Class 4 Lundy



Week beginning 13th September

Year 4 have enjoyed settling into their new classroom this week and after a discussion about the kind of class we want to be, they came up with some great ideas- please see the picture of the lighthouse below which children have helped to create for our class display.


In English, we have made a start on another beautifully illustrated book, called "The Barnabus Project", all about a hybrid elephant and mouse pet that has failed to make the pet shop shelves. The book has helped us to discuss themes of failure, being true to yourself as well as the importance of teamwork. The children have really enjoyed inventing their own hybrid pets in the same style. 


In Maths, children have been thinking about larger numbers, starting with a story "How Big is a Million?" online. You can see the children in the photographs below, experimenting with making their own numbers using Dienes equipment. 


Children have also had fun using the iPads, trying out the 'Times Table Rockstars App' - to start with, year 4 are revising the 5 x and 10 x tables to make sure they are fluent and accurate with these before moving on (they have their log on details stuck into the back of their reading journals). Children especially enjoyed challenging each other in class today! 





Role Play - Retelling the story of The Invisible - how some of us can feel invisible when we think no-one cares, the character later become vibrant when she realises she has made a difference to others!

Creative Mathematical thinking - creating Fibonacci Sequences using cubes.

We have had a fantastic first week back!

We spent time learning about what makes Lundy so special - both the island and our class! 
In P.E we started our OAA Orienteering unit- we developed our skills of communication and collaboration by creating obstacle courses for a ping pong ball - great fun! 

Obstacle Courses- Communication and Collaboration