Class 2

Eddystone Class 2015-2016

Thank you for all the lovely cards and presents that we were given at the end of term. We have enjoyed teaching and supporting your children with their learning. Have a fantastic summer. From Mrs Slater, Mrs Wallace, Miss Graves, Mrs Harvest, Mrs Worsnop and Mrs Vincent. 

Week beginning 11th July

This has been an exciting week at Instow School!

On Monday the children spent the afternoon trying out their new classes ready for September. It was a delight to spend time with the current Reception children as they prepare to join us in Class 2 in the new school term. 

As we near the end of the school year, the year 2 children have enjoyed games on the beach, a fish and chip supper, a film and a sleepover at school. Mrs Knight, Mr Bedford and Mrs Slater enjoyed spending time with the year 2 cohort and are pleased to say that they did you all proud! Looking forward to doing it all again next year...

The whole class have spent time this week investigating the parts of plants and drawing careful sketches in their Green Finger books. As a final session for their topic this term, they designed their own Olympic medals which they then made out of salt dough.

On Thursday, all the children took a part in the class assembly and impressed you all with the depth of their knowledge about the Olympics. They have been enthusiastic about this topic and are looking forward to the opening ceremony in August. Finally, on Friday, the children enjoyed a learning walk to the beach and around Instow where they followed a trail to complete clues and answer questions.

Please see the Gallery pages for more photographs.

Week Beginning 4th July

Well done to the children for a fantastic sports day. The children tried really hard and supported and cheered on one another throughout the day.

This week the children have learnt about the Ancient Olympics and some of the first events that were held there. They have also designed some medals which we are going to make next week.

In Numeracy they have looked more at fractions including thirds and fifths.

Remember our assembly is next Thursday at 2.50pm.

Have a good weekend. No home learning this week!                                                                                                         



Week Beginning 27th June

This week we have been exploring the Aesop's fables. The class have been talking about the morals that define many of these fables and acting out the roles of the various characters. We found out about the oral tradition of storytelling and had a go at telling our own versions of some of Aesop's fables. In the playground we pretended to be the hare and also the tortoise and thought about how they went head-to-head in a race.

In maths this week, the Year 2 children have been taking part in true or false challenges and recording their findings. Through these challenges they are applying their mathematical knowledge and striving to work at a greater depth to prove their results. The Year 1 children this week have been working on subtraction. They have been taking a number away from 20 and recording number sentences to show their understanding.

We have also had a big art week and worked hard to produce some beautiful watercolour paintings to celebrate the Instow-Appledore Regatta. We started by sketching our ideas and then used a colour wash and watercolour skills to ensure that these are painted to a high standard.

The big news this week was the return of Miss Graves. We are all pleased to welcome her back from maternity leave and proud to show her our learning this year. Mrs Wallace will be back at Instow very soon to offer supply teacher cover - so it's not 'goodbye', but rather 'see you soon'!


Week beginning 20th June

The children had a lovely time building den's for Save the Children's Den Day. We spent time in class thinking about what it would be like to actually stay in those dens. Although it was great fun building and playing in their dens the children realised how uncomfortable and impractical it would be to stay in them. We discussed how many people in the world have to live in temporary shelters and how this could cause many difficulties. We would like Class 2 to build dens for their Home Learning this week and discuss with you which materials they have used to make their dens and whether these would be practical places to live in for a time.

Week beginning 13th June

This week the Year 1 children have completed their statutory phonics assessments. Results of these assessments will be included in your child's report at the end of the summer term. All children worked hard to complete these assessments to the best of their ability and as a school we are very proud of the progress that our Year 1's have made this year!

In Literacy we have been reading Aesop's Fables and concentrating on the story of 'The Sun and The Wind' where the sun and the wind compete to see who is the most powerful. The moral of the story is that gentleness, kind persuasion and perseverance accomplish more than force and bluster. The children worked hard to act out the story and re-tell it using a storyboard. 

In Maths we are continuing to multiply and divide as well as using fractions to share. We are also working through maths problems, games and activities that use addition and subtraction. 


Week beginning 7th June

This week we have been talking about our half-term holidays. We have written a diary to tell others about the best day of the holidays and described in detail our experiences. 

