Class 2 Eddystone

Eddystone Class 2016 - 2017

Week Beginning 17th July 

This week was our last week as Year 1's and Year 2's. We thought about what we might like to do, eat, see and experience in the summer holidays.

We all decorated a piece of paper and followed a video demonstration of how to make an origami boat and then we made our own River Nile to sail our boats on. Lots of rivers leaked or changed a funny colour from the felt tips we used!!!

We also played Pie Face in the class which caused great laughter and performed a song at the End of Term Church Service.

The Class 2 Team would like to take this opportunity to thank the children for their hard work and fun this year and for the parents support. Thanks for the presents and cards we received and we hope the children all liked the book we gave them. Have a lovely summer. 

Week Beginning 3rd July

This week we have been very busy getting ready for our class assembly and for sports day. The children were fabulous in both. The children decided what we had been learning this term and decided which bit they wanted to talk about and with support decided what they were going to say and do. 

We have recapped on telling o'clock and half past times, using the dienes apparatus to are numbers and odd and even numbers. The Year 2's have been learning to read times to 5mins.

We also in teams made pyramids out of sugar cubes and glued them together to make them stick.

Week Beginning 19th June

What a talented bunch we have in Class 2! Those who wanted too took part in the heats for the Talent show - we had dancing, singing, gymnastics and magic. 

Also this week we have been looking at repeating patterns and thinking about how we know they repeat.  The Year 2's looking at patterns in numbers.

We have started thinking about making a ' Friendship Potion' in Literacy and looked at all the verbs that we might use in cooking, stir, chop, squeeze and today we thought about the qualities we look for in a friend.

Week Beginning 12th June

This week the Year 1s were amazing and tackled the Phonics screening with great maturity and effort. 

They all had a fantastic morning on Tuesday doing PE with Mr Bedford. They split into mini groups and made up their own games which they then taught to other groups. In literacy on Wednesday and Thursday they then wrote about this morning trying to make it sound exciting for the reader.

We made some lovely Father Day Cards this week so we hope you lovely Dads have a fantastic day on Sunday.

This afternoon the Year 1's had a great time with Mrs Turner learning some French and the Year 2's had some more PE with Mr Bedford.


Class 2 Voting day

Friday 9th June

This morning the children have been learning about how and why we vote. We decided to vote for what they would like to do at the end of the morning session. We discussed the recent election and how that is run and why it is important. The children then listened to each other opinions and wrote about how they would vote and why. The results were counted and extra play won the day! 

This week we have also been looking at what 2D shapes appear on 3D shapes and recapping the names of 3D shapes as many had forgotten them.

In Science we thought about what makes a seed grow and we have set up an experiment to see which conditions are best. Children had to decide whether water or no water, light or dark, warmth or coldness and growing in something or growing without anything would make a difference. We made sure it was a fair test by all putting the same amount of seeds and same amount of water (if they were having water) in the pots. We have placed some in the fridge, freezer and the dark cupboard and the rest of them are on the class window. We will look at them again next week to see how the cress seeds got on.

Week Beginning 8th May

This week we have started learning about the process of mummification and how the Egyptians didn't think the brain was important! We learnt about how they put their organs in Canopic jars and each one had a different head on them.

In Literacy we wrote letters to Ali Grandma pretending to be Ali and telling her about his new job and what he had uncovered. The Year 1's had to try and put an 'un' word in it, extend sentences with 'and' and use some 'ed' and 'ing' words while the Year 2's had to show they could write in the past and present tense, add more detail and extend sentences with 'because', 'but' etc.

In Numeracy we have been looking at making numbers out of dienes apparatus and using this to add numbers under 20 and show using pictures the numbers. The Year 2's have been looking at using a number square to add 2 two digit numbers.

We also found time to do a bit of Egyptian art to a photo of ourselves and practised the violin.



