Class 3 Hartland

6th July...


Today, we got the parachute out to practice our team skills, we had the most fun! We had to keep the balls on the parachute and work together to keep them on - or knock them off the other side! Our favourite part was sitting underneath like a mushroom! 


We then found an amazing moth outside which we researched and found to be an 'Elephant Hawk Moth. 'The children came up with some fantastic similes to describe it! Here are a few:

'His legs are like windscreen wipes' 'His back is as pink as roses' 'His legs are as white as a blossom' 'His legs are as white as snow' 'It is as pink as pork!' 'His tail looks acute!' - we then discovered all the angles on the moth! 


This week...


We were blown away by class 3's fantastic assembly! We are so proud of all of them. They shared some wonderful Ancient Egyptian facts and stories. This week we researched Egyptian God's - and decided that Osiris was the nicest! (Linking to our Egyptian song)! This term we have really enjoyed studying Egypt - putting ourselves into the shoes of Howard Carter finding Tutankhamun, researching how pyramids were built and mummification!


In maths we have been looking at fractions, and finding out which fraction of a pizza we would choose to eat by comparing sizes. The class loved using chocolate as fractions...I wonder why?!

Week of 22nd May...

This week a mysterious object in a gold box turned up in class 3. We have had a fantastic time coming up with different similes and adjectives to describe what it could be! We had ideas ranging from Tutankhamun's a dinosaur egg! This has encouraged us to plan our invented piece of writing that we will finish after half term. What could be inside? 

Week of 15th May 2017...


This week we have been working hard in a variety of different subjects. In literacy we have changed our story from finding Tutankhamun's tomb to digging for giant fossils! We enjoyed adding similes to our writing to show excitement, and even changed the ending to end on a cliffhanger...! 

We have also looked at Egyptian art which has inspired many of us this week. Next week, we are going to begin looking at living things and their habitats in science. For homework this week we will be looking at Egyptian habitats! What can you find?

This week in class 3...


This week we have been getting really stuck in to our Egyptian topic! We have started learning a new story called 'I was there...Tutankhamun's tomb'. We have explored this narrative with our own story map, and added actions! This story has allowed us to explore language about how it might have felt to have found Tutankhamun's tomb. 

In maths we have been looking at Egyptian measurement...and how difficult this is compared to using rulers! 

Be sure to come and have a look at our amazing Egyptian display in class, we have all been working really hard in a variety of subjects! 


Our dance sessions...

This term we have been developing dance skills in our Class 3 PE lessons. We usually warm up to some Just Dance themed musical exercise. As a class, the children really enjoy this part of their dance lessons and we have recorded some of our best bits for you to enjoy. 

Class 3 Just Dance highlights

Still image for this video

The unbeatable class...

Class 3 have been taking on all the other classes with their times table practice. As part of the Times Tables Rockstar program, children can log in and practice their times tables and therefore score points for their class. On the 'Battle of the Bands' part of the website, a class can challenge another class to see who practices the most that week. So far Class 3 have taken on every TT Rockstars class in the school and won! We aim to keep practicing and keep are record up. So if you think you know your times tables, come and challenge our class to a 'Battle of the Bands' duel. 

Where's Wattley?

As Class 3 were looking at the 'Where's Wally' books during world book day, Mr Bedford and Mrs Wattley decided to make our own version around the school. Please enjoy, study and solve our selection of 'Where's Wattley' photos to see if you can spot my illusive assistant. 

Can you spot Mrs Wattley?

World Book Day

The children at Instow made a fantastic effort of World Book Day. The dressing up standards were high and Class 3 were no exception as you can see. 

Week Beginning 27th February 2017

As you may well know, Tuesday 28th February was Shrove Tuesday otherwise known as pancake day. During PE, Class 3 held it's first ever Pancake Day obstacle race. The children had to battle fierce winds as they made their way, twisting, turning and literally jumping through hoops to get to the finish line. Although discretely, children showed great co-ordination with rackets and fake pancakes as well as adaptability with the changing winds. We never actually decided who the winning team was however we did all decide it was good fun and that we should do a similar PE session next year too!

Pancake PE session

Week Beginning 16th January 2017

This week children have been treated to performances and a workshop from the Tangled theatre company. Children were able to practice singing songs, listen to energetic and engaging poetry as well as ask the performances questions about their lives and experiences. 

Week Beginning 9th January 2017

Class 3 started their dance sequences in PE this week. We are working on a robot theme and children have been producing some super routines so far. In groups of four the children have developed push, pull, smooth, jerky, slow and fast moves. We will continue to develop our dance sequences until we reach appoint where we are ready to perform and record them. 

Week Beginning 28th November 2016

This week we had a few really hard frosts as I am sure you will have noticed! Despite the cold, some Class 3 children could really see the beauty that certain iced objects had. So taking a few minutes out of class with Mr Bedford, a few children set about taking some icy pictures of objects around the school. 

