Class 3

Hartland Class 2015

Den building day pictures

Class 3 assembly on Aesop's Fables

Week beginning 23d May 2016

We had some creepy crawly visitors to Class 3 this week. On the last day of term, Woody brought in his baby stick insects to show the class. After a question and answer session with our resident stick insect expert we set about a challenge. Each table was given a task of turning their tray into a wonderful playground for a stick insect test subject. Children had to work as a team, listen and share ideas as well as construct their ‘play areas’. Finally a particularly adventurous stick insect, (we named him jumpy) was chosen as the playground tester. The stick insect was released into the playground and left, closely watched, to explore the children’s newly built environments. Children evaluated their designs in terms of which areas the stick insect went to and why they thought it went there. It was a fun session and everyone worked hard to get their tables ‘grand design’ ready for testing.

Have a lovely half term everyone. 

Jumpy (the stick insect) and the 'Grand Designs' playgrounds.

Week beginning 9th May 2016

We had some exciting news in Class 3 this week. George had applied for some Space Seeds grown and cultivated in the ISS (International Space Station). That's correct, space seeds! We talked about how seeds and plants could grow in a space station and watched some NASA video of how plants are grown. Here are some photos of Class 3 during our planting process in our very scientific looking plant tray. 

Space seed planting

Week beginning 18th April 2016

This week we will begin a unit of work based on a story called 'The King of the Birds'. The story is all about competition and how it’s not always the most likely competitor that wins! We will study the story and see how we can change and adapt the story for ourselves. We can do some scientific studies of some birds in our area as well as making some fancy bird masks. The children will also look at a royal leader in the human world, The Queen! Class 3 will investigate what Her Majesty will be doing on the grand occasion of her 90th Birthday. Children from Class 3 will also ask the question; what makes a good King or Queen? Is it more than treasure and castles? Finally a special mention to a certain Year 3 boy who had the very tough task of reading a hilarious letter in front of the class during a maths lesson.  I’m not sure when I have heard so much laughter in a math lesson, so a video of the moment will come soon for you to enjoy. 


Still image for this video

Week beginning 6th March 2016

Here are some pictures of one of our literacy lessons this week. We have been looking at different camera angles that are used in films. We have studied a few different film including clips from Tarka the otter, star wars and many more. During this particular lesson children worked in groups to create a storyline for the 2 toy items and 2 character items they had chosen. Once their story-line was complete they planned which camera angles would look best at different shots. They recorded these camera angles and pictures of the shots on a grid and then they directed the camera as to how to take the picture. It was a lot of fun and the children were really thinking about which camera angle they should select and why. 

Week beginning 29th February 2016

Please enjoy a selection of our world book day photos. We used the day to do some extreme reading, dress up as some of our favourite  book characters and read with some children from Class 5. 

World Book Day 2016

Week beginning 21st February 2016

Sometimes the best lessons can be those that just come together at the spur of the moment. That was certainly true for our Friday maths lesson in Class 3.  Bella had kindly baked and decorated a batch of cupcakes for the whole of Class 3 and even Mr Bedford (yes!). As a Class we had been looking at fractions during the week including adding fractions together and representing fractions with pictures and real world objects. So we shared the cakes out so we had one each and every child had a butter knife. Children divided their cakes into half, quarters and even eighths. They had great fun putting their fraction work into sticky and tasty practice.  Finally the last part of the fraction work was to eat the cakes an eighth at a time!

Week beginning 1st February 2016

We have changed our 'Sunny the Meerkat' story to 'Crumble the House Cat' and one activity has been quite entertaining this week. As we build up to re-writing the story we have been looking at both domestic and big cats. On Friday the children had to write a piece about the perfect day for a domestic cat. We followed this writing by a short drama piece in which the children 'squared off' against each other as 2 rather boastful cats!

Boastful cats 1

Still image for this video

Boastful cats 2

Still image for this video

Boastful cats 3

Still image for this video

How much sugar is in our food and drink?

The children split into groups and we spent a lesson looking at the sugar contents in food and drink. Children researched what the RDA of sugar is, (we measured in teaspoons) and what can happen to your body is you regularly exceed this amount. We made estimates of sugar in some well known food and drink items and then measured out the amounts in teaspoons. It was great for the children to visually see the sugar content and made this aspect of food nutrition a bit easier to digest!

Week beginning 18th January 2016

This week Hartland Class have been getting all competitive with some invasion games! We have been outside braving the cold as well as inside enjoying some sport in warmer surroundings. The children were split into different teams and played mini games against each other. They explored attacking and defending tactics and worked in groups to record their top tips for attacking and defending in their game. On the artistic side of things Class 3 have been putting their collage skills to work. We worked collaboratively to create silhouettes of Devon themed objects out of Devon attraction leaflets, children then worked to create a water colour background for their silhouettes. We hope that some pieces may even make it to Burton art gallery. 

Class 3 Devon Artwork

Invasion Games and Tactics

Week beginning 5th January 2016

Welcome back to Class 3! It has been great to hear all about the wonderful Christmas holiday the pupils have had. All of the children have settled back into the rhythm of school life very well this week. The children have started their new topic to answer the question, 'What makes our home so special?'. We will study Devon, especially North Devon and look at some of the similarities and differences with other places around the UK, study famous Devon people from past and present as well as look at some of our traditions from the county. In carousel this week the children listened to different types of music and recorded how it made them feel using a colour coding system. 