Week Beginning 2nd May

This week we have continued looking at our book about a boy finding Tutankhamen tomb. We have been looking at poetry this week and produced a poem all about our senses finding a tomb. Then on Thursday we looked at the Japanese poems known as haikus. These are 3 lines poems which have 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second line and 5 syllables again in the third. We all made one about searching for the tomb.

In Numeracy we have been looking at data handling and interpreting bar charts. We all collected our own data about something we wanted to find out about, e.g. Favourite ice cream, favourite sport. We then put our own data into a bar chart.

In art we all designed some fabulous Egyptian death masks and the children put lots of time and effort into their work.

As part of carousel this week the Year 1s and 2s have been working together to watch and learn songs from Joseph.


Week Beginning 24th April

This week in Literacy we have started reading a book about a boy looking for Tutankhamen's tomb. We climbed up the hill by the windmill and imagined we were looking over the Valley of the Kings. We lay down on mats and listened to some of the story and thought about climbing down a rocky cliff and suddenly tumbling. This lead to some great pieces of writing back in class where we magpied some ideas from the book and added our own bits as well. See below for some examples.

In Numeracy we finished some work on fractions and today we learnt what a bar chart was and made one about minibeast we had seen on a mini beast hunt. We had to use a ruler to draw the lines and many found this quite tricky!

We also learnt about the Pyramids of Giza this week and how they were 146 1/2 metres tall and were made of huge stone block.

In PE this week we have started looking at hand and eye coordination and ball control. We made some tennis sandwiches!!


I looked down on the Valley of the Kings and I felt frightened. The people looked as small as ants. I had to chance it! I was brave. I fell. We had cuts and scratches on me. I got up cautiously and hid behind a big rock. "That was fun!" I shout.  Author Ned


I felt terrified every time I looked down the cliff at the Valley of the Kings. I really wanted to go down the bottom but the guards were at the bottom. I would be in trouble. I tested the rocks. I started slowly down the cliff. I bumped my head. When I was at the bottom of the cliff I cautiously checked myself. My knees were pouring with blood. Wow that was an adventure. Author Isobel

Week Beginning 18th April

Welcome to the Summer Term in Class 2. We are going to be studying the Egyptians this term and finding out lots about them. This week we have written down what we already know and what we want to find out- lots of talk about mummies!! We then attempted making our own pyramids using a net- some of us found this quite tricky to do!

While the Year 3's and 4's were on their residential this week, the Year 2 group had the opportunity to work together with Mrs Knight for two mornings. They spent time learning about fractions and scurvy.

In class we have been learning a new technique called colourful semantics to help us with our writing. It got us thinking about who is our sentence about, what they are doing, what they are doing it with and where are they doing it. We had some funny pictures to practise using this with.

On Thursday we spent the afternoon searching for mini beasts on the bottom pitch, top pitch and in our garden area. Before we could go outside we had to draw a table in our books and recap on tallying! We found lots of woodlouse and ants!

Today we helped sort out and count some of the Sainsbury's Active Kids Vouchers- they did a good job.

have a lovely weekend.

The Class 2 Team


Week Beginning 27th March

This week we have been looking at the Easter Story in Literacy and retelling the story. We also made some Easter cards and on Friday took part in an Easter Egg Hunt.

On Friday the whole school went to the Church in the afternoon and held our Easter Service. All the classes performed a short piece and we sang a song called 'Spring in our toes' with Class 1. The children performed really well and hope they did you proud.

We hope you have an enjoyable holiday.

The Class 2 Team

Week Beginning 20th March

What a fantastic array of red we had in the classroom and around the school today to raise money for Comic Relief. The children also stood up in front of the class to tell jokes. Here are some of the best ones -

What do you call fake pasta? Impasta/ Imposter!

Why is 6 scared of 7? Because 7, 8, 9!

What do you call a baby in a wobbly pram? Jelly baby!

How do you make chocolate milk shake? Give it a fright - roar!

Where can you catch a flying pig? At the airpork!

How does a lion greet other animals? Please to eat you!

