Class 4 Lundy



Friday 10th June

Today, we had our first Basketball session with Dave, a local Basketball coach. Have a look at the photographs below to see the children practising their new skills. 

Week beginning 20th May

Science Experiments - Results


This week we looked at the final results of our Science experiments. Our experiment with a salt water solution placed on black paper looked very different after a week. All the water had evaporated and left some amazing salt crystals- they looked quite different in shape to the salt crystals that we added to the original solution.

Our experiments with two jars of water - one with a lid and one open to the air - showed fascinating results! We noticed that in the open jar the water level had dropped considerably because the water had evaporated. The jar with the lid still had a high water level - we noticed that there were lots of droplets of water around the top of the jar. We think that the water had evaporated, when the water vapour reached the lid of the jar, it condensed back in to water droplets. This discussed these processes of evaporation and condensation in the jar - we decided that we had made our own mini water cycle!




Jubilee Celebrations - Maypole Dancing

After just four weeks of learning Maypole dances we were really proud of our dance for the Jubilee celebrations. Here is a link to the video of our final rehearsal (it was far less windy than the Jubilee afternoon!)

La Luna - Narrative Writing

Here are a few examples of our writing, after watching this Disney Pixar short film, La Luna. The children were challenged to choose a favourite scene, then write a short narrative, including some dialogue and detailed description. They made their own booklets and worked hard to present them carefully.

Week beginning 16th May

We had a busy start to our week with a day of Science learning on Monday. We revisited the concepts of different states of matter -solids, liquids and gases. We looked at how particles behave in each of the different states; we even role played the particles and their different movements. Working in small groups, we set up experiments to investigate evaporation- we are looking forward to collecting the results later in the week!

Science investigations

World Record

For National Numeracy Day on 18th May we, along with thousands of school children, set a Guinness World Records title for the "Most viewers of a rolling numbers live stream on YouTube!" Not bad for a Wednesday morning! 


We also congratulated Rupert and Koby for achieving 25/25 three times in a row, on the TTRS Soundcheck game. 

Week Beginning 2nd May 2022

This week, Lundy Class have made a start on learning about 'Fractions'. The children thought about where they might see fractions in real-life and why we need to learn about them. Together, they came up with a huge list of ideas: food and recipes, measurement of liquids and distances and when telling the time for example.


In English, the children watched the Disney Pixar trailer, 'La Luna' and made predictions about who the characters might be, what is happening in the story so far and what might happen next. Children then turned their ideas into a short drama to perform to each other. They were very imaginative! The next task was to write sentences including dialogue between the characters, using the correct punctuation and layout. 


As part of the learning about the Platinum Jubilee, in art, children have sketched portraits of the Queen. They are almost finished - look out for some great work next week! 


On Friday, children in Lundy Class were treated to a day in the woods with Mrs Harvest. Children started with a scavenger hunt; they were challenged to create their own treasure hunt for others to solve; they enjoyed free time to explore the woods and they also created a bird table for robins to share with their friends - the robins were especially vocal in the woods today and wanted to see what we were up to! The final treat was toasting marshmallows on the campfire and making s'mores to eat. Delicious! 





Week beginning 25th April

Welcome Back

It has been lovely to welcome Lundy Class back and to hear about all your adventures over the Easter break. We are sitting in new places and are working really hard to consider what makes a good talk partner. Some of our top tips for talk partners are:

  • Look at and listen to the person who is talking.
  • Ask questions if you aren’t clear about what has been said.
  • Try to stick to the topic.
  • Give everyone the chance to talk.

We are going to be using these, and other tips to help us improve our talking skills.



Platinum Jubilee

This half term we are going to be learning about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. We have already considered many questions that we would like to investigate.

As part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we will be taking part in some traditional Maypole dancing. Today we had our first lesson with the Maypole - we thoroughly enjoyed creating different patterns, but soon realised that it is quite tricky to ‘undo’ the pattern!


