Class 4 Lundy

RED NOSE DAY - 19.03.2021

Here we are looking colourful on Friday. The children really made a great effort into dressing up in red today and we enjoyed listening to each other's jokes too!

PE - Handball

Today, we have started to explore the popular European game "Handball". To begin with, we watched a video of a group of French children playing this game - it is very fast paced. We practised lots of new ball skills - this ball is much smaller than we are used to playing with so we needed to practise basic throwing and catching skills to begin with. We all had great fun and the sun came out for a short while too! 

Welcome back Lundy Class!

It has been wonderful to welcome back the whole class to school this week. The children have really enjoyed seeing their friends again, catching up with each other and having fun at break times. We have been impressed with how positive the children have been and how well they are settling back into school life and usual routines.


At the beginning of the week, the children completed some writing about their journey to school. Here are a couple of examples:


On my way to school, I saw sheep in the fields, eating their frosty grass breakfast. I saw the river winding down to the sea and I saw the sun shine as bright as a ball of fire. I saw the trees swaying in the wind. I saw an old broken windmill standing on top of a sheep filled hill and finally I saw my school with a great view of the sea and beach. Flynn.


On my way to school this morning I saw a beautiful blackbird swishing all around the frost. I saw sheep feeding the cute little lambs. I saw rainbow flowers blowing out all colour petals. Zach


When I stepped out of the door I felt the icy chill of the morning air and I ran down the icy steps without a care. When I walked along the path, I saw lots of frozen puddles. Amelia 


We have continued to work on our times tables this week and there is an exciting competition between the classes until 19th March on TTRS. Watch this space to see how we get on next week! 


We have also been reading the beautiful book ´One Hundred Steps  which has really inspired us. Take a look at our classroom display: 





New Born King


The wonderful Year 4 children performed New Born King, a portion of which made it to the Big Sing. The children really enjoyed singing 'virtually' with over 8000 other children from around the world. You can see it here:


On Tuesday, we were so lucky with our Lundy Class afternoon trip to the beach - the sun shone on us and we had a wonderful time, playing games as a group and then working in teams to create a beach sculpture of a snowman. Have a look at some of our photographs below.


We were busy with pentominoes as part of our learning on area and discovered that there are 12! We had a go at a puzzle and making pictures using them. As some of the children had made Egyptian puzzles as part of their home learning, we spent a bit of time playing them - it was great fun. Thanks to Bronwyn and Miles for producing them. We looked at our mummifying oranges again to see their progress. they are drying out nicely with the help of bicarbonate of soda and salt.


We finished this term with a lovely party afternoon. We wish you all a happy, safe and restful Christmas!


Well done to Zach and Jack for outstanding home learning - Zach made a very detailed, professional powerpoint presentation all about Ancient Egypt and Jack created a fabulous canopic jar. 

w/b 7th December 2020


What another wonderful week we have had again. We had a peep at our mummifying oranges but we think they need a bit longer! We'll have another look next week. As a class earned treat, we did some paper art, making some seasonal decorations. The children are becoming really proficient with their tables and, when delving into the 8 times table, made it up to 8 x 25 and beyond! They are seeing many links and ways to calculate using what they know. Having done lots of skills leading up to a full match, the children finally played a game of Basketball and showed that their hard work had paid off. Some fabulous dribbling, passing, catching defending and attacking plus great teamwork made for a very enjoyable Friday afternoon of PE.


On Tuesday, Year 4 had a successful teambuilding afternoon with the Year 5s who will make up Lundy Class in January and will repeat this with a trip to the beach together next week.


It is always wonderful to see how creative the children are with their home learning and we are eagerly anticipating the release of the Egyptian based video game!!



What a start to December we've had! We discovered the symmetry and uniqueness of snowflakes and made some wonderful ones to send to a competition being run by Morrisons. Head over there to see if you can spot your child's. The classroom did look like there had been a blizzard but the children did fantastic 'snow clearing' to leave it looking neat again! 


On Tuesday, we enjoyed a 'Science Day' all about the digestive system. Here are some photographs to show the experiment we did to show the journey of food through our body - we were pleased we did this before our lunch! 


On Thursday, we had a go at mummifying oranges. We had to dig out all the insides, dry them and stuff them with salt and bicarbonate of soda and finally bandage them. We're looking forward to the big reveal next week to see if it has worked.


The 7 x table is our table of the week and the children enjoy Fridays where we dig into it a bit further and play lots of games to help us become more fluent with them.


We have been practising basketball skills this half term and have been playing the game. Definitely some Michael Jordan's in the making!

Maths Challenge

Ancient Egypt


On Monday, we had great fun making pyramids out of Play-Doh! Have a look at the pictures that show four different types of pyramid: The Step Pyramid, The Bent Pyramid, Kafne's Pyramid and The Red Pyramid. Can you spot each one? 

Egyptian Souvenir from 1917

Thank you to Alice for sharing a wonderful and rather old Egyptian souvenir book from 1917. It belonged to a family member who kindly allowed us to see it today. 


Here are the photographs of our Pharaoh portraits now on display in class. Each child drew a self-portrait of the side profile of their face and then added a chosen Ancient Egyptian crown and jewellery. Can you guess which children they are? 


It has also been "Anti-bullying week" and we some spent time thinking about how friends should behave towards each other and we looked at a range of scenarios, considering how the different characters might be feeling in each. Children learnt how important it is to always tell a trusted adult if somebody is being repeatedly unkind to them, even if they were a friend before.


Well done to Jack, Miles and Will for achieving the highest scores during our TTRockstars challenge week. 