On Wednesday, we went to the multi-skills sports festival at St George's school along with other visiting schools in the area. All Year 1 and Year 2 children participated. In teams named after countries in the Euro's 2016 we completed a carousel of sporting activities lead by a fantastic team of Year 6 children. This included parachute games, throwing and catching games and ball skill games to name a few! All Instow children joined in with all activities and were a real credit to our school. Well done Year 1 and 2!

On Friday, we celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday with a tea party. The children have been learning about the importance of British values and the changes that have occurred in Britain during the Queen's lifetime.


Week beginning 23rd May

We have had a calm week in Eddystone, thinking about friendships and how we can all work together to get on well and enjoy the rest of our time together before the summer holidays. 

We have been focusing on working our way through word problems in Maths. In particular those that involve multiplication. We have also been learning how to organise numbers as well as objects into a Venn or Carroll diagram. The children have really enjoyed working out how to group objects logically such as all objects that are blue and then all objects of other colours. With number we have grouped according to whether a number is a multiple of 5. In this way we have been able to work out that all multiples of 5 end in a 0 or a 5 and by extension, all odd multiples of 5 end in a 5 and all even multiples of 5 end in a 0. This was the conclusion to an investigation the children undertook together.

In Literacy this week we have completed our own versions of 'Kind of the Birds' where we adapted the story and wrote using our imaginations. In order to support the children to write a carefully constructed and imaginative version of the story, they were given the opportunity to act it out with friends first and talk through all the parts that they thought might be tricky.

We are continuing to find out about the Olympics and have spent time becoming authors and writing a Sports booklet.

All the children are looking forward to half term week and the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Relax, enjoy the week and see you back in school on Tuesday 7th June.

Mrs Slater and Mrs Wallace.

Week Beginning 16th May

We are continuing to think about the Olympics 2016 and watched a short film this week about how Rio de Janeiro is preparing to receive the athletes and spectators. Did you know that there are four key venues where all the sports will take place? The children introducing the film talked in Spanish with English subtitles and showed us all around their city. This was also an opportunity to find out which sports are included in the Olympics and to discuss some of the more unusual sports such as fencing, canoe slalom and modern pentathlon.

This week the Y2 children have spent time working as a year group while the Y1 and Y3 children worked in pairs to produce carefully designed board games. 

Week Beginning 9th May 

This week we are continuing to work with the 'King of the Birds' text in our writing. We have re-told the story and changed it to be 'King of the Fish' and given it an exciting new underwater theme! We worked hard to include expanded noun phrases, questions and exclamation sentences to make our work more interesting to read.

In maths we have been re-visiting our work on measuring and capacity. We have taken advantage of the sunshine and completed this in the outdoor area and on the bottom pitch. The children have also been exploring fractions of shapes and number, using halves and quarters of a whole.


Week Beginning 2nd May 

This week the children have been learning to use exclamation sentences. We came up with sentences that related to our story 'King of the Birds'. 

We spent time this week enjoying the break in the weather and building dens on the bottom pitch that incorporated the new play equipment. This gave the children time to explore the equipment and to develop team working skills as they worked together to decide how and where to build their den and how to use it.

In Maths we have continued to consolidate our learning and started to work with fractions of shape as well as number. We also looked at the concepts of greater than and less than and used the 'crocodile' ( > < ) and equals signs to explain our understanding.

This week we also had a go at inviting a friend to join us for the Queen's 90th birthday party!

Week Beginning 25th April

This week the children have read, acted out, story mapped and enjoyed a book called 'King of the Birds'. 

On Monday we listened to a talk from the RNLI about beach safety and had the opportunity to dress as lifeguards and think about how to keep ourselves safe on the beach and in the sea.

We are continuing to think about the ways in which our bodies work as part of our PE and Science learning - and have tried working together to find out how long it takes us to complete a physical challenge.

Week Beginning 18th April

This week in class we have been tallying and graphing the colours of smarties in a packet! The children learned how to tally and then how to graph their data. We will be continuing with data handling in the weeks to come.

In literacy, we started to think about our new book, 'King of the Birds' and wondered who might be king of all the birds in the world. In addition, we are concentrating on various aspects of spelling and grammar to improve our writing and we continue to focus on phonics to improve our reading as well as practising our handwriting.

We have started to think about our new topic, Olympics 2016, and considered the sports that we are good at in our class as well as those that we would like the opportunity to try out. In PE we are starting to work towards improving our athletics and thinking about the ways in which our bodies respond to exercise. This complements our science work where we are starting to find our about the different parts of our bodies and the ways in which they work.