What do ducks use to wrap presents? Duck tape

Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants? In case they get a hole in one.

How do you get a tissue to dance? Put a boogie in it!


This week we have also written the start of our adventure story and improved it later in the week. We have then planned what is going to happen next, how they are going to overcome a problem and a ending.

We continued looking at time in Numeracy and in particular o'clock and half past. The Year 2's also looked at digital times as well.

In Science we carried out another experiment to see which material was the best to mop up a spill. The children really became scientist and thought about how to carry out a fair test and all had different jobs to do for each material.

The Year 2's had  their last week in the forest where we had a fire and made smores with marshmallows, biscuit and chocolates.

The Year 1's had their last session of tag rugby with Mr Bedford.


Week Beginning 13th March

This week had us looking at the beginning of our adventure story and acting it out with the lego before drawing the beginning in picture form.

In Numeracy we have started looking at o' clocks and half pasts and using playdo to put the hands on clocks to show time. We then completed sheets on reading time and drawing the hands on clocks.

On Wednesday we performed our assembly in front of the school and our parents. It was fantastic and the children all played their violins that we have been learning this term.

On Friday, the Year 2's had another session of Forest Schools and the Year 1's played Tag Rugby.

Class Assembly March 15th

Week Beginning 6th March

This week we have started our lego project and worked in partners to build a setting out of lego that we are going to use for our adventure story.

We have continued to look at division and this week have been looking at grouping as sharing.

For Internet safety we have been talking a lot about keeping our details safe and not sharing surnames, address, phone numbers with strangers. We have been watching Hectors World which is a great cartoon that sends this message across.

The Year 2's have had another Forest School session in the woods and some this week used knives on a one to one session to help whittle a stick to make a animal.

The Year 1s had another tag rugby session with Mr Bedford.

Remember our Class Assembly on Wednesday.

Week Beginning 27th May

This week was World Book Day and the children made a fantastic effort with their costumes. We did a one off Literacy lesson on the book 'Oi Frog' and all the children were authors and illustrators for the day and produced their own page for a class book.

In Numeracy we started looking at division and sharing things. The children were good at working what numbers 12 could be shared into.

Today we had an action packed day. In the morning we spent it singing and listening to the other schools songs at the KS1 Singing Festival. The children did you proud and sang their Zulu song brilliantly and listened well to the other songs. After a quick lunch the Year 2s went to Forest Schools in the woods and explored their new setting and the Year 1s played Tag Rugby with Mr Bedford. 

Week Beginning 20th February

Welcome back after half term. From your blogs it sounds like you all had a great time.

This week we have started our book 'Batman Missions' and though about what Gotham City would look like at night. We brainstormed ideas about what it would look like, smell like and hear. Today we then started writing a piece imagining we were walking down the streets of Gotham.

The Year 1s have been looking at counting in 10s and had to thread some paper plates showing the pattern.

The children showed me one of the songs that they are going to be performing in next Friday's singing festival. They are singing a Zulu song. Please can we have the slips back as soon as possible.

In Science this week we set up an investigation to see which material was the most waterproof for using on a building's roof. The children enjoyed having different job to do with each material.

In Carousel this afternoon, the Year 1s did Tag Rugby with the Mr Bedford and the Year 2's spent a fantastic afternoon on the beach making buildings out of the things they found.



Week Beginning 6th February

This week we have had the pleasure of having Little Nutbrown Hare in class as we had the best class attendance last week. He has been a reading buddy with the children this week.

Our art work has been sent to the Burton Art Gallery for their schools show which is on next week during half term so please go along and visit.

This week we have been thinking about how to put commas in lists when we are writing. We had a go at writing some sentences and used "macaroni commas" to help emphasise where they needed to be put.

We have been looking at the 5 times table this week and noticed how the units column always ends in a 5 or 0. We have also been continuing with our daily Times Table Rock Stars test and then rocking out afterwards.

