Class 3 Hartland

Welcome to Hartland Class 2020/2021!

Well done to Freddie and Iseo for there 100 day streaks on Doodle, fantastic effort boys!

Our Killer Whale (Orca) pictures

States of matter science.

Melting the ice cubes with our hands, changing a solid into a liquid.

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(Yes it was this exciting!)

Liquid into a gas.

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Can gas turn back into a liquid?

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Orcas in captivity Pros and Cons debate

Orcas in captivity debate - Pros and Cons

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A clash of the titans as Team Sloth (Jack and Freddie) debate against Team Golden Eagle (Rosie and Thomas).
Our 2 teams are debating the pros and cons for keeping killer whales (orcas) in captivity. The children have to think of multiple responses and reasons to help convince an audience (or the other team) that they are correct in their thinking. There will be more videos to come once we have altered the size ...they are currently too big to upload!

Precise Instructions

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Today Class 3 were writing instructions on how to make a ham and mustard sandwich. Mr Bedford was demonstrating the importance of being precise with your instructions, otherwise someone could get the wrong idea and do the instructions incorrectly. Making a ham sandwich, being instructed by Class 3...what could possibly go wrong?


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This is the moment I told Class 3 (as a joke) that we would have to start again because nobody told me to wash my hands at the start, before I started to make the sandwich.

Happy Christmas to you all and seasons greetings from Hartland Class!

Looking super cool in our Red Nose Day clothes!


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Our non uniform and hat day for Brain Tumor Research.

We made secret Easter cards to each other!

Naomi's last day

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It's been a pleasure Naomi. You will be missed. I hope you enjoyed our Welsh themed fanfare for you on your last day at Instow.