Class 2 Eddystone

Class 2 2021-2022

Week Beginning 10th January

What a busy week we have had!!!

This week the whole school has started music appreciation and each week we will be listening too different pieces of music and deciding if we like it, what it reminds us of and about the artist. This week we started with Elvis Presley as it would have been his birthday this week. If your child and you listen to an Elvis track over the week and come to a teacher next week and whisper ‘Elvis’ to them we will give them 5 house points. We have been listening to Suspicious Minds. We also used musical instruments to accompany our singing to the Dinosaur song. See below for the video. 

In History we started learning about the Great Fire of London and how it started in a Bakery In Pudding Lane on Sunday 2nd September 1666. The children learnt how it had been a hot summer and the wooden house were all dry and the fire easily spread from house to house. The house in 1666 were all built next to each other and on the 2nd September a strong wind developed which helped spread the fire. The fire lasted for four days. 

In Science, we spent some time sorting objects into the material they were made from. This was quite exciting as we were allowed to write on the tables in whiteboard pens. 

We started our sessions of Tennis this week and had great fun with Ellie. We had some great challenges for us to attempt to do and we all got better by the end of the session.

We started reading our new book in Literacy called The Naughty Bus. We enjoyed reading the book and looking at how the author add special bits to the text and font to go with the story. We are all going to have a chance to take a bus home and take photos of the bus doing naughty things.

For maths we have carried on with subtraction and looked at 2d shape.



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Week Beginning 5th January 2022

Happy New Year Everybody and welcome back to the Spring Term in Class 2.

This week we have found out of new topic is The Great Fire of London. Today we thought about what we might know about this topic and what we might like to find out. Some questions we would like to find out

When did it happen?

How long ago did it happen?

What person started it?

Did Big Ben burn down or did they rebuild it!

How long did the firemen take to put it out?

Did they have firemen?

Did they have phones to phone the fire fighters?

We will see if we can answer these question during the term.

In maths we have been looking at subtracting numbers using a number line. We need a little more practise with this as lots of us started on ten each time on the number line even though the question didn’t start in ten! We also started our new TTRockstars booklets, the Year 1’s looking at number bonds to 10 and the Year 2’s the 5x table. Ask the children to sing the Number Bonds song to you - it will will slowly get in your head!!!

As it was raining on Thursday for P.E, we made room in the classroom and did some Cosmic Yoga! The photos below show some of our moves.

In Literacy, we have started our new text on adventure stories. Today we did our cold write after watching a short clip called Taking Flight about some imaginary adventures a child and his grandad went on. The children had to then write the next adventure they went on. There was some great ideas ranging going to see the Pyramids to being chased by a lion. 



Week Beginning 13th December

Happy Holidays to everyone. Hope you all have a relaxing and fun time. 

This week Class 2 were authors and illustrator and produced their own ‘Oi’ book which they shared with Class 3 on Friday. The children really enjoyed  producing their own book with the purpose of reading it to Class 3. 

We also did our final piece of oil resist work in art and produced our Christmas card to parents in this form. 

We have been looking at our number bonds to 10 this week as this will become the Yr 1 TTRockstars booklet in January. One way to remember is to remember our rhyme

9 and 1 are number bonds,

8 and 2 are friends,

7 and 3

6 and 4,

5 and 5 make 10. (To the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat)

The Year 2s have been practising their five times table and can continue to log onto TTRockstars app over Christmas to practise. 

We had a delicious Christmas meal on Wednesday lunchtime and party on Friday.



Merry Christmas from the Teaching Team in Class 2

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Merry Christmas from Class 2

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Group 5

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Week Beginning 6th December

This week we have all been actors and actresses, as we have been recording the Christmas play. The weather did not help us with this and I have decided I am not becoming a film director any time soon!!!

The Year 2s have all been fantastic and completed their Phonics Screening Check which had been delayed in June and put back to December because of Covid. 

In Geography we have looked at the four points on a compass and when we would use a compass. The children all liked the silly rhymes to help us remember the directions such as Never Eat Shredded Wheat or Never Eat Silly Worms. 

On Friday we started learning a new song about dinosaurs which we all found funny and enjoyed singing. 

In Phonics we started learning about split digraphs and the a-e and e-e split digraphs. We thank the parents who could attend the Phonics Talk on Wed and a presentation for those who couldn’t make it will be available soon. 