Week Beginning 11th April

Welcome back! We hope that you have all had a restful and enjoyable break and have come back to school ready to learn!

This term is always a fun one - with school trips, sports day, gardening and so on. We are busy planning some interesting activities to coincide with our new topic, Olympics 2016. Our roleplay area is in the process of being transformed into a sports arena complete with bunting, a winner's podium and a celebration of our achievements.

This week we have written a letter to an Olympian, Max Whitlock, and are hoping for a reply! In maths we have been consolidating our learning about number and starting to think about the properties of shapes.



Week Beginning 21st March

This week we have had a go at writing a first draft of our Mudpuddle Farm stories. The year 2 children have edited and re-drafted their stories improving them and adding more detail as well as making corrections to grammar and punctuation. The year 1 children have  spent time having a go at Easter themed maths challenges and all the children have tried maths-based games and activities. On Wednesday we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt on the bottom pitch and spent time exploring our new play equipment.

All children should have come home on Thursday with homework, their PE kits and various items cleared our from their trays in preparation for the summer term.

Happy holidays!

Mrs Slater and Mrs Wallace

Week Beginning 13th March

In Eddystone this week we have been reading Michael Morpurgo's Mudpuddle Farm stories all about the adventures on Mossop the cat, Albertine the unflappable goose, Pintsize the cheeky little piglet and all the other farm characters. We have storyboarded a story about Pintsize wanting to fly and then had a go at creating our own stories using the same setting and characters. Next week we will be having a go at writing our stories.

In Maths we have been using resources to find the value of two and three digit numbers. We were able to represent a number in lots of different ways including using number squares, Numicon, Dienes equipment, money, bead strings, arrow cards and so on. This has consolidated understanding of number and place value.  

As part of our Topic work we have had a go at creating a word cloud to show all that we have found out about Devon. We have also learned the Easter story and the significance of Easter in the Christian calendar.
On Friday this week Class 2 went to St Mary's School in Bideford with Mrs Martin and Mrs Wattley. There were 8 other schools there and lots of children! They learnt and sang two collaborative songs 'Chickahanka/John Henry' and 'Hey Ho!'. They learnt about the musical terms Rhythmic Ostinato (a continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm)  and Close Canon, (a bit like singing in a round) and used both of these in their performance . After learning the first collaborative piece each school took it in turns to perform to the other schools. We performed 'Wake Up' and did really well despite a touch of stage fright! The children were really well behaved and were a credit to you all.


Week beginning 7th March

In class we are currently working hard to consolidate our maths learning and to complete information texts to support our work in Science. We are thinking about the processes involved in growing plants and assessing the requirements of a seed to grow.

We have been continuing to learn about Devon people who have had an impact on our world and have learned lots of facts about Sir Francis Drake and his role in the Spanish Armada as a servant of Queen Elizabeth I.

In preparation for the Year 1 phonics assessment in June, we have been continuing to work hard learning our phonemes, segmenting and blending words and consolidating sounds that we covered earlier in the year. The children are really working hard in phonics and the impact of this learning on their reading is really starting to become evident. 

Next week we will be recounting stories, filming and using our imaginations... We will also be investigating number problems, posing questions and setting challenges!

Week Beginning 29th February

This week we have celebrated World Book Day. The children looked fantastic dressed up as their favourite book character. We shared the story of The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Day Welt, we paraded in assembly and we had an "extreme" underwater, under- table  read.

The class's reading is really coming on and it is so pleasing when the children are ready to move up a book box. All of the children do guided reading in a group, read with an adult, read independently, change their books and do reading activities on a daily rotation. We are encouraging the Y2's to write down for themselves when and what they have read and if Year 1's want to do the same that would be very helpful. Thank you for all of your hard work reading with and to your children and practising words and sounds that come home. Please do let us know if you feel your child is ready to move up a box or come in and help your child change their book in the morning so that they can really recognise their progress.

Yesterday all of the children planted their own bean seed and started to keep a diary to record its growth. We have been learning how to write instructions so this will be a useful activity to inform our writing.

The children have also been making great progress with their weekly Maths challenge - times tables for Y2 and number bonds for Y1. Each week they stick their challenge sheet into their Home Learning book so that they can practise, and record their progress on the graph inside the back cover. We always start with a couple of songs to refresh their memories and reward any improvement.

Mrs Slater is on a course on Monday and Tuesday so Mrs Wallace will be in class every day except Wednesday next week.

