Class 4 Lundy

welcome to lundy class 2019-2020

It has been a very busy start to the term already with residential trips for year 5/6 children to St George's House and to Simonsbath for year 3/4 children. Please take a look at the Class 5 pages for photos and information about the year 5 trip. See the Gallery pages for photos of the year 4 children at Simonsbath. We all had a brilliant time, with the children surpassing every expectation we had. They were a credit to their parents and a pleasure to spend a few days away with.

We are currently working on some writing so that we have memories of our time away. Watch this space for extracts very soon!


In Literacy, we will be working on the wonderful book 'Where My Wellies Take Me' by Claire and Michael Morpurgo. It is full of poetry and beautiful description of countryside walks, presented as a scrapbook. Our plan is to create our own scrapbook, in a similar style, so that we can collect our memories from this year. 


In Maths, we have made a start on learning our times tables - a key skill to help make connections with many aspects of Maths learning. We are working on 3 times tables with year 4 children and revising 7 times tables with year 5.


We have been very impressed with the high standard of home learning so far. We have especially enjoyed finding out about all of the children when they shared their 'Life Boards' in class. What a busy group of children they are in Lundy Class! We have also been impressed with the number of children reading regularly at home and telling us about the books they are enjoying.









Creative Home Learning

As part of our Devon D-Day topic, children have completed some wonderful home learning projects, from creating Anderson shelters, beach landing scenes, letters home, war time recipes (carrot cake, shortbread and bread pudding), to 24 hour ration packs for each and every one of us! Thank you for supporting your children to do this home learning. If you visited the Saunton D-Day event, please could you forward photographs to us via the school admin email address - thank you. 



Musical Inspiration for Key Stage Two pupils - 19th June 2019

On Wednesday, we were treated to an amazing concert for schools at the Queens Theatre performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra. The music featured many pieces from the BBC Ten Pieces initiative; a project we have embraced in our school and will continue with in the future. It was great to hear some familiar music live, by incredible musicians in our local theatre.

"The music made me feel calm, sleepy because it was soothing. My favourite instrument was the trombone." Kienna


"My favourite instrument was the trumpet because I play it." Martin


"I thought it was really cool. I loved listening to the orchestra." Summer


" I liked how Emily was telling a story though music and when they did music about space, I actually thought I was in space!" Madison

rosemoor gardens May 2019

Devon D-day anniversary 75 years

The Royal Marine Base at Instow invited us to visit a display of a snap shot of equipment developed at Instow and used by troops on D Day. We saw modern day equivalents and also watched videos to show us how equipment is being developed for the future. On display was a 1943 DUKW, 1944 Willy's Jeep, as well as a 1943 James Military Lightweight Motorcycle. We saw a period uniform compared to a modern day equivalent and we handled various pieces of weaponry, old and new. At the end of our visit, brave members of staff agreed to go into the jeep to wade through the dip tank, with the children cheering them on safely from the sidelines - the teachers luckily managed to stay dry and were still smiling at the end! 


Week beginning 20th May

We enjoyed another great football session with Sam on Monday afternoon, starting with some fast paced and fun warm ups -spider tag and splat tag! We then worked on our dribbling skills, developing our ‘nutmeg’ and ‘panna’ skills!

Week beginning 13th May

Lundy Class  had a fantastic start to the week, working on their coding skills with Mrs Slater.

They also worked with football coach Sam on passing and intercepting strategies, a great afternoon!

Week beginning 29th April

The Beacon Centre, Lee Abbey


Year 4 and 3 had a fantastic start to the week as we visited the Beacon Centre at Lee Abbey. We had an action-packed day taking part in a great range of activities! We learned to Boulder,climb and belay, we honed our target skills during our archery session, we zoomed down a 130m zip wire and we worked as a team to follow a set of orienteering clues. After a delicious evening meal, we gathered around the fire pit to reflect on an awesome day. A huge thank you to the Beacon Centre team for all their help and encouragement! 😃

Week beginning 23rd April

Welcome back, we hope you have had a lovely Easter break,

This week we have enjoyed a visit from the RNLI life guards and from Felicity Sylvester who talked about sustainable fish sources and gave us a lovely taster!

Friday 29th March

Report form Riley and Lincoln form Pilton Community College activity morning.