We have thinking about our ideas and sentences for our own books based on Oi Frog which we will write and hope to share with Class 3 next week. 

On Thursday the children enjoyed the Winter Market in the afternoon.


Week Beginning 22nd November

This week ended with our lovely Christingle service in the church. Some photos are below and others on the schools Facebook page. On Friday morning, we learnt about what all the parts of the Christingle  mean and represent and we cut, stuck and coloured a Christingle in. 

In maths we continued looking at number bonds up to 10 and problem solving using this knowledge. The Year 2s looked at fractions and halving numbers.

in art we used our observational skills and drew leaves using wax crayons and then used the Baltic paint to colour in. The wax resisted the paint and so the crayons still showed our leaves. 

In music we continued learning the words for the Christingle and Christmas performances.

In P.E. we continued looking at stretches and the children are beginning to be teachers leading us through the stretches and ball skills including dribbling. 


Week Beginning 15th November 2021

This week we have started making our things for the Christmas market. This involved using oil pastels and wax crayons and batik paint. 

In maths we looked more at the part whole model and how this models our sums. The Year 2s also looked at the bar model, part whole and the fur Fact families that can be created. 

In Science we looked at our five senses and did some tests to help us think about them all individually. We had to spot the difference using our eyes, smell some interesting smells in pots using our noses, touched some objects in bags, listened to some sounds and guessed what they were and tasted something and described it. 

In P.E. we looked at bouncing and catching with basketballs. 

Week Beginning 8th November

This week we have learnt what a palaeontologist does and what the word evolve means. We have started looking at the different periods of dinosaurs and how dinosaurs became extinct.

In Literacy we looked at what commands are as there are quite a few in Oi Frog. We had a go at writing a few of our own. In phonics we looked at the new digraph “ay” and recapped “igh”. 

In RE we looked at forgiveness and the children drew pictures of all things that they have been forgiven for.

We have started looking at the ‘C’ word and starting learning songs for the Christmas play which we will be recording again this year.

In maths we have had a delivery of rekenreks which are a new resource that we will be using for maths. Mrs Slater is currently undertaking a course on how to use them to support maths.

Week Beginning 1st November

This week in Science we have been recapping our knowledge of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores  that we learnt about in dinosaurs and moved it onto other animals. We had to move around the room and look at picture clues to work out which category the animals diet was in and add to a chart. 

In Literacy, we explored commands and questions and found examples of these in Oi Frog. We had great fun making up amusing questions and then writing them down thinking about capital letters, punctuation marks, finger spaces and using our phonic knowledge and mats for spellings. 

We really observed the leaves we had brought in from home and drew some fantastic leaf drawings in black pen.

In maths we have moved onto addition and subtracting unit and so we have explored addition this week and using the part whole method that we used last year. 

In PE we learnt more about warm ups and the stretches we can do from our head to our toes. We then played another game of line tag where we worked out the two taggers really have to communicate with each other to get everyone else out. 

Remember if you would like a Remembrance item please bring £1 next week for a ruler, wrist band or pencil sharpener or a donation for a Poppy. 

Week Beginning 18th October 2021

What a lovely end of half term we had by allowing the parents back on site and a fantastic Stay and Play after school. Thank you to all that stayed. 

This week in P.E we learnt the importance of a warm up and did stretches from head to toe to get us ready for the lesson. We then started to learn a new game called ‘line trap’  where the two trappers have to work together to trap everyone. We have also been looking at throwing and catching skills.

In Art, we used all the techniques we have learnt in charcoal, to observe and draw a pumpkin. Then today we had fun in groups decorating our pumpkins with sharpies, pipe cleaners, google eyes, feathers and so on. You may have seen them displayed on the bottom pitch during Stay and Play.

This week we also learnt about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and the different dinosaurs that were in each group. This led onto making a dinosaur from a paper plate for our display in class. We all helped create the display.

In Numeracy, the Year 2s now have their TTRockstar logins so they can practise their ten times table for after half term. We had a practise today and we were impressed with how speedy they are. We have also looked at counting in three's and consolidating counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. For Year 1 they have been looking at counting in one's and looking at odds and evens to 10. We also looked at number lines to 10.

In Literacy we learnt some more of the text of 'Oi Frog' and some actions to go with it. In phonics we have looked at ee and ai and the Year 2s have been learning about adjectives.

Have a lovely half term. 

