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Lundy Class 2016/2017



In Lundy class this week, children have been busy with their preparations for the class assembly. They planned and wrote their parts in small groups or pairs, involved right from the very beginning. It was great to see so many children growing in confidence, speaking clearly to their audience and most importantly enjoying themselves. Well done Lundy Class! 


The Sponsored Silence raised £421.71 in the end - what a fantastic achievement! Thank you so much to all of the families and friends who supported us.


As promised, the winning team from our Class Snap Election is .... Happy Times. Thank you mums, dads, grandmas and grandads for taking part.



Cooking on Friday 23rd June Year 4 and Year 6

Well your children were amazing today. The Year 4's paired up with a Year 6 and we had 40 children in the hall making quiche. Half made the pastry while the other half cut their ham and peppers, cracked an egg and whisked up their egg and milk. Then they swapped over. After making their quiche the pupils were very helpful clearing away and putting away the tables. Hope the quiches tasted delicious. 

Miss Graves and Mrs Guymer

Cooking Friday 16th June

After successful pizzas last week, the Year 4s took on the challenge of making cheese scones today. It was quite interesting to see who didn't mind getting their hand messy with the dough and who did!! The children's measurement skills came into play when they rolled out the mixture and were told to make it 1cm thick - we had a few flat scones!!! We attempted to make butter as well, with teams of children shaking jars of milk for 10 minutes and then we gave up and put it into the mixture- unfortunately it didn't turn out this time!

Hope the scones were yummy, they certainly smelt delicious.

Mrs Guymer and Miss Graves

Sponsored Silence

This wonderful event was an idea that came from us, Megan and Erin M, to raise money for charity. We are very pleased and proud to say that Lundy Class (Class 4) have successfully competed the Sponsored Silence to raise money for the 'British Heart Foundation'  and the 'Ride the Night' Charities. So a great big congratulations to the whole of Class 4 for challenging yourselves to make a difference. Thank you for persevering - it was much harder than we thought! 


We will let you know the total raised later this week. 


from Erin and Megan



week beginning 5th June 2017

Our creative home learning this term has produced some outstanding pieces of work. Take a look below to see some examples:

In maths, we are working on the topic 'Time', converting analogue to digital time and 24 hour clock as well as problem solving for children in Year 5. We continue with our 'Times Tables Rockstars' daily programme. Next week, children in Sky Rockets will be practising their six times tables and All Stars will be working on their seven times tables - we have definitely gone up a gear!


In Literacy, we have been reflecting on the year so far and written a review for School Reports and our class assembly, which is coming up soon on Thursday 22nd June at 2:50pm. This is an opportunity for us to share our reflections of this year so far.


In Science, Mrs Ryan has been looking at life cycles of mammals and reptiles and will be looking at habitats, linking in to our topic.





Literacy – We continue with our Dragon project and have been improving our descriptive language by mapping and learning a range of high quality texts. By drawing symbols for the text and adding actions, children are able to memorise adventurous and challenging vocabulary and phrases. See a couple of examples of our story maps below:


Numeracy - This week, we are focusing on problem solving with money and measures, with our Home learning closely linked to the work we are doing in class.


Science – Mrs Ryan has started our Science topic about Lifecycles - looking at the differences between lifecycles of mammals/ amphibians/ insects and birds.




Welcome back to the summer term in Lundy Class. Our topic this term will be Africa and Asia, with a particular focus on the Gambia, Cambodia and Nepal - all countries with a link to our school. We are in the middle of a joint project (From my Window) with our partner school in the Gambia to share information about our local area. This involves children exchanging writing, pictures and photographs about where they live, where they go to school and we have also included Simonsbath.


The residential to Simonsbath was a huge success. It is always such a privilege to watch children’s confidence grow when they tackle new challenges, from tree climbing to scrambling on hands and knees through a stream and splashing in the biggest puddles of mud! As always, the children were commended for their wonderful manners and excellent behaviour. Photographs to follow shortly onto the ‘Gallery’ page of our school website.