Today we went to Pilton. We had 3 lessons it was German, French and Science. In Science we had to mix and test different liquids with thermostats to measure if there was a change in temperature. 


In German we learnt different German words such as a dog is a ‘hund’ and blue is ‘blau’ we then won sweets for winning the German bingo. 


In french we learnt ‘J’aime bien le croissant. C’est delicious!’ In English this would mean ‘Please can I have a crossiant. Thank you it was delicious.’ 

Week beginning 11th March


This week Lundy Class have been  'Wallace and Gromet' style inventors, designing our own amazing contraptions from the humble shopping trolley. Watch this space to find out more about 'The Pampered Pet Transporter', 'The Doggy Buggy' and 'The All-Terrain Rally Car' name but a few!!


We have also been time travellers in our P.E sessions - recreating processions and dances from the court of the Tudoe king Henry VIII. 

Week beginning 4th March 2019

World Book Day is always a real spectacle of wonderful book characters coming to life. This year was no exception, with some really imaginative creations - see the photographs below!


To celebrate the day, we had a whole school parade in the hall and we shared the books that we had chosen our characters from - a great way to recommend books to each other too.

We watched a video of 'Lord No Words' from the 'Anti-word League'. We learnt that this evil group can steal words from books, they camouflage themselves, and they have been known to capture authors and illustrators, turning them into bookmarks! We were asked to take on the role of a detective, so that we could rescue the star authors and illustrators from their bookmark prisons. We designed a 'Wanted Poster' to help capture members of the Anti-Word League before they stole all of the words from books.


In the afternoon, we took part in a team challenge called 'Lost in the Library' to solve clues to unlock the door to a library - rather like 'Escape Rooms'! It was tricky but fun with two teams managing to solve the code. Well done to Freddy, Kienna, Alfie and Milly - they were awarded with a houseplant each for their hard work. We also watched a live lesson from the BBC World Book Day programme, where we saw Malorie Blackman, children's author, read an extract from her super book called 'Cloud Busting'.

Week beginning 25th February 


A huge thank you to Mr Rolfe and Michelle from TT Electronics who visited Lundy and Trinity classes on Monday afternoon to talk about STEM opportunities. We found out some fascinating facts about the production and testing of aviation components. We also had some 'hands on' learning creating circuits with play dough, electronic sets and even a human circuit of 53 children! An awesome and inspiring afternoon of learning!

Week beginning February 11th.

We’ve been being scientists this week as we have started to investigate our “States of Matter” topic. We set up our own investigations to test rates of evaporation. We have also explored what condensation is.


On Wednesday 13th February, Kim, a dental nurse came to speak to us about taking care of your teeth. We looked at pictures of teeth covered in plaque and rotten and she then showed us how to clean our teeth properly both with a manual and with an electric toothbrush. We have designed our posters to remind children across our school of Kim's three top tips.


North Devon sinfonia music workshop

On Friday 15th February, year 5 and 6 children took part in a music workshop with North Devon Sinfonia. 


'One of my favourite parts was when we learnt a song based on a limerick we had written. It was Lacey's limerick we made into a song: "There was a young girl from Fremington." Imogen.


'I was so proud of myself after. You needed to stay awake at all times and it was a lot of teamwork.' Emilee


'I really liked leading the drums, counting everybody in.' Nelson


'We were filmed by Hamish the camera man from BBC Spotlight. We might be on TV!' Summer


'I liked the dice game because you could make funny noises with the percussion instruments' Tom





Week Beginning 4th February


As part of our 'Time Travel' topic we have been using our dance lessons to explore aspects of Roman life.

Week beginning 21st january 2018

We have already had a busy start to the New Year and are looking forward to an exciting new 'Time Travel' topic. 


This term we have undertaken the challenge of completing our daily mile - this has been fantastic for increasing our fitness and stamina, not to mention setting and working towards our own personal targets.


On Thursday 24th January, we were treated to a fabulous musical performance by the Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra. Here is what we thought about it:


My favourite part was listening to the songs they played because they were fun! Madison


I really liked it when they used the 'Tempo' and 'Dynamics' signs to control the speed and volume of the band. Aggie


They also used lots of different instruments, a guitar, an electric bass guitar, an alto saxophone, trumpet and drums. Nathan


I enjoyed the songs because I liked it when they changed the tempo and the dynamics. Poppy.



