Class 4 Lundy

Lundy Class 2019 - 2020

Welcome to the Spring Term 2020

Our new topic “Going Global” is a really exciting topic with lots of opportunities for us to learn about life in other countries, the many different cultures and customs from around the world, as well as making many links to different areas of the curriculum. In art, we have started by looking at a variety of African patterns and artefacts, exploring inspiration from animals, wildlife and the local environment. See the pictures below: 

Science Week - Flight and Forces

We had a fantastic start to Science week this morning with a visit from Mr Penfold and Cassius the Harris hawk. Mr Penfold explained the concepts of gravity, lift, drag and aerodynamic shapes.

Cassius showed us these concepts in action as he flew across the hall and the playground.

Day 2

Year 4 Forces Dances

Year 5 Levers, Pulleys and Gears

Whole school Devon Air Ambulance visit

Singing assembly - Flight songs

Science Week - visit from TT Electronics


We had a fantastic morning with TT Electronics this morning. We learned about the different forces involved with an aircraft’s flight and the range of methods used to control an aircraft’s flight path We put our new knowledgeable to the test as we adjusted the elevators ailerons and rudder of a toy plane before flying it.


TTElectronics then set us a brilliant challenge - we had to build the tallest, strongest tower that we could using only spaghetti and tape. We had twenty minutes to design and build our structures.

Year 4 Rugby Festival February 2020

Times Tables Check

Please take a look at the link below for more information about the Year 4 'Times Table Check' and for lots of ideas for helping children to learn their times tables:



Performance Poetry

We have been thrilled with the standard of performances so far, with children challenging themselves to learn their poems by heart, project their voices, articulate clearly and use pace and exaggeration for effect. Look out for some examples on here over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, take a look at Michael Rosen’s website to see the master of performance poetry in action!

Seedlings  (The Gambia) assembly with Ruthy 

We had an update today from Ruthy, comparing life for a child in The Gambia with life for a child in the UK. Ruthy shared lots of photographs of children from the school and told us about school life, homes, and food. 




Our topic for the Autumn Term 2019 is all about the local area, with a 'WOW' start in Georgeham or Simonsbath - the Year 5 and Year 4 residential trips. Please refer to the attached topic plan for more details of curriculum coverage linked to our topic this term.

Science morning

Trinity and Lundy class had a fun morning on Wednesday learning about teeth and digestion. We have learnt lots of new scientific vocabulary and we have explored why it is so important to look after our teeth. We have set up an experiment to see the effects of different liquids, such as cola and vinegar, on an egg shell (representing tooth enamel). We will report on our findings next week. 

Egg experiment reSults

Take a look at the photographs to show what happened when we added an egg to different liquids: cola, an energy drink, orange juice, water and vinegar. We found out that vinegar made the egg bouncy because it dissolved the shell. This is just like what happens when we eat too much sugar and then the bacteria turns it into acid that is bad for our teeth, causing tooth decay. 



Today Sophie from Edukid came in to talk to us about the work of Edukid. We found out about the life of children in Cambodia and our sponsor child Sup Sopheap who is 9 years old. She taught us several phrase in Khmer, sus-a-day means hello! If we were counting to 5 we would say Moi, Be, Bi, Boen and Bram.

See class 5 page for photographs of This assembly


Ilfracombe Visit

Trinity and Lundy classes had a brilliant day visiting Ilfracombe. We walked around the town looking at features we would expect to find in a coastal town. We considered the impact of the local industries- particularly tourism and fishing.

In the afternoon we visited the Embassy Cinema to watch the film Abominable, courtesy of the fantastic Into Film initiative.

Week beginning 28th October


Football Coaching 

Year 4 worked with football coach Pete. We played lots of different games to develop our speed, our directional moves, our defence and our marking skills. It was a fast- moving and fun-packed afternoon.

Week Beginning 13th october



Every Monday, we do mental arithmetic in our year groups, working on addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions.



We have been looking at traditional tales with Mrs Tuohey, exploring the story "Beauty and the Beast." We have also been writing about barn owls using ideas from "Where My Wellies Take Me".



With Mrs Knight, we have been learning about how plants reproduce. We visited the churchyard to find great examples of plants reproducing.


House Groups

Every week we meet as a House group and this week we were talking about how we can give compliments to each other.


Great Torrington School Visit

I was chosen to represent Class 4 at this recycling event. There were lots of fun things to see, including a plastic crushing machine. We learnt about the hemp plant - it can make bricks for houses, logs for fire and you can make bio-degradable plastics out of it. It grows in three months. (Ned)


Written by Alfie and Ned (Lundy Class Reporters)








We enjoyed a fantastic talk from author Guy Bass this morning. He entertained us with stories from his childhood and inspired us to explore the world of our imaginations for our own story ideas. He brought to life an excerpt from his new book The Unimaginary Friend, we can’t wait to discover the new worlds that Skeleton Keys will find!


It has been a very busy start to the term already with residential trips for year 5/6 children to St George's House and to Simonsbath for year 3/4 children. Please take a look at the Class 5 pages for photos and information about the year 5 trip. See the Gallery pages for photos of the year 4 children at Simonsbath. We all had a brilliant time, with the children surpassing every expectation we had. They were a credit to their parents and a pleasure to spend a few days away with. 

We are currently working on some writing so that we have memories of our time away. Watch this space for extracts very soon!


In Literacy, we will be working on the wonderful book 'Where My Wellies Take Me' by Claire and Michael Morpurgo. It is full of poetry and beautiful description of countryside walks, presented as a scrapbook. Our plan is to create our own scrapbook, in a similar style, so that we can collect our memories from this year. 


In Maths, we have made a start on learning our times tables - a key skill to help make connections with many aspects of Maths learning. We are working on 3 and 4 times tables with year 4 children and revising 7 and 8 times tables with year 5. We have worked on sequences, place value and Roman Numerals - look up the song for a really fun way of remembering these. 


We have been very impressed with the high standard of home learning so far. We have especially enjoyed finding out about all of the children when they shared their 'Life Boards' in class. What a busy group of children they are in Lundy Class! We have also been impressed with the number of children reading regularly at home and telling us about the books they are enjoying.