We hope you have a wonderful Mothering Sunday - the children should be bringing home a couple of treats and have been reminded to take care of their hard working mums - so relax and put your feet up!!

Week beginning 22nd February

Welcome back from half term! We hope that you have all had a chance to relax and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

This week in school we are learning about Devon people who have made an impact on the world. This journey has started with Sir Francis Drake. A a class we were able to find thirty facts about Sir Francis and share them with one another. We also acted out a part of history as we faced each other across the sea pretending to be English and Spanish sailors taking part in the Spanish Armada of 1588. The children were fascinated to learn that people in the 16th century truly believed that the world was flat and that if a ship sailed too far it would fall off the edge of the world!

In maths this week we have investigated the importance of making sure that our letters are formed correctly and written in the correct order. We finished our final division task and have moved on to start thinking about measuring. The children have been measuring objects using dienes sticks as well as conventional rulers and metre sticks. We have also been using the language of 'longer than', 'shorter than' and 'the same as' to start to relate the size of various objects to one another.

In PE we are learning skills for moving safely through a space in a variety of ways and playing games such as 'Traffic Lights' to practise our skills. We have also been working with a partner to create shapes and letters with our bodies and to hold these as a balance. These movements and balances will build towards a dance sequence later in the term.

Week beginning 8th February

This week we have been working out how to add coins together to make different amounts of money. We have investigated how to add coins to 20p, 50p and £1.00. We have also been working on understanding time and, in particular, looking at clock time to the hour and half hour on an analogue clock face. Please help your children to continue practising this at home!

We have been working hard in our writing to assess our own achievements this half term as well as supporting others through discussion and careful teamwork.

Eddystone are continuing to work hard and aim high! We wish you all an enjoyable half term week. Relax, enjoy spending time with your families and come back ready for learning!

Week beginning 1st February

On Thursday this week, we enjoyed presenting our class assembly to our friends and families. The children were a little nervous but really rose to the occasion. Well done Eddystone! 

In maths this week we have continued to work hard on our times tables, as well as starting to think about division as sharing. We have also been investigating money and working out the value of individual coins. In literacy, we have started to self-assess our writing and think about ways in which we could improve. We have been working hard in PE recently, thinking about ways of moving through a space. We have come up with all sorts of ways of moving including jumping, sliding, crabbing sideways and rolling! 

Week beginning 25th January

This week we have been continuing to work on the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. We have acted out parts of the story and had a go at becoming some of the characters. In maths we have been working on understanding multiplication and using arrays to show our learning. We have been creative this week, using materials in a variety of colours, textures and designs to create collages based on photos we took of the view from the fields above our school. We have also been learning about eating healthy snacks and making healthy choices. We talked in particular about how to reduce the level of refined sugar in our food. 

We have also started writing our class assembly and are looking forward to sharing it with you all next week!

Week beginning 18th January

This week the children have been continuing their learning about measures. They have been weighing fruit and vegetables and learning to read scales accurately as well as comparing the weights of objects - which are heavier and lighter. In Literacy we have been finding the opposites of words and adding the prefix un- to make opposites and making nouns plural.

Today we started our times tables and number bonds weekly challenge. The Year 2's have started with their 2x table and the Year 1's with their number bonds to make 10. They will be recording their score on the graph at the back of their Home Learning books and as we practice, each week they should see an improvement in their score.

We were really impressed with the Home Learning Class 2 did about Plants - this will really support the children with our Topic - we are still waiting for our cress seeds to emerge!! Please try to return Home Learning books by Wednesdays so they can be marked and new sheets added by Friday.

Yesterday afternoon we were treated to an inspiring performance form the Tangled Theatre Company who took us on a journey across the oceans to experience a wealth of cultures. The children were quite mesmerised with the singing, poetry and movements of the performers.

Week beginning 11th January

This week in Eddystone, the children have settled into the new year and are starting to work really hard in their learning. They have been exploring the language of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and extending their vocabulary. In maths we have started to look at arrays to help us complete multiplication sums. The children are talking about 'lots of' an item for example, 2 lots of 3 apples is 6 apples.

On Wednesday, we welcomed two new volunteers into school. Mrs Venning and Mrs White are joining us in class on a Wednesday afternoon to support the children with reading and maths games. This week however, we took the opportunity to put on our wellies and walk to the top of the hill in order to look across our local area. We spotted all sorts of interesting things in the landscape!

