Class 3 Hartland

Thursday 23rd May

Miss Collins is getting married in half term so this afternoon we had a lovely afternoon designing some wedding outfits that she might be inspired by. This involved great team work and laughter.

Lee Abbey- The Beacon Center


Both staff and children will agree that we had an amazing time during our day visit. Here our some photos of our activities from Mr Bedford's group.

Super gymnasts


Welcome back after half term. We have been busy in a whole range of ways this week however its our gymnastics that we want to share. Children were in groups of 3 with 2 gymnasts and 1 safety spotter per group. Children had a range of stretches and balances that they had to try and imitate together in pairs. Here are some photos of our work. 

We have had a busy week and have done lots of fantastic work!


In English we have been learning how to write facts and we've focused especially on sharks! This has been to help us as we began our "Big Write" of our own story - The Syklark and the Whale Shark. 


In Maths we have been looking at column addition and subtraction. We used these to help us crack a code Miss Morris had hidden around the class!


In Science, we have been planning our own investigations in to what helps plants grow. In our experiments we looked at the effects of sunlight, temperature, water, air, coal and music! We're going to keep looking after our plants over the new few weeks and see which of these factors helps the plants grow best. Have a look at some of the photos below, that our research teams dedicated photographers took themselves!

Whole School Jazz Performance

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This week we were lucky enough to have some talented young musicians come in a share some jazz music with us!
They taught us the difference between tempo and dynamics and even let us control the band using these things!

Investigating plants!

Welcome back!


A big welcome back to all the children of Class 3! It's been wonderful to see so many children back after a (hopefully restful!) Christmas break, excited and ready to learn. 


This term we will be learning about the coast and where we live as well as researching some local heroes. 


Well done for a fantastic first week back - keep up the good work!



Hunting for camouflaged worms!

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Class 3 searching for different coloured worms in the green grass. This gave us an example of good camouflage as all the green worms were found last!

17th Century Day

Class 3 Daily Mile trailer using I Movie

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This week we have linked technology and fitness together to create a glossy trailer using the I Movie app as we performed our Daily Mile challenges.

Please enjoy our Harvest service song

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Earth Wind and Fire - September

Our first daily mile.

Class 3 completed their first daily mile challenge this week. The children ran (most of the time) round a course that measured 70m in order to complete as many laps as they could manage. Most children scored between 12 and 18 laps in the 10 minutes they were given which translates as between half and three quarters of a mile each. We then combined the total score of Class 3 which was 337 laps, meaning our first score as a team was 15.5 miles combined in 10 minutes. Watch this space for records and improvements. 

Hartland Class 2018-2019

A big well done to everyone for a super first couple of days back after the Summer break. The children have settled into Class 3 and our routines very well. This week we have started to learn all about the Great Fire of London and the children should be able to tell you a whole host of facts about this historical event.