For our buildings topic we learnt about the Taj Mahal this week and learnt that it is made out of white marble. It is also symmetrical and it took over 1000 elephants to carry the materials needed to build it.

We have enjoyed doing more gymnastic sequences this week and have learnt the string D on the violins.

The Year 1's put all their cooking skills to the test this week and made quiche. They had to make pastry, chop up ingredients, crack eggs and whisk. Some also helped with drying up and cleaning the tables. We hope the quiche tasted as good as they looked and the children have learnt something from their cooking sessions.

Enjoy half term next week and remember to blog us with what you are up too.


Week Beginning 30th January

This week Class 2 have been musicians and have all have started to learn the violin. Mrs Slater taught the children at the start of the week and the children taught Miss Graves what they had learnt at the end. We even played a duet today in the note of G with the help of Mrs Wattley.

The children have continued to think about extending their sentences with 'and' to add more detail and the Year 2's have been looking at a piece of work and looking at how they could make it better.

We have been continuing to learn about different buildings around the world and this week we looked at the Eiffel Tower. Thank you to the great response we have had from the Home Learning recently. Emails, postcards and cards have been arriving from all over the world. We have now started a display in the cloakroom of some of the mail received already which will be added too in the next few weeks.

In Gymnastics today, we had lots of the equipment out and the children rotated round it in small groups trying out different sequences on it. They are really thinking about controlling their bodies and making themselves look like gymnasts.

In Carousel today the Year 1s produced some fantastic biscuits which were sold at the end of the day and we raised about £55 for EduKid.

Week Beginning 23rd January 2017

This week we have started becoming Rock Stars by doing our Times Tables everyday to rock music and making progress each day. Each child has a log on to Times Table Rockstars so they can practise their tables at home and earn their way to be a rock god! We have been looking at how repeated addition is linked to groups of and multiplication. Children have also being learning about how arrays are another visual aid to help with multiplication. They went on an array hunt around the school and the Year 2's helped build an array city!

In Literacy we have continued looking at the True Story of the Three Little Pigs and have started writing a letter to Grandma explaining why she didn't get her cake! We have also continued looking at extending our sentences to give more information.

Some children have been using rods and joiners to make tall buildings as well. 

Week Beginning 16th January

This week we have been reading and learning about The True Story of The Three Little Pigs and writing character descriptions of the wolf. We have also been looking at extending our sentences with 'and, because, so, but' to add more information to our writing.

In Numeracy we have been looking at the pattern of 2 and the Year 1's have been learning to count in 2s and seeing how the pattern repeats. The Year 2's have been looking at the 2x table and the associated repeated addition and the different ways of recording it.

In Science, we have started our new topic of materials and did this by sorting out some different objects into the materials they were made from.

We also have had a fantastic response to sending picture or emails of famous buildings to the school. This week we learnt all about the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Ask your child what they can remember about it.

On Friday we had another session of gymnastics looking at different movements, rolls and balances and putting them together on the apparatus.

This week in cooking the Year 1's learnt to cook pizza by making dough, cutting peppers and ham and grating cheese as well as cleaning and drying up. The Year 2's learnt colours in German.

Week Beginning 9th January 2017

This week we have been looking hard at The Three Little Pigs. We have read the story, acted it out, story mapped the events, made houses out of lolly sticks, written the story out and made some little pigs and the big bad wolf.

In Numeracy, we have been looking at counting in twos and our song about our number bonds has helped us with our weekly timed number bond test challenge. A record number of pupils made progress this week.

In gymnastics this morning we have been working through a number of different actions and seeing if we could improve our action by our partner telling us how we could improve.

This afternoon the Year 2s continued with learning German with Mrs Ryan and learnt how to say the days of the week. The Year 1s made chocolate chip cookies with Mrs Guymer and myself. They learnt to mix, form a ball, roll and cut the shapes as well as helping clean up by drying up, washing the tables and sweeping the floor. The smell of the baking was delicious and I hope they tasted as good as they look.

