Class 4

Year 5 and 6 were offered the fantastic opportunity of a sailing morning with the North Devon Yacht Club.

We were blessed to have a beautiful sunny day,a light north westerly wind and several willing and friendly volunteers from the Yacht Club. The children experienced sailing in motor cruisers, sailing boats and RIBS. A wonderful time was had by all - many thanks to North Devon Yacht Club!

french club

We welcomed Julie to our meeting on Wednesday. She is an exchange student from Lyon, a large city in France. She showed pictures of her city and shared a french snack of 'fromage avec du pain' and 'des raisins' - delicieux! A bientot Julie!


Den day

Homelearning - design and/or build your own den and take a photograph of it for school. If you prefer, you can design and build a den for a small creature or insect. Have fun!

Lundy Class Assembly

debate role play


Beach Sports

Students from Petroc College invited us to a sports event on Instow beach. We had a great time!

Extreme maths


Welcome back to Lundy class. We hope you've all had a great holiday as we have a very busy half term ahead of us.


Just before the holidays we visited Rosemoor. The children had lots of fun spending the morning searching the woodlands and ponds for invertebrates to identify and sketch before having some time to explore the gardens and practice some sketching down at the lake in the afternoon.

Week beginning 23rd May

As part of our Literacy work, we have studied the book Water Dance by Thomas Locker. We have written our own riddle style descriptions of different forms of water. Can you guess the answers to our riddles?


I splinter the grass and I freeze the breeze,

I can give a nasty bite, especially at night,

But when the sun comes out,

I form dew on the leaves and I fall with ease.


What am I?



I start from a volcano, 

I ruin people's homes,

I make everyone flee,

The people can't build to stop me.


What am I?


I form in the patter of rain,

I dance with glee when the children jump,

I smile when their rainbow coloured wellies brighten up my gloomy old days,

I say goodbye when the sun comes out to play.


What am I?



Welcome to the Summer Term. We've had a busy few weeks in Lundy class. Recently we have had a visit from the RNLI lifeguards. They helped us to recall how to keep safe on the beach and in the sea this summer. They even managed to get Miss Davey involved!


We have also been spending some time learning about British values and discussing what makes us British, including the Queen's 90th birthday, democracy and Hockings! The children also learnt about the different political parties with observations such as all the leaders being men.


We have been very impressed with the standard of home learning so far this term. The research about Shakespeare is so impressive that we plan to put it on display. Watch this space! Thank you for the river photographs. The plan is for us to use these for our art project over the next few weeks, creating our own version of the scene with watercolours, oil pastels and collage materials.



In Literacy, the children were given the opportunity to learn a little bit about William Shakespeare's life and works. They were given time to read parts of his stories and choosing a part to act out in front of the class.

Brynsworthy Recycling Centre

A very informative hour at the centre. The children were amazed by all the facts they learnt and impressed by the mugs!

STEM Science Challenge

Year 4 Forest Schools pictures on the Forest School page.

Week beginning Monday 22nd February

We are delighted to welcome back Miss Davey to Lundy Class. She is currently teaching our Numeracy - we have had fun rounding numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand, including decimal numbers for the Year 5 children. We have also consolidated our learning about Roman Numerals, after watching a video on Espresso and playing a matching game in pairs. In Literacy, we are working on creative writing, specifically 'Fantasy stories'  and will use ideas and inspiration from music, books and animations to improve our writing. Here are a couple of examples so far:


As I barged my way through the busy queue, I felt my spine tingling like a happy bee. The glorious sight of the circus came to life. It had always been in my head, but it was now in front of me. The white billows of silk were combined with the red splurges. They flew in the air like birds as a man played music on his accordion.


I stopped and waited for a moment and saw the trapeze artists warming up. Their sparkling leotards blinded me for a second or two, but I recovered. Oh, how I so wanted to be like them. By Peita


Once, on the vast tropical waters of Sanghelus, a little boat travels across the beautiful blue waters. They encounter a rare humpback whale. Wait, can you hear that music getting louder as we get closer? Look, it's Mardy, Gilfred, Jeremy and Tim playing their heartwarming sea shanties. By Josh.


