Class 4 Lundy

Friday 13th July 2018


Today, Mrs. Green (Summer's mum) came into school to update us on the progress of recent initiatives to keep local beaches clean. We learnt about the importance of everybody making small changes to make a big difference for the future of our oceans. Changes such as using paper straws, re-using our plastics as much as possible and most importantly, remembering to put our rubbish in a bin. Mrs. Green and Summer collected a plastic bag half full of rubbish just on their walk up to school this morning (take a look at the picture below). We were shocked to see empty burger wrappers, a crisp packet, sweet wrappers and an ice pole wrapper amongst the rubbish. Mrs. Green then explained how this rubbish gets washed away down drains when it rains and eventually ends up in the sea. It was a good reminder of how we all should take responsibility and make sure we do not drop rubbish on the ground, wherever we are. Look out for the posters we have designed - they will be on display around the school next week.  

Week beginning 25th June


Barnstaple Wow Day

We had a fantastic day walking around Barnstaple to find out more about the heritage of the town. Our tour took us over (and under) Long Bridge, then along the Strand where we stopped to look at the Millennium Mosaic. Darcey shared her home learning with us as she told us some of the history of Queen Anne's Walk. We then walked along to the Yeo Bridge before heading all the way up Castle Mound! After enjoying the view from the top and a well-earned rest, we headed down and meandered through the High Street and into the Pannier Market. We had a cool and reflective stop over in St. Peter's Church before heading back down the Square to see the 'four faced liar' - otherwise known as the Albert Clock. We continued our walk along Litchdon Street where we paused to look at the beautiful Penrose Almshouses. Another rest stop at Holy Trinity Church gave us chance to cool down with an ice pole and also to compare the two buildings and their surroundings. Down to Rock Park, we stopped at the War Memorial then spent a very happy hour enjoying William Rock's gift to the town - what an amazing park! The final leg of our walk saw us walking up and over the Iron Bridge, then back to the Leisure Centre to meet our parents. 

A huge thank you to Lundy and Trinity classes for being so well behaved - several people commented on your good manners; thanks to the parent helpers and staff who came along, thank you to Holy Trinity Church for a warm welcome and a cool rest place and finally to the ice cream kiosk man in Rock Park who served us all with good humour and great patience!  A brilliant day was enjoyed by all!smiley

Greek wow day

On Wednesday, we stepped back in time and became Ancient Greeks for the day. Here we are dressed up and ready to start a day of fun and learning, from drama and music, mini Olympics, wreath making, 'Greek Myths' drama, Greek architecture, writing our names with the Greek alphabet and finished with some Greek food sampling! What a busy day and a great way to finish this most enjoyable topic. Please see Trinity (Class 5) page for more pictures.


Calvert Trust 2018


We finally made it and it was well worth the wait. What an exciting time we have had! We packed so much into the time we had at Calvert Trust Exmoor. Our activities included abseiling, zip wire, canoeing, swimming, a visit by Exmoor Zoo (including Meerkats, a millipede, Giant African snail and corn snake), a well deserved film night and a wintery scavenger hunt around the lake! We especially loved the cooked breakfasts and we all slept really well in our luxury accommodation with ensuite bathrooms! Children were complimented on their behaviour at mealtimes by other guests staying at the centre. Well done Year 4! Take a look at the photos - lots of wonderful memories to share.

Class Assembly

Wednesday 28th february


After the initial disappointment of our cancelled trip to Calvert Trust, we wrapped up and headed for the beach for fun, den building and hot chocolate! 

Plastic Pollution

On the Friday before half term. Mrs Green introduced herself to class 4 as the representative for #2minutebeachclean. She talked to us about plastic that goes down drains and ends up in the sea. She also told us about balloon releases from big cruise ships just for a celebration - animals think the balloons are jelly fish and eat them and often die. We learnt that in some shampoos and face wash and toothpaste, there are microbeads that are tiny pieces of plastic that eventually end in the ocean. Finally we learnt about plastic in the food chain and how we as people, can eat the plastic eaten by fish. This can be harmful to our health. 

Kai D, Summer G, Billy C, Ciara W, Freddie A-P, Nelson B, Sammy L

Snow daY -  tuesday 6th february 2018


We couldn’t resist having a quick extra play in the snow today, We might not see it again for many years! 