Week beginning 4th January

Happy New Year! The children are full of news about Christmas and are busy catching up with friends. This term in Eddystone we will be starting a new topic all about our local area. We are looking forward to finding out about Instow and the wider county of Devon. We would welcome any leaflets or posters about the local area that we could use in school. 

As part of our literacy learning we will be exploring the stories of Michael Morpurgo and reading 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' as well as writing our own stories located in Devon. In maths we will be continuing to think about number and how the number system works as well as starting to use multiplication in various ways. The children need to know how to count in 2's, 5's and 10's and we will be showing them strategies to support their learning.

Looking forward to a term full of energy, fun and learning!

Thursday 17th December

The children have really enjoyed their Class Party and dressing up in their Christmas clothes - thank you for all of the donations of party food- which have kept us going over the last few days!! We have kept the homework nice and simple so that you can all enjoy a peaceful and restoring break. Today all of the children were given 2 reading books so that they can do plenty of reading during the holidays as well as preparing a short talk about how they celebrated the holiday. We look forward to seeing you all happy and healthy in the New Year. Many thanks for all of your generous gifts and cards. Merry Christmas!!

Mrs Wallace, Mrs Worsnop, Mrs Harvest and Mrs Slater

Week beginning 14th December

The last week of term before Christmas! As you know, the children are excited about the upcoming Christmas holidays and the imminent arrival of Father Christmas! 

In class this week, we have been thinking about Christmas around the world to continue from the central theme of our Christmas production. We have also had a go at writing Christmas stories based on a story starter to get us thinking. Our stories started like this, 'Toby woke up late on Christmas Eve to a very loud noise. It sounded like...' We had great fun talking about what it could be and what adventures might happen on this most magical night of the year.

In class, we have been busy re-arranging the furniture and the resources much to the delight of the children! They are really enjoying spending time in the new book corner and working in different groupings on our re-organised tables! 

Have a wonderful and restful Christmas - and we look forward to seeing you all in January!

Mrs Slater and Mrs Wallace


Week beginning 7th December

Nearly Christmas! With only a few days to go until our Christmas production, we are busy practising hard and preparing to perform to our families and friends.

This week we are also starting to learn to code. We have been given the opportunity to login to a fantastic online coding resource and are enjoying the chance to design an app and create a story based on our designs. This is accessible from home with information noted in the home learning books.

Friday update: Wow!! What a group of fantastic actors and singers we have in Class 2! Lots of wonderful singing and performing. Well done Eddystone! 


Week beginning 30th November

This week we have been continuing to practise our school play. We are nearly ready to show it to you!

On Tuesday we started the class advent calendar and are adding characters to our nativity scene daily. We have been talking about Advent and starting to look forward to Christmas. We have even put up the decorations and of course, our Christmas tree!

On Friday, we had a visit from the dental health nurse who helped us to understand a bit more about why it is so important to keep our teeth clean. In the afternoon we visited the church for the annual Instow School Christingle. We enjoyed carrying the oranges to represent the world, singing songs and spending time together. 

Week beginning 23rd November

The children have been doing lots of practical activities to support their use of mathematical language to describe position, direction and movement. We went into the hall and practised our left and right, forwards and backwards, 1/4, 1/2 and full turns, clockwise and anti clockwise. Then we set up a maze of mats and had to direct our friends through the maze. On Tuesday we had a Maths Morning with a carousel of 4 different activities: we had to make our initials with Multilink cubes; we had to direct a Beebot to write the first letter of our name; we had to chalk our first letter on the playground and direct our partner to walk it and we had to give instructions to write our first letter on the squares on our whiteboard. It was exhausting but lots of fun!

We have also been using the book Mog in the Dark by Judith Kerr to practice writing different types of sentences. We have written statements, questions and exclamations. Mog is a funny cat who asks lots of questions and worries about a lot of things, he even dreams about a "mousedogbird"! Maybe next we can dream up some of our own mixed up creatures.


Week beginning 16th November

We have been reading extracts from Samuel Pepys diary of 'The Great Fire of London' and trying to write a diary of our week. We have been talking about all our interesting hobbies!  

With only a month to go at school, we are starting to think about Christmas! It's a bit early to put up the tree - but the children are working really hard to put together a fantastic Christmas production. We are busy learning our lines, learning the songs and working our way through the process of putting together a show!