Our Roman topic is also a focus this term and we have been impressed with the very high standard of home learning this week, from homemade Roman helmets and armour to mosaics and jewellery. Many of these are on display - pop in and have a look! Alfie came up with a super Roman Numerals quiz that we are planning to use in class next week and Abbie wrote a fabulous news report - both are attached here so please do download them.



Week Beginning: 1st February 2016


On Tuesday 2nd February, Lundy Class watched an inspiring live event called the 'Cosmic Classroom', with Tim Peake answering questions from school children in Liverpool. Children from around the world also watched this event. Here are a few comments to show what we thought about this amazing interview in space:


" I thought that Tim's message was really inspiring and it was to have fun in life whatever you do," Peita

" I liked his favourite button - it was the button that opened the door into space, via an airlock," James

" I learnt that there is gravity in space. Tim also showed us a trick that he loves - he made a bubble out of water and then hit it with some special bats," Oliver

" I found it amazing watching Tim Peake live and it was awesome watching him showing everyone how to drink water in space," Matthew

" He also showed off a bit with his microphone. He twirled it and spun it and let it float in the air," Abbie

" I never knew that you could actually make a bubble out of water, then add a fizzy tablet and it would go absolutely massive," Martha and Alfie 

" It was so funny when Tim Peake was floating around and then disappeared up to the roof," Lily



Week beginning 18th January


This week we had another visit from Tangle Theatre. Following on from the visit last term where we learnt about different cultures, this week we watched a play about a group of cousins who inherit a boat and take off on a trip around the Atlantic, learning about the different peoples of the countries they visited. The performance included poems and songs from different African and Caribbean dialects, see below for pictures.

Week Beginning 10th January 2016

We have had some great 'Space' research home learning, from Powerpoints, models, artwork and to written presentations and reports.Have a look at the photos below, showing a few examples. Be sure to watch Newsround as Tim Peake is doing his first space walk today to carry out some work on the Space Station.


Linked to our topic, we have started work on mosaics and the photo shows our first attempt at mosaic patterns using wooden dowelling. The result is very colourful and eyecatching.


Don't forget to check the school website blog to follow how Darcey is getting on in Australia. I am sure she would love to hear from you all.


Finally, remember to bring your winter woollies to school - we have the best view but on a windy day, we must be the coldest school in North Devon!


Have a lovely weekend

The Lundy Class Team

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the Spring Term in Lundy Class.

Please see the attached newsletter and topic web to find out about all of the exciting learning we have planned for the coming term

  • Week beginning 4th January

We have been thinking about the coming year and what it means to us. Below are just a few of the things we would like do in 2016:


Tom (year 4) - Tom wants to get better at maths this year.

Lottie plans to be kind and helpful by smiling, being helpful, sharing and saying kind words and playing with lots of different people.

Alfie P - "I want to get better at literacy, maths and art because I need more practice on them."

Tom H (year 5) - "I want to get better at climbing this year."

Josh B wants to try to stop playing so many video games this year.




The Pirates of the Curry Bean

Well done everyone for some fantastic performances. We hope you all enjoyed the show as much as we did!

Week beginning 30th November


This week Class 4 have been continuing to use games to help with their maths learning and have moved onto factors, square numbers and negative numbers.


This week we have also had our annual Christingle service and the children spent Thursday afternoon making their Christingles ready for Friday's service.


We had a thrilling Thursday when we visited Barnstaple Cinema to watch the film "The Million Dollar Arm". The film was about baseball and the first players from India to pitch for a major Baseball Club in America.They based this entire film on a story from real life - two young men from India who really did have a 'try out' to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates. To be good enough to be picked, they had to throw up to 93 miles per hour and had to be accurate. It was thought to be impossible by many coaches and they only had one year to show they were good enough.