"I really liked it in our rooms because we played games together."



"I really liked the stream scramble and getting wet."



In maths we have been learning about Roman Numerals, negative numbers, square and cube numbers, multiplying 3 numbers together to find the volume of a shape and of course, we continue to practise our times tables every day, using Times Tables Rockstars. We need to rise to the challenge set by Class 3 and stop their unbeaten run at ‘Battle of the Bands’ – make sure you are practising lots at home!


Next, we will be focussing on solving problems with money so get your pocket money out and start counting! It will help to practise finding change from different amounts at home too.


As always, pop in and see us at the end of the school day if you have any questions or alternatively, you can arrange an appointment through the school office.


With best wishes,

The Lundy Class Team



Week ending 21st April

Year Five and Year Two pupils have been designing Egyptian collars in a joint art project.

Week ending 17th March

We have had another busy week in Class Four this week. Linking in with our topic work on World War Two, pupils have learned how to do the Waltz, as well as, baking Wartime Crunches, Carrot biscuits and sampling Spam. Most people enjoyed eating Spam. Apologies in advance if shopping list requests include Spam! In DT we have started to investigate air raid shelters and the importance of creating a strong roof. We also had the opportunity this week, to take part in Instow's cross country event in Bideford, competing against other local schools. Congratulations to one of our Class Four girls, who came second in her race.  Ground Force Day saw pupils helping plant produce in the garden, as well as, plant their own Sunflower seeds to take home.

Week ending 10th March

      In Literacy, Class Four have been studying The Harmonica, which has resulted in some very thought provoking writing. In Mathematics, pupils have been looking at conversion of units of measurement and word problems involving measurement. On Friday,Year Four pupils took part in a Musical Development day at Woolsery school, which they greatly enjoyed.  Year Five pupils, too were off site Friday. They took part in a cultural diversity day at Pilton school, as well as a visit to Barnstaple museum. There are photographs of both events on Class Five web pages and on the school newsletter. 

Week Ending 3rd March


    Class Four, have certainly had a busy week this week. Earlier in the week, children met a World War Two veteran, Clifford Coates. Mr Coates had some amazing stories to tell the class and the children were genuinely absorbed in what he had to say. On Thursday, pupils performed their class assembly. There were some confident performances, in which they were able to include some of the letters they had written from our work on evacuees. As a class, we also greatly enjoyed learning war time songs.



Week Ending 24th February


    In class we are continuing our topic work on World War Two. Pupils seemed to have enjoyed their holiday home learning. It was great to see, that they had made a variety of biscuits and models associated with WWll. We have been looking this week at how the war impacted on the local community and we are looking forwards to meeting Mr. Coates on Monday, (a WWll veteran). 

Week Ending 11th February

Egg experiment

In Science this week, the class have been studying teeth. Pupils enjoyed conducting an experiment with Mrs Turner, to consider the effect of different substances on teeth, by placing an egg in milk, water and a fizzy drink. In Literacy, we have been looking at how writing can be enhanced through the use of fronted adverbials, whilst in Maths, we have been problem solving scaling problems. The class continue to enjoy our World War Two topic work and have completed their art work for our class display. Feel free to pop in and visit Class Four to see your child's work. Thank you too, to the families that have let their child bring in World War Two related items. We have greatly enjoyed seeing these items and hearing the stories behind them. Wishing you a super half term from the Class Four team.

Topic Work

Week ending 27th January


It is amazing to think, that it is already nearing the end of January! In Literacy this week, we have continued with our narrative work based on the story of Little Manfred. In Numeracy, we have been looking at fractions, decimals and (Year Five) percentages. To compliment our topic work, we have been studying the work of Henry Moore, an artist known for his study of people in air raid shelters.Children have been taking photographs, as if they were huddled together in an air raid, which they will sketch next week.