Week Beginning 4th January 2017

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a lovely break and thank you very much for all the cards and presents we received at the end of last term.

The children have come back refreshed and eager to learn.

This week we told a friend about a Christmas present that we had received and had to describe it in detail. Our friend had to ask questions to make sure they understood the present and then the friend had to tell the class what their partner was given.

The next day we wrote about our Christmas present and we are really concentrating on thinking of one sentence at a time, saying it out loud, then writing it down with finger spaces between the words and then going back to check that we put the capital letter at the start, full stop at the end and that it makes sense. If we can ad any adjectives to nouns we will try. Then we will do this all again with the next sentence. We all produced some fantastic pieces of work to start the new year.

In Numeracy the Year 1s had great fun using the numicon to make shapes and patterns. They then had to use positional language to describe where the different pieces of numicon were. The Year 2s were looking at symmetry and were using cubes and numicon to make symmetrical patterns.

Our topic this term is 'Buildings' and we have started turning our role play area into a building area with hard hats, clip boards, tools and bricks. We have started investigating how bricks are laid.

For PE this week we have started gymnastics and started planning a movement sequence of jumps, rolls and taking weight on hands. Please make sure PE kits are in school for a lesson on Tuesdays and Fridays.

This week in Carousel the Yr 1s had their first Design Technology lesson and used knives and tin openers and learnt to knead and made bread sticks to go with the soup we help make. We made the soup for us and  the Year 4 pupils who were doing Forest Schools in the rain and making dens. It soon warmed them up! 

The Year 2s were with Mrs Ryan learning numbers in German. They came back to class and could recite their numbers to 10.

Week Beginning 12th December

This week we have looked at Mog's Christmas Calamity film and book and written a piece to go with this trying to include all the targets we have been trying to achieve this term.

On Wednesday we had a fantastic trip to Arlington Court to experience what it would have been like in Victorian time. We looked in the carriage room and looked at how the different carriages changed over the years. We decided we wouldn't have wanted to be a driver as they had to stand for hours on end on bumpy roads. We also got to see the amazing golden carriage. As we entered the house we were all struck by the smell of pine and then as we entered the grand hall we saw the massive tree which was taller than the second floor. It was decorated in purple and blue as this was to represent the peacocks that roam around the estate. The children enjoyed making paper chains which they found our were use to decorated Christmas trees before tinsel was invented. We think ours was longer than Class 3's who made one on their visit. Please see the pictures below and there are more in the gallery.

On Thursday this week we all enjoyed our fantastic Christmas party and played some great games where it didn't matter if we won or not as long as we had fun.

The Class 2 Team wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. xx


Week Beginning 5th December

This week is a busy week with shows, rehearsals, preparing for Christmas and sharing news and Christmas activities. In class we have a Victorian Christmas advent calendar and are enjoying the treats in store for us each day.

This week we have completed some drama work on 'Coming Home', a beautiful book by Michael Morpurgo and the inspiration behind one of the Christmas TV adverts this year. The children have enjoyed flying around the playground as robins and showing each other their own versions of the story.

The children have been learning all about quarter turns this week and using the four sides of the classroom to turn one quarter, two quarters, three quarters or four quarters which we found to be a full turn or a 360 as the children said!

I hope you were proud of your child performing in our Christmas Play 'Hey Ewe' on Thursday and Friday. They were amazing and all have been so good learning lines and knowing where to be and stand on stage and singing the fabulous songs.

Week Beginning 28th November

 This week the children have been practising the Christmas Play on the stage which makes it more real and exciting for them. On Thursday they made the Christingles with Class 5 and on Friday we had the lovely service down in the Church where the children all held a lit candle. 

Week Beginning 21st November

This week we have continued learning our songs and lines for the Christmas play. The children should have a slip in their book bags about what they need to bring in to wear. Please could these be in a named plastic bag.