Week Beginning 11th October 2021

On Monday we brought in our gifts for the Harvest Festival. The goods went to the Harbour Project in Bideford to help those people in need. 

This week in Maths we have been continuing to look at place value and the Year 1s have been looking at ordinal numbers. We have all learnt how to scan a QR code and load and play two games about ordinal numbers on the iPads. We also had some wind-up toy races to see who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. The Year 2s have been recapping how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

In P.E, we linked in our Maths, and competed in races where our fellow classmates had to give out rosettes to tell us which ordinal number we came. We realised that 1st and last place is easy to do but the rest can be tricky! 

In Religious Education we carried on learning about Jesus and his disciples and this week focused on the story of Matthew. We learnt all about how Jesus chose Matthew to be a disciple and then got into small groups to act out the story. We learnt that Jesus will be everyone’s friend and forgive people.

In Literacy we have story mapped parts of the books 'The Invisible' and 'Oi Frog' that we are learning in class. It was quite funny drawing a frog with a splinter in its bottom!!! We have learnt the first page of 'Oi Frog' off by heart with actions.

In Art on Friday we used our boxes and torches that we brought in from home to create a scene using toy dinosaurs and people that had light and dark bits with shadows which we then drew using charcoal.  



Week Beginning 4th October

This week has been a busy one for Class 2!

We have been continuing to read 'The Invisible' by Tom Percival and have spent time talking about and writing about our families and what we are able to offer within our communities - whether that's at school, within our wider families or through our clubs and hobbies.
In Maths, the Year 2 children have been working on partitioning numbers into tens and ones and then comparing numbers using the greater than and less than symbols. The Year 1 children have been working hard to compare smaller numbers.

On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to join a national webinar with Connie Huq. She read extracts from her new book and showed us some science experiments as well as hosting a 'draw-along' where the children learned more about illustration and drew along with her. 

The Appledore Book Festival invited authors to the local area and so our class enjoyed a visit from John Dougherty. He shared lots of funny poems with us from his book, 'Dinosaurs and Dinner Ladies' as well as answering questions from the children about why he became an author and how he writes his poems. He brought his guitar and even sang some of his poems to us - with sections for the children to join in! They were all enthralled and spent the morning laughing!

For PE this week, we have been practising some playground games so that we can use them during playtime and enjoy playing them with our friends. 

On Friday this week, we were joined by the Year 2 children from Class 3 as the Year 3 children were on their residential at Lee Abbey. We enjoyed a 'Project Day' where we did lots of activities that tie in with our learning. We became biologists, investigating what body parts humans have by drawing around a friend on big paper and labelling as many external and internal body parts as possible! We were zoologists, using our knowledge of animals to categorise them into groups including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and so on. We were also paleontologists, discovering dinosaur parts in playdoh. The children enjoyed the opportunity to work in small teams and do all the activities together.

What a great week Class 2!


Week Beginning 27th September

Well we had great excitement in the class today. Mrs Webb discovered an egg left in a plant pot. We all went out to see it and wondered who had left it. We carefully picked it up and carried it inside and placed in a box with felt around it to keep it warm. This led onto some fantastic writing about what might have left it. Mrs Woo checked the CCTV footage and after break we watched it only to discover a TRex had been in our outside learning area! Miss Graves has taken the egg home over the weekend to see if it will hatch out. Watch this space for more news on the baby dinosaur.

On Wednesday we had a lovely visit from Daniel who is recovering from his operation, so the children went out in groups to see him. It was lovely seeing him.

In Religious Education this week we learnt two new words and what they mean. We have learnt what a disciple is and what the word diversity means. Ask your children if they can remember. We read about Jesus and his 12 disciples and made our own paper people and decided who our 4 disciples would be from the class.

As it was raining on Thursday we did Cosmic Yoga in the classroom with the help of Sonic the Hedgehog. We had great fun having Sonic Power. 

In maths we have been looking at place value and how numbers can be represented in different ways and one more and one less than numbers. 

We have started learning our Harvest song which we will be recording for you all too see. We have some great singers in our class.

As well as this, Mrs Webb took us for another art lesson exploring charcoal again.

Next week we have an author coming in on Wednesday so please remember your money if you want to buy a book. More details were sent on an email.

Week beginning 27th September

Dinosaur Visits Class 2

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Week Beginning 20th September

This week in Class 2 we have been looking more at animals and learning about the different groups we can group them into. The children know about mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians and insects and should be able to name some animals that belong in each group. Ask your child what they can remember.

