ‘and’. In our Vlad and The Great Fire of London story, we thought about the main characters of Vlad and Boxton, and hot-seated them to found out a little more about them...

We also learned lots of new facts about The Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys - so that next week we can have a go at writing a newspaper!

In Phonics this week we have recapped the phoneme ‘ow’ and learnt a new one ‘oy’. All the Year One's have undertaken a phonics screening check and we are pleased with how much they have progressed. Well done Year One!

During Art this week, we looked at the three primary colours and made a colour wheel. We learnt how to mix colours and how to hold our paintbrush correctly, as well as how to clean the brush between each colour. The children really enjoyed this and were really sensible with it.

On Tuesday this week, it was global Safer Internet Day - and we learned about how to be safe online all across the school. The Year 1 and Year 2 children took a very sensible approach to this and were able to talk about what information it is safe to put online and what it is not. They also learned about the trusted adults in their lives so that in the future, if they feel unsafe online or have any questions, they know who they can ask for support.


Week Beginning 31st January

With Mrs Slater and Miss Graves still isolating, this week started with the wonderful help and support of Mrs Knight teaching in Class 2! Many thanks to her for taking time out of her regular role in school to teach in Class 2. Thankfully by mid-week we were able to return to normal!

This week we have learning more about the Great Fire of London - playing a game to test our knowledge and re-designing the map of London to be our dream city.

The children visited the church and looked at gravestones to try and find out if any of them were there in 1666. They sketched the church and talked about what might have been happening in our local area in the 17th century.

Our music piece this week was 'Jammin'' by Bob Marley - and so we had a go at jamming! We used our voices, percussion instruments and real and homemade instruments and had a go at making our own music, thinking about the beat and the rhythm.

As it is Chinese New Year this week, we learned about the Year of the Tiger - and began to learn about Asia.

In Literacy we continued looking at extending sentences with ‘and’ and focused on our handwriting. The children amazed me with their concentration and work. 

In maths we continued looking at addition on a number line and the Year 2s looked at column addition with dienes. 

In RE we looked at different symbols that are associated with Christianity and Islam. We learnt about the 5 pillars of Islam and crosses, fish and candles associated with Christianity. 

In Science this week we looked at a Discovery Dog work sheet which helped us set up an investigation. Next week we are going to investigate what material is the most waterproof to be used a shelter for the people who lost their houses in The Great Fire Of London. 


Week Beginning 24th January

What an interesting week we have had!! 

👏👏👏👏👏We want to say Well Done to everyone - whether you have been in school coping with the array of teachers you have had or at home self-isolating and doing the work from there. Big special thanks go to our TA's, Mrs Webb, Mrs Worsnop and Mrs Sullivan who have been amazing in class. 👏👏👏👏👏

This week in phonics we have been recapping ‘air’ and ‘ear’ trigraphs and in Literacy we have been adding ‘and’ to two sentences to make one longer sentence.

The children then used these skills to write a few more facts about The Great Fire Of London after watching a short BBC video clip.

This week we have also learnt about some instruments from the 17th Century. We learnt what a hurdy-gurdy, lute, harpsichord and crumhorn were and started learning a song about Pudding Lane.

In Maths, we started looking at addition on a number line for the Year 1s and a very simple form of column addition using dienes for the Year 2s.

With Mrs Knight I know in school they have been looking at a story about a Magic Paintbrush and the children have been orally retelling it with expression. 

In PE this week the children did circuit training on Monday and Tennis skills on Thursday. 

For music appreciation this week has been a piece from the four movements from Mozart.

In Art, they used their rubbings to create shapes of houses from the time of the Great Fire of London.

Week Beginning 17th January

This week we have been busy!

We have started to think about our new story in Literacy and imagining what adventures Vlad the flea could be going on... He was in London at the time of the Great Fire of London! We'll find out what he got up to next week! No spoilers!

We also read The Naughty Bus and decided what we liked and disliked about the book. The children who have already taken a bus home, have had great fun taking photos with it.

For Maths the children have been focusing on adding amounts of money if they are in Year 2 - and on consolidating their understanding of number to twenty if they are in Year 1. We have also been continuing with our Numbers programme where we embed concepts of number through the use of repeated sentences and mini abacuses known as rekenreks.

This week we have done lots of Computing. The children have been learning how a sequence of instructions form an algorithm - and how computers, or human robots, need these to be precise and correct to function. We used the Beebots to programme a route around the classroom!

In music appreciation this week, we have looked at Amy Winehouse’s song 'Our Day Will Come’ and enjoyed listening to the reggae style of it. 

In Art, we used graphite crayons to make rubbings of different surfaces so we can use these in our next art lesson.

In PE we really enjoyed a Handball session on Wednesday morning. We learned skills that can be applied to all ball games including accurate throwing and catching and working as a team. On Thursday, we enjoyed tennis with our coach, Lottie, from ARC Tennis. Again, we worked hard to practise skills that we can use in a game of tennis. 

Week Beginning 10th January

What a busy week we have had!!!