It has been another good week in Lundy Class. We have been learning about writing diaries in Literacy and we have made a start on our own diary, imagining that we are Howard Carter, about to discover the tomb of Tutankhamun. We are looking forward to sharing these with you all next week.  


In Maths, we are working on written methods of addition and have started to practise column addition with 4-digit numbers. We have been learning how to multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1 and 0. We are also practising our mental maths skills by using an online programme called “Daily Ten” by Topmarks – available online. We have also made a start on learning the 12 times tables. The children are enjoying singing and dancing along to fun “Supermovers” songs that you can find online.


Our topic is proving to be really exciting and this week’s task was to find out about Pharaohs in Ancient Egyptian times. In Art, children then created their own Pharaoh portraits, with a side profile of their face and a choice of Egyptian crowns and jewellery. Look out for examples of these on our class page next week.  


We have been continuing body percussion and rhythms in music and were inspired by a composition by Anne Meredith that is one of the BBC Ten Pieces. 


We also spent time this week reflecting on Remembrance Day, its origins and importance to us today. We looked at the book “Tail-End Charlie” about an air gunner in the second World War. The children then joined together (in year group bubbles) to hold two minutes silence on Wednesday morning.




We have had a great first week back and children have soon settled back to the usual routines.


In Literacy, we have enjoyed watching a short film, called Tadeo Jones, linking closely with our Ancient Egypt topic. We have summarised the story and created a storyboard to show the key events. We are working towards writing a diary from the point of view of Tadeo Jones. 


We continue to learn times tables facts and next week, children will be focussing on the 4 times tables again to make sure that they know them at speed and in random order. In maths, we are now working on addition and subtraction skills, including mental maths methods as well as written methods. We will be working on column addition and subtraction with 4 digit numbers next week.


In History we have been looking at the gifts that the Nile provided for the Ancient Egyptians, from food, transport, trade and papyrus. Thank you to all those children who have shared their home learning - there have been some super models, fact files and bread making photographs shared so far. 

We have written stories for our own class "Book of Hopes"

Egyptian Home Learning - a few examples


The first half term has gone by so quickly and what a lot we have done in those first few weeks of year 4. Monday was our first 'Science Day' and we spent the day learning about "Teeth", the different types of teeth we have, their function in the mouth and we set up an experiment to test out the effect of sugar on our teeth too, using hard boiled eggs! 

Egg experiment

We learnt that the eggs in water and milk did not change at all, either in colour or texture but the egg in the orange juice started to lose its shell and its colour lightened. The egg in the cola changed colour to a dark brown and the egg in the vinegar lost its shell completely, leaving only the membrane. The shell represents the enamel on the outside of our teeth so we decided that it is best to limit the amount of sugary drinks we have to protect our teeth. We were surprised to see how much sugar is in orange juice.



Looking at the types of teeth we have


Many children are noticing their progress with times tables now and it has been great to hear children telling us that they have achieved their best score so far this week! We have finished our place value work for now and we are ready to start on addition and subtraction strategies after half term. We played a fun game called "Nice or Nasty" - a great game for you to play together at home, practising 4 digit numbers. See the link below:




It has been another busy week for Year 4. In Literacy lessons we have worked on similes - here are some of our examples:


She felt happy like a cat purring. (Ava)

Harry felt sad like an ice cream dripping onto the path. (Molly)

Henry felt calm like a glistening star in the night. (Arlo)

Jack felt as nervous as a boy in a dentist waiting room, waiting to have his tooth removed. (Isaac)

She felt really happy like a baby bird about to take off. (Olivia)


This week, as part of Black History month, we have learnt about Howard Gayle, the first black footballer to play for Liverpool FC and Rosa Parks, who fought for the right to end segregation on buses in the USA. Thankyou to Connie for bringing in a book about Martin Luther King including Rosa Parks for us to share. Ruby has also recommended a video on Horrible Histories all about Rosa Parks - definitely worth a watch!


In Maths,  we continue to work on learning our times tables and TTRockstars has now been updated so that it matches the times tables we are learning at school - currently x 3. If your child is already confident with these, we have set up more challenging games for them to play on TTRockstars so there is something for everyone!


We have really enjoyed singing and signing our Harvest song - we hope that you enjoy it too. You can see it under the "Video Resource Centre" in the "Children" section.





2020 - 2021


We have been so impressed with how well the children have settled back into school life after such a long break. They have adjusted to new routines brilliantly, taking everything in

their stride.  A great start!


So that parents and families can see some of our learning, we will be posting photographs on here regularly. Check in each week on a Friday when we will be updating this page.



Year Forest School - September 2020

We have had a wonderful week of Forest School. Lots of fun, laughter and smiles whether it was wet, windy or sunny!

Week Beginning 5th October 2020


The Book of Hopes - we have been reading extracts from this book since the beginning of term and using it to help us with learning new things in Literacy, such as similes, alliteration and how to punctuate direct speech. It is an online book, now published as a wonderful hardback book too, written during Lockdown by many famous authors. We now have our own treasured class copy and will be enjoying many more stories and poems over the coming weeks.


This week, children were really excited to start writing a story for our very own class "Book of Hopes". Watch this space for some extracts next week! 


In maths, children continue to work on place value skills, developing their understanding of 4 digit numbers. In the photographs below, you will see children using place value counters to help their understanding. 


We have made a start on our Ancient Egypt topic, looking at where Egypt is in the world and then identifying landmarks on a map of Egypt. We have also been working on a song for Harvest called "Let's Harvest", using Makaton signs too! 


Home learning this week: 4 x tables and reading at least 3 times. 

The Book of Hopes

Place Value