Maypole Dancing

Still image for this video

Maypole Dancing

Still image for this video

Week begin 4th April

This week we completed and performed our Sweetieland dances. We have worked really hard over the last five weeks to put together dance sequences in our groups. Each sequence had to include a range of distinctive dance skills - with our routines containing specific elements: working in unison, working in canon, action and reaction, retrograde and repetition.


We then evaluated each other’s performances and gave feedback on what went well and any improvements that could be made. Here are the videos of our dances (apologies for the rather wobbly filming!) 

Lundy Class Sweetieland Dance

Still image for this video

Lundy Class Sweetieland Dance

Still image for this video

Lundy Class Sweetieland Dance

Still image for this video

Lundy Class Sweetieland Dance

Still image for this video

Lundy Class Sweetieland Dance

Still image for this video

Pilton Drama and Music Workshop

On Wednesday, we were visited by teachers from Pilton Community College, who led a wonderful drama session for children in Year 5. Here are some photographs of the group work we did and the poem that children worked on.


Week beginning 14th March

Exeter Cathedral Chorister Outreach Project

Lundy Class has a fantastic day taking part in the Chorister Outreach Project. We joined seven other schools from North Devon and some of the choristers from Exeter Cathedral; each school sang  a song of their own choice. The schools all joined as one choir to sing Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho, Cantate Domino and No Wars. It was an amazing experience and the sound of the collective voices was truly beautiful! Mr and Mrs Casey filmed the event, so hopefully there will be a video of our singing for you to watch!



Brilliant Brownie Points Treat

Lundy Class have worked really hard over the last half term to earn class ‘Brownie Points’. These can be earned for great team work, completing a morning brain teaser challenge’ working really hard in lessons, showing kindness to each other …and many other reasons too!
This time the class voted to have a sports afternoon- with the added bonus of teddies joining us for the day in class! 
We had a wonderful afternoon of sports and fun games out on the bottom pitch. The children invented their own games and played enthusiastically, making sure that everyone was involved! Great fun was had by all - teddies and children alike! All teddies were returned safely (although a couple had to be rescued from the basketball hoops!) We were so proud of the children that they earned another Brownie Point! 😀

Week beginning 7th March

We had an action packed start to the week in Lundy Class. Two dance teachers from the Dance Stage Company joined us to work on a street dance  routine called Sweetieland. It was fast-paced and high energy. We will be working on our routine over the next five weeks.

Friday 11th March

Our week ended with lots of fun too. We were treated to a performance by Exeter Cathedral choristers and they joined in with us while we practised our songs too. We learnt about life as a chorister - the early morning practice sessions that the children have to do most days and alternate weekends, how some children board at the school as well as some of the activities the children take part in after school, such as games and film nights.


In the afternoon, we continued with our football skills session with Clem, the Exeter football coach and then we had the cake sale! 

Week beginning 28th February


It’s been a busy start to the new half term in Lundy Class. This morning we had a workshop with Mr. Downton from Exeter Cathedral Chorister Outreach Project. We sang some fantastic new songs which we will be performing in Exeter Cathedral in a few weeks.

Winter Sports- Snowboarding 

We have had an action packed dance session  this afternoon. We created a sequence a twists, turns and jumps as we sped down the slopes.


Thursday 4th March - World Book Day

Have a look at these fabulous costumes and see if you can guess which character they are and which book they are from.

Week beginning 14th February 



In Lundy Class this afternoon we spent time thinking about sources of electricity and why electricity is so important for us. We created simple electrical circuits with batteries, wires and light bulbs. 

This afternoon we created circuits and used them to test materials to see if they were conductors or insulators.


The children have been working on creating a double page spread about volcanoes. They have researched, watched videos and learnt new "technical vocabulary" about how volcanoes are formed, the different types of volcano, how they erupt and what it is like to live near to a volcano. They then had to think about the features they needed to include in a piece of explanation writing. Here are a few examples of the first few finished pages. The children are feeling proud of their first double page spread, with one child telling us he has now realised that it is not about finishing first but that taking your time and really thinking about your writing makes it so much better! 