In Literacy we started reading Oliver Twist and tried to describe what one of the characters looked liked. The children have learnt what a noun is and had great fun writing some labels.

In Numeracy we continued looking at 2D shapes and made some in our outdoor area using bricks, paints, rods, sand and playdough and we have started to look at 3D shapes and have been looking for them in real life. We also looked at the net of some of them. This week's home learning is to look for 3D shapes in the house and to bring in a small 3D shape for a display. The Year 2's also researched what a quadrilateral was and can now remember it is a four sided shape and many of them remember it because a quad bike has four wheels.

In Science we looked at what a carnivore, omnivore and herbivore is and the children have a greater understanding of them. We used a venn diagram to place different animals on the chart with the children deciding where they needed to go.

Next week the children need to bring in an orange to make a Christingle at school in preparation for the Christingle church service.


Week Beginning 14th November

This week we have been continuing to look at 2D shapes and the Year 1's had the chance to make shapes out of lolly sticks and look at their sides and corners. The Year 2's had the challenge of making a square out of 9 smaller squares and lead to discussions on whether the shape they made was a square and how they knew.  

We also did some independent writing about our trip to the cinema and Rosemoor last week and completed our final task for the 'Puppy Academy' series book.

We looked at William Morris paintings again and copied his style to do our own watercolour pictures.

We have also continued learning our lines and songs for the Christmas play and we're thinking about how to project our voices rather than shouting.

On Friday we all wore spots or pyjamas to help raise money for Children in Need and helped make a giant Pudsey on the playground out of coins. We also had our carousel where the Year 1's did music and the Year 2's made delicious pizza.



Week beginning 7th November

This week we finally found out who stole the Crunchie Munchies! Without giving any spoilers, it was a big surprise!!

In Maths this week the year 1 children have been learning to use a number line for simple addition and the year 2 children have been counting in 10 from any number using a 100 square and also starting to think about the language used in word problems. This proved a little tricky as we tried to work out exactly what sum was required to solve the problem!

This week the year 1 children are continuing to learn phonic digraphs that will be reflected in their spelling words each week. The year 2 children are moving on to work through common spelling patterns and top tips for learning to spell tricky words.

As Bonfire Night passes we are starting to learn the songs for our Christmas production which this year is called, 'Hey Ewe!' The children are starting to feel the excitement and challenge that is all part of putting on a show for their families and friends to enjoy. On Friday we had our fantastic trip to The Plough in Torrington to watch Inside Out before going to Rosemoor to do a dyeing workshop. The film really made us think about our emotions and was a great experience to share with our friends. At Rosemoor we learnt about where wool comes from and then helped dye some wool from various plant and leaf extracts including onion skins!! We then all had a go at hapa zome which is a Japanese art of beating up leaves and flowers with hammers, pounding natural pigment into cloth. We enjoyed doing this- especially the hammer bit!!! Of course we had to have a wander into The Brash area as Miss Graves wanted to try out the new slide!!

Week Beginning 31st October

We started this week enjoying the start of the new half term and with lots of discussions about what we did during the half term week holiday. We spent part of this week working hard to prepare for our class assembly and are very proud of the way in which the children presented the assembly to their families and friends on Thursday. 

In Maths all children have been consolidating their understanding of the days of the week and months of the year - and thinking about what comes before and after given days or months. We have also started to think about shapes and all children have been looking for shapes in the environment. In Literacy we have been continuing to read and enjoy our book by Gill Lewis,  'Scout and the Sausage Thief' following her visit to school before the holiday. The children are busy acting out parts of the story and talking the story with one another. This has lead to some careful writing and a deeper understanding of the characters. 

This half term we are continuing with our Victorian topic and had a go this week at sequencing key events that occurred during Queen Victoria's reign such as her wedding to Prince Albert, the introduction of postage stamps, the completion of the railway and changes in the law that meant children were required to go to school rather than working long hours as chimney sweeps and factory workers. We all agreed that we would rather be at school!