Week ending 13th January

      It is great to see that so many of Class Four pupils have signed up to perform in the Edukid performance, later in the week. In Literacy, we continue with our 'Little Manfred' book. Pupils have considered what they like, dislike and what puzzles are in the book so far. They have also written a review of the story so far. In Mathematics we continue our work on fractions. In Art, we have started to look at the work of Henry Moore, a wartime artist. We aim to draw in the style of Henry Moore, in our next art lesson. Year Four pupils were able to visit the beach on Friday to do some 'beach' art. On that note, could pupils make sure they have the appropriate clothing and footwear for Forest Schools, especially given how wet and windy it has been this week! 

Happy New Year from Class Four.

      Welcome back to the start of 2017. We hope you had a lovely holiday. Many thanks for the lovely gift and cards given to our class team at the end of term. They were greatly appreciated.


     We have an exciting term ahead of us, as you will have hopefully seen on the Topic Plan sent out earlier this week. Our topic this term is World War Two. In Literacy, we have started the term by studying a World War Two themed book; 'Little Manfred' by Michael Morpurgo. In Numeracy, we have started to look at Fractions. Pupils have also been excited about making a 'Pupil Profile' page to keep in class, which outlines what makes them happy and also what adult support they would like. 


      Well done to all those pupils, who have been improving their Mathematics' skills using Mangahigh! 

Week commencing 5th December 2016


We have certainly had a very busy week this week in class, which culminated with our final production of Shakespeare Rocks.

All Key Stage Two pupils have worked really hard to put on the performance and Class Four have worked hard to practise the songs, as well as, their lines (Year Fives). We have continued our work on 'Balanced arguments' in Literacy and have been looking at multiplication using the 'Grid' method in Maths. Well done Class Four! 


Week commencing 21st November 2016

      In Literacy this week, Class Four pupils have been thinking and writing about a balanced argument based on the question: 'Should we still have zoos?' Pupils have thought about  ideas for and against such an argument and have then considered what the structure of their writing would look like. 

      In Mathematics, we continue to look at multiplication. We have been able to use logical reasoning skills to apply what we know to resolve problems and calculations. 

      Pupils greatly enjoyed science this week, especially what they noticed, when they looked into each others eyes, what happened to the pupils in their eyes when the light changed. 

      The Christmas  play is taking great shape and it is evident that the class are greatly enjoying  the songs from the play.


Week commencing 14th November

Class Four have enjoyed studying the ill fated Titanic this week, in their topic work: 'Across the Atlantic'. Having researched the Titanic on Learnpads, pupils were able to write individual diaries from a first class passengers point of view. In Numeracy pupils have been working hard on subtraction, gaining confidence in being able to use formal written methods. Pupils have also been putting a lot of effort into play practise preparations, which is really starting to come together now. With Christmas fast approaching, we have also been busy making decorations for the Christmas market. Needless to say, we have some very glittery children and teachers this week!

Week beginning 7th November

A huge congratulations to the Year 5 and 6 children that competed in the Sports Hall Athletics competition at Bideford College. The children had to compete against children from 6 other schools from around the Bideford area. Our Instow pupils had to test their, jumping, sprinting, throwing, co-ordination and teamwork skills. The event had separate scores for both boy teams and girls teams and the overall combined score would be used to decided finalists. The 6 boys and 6 girls from Instow gave it everything they had and really tried hard on each event. After winning the team relay event the spirits were high and the results were coming in. The boys placed 3rd out of seven schools and the girls were in fine form finishing 1st. So our combined score was good enough to win the event with Kingsley being the second place finishers. The top two teams now go through to the North Devon Area Final in January. The Instow children represented the school fantastically well in terms of their performance and their behaviour. Well done and I'm looking forward to taking those children to the final in January. R.Bedford

Sports Hall Athletics winning team!

Week Beginning 10th October

We continue to read and find out about the author Gill Lewis. To prepare for our class book, "White Dolphin", we have researched information about dolphins and labelled a dolphin's body, after finding out the function of each part. We were surprised to learn that a dolphin's body has a melon! In reading groups, children have all presented a favourite poem to their group, working on improving performance through intonation, pace and expression.