Megan, Mrs Turner's daughter, came in to teach us some drama techniques. Here we are inventing our own time machines, using only our bodies and voices for sound effects. 

We are also working towards our Primary Engineers award. This is a very exciting opportunity for us all to immerse ourselves in some STEM learning. We worked in groups on the Egg drop challenge. We had to “pay” for the materials we wanted to use and design and build an invention for protecting our eggs from a 2 metre drop......

Week beginning 17th December



This afternoon we had a fantastic time investigating igloo shapes; we used a range of different materials to build our own mini igloos.It was great to see team work in action as we created and evaluated our winter shelters.

Week beginning 12th November

It has been another busy week in Lundy Class - we have started our learning about writing instructions in Literacy and we have discovered what a factor, square number and prime number is. We have just started to rehearse our production 'The Keymaster' - listen out for the songs at home!


On Wednesday afternoon, Megan joined us for the afternoon to teach us (and Mrs Turner!) some drama games. The tasks helped us to work supportively in a team and to think imaginatively. Take a look at the picture below of a group working together to create a picture of a toothbrush - it was an electric brush that could be switched on by pressing a button - great imaginations! We finished by creating our own soundscape in a class circle. It was a fun afternoon and we look forward to Megan's next visit.

Please see the link below for ideas to help with learning your times tables:

Week beginning October 15th


On Monday Trinity and Lundy Classes had a science day. We took part in a carousel of activities which included: Earth and space, Safety with electricity, learning about electric circuits and symbols. It was an active day of learning.

Week beginning 8th October

On Thursday, we were treated to a performance by ex-Instow pupil - Yazzy. She talked to us about where her dream to be a singer began - when she was asked to perform in the Instow Primary School 'Talent Show', and when she was picked to play Nancy in the Christmas play. She recalled standing on the playground steps and singing with her best friend at the time. Yazzy told us about her three albums she has recorded and how she was asked this year to support Paloma Faith at the Glastonbury Extravaganza! Yazzy sang a couple of her favourite songs to us but the highlight was when we joined in with singing 'This Is Me!' with her - a very special moment! Check out Trinity Class page (Class 5) to see pictures of Yazzy's visit.

Wednesday 3rd October

During the Key stage 2 children's assembly, we watched the author and illustrator Tom McLaughlin, who is a very famous author and illustrator of children's books. He shared a great book called "The Accidental PRIME MINISTER". We are going to share some of it with you now:


"Where there is grumpiness, may we bring giggles; where there is jelly, may we bring ice-cream; where there are chairs, may we bring whoopee cushions!" 


We really enjoyed it when he taught us about drawing a man from simple shapes. Tom also shared that he is dyslexic and that he found reading and writing very difficult as a child. In fact, he still finds reading tricky now! This hasn't stopped him from being a successful author though - he definitely knows the power of YET!


Reported by Noah, Milly and Mrs Turner



Author Visit

Week beginning Monday 24th September

Bristol Residential

This week was our long awaited residential trip to Bristol for our year 5 children in Lundy Class. It has been a week of new experiences, fun, learning and exploration, as well as glorious sunshine - we were so lucky! There are so many highlights that you will hear about in the coming weeks but some of our favourites include: seeing all of the animals at the zoo (especially Red Pandas!), all of the wonderful meals at the Youth Hostel (cooked breakfasts... yum), going on board the SS Great Britain, a ferry ride around the harbour and so many more! The children were great company and it was a delight to receive compliments from members of the public and staff at the Youth Hostel about their manners and excellent behaviour. Please see Class 5 pages to view more of the many photographs taken during the week.

'Lundy Class loving our new 'Lookout'!



Welcome to Lundy Class 2018-2019. We hope that you have had a great summer holiday!

In Lundy Class, we have made a great start to the year already, working together to solve clues about our new topic, based on the fabulous book "Shackleton's Journey". If you have any books or artefacts related to our new topic, we would love to borrow them! Maybe you know a real-life explorer that we could interview?


Also, we are on the lookout for cushions and beanbags for our reading corner, spare fabric for displays and buttons for crafts. Many thanks. 


Be sure to check on Friday for our Lundy and Trinity Class team 'Parent Newsletter' as well as a copy of our topic plan "Exploration".