Tuesday this week was bright and sunny so we took the opportunity to put our dancing feet to the test and had a go at making a pattern on the new school maypole. Class 2 had the privilege of trying it out for the first time! The children listened well and were able to achieve two strand ropes and a 'Barber's Pole' design without tangling any of the ribbons - albeit completed at a walking pace!

On Wednesday afternoon Ned's mum brought in her clay tools and we all had an amazing experience working with clay. We had to slice the clay using the tool and then change the direction of the clay and slam it down on top of the other piece. This was great fun. Some of us then had a turn at turning the wheel on the machine that flattens the clay. We each got a piece of the clay and then we cut out a star or tree shape, made a hole for our photo and then added our names using the stampers.

Thursday afternoon saw us working with leaves after reading the story 'Leaf man' and we created some fantastic animals using leaves and gloopy glue!

Friday afternoon saw us having the first session of our new carousel. The Year 2's did Food Technology and made some delicious cup cakes and learnt to work with a partner, share, mix, crack an egg and spoon mixture into a cup case without licking their fingers! The Year 1's had a lovely session of music where they looked at rhythm and movement.

All children are completing spelling tests on a Tuesday. New spellings will also be set on a Tuesday to be learnt for the following week. Spellings in the new curriculum are tricky and we do recognise this - but we are working hard to support the children to achieve the spelling requirements set by the government. We appreciate your continued support in helping your children to learn their spellings at home, to complete their homework and to continue reading for a short time on a daily basis.

Next week we are looking forward to finding out what happened to the Crunchie Munchies in 'Scout and the Sausage Thief'! At the end of next week we are also excited about going on our trip to the cinema and Rosemoor.

Week Beginning 17th October

This week we have looked at various different Victorian artefacts that we had borrowed form the Museum- these included warming pans and milk jugs. We had a laugh at some of the suggestions that we came out with about the use of the object!

In Numeracy we have been completing assessments tasks which show all that we have learnt this term.

We have started rehearsing for our class assembly which is on the first Thursday back after half term. We recorded our group poetry readings and watched them to see how we could improve them. 

On Friday the Year 2s had their last music session and Year 1s had their last Forest School session with a small fire and marshmallows!

Have a lovely half term.


Week Beginning 10th October

We continued this week reading 'The Sausage Thief' from the Puppy Academy series and as we were having Gill Lewis in we thought and wrote down question we would like to ask her. She came in today and gave us an excellent insight into how she writes her books. She showed us a picture of her writing den - it was a tree house in the garden! She has lots of dogs as pets and these have given her great inspiration. Gill has visited lots of places that use dogs to help people such as dog search and rescue and helping people in wheelchairs.

In Numeracy, we investigated what would happen if we added odd and even numbers together and came up with some rules.

In Art, we looked at some William Morris designs and then with watercolour paints we had a go at painting one of his designs. 

Week Beginning 3rd October

This week we started reading our Puppy Academy book by Gill Lewis as she will be visiting and working with Classes 2 and 3 on Friday.

We also finished off reading Chimney Charlie and found out that Charlie would no longer be climbing and getting stuck in chimneys!

In small groups we all went outside and experienced a Victorian Washing Day using a tin bath and dolly pegs. Apparently, for each item of clothing they had to turn it 100 times! They then used tongs to remove the clothes and hung them on the line to dry with dolly pegs (my tea towels have never been so clean!). We then wrote instructions about how to wash the clothes concentrating on first saying the sentence out loud and then writing it down with a capital letter at the beginning and full stop at the end. In Numeracy the Year 1's have been looking at subtraction and the Year 2's looking at addition on a 100 square by adding on tens by jumping down the 100 square and adding ones/units by going across.

On Friday the Year 1's enjoyed Forest Schools (see Forest Schools page for some great photos) as part of the carousel and the Year 2's did Music.



