Class 3 Hartland

Class 3 2019-2020

A warm welcome to Hartland Class 2019-2020. As you can see by our cheesy grins, we are raring to go on another journey of learning this year. Our topic for Autumn Term is Antarctica. We will be looking back at the historical figure of Captain Scott and his dangerous journey to the South Pole. We will also be investigating leopard seals and why they are one of the top predators in Antarctica.

September 2019

Class 3 have been working hard finding out and applying lots of historical facts about Captain Scott and the famed Terra Nova expedition. We have studied maps to see the route taken by Captain Scott and his men which saw the ship named Terra Nova sail across the world! From Plymouth in Devon to Antarctica with various stops along the way including tropical Trinidad, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Children have been investigating key parts of this journey and why Scott and his men stopped at these destinations. We have also been looking into some of the key decisions made on the way, from fundraising and navigation to Norwegian rivals and mechanical sleds. Children were tasked to write a journal, just like Captain Scott did, to tell others about this epic journey and the highs and lows on the way.  As you can see, the children were really pleased with their final journals…

October 2019

Year 3 had lots of fun at the ACCT Tennis Festival at The Atlantic Racquet Centre. Here are some pictures of us having fun whilst practicing our tennis skills. 

Huge congratulations to the Yellow and Green team for winning our Class 3 netball tournament this year! Both teams were locked in a ferocious battle for victory but on this occasion it was the Green and Yellows led by Mrs Wattley that came out victorious. Below you can see a lovely picture of Mrs Wattley and the winning team and a rather gloomy looking picture of my team who were not victorious on this occasion. Our time will come Blue and Reds!

November 2019

Class 3 went to visit The Plough Cinema and Rosemoor Gardens. We had a super time in the cinema as we laughed along with 'The Secret Life of Pets 2'.After the cinema, we travelled to Rosemoor Gardens. We enjoyed learning about vertebrates and invertebrates, bug hunting and food chains. Some of our expert bug hunters even found some newts on the woodland floor! 

January 2020

Please enjoy our dramatic pictures and videos from one of our literacy sessions this week. In small groups, children had to perform a short drama sequence that matches a scene from our focus text - 'Queen Victoria's Knickers!'


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February 2020

We have been up to lots of different things this first half term. So please enjoy a short glimpse into some of the activities we have done in Class 3. These lessons include maths based orienteering, properties of materials science, identifying and using higher order Victorian vocabulary and both making and playing Victorian Monopoly. We enjoyed Flynn's tasty Victorian treats too!


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March 2020

What a fantastic Science Week! Children experienced different types of forces in PE as well as seeing a real falcon in flight, making kites, aeronautical engineering talks and much more. 

Year 3 had an inspiring trip to Helitune, where we learnt about what the company does and the importance of stability in rotary based flying. Year 3 even came back with complimentary balloons and pens! Huge thanks to Helitune for their hospitality.  


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