Today Mrs Webb started our half termly art project using the medium of charcoal. I think it was the first time that many had used it and experimented with using different parts to creat different tones and textures. Sorry if they came home a bit black!! 😃

In Numeracy we have continued looking at place value and using the stem sentences ‘one more than —— is ——- or one less than ——- is ———. The Year 2s have been looking at place value and how a number is partitioned into tens and ones. 

In phonics we have recapped our digraphs er and ng- remember a digraph is one sound that is made of two letters.

In PE we thought about all the fundamental movement skills that we know - running, skipping, jumping, side step, walking, leaping etc and used these movements in a few games.

In ICT we learnt how to do things on seesaw so that we are able to do our home learning on this. 

As well, we continued doing our daily handwriting and TTRockstars practise. 

Week Beginning 13th September 2021

This week we had Mrs Slater teaching us all week as Miss Graves joined the older children on their residential at St George's House. 

We started recapping our phase 3 phonic sounds and focussed on the 'ck' and 'th' sounds, practising sounding out words that use these sounds and noticing how we form these sounds in our mouths. It's very important to stick your tongue out a little bit to correctly say the 'th' sound!

In Literacy, we have started to read the book 'The Invisible' by Tom Percival. It is all about a little girl called Isabel - and we are reading it slowly, page by page, so that we can look at the language used and talk about the story. This week we talked and wrote about our favourite things. This became a theme of the week!

In Maths we are working on counting within 10 with the Yr 1 children using objects to consolidate our learning - including 'making' numbers out of playdoh, using tweezers to sort and count objects according to type and colour and talking about number and how we know simple number facts. The Yr 2 children have been learning about place value in numbers up to 20 and using maths resources to understand that a two digit number is made up of tens and ones. They have also been playing 'Snakes and Ladders' to practise counting on and back.

The Topic for this term is dinosaurs and we talked about what we would like to find out as well as what we already know.

In Science we are learning about Animals including Humans and we watched a video clip of lots of different animals before drawing our favourites and labelling them.

We talked about working together as a class and spent time discussing what we enjoy doing and what makes each of us unique. Every child drew a picture of their favourite things and shared these with the class.  

What a fantastic week of learning Class 2!


Week Beginning 6th September 2021

What a fantastic start to the year we have had this week in Class 2. The children have been amazing and come into class so eager to learn. We are super proud of them all! 

This week we have been learning where everything is in the classroom and the new routines. The children are sitting on specific seats in the class and getting to know the people on their table. These seats are changed half termly so they get to work with different people.

We have started daily handwriting practise and the children have learnt new ways to warm up their bodies ready for handwriting. They have also learnt how their chairs need to be tucked in, one hand steadies the book and both feet are on the floor to help with great letter formation.

They have also started Times Table Rockstars (TTRockstars) which is a daily 3 minute timed test to help improve different skills in maths such as number bonds, doubles and times tables. The Yr 1s have started just by practising forming their numbers correctly and the Yr 2s are working on their number bonds to 20.

In Literacy we enjoyed looking at rhyming words and coming up with silly rhyming sentences e.g. 'The dog went for a jog in the fog' and 'The pig wearing a wig went for a dig!' Then we tried writing these down for our Literacy.

We also did our first piece of work for our Proud Cloud and drew a self portrait. Our Proud Cloud is displayed in the cloakroom and we display work that we are proud of underneath our photo for all to see. Have a look in the photos below to see this.

Miss Graves read us a funny book called “The Frog Who Couldn’t Ribbit’ and we really looked at the story and checked our understanding of what was happening. We discussed several words that we were unsure of and learnt some new vocabulary such as ‘quest' and 'amuse’.

We have looked at where we must go if the fire alarm goes off and had a pretend practise with Miss Graves being the alarm. We all now know where to go to if it goes off during school time.

On Friday we discussed how we were going to make the class a happy, fun place to learn and came up with the rules for the classroom which we will all try and stick to. These are now displayed in two places in the classroom so we can remember them.

We have all logged onto Doodle Maths in the classroom and completed the baseline assessment, so now can use this at home and school to help us improve our maths and we have all been given new reading journals and books so we can read to an adult at home.

Today with Mrs Webb we all (including Mrs Webb!) drew a dinosaur following a tutorial online. Look below to see our wonderful drawings.