In numeracy this week, we have started to work on addition and subtraction, estimating using rounding skills and also inverse operations. We will move onto written methods of addition and subtraction including column methods. Year 5 children are trialling a new times tables game package for us all and will be feeding back next week.


Finally, we welcomed Gill Lewis into school on Friday. She talked to us about her two books, "White Dolphin" and "Skyhawk" and inspired us with her stories of how she became an author. See the photos below and children's comments to follow next week.



Week beginning 26th september


Fire Safety Talk

On Tuesday morning, Year 5 took part in a 'Fire Safety Talk', led by members of the Devon Fire and Rescue Team. The children learnt fire awareness procedures and found out some useful information about fire safety at home. 


On Wednesday, we said a fond farewell to Lily and her family as they embark on new adventures. We hope to hear how she is settling into her new school very soon on our school blog.


Harvest Haiku

We have been learning about different kinds of poetry. Haiku poetry originates from Japan and is made up of 3 lines with a 5, 7, 5 syllable pattern. We wrote some of our own Haiku poems for our Harvest Service:


Eating vegetables

Starting to rain on the fruit

It's harvest time - hooray!

By Charlie


Red leaves fall from trees

The vicious blowing wind

And hedgehogs hiding.

By Annabelle


Terrific turnips

Apricots and plums ripened

Golden corn and wheat.

By Daisy


Into the Net

On Wednesday afternoon, Year 4 were treated to a theatre production all about online safety. It was a fun show with lots of very powerful messages. Read the following extracts from our reports about the show and learn how to stay safe when you are online:


"I am so glad we had the opportunity to go to Bideford College because the show was AWESOME! I thought it was clever because it was a fun way to learn how to be safe in the internet. Now I am going to do what they said - if you see something you don't like, tell an adult in a trice!"



"I really enjoyed the show...I also learnt that anonymous meant something has been sent about you or your friend but you don't know who did it."



"I learnt not to be an online bully and if you get a "Uh oh" feeling, tell an adult."



" Don't be friends with people you don't know, only people you know in real life. Bullying in real life is the same online."




Bristol 2016 photos

Please look on the 'Galleries' section of this website to see some photos of our trip to Bristol.

WEEK BEGINNING: 19th September 2016

With our year 5 classmates away in Bristol at the moment, we have been busy learning about different kinds of poetry in literacy - look out for our Haiku poems coming soon. In numeracy, we have been learning about place value, comparing and ordering 3, 4 and 5 digit numbers and finding 1000 more or less than a given number.


I have been really impressed with the high standard of home learning after the first task to write a biography for Roald Dahl. This poster produced by Jack is a very good example. 

french club


With many of our group away at the residential this week, we decided to have a challenge to build a replica 'Tour Eiffel'. Et voila...



A very warm welcome to Lundy Class. We have made a good start to the year, learning new routines and settling in after the summer break. We started the week with discussions about the kind of class we would like to have and came up with this acrostic poem as a result:

We have had an exciting week thinking about how the brain works and how we learn. We have been taking part in an 'Inspirational Maths Week' from Youcubed (you can google this online), watched videos about learning in maths and had fun exploring maths in different ways.


In science, we have been thinking about how sound works and we will be starting our topic "Across the Atlantic" next week. 


Our new tables arrived on Friday and we made the most of the opportunity to do some times tables graffiti maths on the cardboard packaging. Take a peek at the photos below that also show some of us enjoying our shiny new tables and chairs.


Finally, for your information, staffing in Lundy Class this year looks like this:


Mondays - Mrs Tuohey

Tuesday morning - Mrs Turner

Tuesday afternoon - Mrs Smith 

Wednesday - Mrs Turner

Thursday - Mrs Turner

Friday - Mrs Turner


We also welcome Miss Collins to Lundy Class - she will be supporting children in the mornings. 


If you have any queries, or want to take a look at our new classroom, please do pop in before or after school. You are very welcome. Alternatively, drop us a line in your child's Reading Journal and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Autumn Term Plan