Week beginning 7th February


Safer Internet Day

We had some fantastic discussions in Lundy Class today as we looked at being safe with our Internet use. We had a session entitled 'All Fun and Games?'  in which we considered how we interact with people online. The class came up with some excellent ideas about how we can treat each other with respect and kindness when we are using inline platforms. Eben shared a top tip about using a website called 'Common Sense Media'

 if you or your adults at home want to check the suitability of games, films, TV programmes or books. smiley


Earth Verse - Haikus

Over the last few weeks we have been studying the book Earth Verse. We have looked at the poetic imagery used to describe natural Earth events. For example volcanoes are described a hot-headed mountains having igneous tantrums! We considered different imagery that we could use to describe tornadoes and avalanches, here are some of our haikus....


deadly dinosaur

sharp claws scraping at dark soil

wrecking with a roar



deadly spinning top

destroying swirling wipe out,

fury, wrecking ball



evil flying parts

frightening frolicking fury

wrecking sharp debris



destructive wind whirl

debris, chaos flying

mist whistling blur



wrecking tornado

furious cruel wrecking ball

fearsome funnel cloud



terrifying winds

demolishing disaster

spinning wrecking ball

Zachary C


powerful wind cloud

wrecking bulldozer crashing

deadly mist monster

Zach B


We hope that you enjoyed reading our haikus. Did you spot that haikus do not use punctuation in the same way as other forms of poetry! 

Week Beginning 24th January

This week, Mrs Wattley has been teaching Lundy Class music. The children have been exploring

instruments with backing tracks, listening to different styles of music. They have also explored tempo, dynamics, rhythm, timbre and texture. Here are the children enjoying finding the pulse of the music and playing along with a variety of percussion instruments:


In Computing, children are working on designing and creating their own game, with a maze, baddies, obstacles to move around and prizes to find or collect. They have chosen their own themes, ranging from being set in a forest, to ninja squirrels and even to a cake theme, with evil jelly beans and angry lollipops! Here are some photographs of the children working on their creations:

Week Beginning 17th January

On Wednesday we enjoyed a session with a professional handball coach. We worked on our ball skills and hand-eye coordination. The class all did brilliantly and have been invited to a local event on Saturday to work with some international handball players. They should be bringing home an invite for parents to get the details. 



In English, we have learnt how to vary the start of sentences to add interest. We have created our own scintillating sentences which include a fronted adverbial and then used drama to represent these. See the pictures below.


This week, we have made a start on a new Computing project on the Purple Mash tool, called Game Creator. We have planned our game, thinking about the theme, setting and characters, as well as designing backgrounds and walls for the maze. We are looking forward to creating our games next time. 


In maths, we are learning about multiplication and division, linking this to the times tables facts we are working on. Many children have earned a place on our class leaderboard this week for improving their speed or accuracy. Year 5 children have worked on recognising factors and multiples, as well as square and cubed numbers. 



Week Beginning 10th January 2022

Here we are enjoying the first coaching session run by football coach, Clem. We had fun playing team games to warm up, followed by some small sided games. 


In English, we learnt about powerful verbs, such as "disintegrated" and "collided". We worked in small groups and created our own actions for each verb for others to try to guess. 

Week Beginning 3rd January 2022

It has been great to see the children back this term, rested, healthy and ready for a busy term ahead. We have made a start on our exciting topic "Extreme Earth" by learning about tornadoes, designing a vehicle for scientists to travel through a tornado so that they can find out more about them, writing information to explain how the vehicles work, as well as working in small teams to build the model vehicle using Lego. Have a look at the photographs below:

Week beginning 12th December

In Lundy Class this week we have been writing our own myths based on The Ice Bear by Jackie Morris. The stories have been fantastic!