Week beginning 9th November

On Tuesday this week we welcomed some special visitors into school to stage a 17th Century Day. We dressed up and spent the day learning what life was like in London at the time of the Great Fire of London. We found out lots of amazing facts - and even tried on some armour!

In Literacy, we have been reading extracts from Samuel Pepys diary and started writing our own diaries to compare our lives now with his in seventeeth century Britain. This idea has continued into our topic work with a look at London today. We have been discovering famous landmarks and talking about whether they were built at the time of the Great Fire of London.

As part of our Science and RE learning, we have been finding out about the Hindu festival of light: Diwali. We have found out about how Hindu and Sikh families prepare for and celebrate Diwali and read and watched several versions of the story of Rama and Sita. The children have been learning about 2d shapes and symmetry in Maths and this tied in well with studying Rangoli patterns.

We have also been practising hard for our Christmas production and the songs are sounding good. Once everyone knows their words we can begin rehearsing the action in the hall ready for the performances.

Week beginning 2nd November

Welcome back from half term! We have been very fortunate in Eddystone this week in that we had the chance to go and see 'The Gruffalo' and 'Room on the Broom' at the Plough Theatre in Torrington. This was followed by a short hop to Rosemoor where we picnicked and then did a woodland sculptures workshop. The weather held off and the children were inspired to create beautiful sculptures from materials found in the gardens and surrounding woodland. We also did a colour walk around the garden and were amazed at the variety of colours we were able to find.

In class this week, we have transformed our roleplay corner from the Pudding Lane Bakery to a London Tourist Information Office in order to continue our topic of the Great Fire of London.

In maths we have been calculating number bonds to 10 and 20 as well as investigating ways of completing addition sums.

We are starting to prepare for our Christmas play! We are asking children to begin to learn their spoken parts as well as song words. It's not long to go now!! smiley 

Week beginning 19th October

This week in our writing we created a storyboard of the events in 'Toby and the Great Fire of London'. We also worked on our grammar and tried to remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in every sentence! In maths we are continuing to learn our numbers to 100 - in digits and words! We are also looking at patterns on a number square when counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. As part of our topic, we had a go at making bread this week and turned the classroom into a bakery. After making the dough, it had to be kneaded proved for an hour and then kneaded again and baked. The resulting bread rolls were delicious. The second group completed their forest school sessions this week and enjoyed making fat balls to help the garden birds survive the winter. In PE we practised throwing and catching with a partner.

Have a relaxing and enjoyable half term week - and see you on Monday 2nd November!

Week beginning 12th October

This week in literacy we continued to work on a story that ties in with our topic, 'Toby and the Great Fire of London'. We thought about how Toby would feel as he runs through the burning streets to deliver a book to Mr Pepys. The children talked about Toby's feelings and then spoke with a partner to turn their ideas into full sentences. We looked at how sentences are made and then had a go at writing them down. In maths this week we have been using PE activities to help us with our counting! We skipped and added together the scores for our team, we counted in tens and twos doing star jumps on the playground and used an interactive number square to find out a bit more about these numbers back in the classroom. 

We are continuing to find out facts about The Great Fire of London - and spent time this week thinking about the similarities and differences between London in 1666 and as it is now.

As of this week, we have started to give the children a number of spellings to learn for the following week. These are sent out with the homework and build on the phonic sounds taught during the week.

Please remember to return your permission slip and money for the upcoming trip on November 4th to The Plough and Rosemoor Gardens.


Week beginning 5th October

The children have coped really well with their change of teacher and have welcomed me warmly. We have begun work on Light and Dark and they should enjoy looking for things in the dark for their homework. We have been sharing a picture book called Flashlight by Lizi Boyd. We have discussed the things the boy sees (nouns) and how to spell the singular and plurals of these things. Next week we will work on writing sentences (text) for the book. We have been ordering events and began talking about what time we do things eg start school, have lunch and how long they take eg brushing your teeth or having a swimming lesson. 

Half of the class had a fab Forest School session at the beach where they got to sit on a hovercraft while the rest of us made the classroom really dark to check which things we could still see - some children were brave enough to try out the cupboard where they couldn't see anything!! 

Everyone planted a bulb this morning so that hopefully we will have some beautiful window boxes to brighten up the dark days of February. We practised our ball skills in PE and went off to do French (Y1) and Drama (Y2) with Mrs Ryan and Mrs Tuohey. 