Ancient greeks home learning


What an exciting day when I walked into the classroom first thing, only to find a new surprise member of our class! We now have our very own Ancient Greek God of recycling taking up residence in Lundy class. We have a Greek helmet, a beautiful pot and a model of the Parthenon. 

Burton art gallery


Be sure to visit the Burton Art Gallery to see examples of our art work on display. Some of our Greek masks have been displayed as well as the 'Under the Sea' models children made for their home learning last term. Having visited myself today, it is definitely worth a visit, with lots of fine artwork on show from North Devon schools. 

Spacelab Mobile Planetarium - Friday 26th January 2018

Today we had an exciting visit by Murray Barber who runs the 'Mobile Planetarium'. This was to bring some excitement and drama to our topic, "The Legacy of Ancient Greece." Here are some things that we learnt:


" First we got to crawl through a cool tunnel which led us to the inside of the Planetarium. It looked so cool. It was kind of dark as well." Tom W


"The Greeks thought that the Earth was shaped like a plate and were scared that they were going to fall off the edge of the world so they stayed by the coast when sailing." Tom P


" He taught us how the Earth rotates and how constellations make patterns in the sky with a big group of stars." Riley


" Ancient Greeks thought the world was shaped as a giant plate so if you explored too far out to sea, they would believe that you would fall off the edge of the world!" Dom


" I really enjoyed the experience. I had a great time in there. It was an hour of absolute fun and awesomeness." Josh


" If you look up at the stars, there can be a group of stars that make a picture that is called a constellation. " Summer G


"The Mobile Planetarium is great to learn with. I would give it a 10/10 for coolness!" Kai D


"It was amazing, incredible and super. It was the best thing in school ever. It was the best." Jorel


"I loved going in the Mobile Planetarium. I loved when we saw stars making pictures that were awesome." Sammy


"What an awesome day we had! I found it entertaining." Woody


" Next he turned off the lights. Inside it was really dark. Then Mr Murray told us a story about Heracles and a foolish king and a boastful queen. All in all, it was brilliant!" Brandon and Erin.




Thursday 30th December


Take a look at our amazing home learning with the theme ‘Coasts and Islands’...

Slippers projEct


Children in Lundy Class have been involved in a very exciting project with Mrs Elphick, to design and make their own slippers to wear at school. They are all very individual and help us to feel cosy in this cold weather! 

Friday 24th November 2017


Lighthouse Stories

In Literacy, we watched a short film called 'Lighthouse' and then wrote the story in our own words. They were so well written that we have now made our own books, ready to share with younger children in our school.


Once upon a time, on a dark stormy night on the edge of a tall cliff, was a stripy lighthouse. Down the cliff was a village. People were cheering loudly every time the light from the lighthouse span around. A boat was coming. The lighthouse keeper was inside the tall lighthouse. He was lonely, old and grumpy. by Tom W


The lighthouse keeper slammed the window and he heard a bang! The window slammed open again and the candle blew out. He stood up. It was pitch black. There was a toolbox. He fell backwards and sprinted up the spiral staircase. by Sammy 


The lighthouse keeper felt worried because maybe had broken into the lighthouse or something had broken. He became more anxious as he sprinted up the spiral staircase. The stopped cheering. He looked inside the light bulb that powered the lighthouse. It looked broken. He tried to carry it but tripped over the toolbox. He looked ahead. The ship was going to crash into the sharp Liberty



welcome to lundy class 2017 - 2018

What a busy start to the new school year! We are really impressed with these children who managed to successfully complete the Library Summer Reading Challenge. A great start to their Housepoints collection with 10 Housepoints each! 

Nicki made this at home...our very own Peggy Sue!!

Thursday 5th october - Tangle Theatre 

We were treated today to a delightful performance of 'No Man is an Island', a mixture of performance poetry and song. This talented group was made up of actors from the Cape Verde Islands, Nigeria, Jamaica and Ghana. We also joined in with some acapella singing to the tune of 'Dream Carry Me On'. 

YOucubed maths

We have had fun in our maths learning exploring patterns and working together to solve patterns. 

Appledore lifeboat station visit

Year 4 spent a super morning at the Lifeboat Station where Martin and Steve talked about types of boats, the history of the RNLI and the Station, the crew and their kit. Back at school, children have designed a Guidebook in pairs. 


St george'S house residential

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