This week the whole school has started music appreciation and each week we will be listening too different pieces of music and deciding if we like it, what it reminds us of and about the artist. This week we started with Elvis Presley as it would have been his birthday this week. If your child and you listen to an Elvis track over the week and come to a teacher next week and whisper ‘Elvis’ to them we will give them 5 house points. We have been listening to Suspicious Minds. We also used musical instruments to accompany our singing to the Dinosaur song. See below for the video. 

In History we started learning about the Great Fire of London and how it started in a Bakery In Pudding Lane on Sunday 2nd September 1666. The children learnt how it had been a hot summer and the wooden house were all dry and the fire easily spread from house to house. The house in 1666 were all built next to each other and on the 2nd September a strong wind developed which helped spread the fire. The fire lasted for four days. 

In Science, we spent some time sorting objects into the material they were made from. This was quite exciting as we were allowed to write on the tables in whiteboard pens. 

We started our sessions of Tennis this week and had great fun with Ellie. We had some great challenges for us to attempt to do and we all got better by the end of the session.

We started reading our new book in Literacy called The Naughty Bus. We enjoyed reading the book and looking at how the author add special bits to the text and font to go with the story. We are all going to have a chance to take a bus home and take photos of the bus doing naughty things.

For maths we have carried on with subtraction and looked at 2d shape.



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Week Beginning 5th January 2022

Happy New Year Everybody and welcome back to the Spring Term in Class 2.

This week we have found out of new topic is The Great Fire of London. Today we thought about what we might know about this topic and what we might like to find out. Some questions we would like to find out

When did it happen?

How long ago did it happen?

What person started it?

Did Big Ben burn down or did they rebuild it!

How long did the firemen take to put it out?

Did they have firemen?

Did they have phones to phone the fire fighters?

We will see if we can answer these question during the term.

In maths we have been looking at subtracting numbers using a number line. We need a little more practise with this as lots of us started on ten each time on the number line even though the question didn’t start in ten! We also started our new TTRockstars booklets, the Year 1’s looking at number bonds to 10 and the Year 2’s the 5x table. Ask the children to sing the Number Bonds song to you - it will will slowly get in your head!!!

As it was raining on Thursday for P.E, we made room in the classroom and did some Cosmic Yoga! The photos below show some of our moves.

In Literacy, we have started our new text on adventure stories. Today we did our cold write after watching a short clip called Taking Flight about some imaginary adventures a child and his grandad went on. The children had to then write the next adventure they went on. There was some great ideas ranging going to see the Pyramids to being chased by a lion. 



Week Beginning 13th December

Happy Holidays to everyone. Hope you all have a relaxing and fun time. 

This week Class 2 were authors and illustrator and produced their own ‘Oi’ book which they shared with Class 3 on Friday. The children really enjoyed  producing their own book with the purpose of reading it to Class 3. 

We also did our final piece of oil resist work in art and produced our Christmas card to parents in this form. 

We have been looking at our number bonds to 10 this week as this will become the Yr 1 TTRockstars booklet in January. One way to remember is to remember our rhyme

9 and 1 are number bonds,

8 and 2 are friends,

7 and 3

6 and 4,

5 and 5 make 10. (To the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

The Year 2s have been practising their five times table and can continue to log onto TTRockstars app over Christmas to practise. 

We had a delicious Christmas meal on Wednesday lunchtime and party on Friday.



Merry Christmas from the Teaching Team in Class 2

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Merry Christmas from Class 2

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Group 5

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Week Beginning 6th December

This week we have all been actors and actresses, as we have been recording the Christmas play. The weather did not help us with this and I have decided I am not becoming a film director any time soon!!!

The Year 2s have all been fantastic and completed their Phonics Screening Check which had been delayed in June and put back to December because of Covid. 

In Geography we have looked at the four points on a compass and when we would use a compass. The children all liked the silly rhymes to help us remember the directions such as Never Eat Shredded Wheat or Never Eat Silly Worms. 

On Friday we started learning a new song about dinosaurs which we all found funny and enjoyed singing. 

In Phonics we started learning about split digraphs and the a-e and e-e split digraphs. We thank the parents who could attend the Phonics Talk on Wed and a presentation for those who couldn’t make it will be available soon. 

We have thinking about our ideas and sentences for our own books based on Oi Frog which we will write and hope to share with Class 3 next week. 

On Thursday the children enjoyed the Winter Market in the afternoon.


Week Beginning 22nd November

This week ended with our lovely Christingle service in the church. Some photos are below and others on the schools Facebook page. On Friday morning, we learnt about what all the parts of the Christingle  mean and represent and we cut, stuck and coloured a Christingle in. 

In maths we continued looking at number bonds up to 10 and problem solving using this knowledge. The Year 2s looked at fractions and halving numbers.

in art we used our observational skills and drew leaves using wax crayons and then used the Baltic paint to colour in. The wax resisted the paint and so the crayons still showed our leaves. 

In music we continued learning the words for the Christingle and Christmas performances.

In P.E. we continued looking at stretches and the children are beginning to be teachers leading us through the stretches and ball skills including dribbling.