Here are some examples of our diary writing after reading about "Shackleton's Journey" to Antarctica: 


Dear diary, 

Today, me and my crew watched the Endurance slowly and sink into the cold, icy snow while the dogs were barking crazily. We set up our tents feeling depressed as we might never get back. We had second thoughts of abandoning the ship until we remembered the whole reason why it sank. The food supply was running out and it was just getting colder and colder. By Dylan


In the morning, the Endurance got stuck in a vast ice sheet. As I watched the Endurance collapse, I felt a lump of worry form in my throat, worries were dancing I'm my head. How would we get home? What will happen next? We were all devastated. By Amelia


The Endurance let us down. She failed us! I was heartbroken, disappointed ... I could hear my heart beating fast. I started to panic! By Isabelle.


Before our eyes, the sails broke off and my heart was thumping like a drum. All that we could do now was to set up basecamp with a few tents and a pile of equipment...The dogs were barking and I couldn't think of a solution. By Eliza. 


We designed our own cover for the book "Shackleton's Journey" - here are a few examples:

Week beginning Monday 29th November 

This week is our assessment week so the children have been busy with arithmetic, reasoning, spelling and reading tests.  


We have been busy preparing for our Winter markets next week, thank you to everyone who has sent in decorations and beautifully decorated jars. We are looking forward to seeing you at the market on Monday afternoon.


On Tuesday we were lucky enough to be involved in a live webinar with Christopher Lloyd. He is the author of “It’s up to us”, an inspirational book which has a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales. The book is a Terra Carta for Nature, People and Planet, a set of promises for what we can do for the future of our world. The illustrations are by different illustrators from around the world. The book is very much a celebration of diversity of cultures - people, animals, nature, landscapes ...even microbes!! It is a great encouragement for us to work as a team to help do what we can to stop climate change. Lundy class have made our own Terra Carta  - promises to the Earth - they are displayed on a beautiful tree inside our class.






Week beginning 22nd November 
This week we have loved listening to the end of our Inuit myth ‘The Ice Bear’. We discussed the puzzles in the story and made some fantastic predictions. We are now going to use the ‘writers’ tools that we have learned about to write our own myths.


Winter Market Preparations

On Tuesday afternoon we had great fun preparing for the winter market!

Week Beginning 8th November

This week, we started to read the beautifully illustrated book "Shackleton’s Journey" by William Grill. We began by studying the front cover and thought about what the book might be about from the clues we could see. We were then introduced to Ernest Shackleton, the leader of the expedition to the Antarctic. We have also looked at the wide range of writers’ tools that Jackie Morris uses in the wonderful book "The Ice Bear".

On Friday we joined in with a national online assembly ‘Be Internet Legends’ which was presented by Google and Parentzone. The assembly gave us lots of useful information about how we can be safe when we are online. The assembly supported the work that we have been doing through the NSPCC this week about personal safety. The children have a range of ideas and resources to help them if they are feeling worried or scared about something - ask them to show you the NSPCC website, with lots of information, activities to help calm themselves down if needed and games for fun! 

Shackleton's Journey

Week Beginning 1st November

This week, in English, our theme has been COP26. The children have shared lots of great ideas about ways that they can make a difference to climate change and have started to write letters to a leader of their choice.


In Maths, we have been learning about negative numbers in fun, practical ways, with a scavenger hunt outside and human number lines. See the pictures below.


We continue with our language learning, this week focussing on German colours. 


We were treated to a lovely violin performance by Koby - his practice over the lockdown period has really paid off! 

Week Beginning 11th October

This week, we made human number lines to practise ordering numbers. We have also been learning how to round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand. 


In English, we worked on powerful verbs and then we wrote a description of an enchanted forest, after watching a fascinating video about fireflies. Here are some examples of our writing:


When you first step into the forest, you see the glowing eyes of a barn owl. Then you start to see the luminous fireflies glowing in the darkness.

