Class 2 Eddystone

Class 2 2021-2022

Week Beginning 13th September 2021

This week we had Mrs Slater teaching us all week as Miss Graves joined the older children on their residential at St George's House. 

We started recapping our phase 3 phonic sounds and focussed on the 'ck' and 'th' sounds, practising sounding out words that use these sounds and noticing how we form these sounds in our mouths. It's very important to stick your tongue out a little bit to correctly say the 'th' sound!

In Literacy, we have started to read the book 'The Invisible' by Tom Percival. It is all about a little girl called Isabel - and we are reading it slowly, page by page, so that we can look at the language used and talk about the story. This week we talked and wrote about our favourite things. This became a theme of the week!

In Maths we are working on counting within 10 with the Yr 1 children using objects to consolidate our learning - including 'making' numbers out of playdoh, using tweezers to sort and count objects according to type and colour and talking about number and how we know simple number facts. The Yr 2 children have been learning about place value in numbers up to 20 and using maths resources to understand that a two digit number is made up of tens and ones. They have also been playing 'Snakes and Ladders' to practise counting on and back.

The Topic for this term is dinosaurs and we talked about what we would like to find out as well as what we already know.

In Science we are learning about Animals including Humans and we watched a video clip of lots of different animals before drawing our favourites and labelling them.

We talked about working together as a class and spent time discussing what we enjoy doing and what makes each of us unique. Every child drew a picture of their favourite things and shared these with the class.  

What a fantastic week of learning Class 2!


Week Beginning 6th September 2021

What a fantastic start to the year we have had this week in Class 2. The children have been amazing and come into class so eager to learn. We are super proud of them all! 

This week we have been learning where everything is in the classroom and the new routines. The children are sitting on specific seats in the class and getting to know the people on their table. These seats are changed half termly so they get to work with different people.

We have started daily handwriting practise and the children have learnt new ways to warm up their bodies ready for handwriting. They have also learnt how their chairs need to be tucked in, one hand steadies the book and both feet are on the floor to help with great letter formation.

They have also started Times Table Rockstars (TTRockstars) which is a daily 3 minute timed test to help improve different skills in maths such as number bonds, doubles and times tables. The Yr 1s have started just by practising forming their numbers correctly and the Yr 2s are working on their number bonds to 20.

In Literacy we enjoyed looking at rhyming words and coming up with silly rhyming sentences e.g. 'The dog went for a jog in the fog' and 'The pig wearing a wig went for a dig!' Then we tried writing these down for our Literacy.

We also did our first piece of work for our Proud Cloud and drew a self portrait. Our Proud Cloud is displayed in the cloakroom and we display work that we are proud of underneath our photo for all to see. Have a look in the photos below to see this.

Miss Graves read us a funny book called “The Frog Who Couldn’t Ribbit’ and we really looked at the story and checked our understanding of what was happening. We discussed several words that we were unsure of and learnt some new vocabulary such as ‘quest' and 'amuse’.

We have looked at where we must go if the fire alarm goes off and had a pretend practise with Miss Graves being the alarm. We all now know where to go to if it goes off during school time.

On Friday we discussed how we were going to make the class a happy, fun place to learn and came up with the rules for the classroom which we will all try and stick to. These are now displayed in two places in the classroom so we can remember them.

We have all logged onto Doodle Maths in the classroom and completed the baseline assessment, so now can use this at home and school to help us improve our maths and we have all been given new reading journals and books so we can read to an adult at home.

Today with Mrs Webb we all (including Mrs Webb!) drew a dinosaur following a tutorial online. Look below to see our wonderful drawings.