We are coming towards the end of our Victorian art sessions and the children are currently working on their own, extremely detailed, 'Lowry' copy pieces in water colour. We will need another session to finish but please enjoy looking at what the children have done so far. 

Icy Instow!

Lowry Imitations (so far...)

Week Beginning 7th November 2016

This week we had an exciting trip to The Plough in Torrington to watch a screening of 'Inside Out'. The children really enjoyed the film and we had some great conversations about how our emotions effect our actions. After the Cinema both Class 3 and Class 2 went to Rosemoor Gardens. Class 3 made some 3D sculptures using the natural resources available. We also collected fallen leaves and petals to create a colourful, natural palette. 

Week Beginning 31st October 2016

For our topic work this week we have had another look at Victorian toys and this time we studied thaumatropes. These are circles with holes in and a picture on each side, when the circle is spun around fast, a simple picture can be animated. Children worked hard on their design and came up with a variety of ideas. During literacy on Thursday the children were shown what a debate is and the does and don'ts of debating. We split into 6 teams and had teams for and against the topic. Our topic for debate was whether a large rescue dog training center should be built in a small, mountainside village. Class 3 children made cue cards to help them speak and the children did a great job of respectfully debating. 


Still image for this video

Week Beginning 17th October 2016

This week children followed up the Gill Lewis visit by researching Mountain Search and Rescue dogs via the SARDAE website. SARDAE stands for Search And Rescue Dogs Association England. We are also reading a Puppy Academy book called Star on Stormy Mountain, which is a book about a dog training to be a mountain rescue dog. The children worked in small groups on the laptops and learn pads to research the SARDAE website and record facts of their choice about real mountain rescue dogs.

 In Carousel on Friday, the Year 3's had their last Food Technology session. They used all the skills that they had learnt over the last few weeks to make pastry, crack eggs and use knives to slice ingredients to make quiches. They looked and smelt delicious.


Gill Lewis Visit - 14th October 2016

On Friday 14th October the children of Class 2, 3, 4 and 5 were treated to a chance to listen to children's  author Gill Lewis to talk about her life and her books. Gill used to be a vet before turning her attention towards writing stories. The children learned what it was like growing up with lively dogs and how Gill has used her experience with working with animals as a vet into her stories. It was a valuable experience for the children and I know a few took the opportunity to have their books signed by the author herself.


Gill Lewis visit

Introducing Miss Smale






Some of you may have noticed me within class 3 and I wanted to use this space to introduce myself to you all. 


My name is Miss Smale and I am a student teacher based within class 3. The class have been very welcoming and I have been impressed with their commitment to their learning. I have enjoyed getting to know all of the children individually and I look forward to learning with them throughout the rest of this year! 


Week Beginning 10th October

This week the Year 3's made some fantastic custard biscuits. They had to mix and then form a ball with the mixture. They then rolled this out on a floured surface and used cutters to create shapes. They then washed up, dried up, cleaned the tables and helped sweep up.


Week Beginning 3rd October

This week the Year 3's made Apple Crumble and Custard to sell after school as part of the carousel. They enjoyed making the crumble and everyone had a go on Mrs Guymer's device to peel the apples.

Week beginning 26th September 2016

This week Class 3 have been working on some William Morris style designs as we have tried to improve our water colour skills. The children had to focus on accuracy of their brush stokes as well as their colour choices. Class 3 worked very hard on their designs and the concentration levels were extremely high as they added the fine details to the designs. William Morris is a famous designer from the Victorian era with many of his patterns and styles still used today. 

William Morris water colour skills

Fire Safety Talk

On Tuesday morning the Year 2's took part in a fire safety talk lead by members from the Devon Fire and Rescue Team. The children were involved in activities such as crawling through the smoke and dressing up in fire protective clothing. The children learnt fire awareness procedures and found out some useful information about fire safety at home.

Week Beginning 19th September   

In this weeks carousel the Year 3's made some pizzas. They had to use many skills including mixing, kneading, chopping with knives and grating. They all looked and smelled delicious. Children had heart shaped, star shaped and thick crust designs. I hope they tasted as good as they looked.

The Year 2's played on the drums, sung and danced in their music carousel.                                                                                                                                                         



Week beginning 12th September 2016

This week Class 3 experienced life in the Victoria Era with a visit to the Appledore Maritime Museum and Victorian School. The children were introduced to the strict world of Victorian Era schooling complete with dressing up clothes for staff and children! During the day the children experienced writing with quills, chalk board maths, Victorian games and a look at some weird and wonderful Victorian artefacts. Please enjoy a selection of photos from the day. Many thanks to parents and carers for  the great response to lifts, it is always welcomed and much appreciated.