Well done Class 2 you are really growing up and working hard. I was especially proud of the way the children came straight into class to get on with their morning work yesterday and this morning. Keep it up Class 2!!

Mrs Wallace  ☺

Have a look at the Forest School page for all our photos from this week.

Week beginning 28th September

This week we had to say 'see you soon!' to Miss Graves who has left on maternity leave to have her baby due towards the end of October.

On Thursday, Eddystone class presented a fantastic assembly to the rest of the school and parents. We talked about The Great Fire of London, acted out a scene set in the bakery in Pudding Lane, showed how the flames went quickly from house to house and talked about the processes of making and burning our own cardboard houses to simulate a London street. We also sang 'London's Burning' and gave Miss Graves a handmade card and flowers to wish her well with the arrival of her baby.

This week, in class, we have been learning about the importance of understanding number and working on our numbers bonds to 10 and 20. We have been studying non-fiction books about The Great Fire of London and learning about the differences between non-fiction and fiction. 

We are looking forward to welcoming Mrs Wallace into class this week as she takes over from Miss Graves on a Thursday and Friday.


Week Beginning 21st September

This week the Year 2s had a brilliant Fire Talk from the Fire Service and learnt a lot about 'stop, drop and roll'.

We have continue looking at different ways of making 10 and 20 using a number line.

Today we had our 'Great Fire of London Burning'! The children had painted and made houses out of cereal boxes and cut out or drawn on windows and doors on it. We chose one to be Thomas Farynor's Bakery and then made Pudding Lane in the car park. We started the fire in the bakery and talked about how Thomas Farynor smelt burning on the 2nd September 1666 and escaped through the roof of his house with his family. Our fire spread quickly to the other houses and the children discussed how this was the same in 1666, as the houses had been made of wood, were built too close together and how the houses had been dry due to a hot, rainless summer. It was a great learning experience.

This afternoon we walked to the church to have our Harvest Festival. The children were amazing performing our poem 'Our Teachers Say' with Class 1.

Remember next Thursday is our Class Assembly at 2.50pm.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Graves and Mrs Slater

Carousel - Friday afternoons

Year 1 children will be learning some French conversation skills this half term with Mrs Turner. So far, they have learnt how to greet each other in French, numbers to 10 and watched a video about life in France too.

Week Beginning 14th September 2015

This week the children have been working hard looking at and starting to remember their number bonds to 10 and 20. We have learnt a song to help us. It goes like this:

9 and 1 are number bonds,

8 and 2 are friends,

7 and 3,

6 and 4,

5 and 5 are twins.

We have also been working on sequences of numbers and learning to count in 1's, 2's and 10's.

In Literacy we have been looking at the book Mother Goose which is a book where the other nursery rhyme characters write letters to Mother Goose asking for advice and she replies. The addresses the nursery rhyme characters give are quite funny and we have been writing our own for Little Miss Muffet. We came up with Spider Lane, 8 Leg Street, Furry Street and Tuffet Lane to name a few.

Our Forest School group went to the woods this week and had a lovely session with Mrs Harvest.

This week we have started to learn some facts about The Great Fire of London and have spent time looking at the differences and similarities between London in the 17th Century and our lives today. We have also started painting our Great Fire of London houses out of our cardboard boxes and we will be finishing these next week before we recreate the Great Fire!


Week beginning 7th September 2015

This week has been a busy week in Eddystone class! We have been getting to know one another and settling into new routines. The children have worked together to produce a fantastic display of London houses burning during the Great Fire of 1666. We have started to talk about the Great Fire of London and shared facts that we already know. Some of the class shared amazing facts!

We have been practising our handwriting and phonics and will continue with this throughout the school year. We have also created a beautiful string of number bunting that will help us with our learning. 

The outside area has been used to construct some houses and the roleplay area is in use as a bakery. The children have been enjoying some time as bakers and customers, roleplaying using money to pay for bread and cakes.

The year 2 children are busy being role models for the children who are new to Eddystone - and we are all enjoying learning together!

3rd and 4th September 2015

Welcome Eddystone Class to the Autumn Term. We have had a good few days back already and have already been hard at work setting up our new class 'bee' rules, sorting out jobs to keep the classroom tidy and earning house points. Home learning this week is to blog Miss Graves about Class 2 so far! Remember PE kits next week and have a lovely weekend. 

Miss Graves, Mrs Slater and Team