By Kitty


When all is quiet and still and dark, the enchanted forest awakens. When the foxes prowl, looking for something to eat, when no-one is there to disturb them, something magical happens. Unicorns prance, foals play, the fireflies come out; they flash, they dance, they illuminate the forest.

By Connie


In the enchanted forest, foxes pounced on their prey; fireflies darted around, flashing their signals through thick trees. The bright white stars illuminated the jet black sky and birds sung their wonderful lullabies. 

By Isaac


Year 4 have been thinking about what "diversity" means and we had a fun game of bingo (with a difference) to find out our similarities and differences.

Week beginning 4th October

We started our week with a Science day. We spent time thinking about teeth and how they are different shapes according to their function. We also compared different types of animal teeth - looking at how herbivores need different teeth to carnivores.


We set up an experiment to see the impact of different drinks on our teeth. Using eggs as the teeth we placed them in vinegar, cola, coffee and water. One egg had a toothpaste coating on half of the egg. We are looking forward to finding out what will happen to the eggs later in the week.


Mrs Brewer worked with us to reenact the digestive system - using a pair of tights! It was a fascinating experiment! We finished the day thinking about different types of food chains. A great day was had by all! 😄

Week beginning 27th September

Well done to all of the children who have completed their home learning this week. Year 5 children have been researching modern day explorers - we really enjoyed watching Fred's informative video on Seesaw this week, where he shared interesting facts about Bear Grylls. Year 4 are working hard to learn their times tables. This week, we have been focussing on the 8 x tables and dancing along to BBC Supermovers.

Take a look at our artwork below. On Thursday, we experimented with different types of mark making and then used these skills to represent a natural object. The children are very proud of their results.



Week Beginning 20th September 

This week, we have continued to work on place value in maths, learning how much each digit is worth in 4 digit numbers (year 4) and 5 digits or more for year 5, using place value counters to help us. The focus times tables this week are x 2 and x 4, looking at the link between the two.

In Literacy, we watched an extract of a short film, called "Once in a Lifetime" and then wrote a description of the story so far. 

We were introduced to some new additions to our class yesterday - Felix and Franzi, to help us with our German language learning. They are staying with us in Lundy Class for the rest of the year, so we are looking forward to fun learning!

In art, we experimented with continuous line drawing of natural objects. The children created artwork of a very high standard, with great attention to detail. 

Week beginning 13th September

Year 4 have enjoyed settling into their new classroom this week and after a discussion about the kind of class we want to be, they came up with some great ideas- please see the picture of the lighthouse below which children have helped to create for our class display.


In English, we have made a start on another beautifully illustrated book, called "The Barnabus Project", all about a hybrid elephant and mouse pet that has failed to make the pet shop shelves. The book has helped us to discuss themes of failure, being true to yourself as well as the importance of teamwork. The children have really enjoyed inventing their own hybrid pets in the same style. 


In Maths, children have been thinking about larger numbers, starting with a story "How Big is a Million?" online. You can see the children in the photographs below, experimenting with making their own numbers using Dienes equipment. 


Children have also had fun using the iPads, trying out the 'Times Table Rockstars App' - to start with, year 4 are revising the 5 x and 10 x tables to make sure they are fluent and accurate with these before moving on (they have their log on details stuck into the back of their reading journals). Children especially enjoyed challenging each other in class today! 





Role Play - Retelling the story of The Invisible - how some of us can feel invisible when we think no-one cares, the character later become vibrant when she realises she has made a difference to others!

Creative Mathematical thinking - creating Fibonacci Sequences using cubes.

We have had a fantastic first week back!

We spent time learning about what makes Lundy so special - both the island and our class! 
In P.E we started our OAA Orienteering unit- we developed our skills of communication and collaboration by creating obstacle courses for a ping pong ball - great fun! 

Obstacle Courses- Communication and Collaboration