Week Beginning 26th September

This week we had lots to do with practising and performing for Harvest, producing designs for Xmas cards and saying a fond farewell to Amelia.

We have been concentrating hard in our writing to write in sentences that make sense, with capital letters at the beginning and full stops at the end. We have continue reading Chimney Charlie and learnt how he came to be a chimney sweep.

In Numeracy we made some addition paper chains and noticed that it doesn't matter which way we write the addition sum the answer will still be the same e.g. 3 + 4 = 7 and 4 + 3 = 7. The Year 1's looked at place value and in particular one more and one less and the Year 2's looked at place value using dienes and numicon to represent their numbers.

The Year 2's were visited by the Fire Service on Tuesday lead by members from the Devon Fire and Rescue Team. The children were involved in activities such as crawling through the smoke and dressing up in fire protective clothing. The children learnt about fire safety at home. (See Class 3 Page for photos)

In Science we started looking at different habitats and the animals that live in it.

We hope you liked our song of "Oats and Beans and Barley Grow" at Harvest on Friday.




Week Beginning 19th September

We have had a lovely week of learning in Class 2. In Literacy we continued looking at 'Queen Victoria's Knickers' and have been thinking of new inventions that we could have with our clothes. We had 'Flying Shorts', 'Time Travelling Watches' and 'Sweetie Socks' to name a few.
In Numeracy we have continue looking at adding using a number lines and the Year 2's have been solving addition word problems. We have also been looking at place value and adding one more.
In Science we started looking at animal classification and decided whether they were mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds or insects.
We started reading Chimney Charlie and Miss Graves had made a box like a chimney and we all had a go at going inside and imagining what it would have been like. The class then all made a chimney sweep and they are all displayed in the cloakroom or classroom. 
Today we were very helpful and walked Class 1 down to the church to practise our song for Harvest.
Remember Yr 2's have spellings to learn for Tuesday and home learning is due in on Wed.
Have a lovely weekend.



Week Beginning Monday 12th September

What a great week in Eddystone, Class 2! This week we have started to think about our new topic for this term, the Victorian era. The children discussed questions that they would like to ask about the Victorians. On Wednesday we visited the Victorian School Rooms at Appledore and spent the morning dressing up as Victorian school children finding out what it was like to go to school in Victorian times. As you can see from the photos, the children really enjoyed this experience and it has proved to be an excellent start to our topic work.

In Literacy we are continuing the Victorian theme and are reading a book called 'Queen Victoria's Knickers' all about inventions in the time of Queen Victoria. It is very funny and is proving a great way to encourage the children to talk about stories.

In Maths this week we are working on aspects of number. The Year 2 children have been sorting objects and stating the reasons for their choices. The Year 1 children have been working with capacity and explaining how they know when a container is empty, half full or full and how this can change over time.

As a class we have been enjoying the warm September weather and making the most of our new decking with various learning activities and challenges taking place.

Next week, the Year 2 children will be starting to learn some simple spellings - and all children will be expected to hand in their home learning on Wednesday please. 

Finally for this week, many thanks to all the parents who were able to help out with our trip to the Victorian School Rooms.

Week Beginning Monday 5th September

Well what a fantastic week we have had in Class 2 and the teaching staff have really enjoyed getting to know your children. They have come back and settled in well to the new class and have been showing us what fantastic learners they are.

We have already done some writing on our summer holidays and written a piece telling us about themselves and goals for this year. In Numeracy we have been looking at how to make different numbers and writing the sums for them.

We have been making use of our fabulous new decking area outside the back of the class each day using sand, water, paint, chalk and building blocks.

Your child will have come home with their home learning books on Friday and this had many other letters and things in, so please take a look. Home Learning is due in on Wednesday. 

We are sorry that we have not assessed every child read yet and will aim to by the early part of next week.

We are looking forward to our trip to the Victorian School Rooms on Wednesday and if you have not returned your slip and money please do so as soon as possible.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Slater, Miss Graves and the Class 2 Team