Carousel Music

Week beginning 7th December 2015

Well a very busy week across the school this week however the children have performed brilliantly and really shown some great confidence with their speaking and acting parts in the school plays. Pictures to follow...

In Class 3 the majority of our tables and chairs have been borrowed during the shows. So we improvised when we had no furniture and got some super work done. The children showed great concentration and poise as they completed some observational drawing challenges. On another occasion we braved the conditions and carried out some estimating and recording of time in minutes and seconds. In small groups children had a series of tasks to carry out and they timed them on their stop watches. The pictures from some of these activities can be found below. 

Some rainy day maths

Observational drawing

Christingle making and service

Week beginning 16th November 2015

We have started learning about shape this week and so the children were set a challenge… They had to work in small groups to build a 3d shape out of straws and playdoh. However the catch was their instructions were purposefully vague! The sheet told them what 3d shapes they could make but didn’t say how to make them. The sheet also told children how many straws and balls of playdoh they needed, but didn’t tell them which playdoh and straw set matched which shape. Safe to say there was a lot of trial and error and some really good mathematical vocabulary used within the groups.

Our 3d models

Class 3 symmetrical Rangoli patterns

Take a look at the photos on the Forest School pages.

Week Beginning 9th November 2015

17th Century Day

During Tuesday children from Class 2 and Class 3 dressed up as 17th Century people as part of our Great Fire of London topic. The children (and staff) made a great effort to dress for the occasion and that really added to the atmosphere of the day. We had some 17th Century players come to visit from the 1066 Company. They gave children a chance to share the facts they already knew as well as giving them some top tips and insider information. Children experienced a range of things during the day from 17th Century weapons and armour to making butter by hand. 


Wednesday 5th November

Here are some pictures from our cinema and heritage walk trip. We went to see The Minions in 3D on the big screen in Barnstaple! Class 3 behaved impeccably and really enjoyed a laughter filled experience with our friends and teachers. The heritage walk was full of facts and the children did really well to ignore the torrential rain. The class left Barnstaple feeling wet but pleased. A particularly good compliment was payed to the children by a former teacher who past us and informed Mrs Wattley that she had never seen such a well behaved class.

Week Beginning 19th October 2015

The brain wave rocket

 We have a new gadget in Class 3! It's the brain wave rocket. From time to time we will stop as a class and reflect on the work we are doing. Children come up to the brain wave rocket and turn it on, they then share their brilliant ideas and solutions with the rest of the class and hope the positive brainwaves spread.  

Brain Wave Rocket

Year 5 Sports Leaders

Here are some pictures of our Year 5 children as they mentor each other as part of their Sports Leader training. The children were given a range of equipment to choose from, they then had to create a suitable game for multiple players and then feedback and demonstrate to the rest of the group. The Year 5’s came up with a range of great ideas, they worked brilliantly as a team and in pairs and looked confident when delivering their game ideas. Our Year 5’s have now signed up to a time table from which they can deliver some of their sporting skills onto other Instow Primary children. Watch this space for updates…

Stained Glass Windows

87 churches were burnt down in the Great Fire of London, even St Paul's Cathedral melted! With this amount of damage there was sure to be a huge demand for replacement stained glass windows. Luckily Class 3 have been on hand to help craft some colourful windows to meet the shortfall. 

Emergency Bakers

After the fire raged through the city of London in 1666 there was a shortage of many things including food. To feed the hungry and try to repair the damage to the reputation of London bakers, Class 3 made some yeast free breads. Children had to measure, mix, estimate and work a range of ingredients as well as follow instructions given by bossy verbs. What a triumph, 4 magnificent loaves that were devoured by the hungry masses!

Our bread making and baking

Hartland Class Puzzle Pieces

We have a display in Class 3 of 29 puzzle pieces on a wall. Each puzzle piece was made by a child in the class and represents them. Every child has put their favourite subject, colour, food as well as their name in ‘fancy writing’. Today’s activity was to get the children thinking about how the puzzle pieces could fit together. They had to assemble themselves and sort their puzzle pieces together by age, year group, card colour, name and friendship groups.  

Hartland Class Puzzle Pieces


Week Beginning 12th October 2015

Fire Safety Inspectors

 This week children have been looking at fire safety in Literacy. We ‘inspected’ the school in pairs and collected notes on different signs and objects that would help us in the event of a fire. From the notes we have collected we will then produce our own Instow Fire Safety booklet. 


Friday afternoon fun!

Last Friday we looked at lots of different types seeds and how seed grow. We then had some time to create are own animals.

Class Assembly

The children of Class 3 worked very hard in a relatively short space of time to produce their Class 3 assembly. The children gave facts, dramatic moments, news reports and even a fire dance to help share their knowledge of the 1666 event. Feedback from the children was that they were all ‘really proud’ of themselves and had fun showing family and friends their knowledge and skills. 

Class 3 Assembly pictures

Year 5 Carousel Activity - Tag Rugby

Year 3/4 Multi Skills Event

On Wednesday children from Year 3 and 4 met with other schools from around North Devon to compete together in a multi skills circuit at West Croft School in Bideford. Children worked really hard on a range of PE based skills as they completed the 14 stage circuit. It was great to see children of different ages from a variety of schools mixing and competing together happily. Here are some sporty pictures of some of our Hartland Class children at the event...