"I really liked it when one of the boys, Rinku, fell in love with pizza!" Josh B

"I liked it when the coach was videoing and pushed a girl into the pool." Max

"I learnt lots about Indian culture, such as why they light candles." Oliver

"I found it epic, especially the part when Rinku and the trainee coach were ill in the car." Harry

"I liked it when the music came on because it was really different to the music I am used to hearing." Daisy

"It was really exciting when they found out they got another chance to prove themselves to become Baseball pitchers." Martha

"The film showed me that you should never give up on your dreams." Ellie






Week Beginning 2nd November

Lundy Class have been busy this week preparing for their first Class Assembly of the year. They worked as a team to write reports about the fun activities and trips they have done so far this term. On Thursday, children performed their poems, sang "Alouette", a traditional french song, and informed the whole school about the history of Bonfire Night - an entertaining and informative assembly.


The focus this half term in maths is on learning times tables. For the next 2 weeks, children are working on 4 x tables or 8 x tables. We practise every morning in class and then have a timed test every Friday morning. There are times tables games on 'Espresso' or 'Mangahigh' if your child likes to use computer games to help learn them.


The challenge is on with 'Mangahigh' now that all children have their log-in codes. There will be 3 house points on offer to all children who achieve a gold medal each month. I will be checking at the end of November, so children have plenty of time to do this. Good luck!

Museum Visit - Julian Vayne

Please see the attached document to read about our exciting visit this week.



On the 13th October 2015, classes 4 and 5 went on a trip to Farmwise. It was AMAZING. We met at the lay-by at 7.50 and we went on the coach at 8.00. It took 1 hour and a half to get to Farmwise. – Alfie T


We went to see the pigs. The mummy pig (sow) had piglets, ten to be precise. Did you know that mum pigs can have ten to fourteen piglets at once! – Peita


The next activity was the sheep zone and we watched a sheep get sheared and heard about the sheep. There were Scottish Black Heads. – Millie


Then we went to the cooking part. We made some apple with cinnamon and butter and vanilla sauce and put it in the oven for 20 minutes. – James


Me and Martha got to make the jam. We put 100g of strawberries and we put 100g of sugar in the pan with some pectin. Then we put it on the ring to cook and when it was cooking we had to stir it. -Charlie


week beginning 5th october 2015

Following our visit from the Tangle Theatre Group last week, we have welcomed Denis Kigongo (originally from Uganda) to our school on Tuesday 6th October, to talk to us about African culture and to teach us how to play the Djembe drums. The photos below show us all in action and Martha has written a brief report of our session:


"I learnt different patterns and rhythms and how to call 999 on the drums." Martha


"I really enjoyed drumming because it made me realise how creative drumming can be." Ali


"An African drummer came in to teach us some drumming. He taught us lots of different tunes, it was really fun." Emily


"It was a privilege to have an African drummer and he taught us how to play 'We Will Rock You' and an African song." Rohan



tangle workshop - tuesday 29th september 2015

I learnt  that  different  countries have different  celebration  like  the  festival of light and the festival  of  colour. Darcey


Yesterday two people called Justin and  Anna visited and I liked playing the logs and blades game. Max


They had a clever way of remembering our names. We had to do an action as we said our names. Evie


I really enjoyed learning BSL (British Sign Language) which Lily and me worked on it. We learnt how to say ‘Are you good?’ and how to say ‘great’. Abbie                                                                                                                                     

Week Beginning 21st September 2015

The photos below show some of Lundy Class completing a 'Diamond 9' activity, making decisions about the importance of different inventions during the Stone Age:

This week, in Class 4 we have been learning about persuasive writing and 4 and 5 digit numbers and numbers to millions. We have also been practising hard a poem for the Harvest Festival and the year 5s had a talk on fire safety.


Art – we have made a start on our cave paintings ready for cardboard caves that we will make very soon.


French Club - We have learnt how to greet each other French style, numbers to 12 and new 'food' vocabulary. It was interesting to find out that some words are the same and were 'borrowed' from the French (Gateaux for example). A bientot!

Year 5 Fire Talk

Autumn Term Newsletter 2015

Week beginning 14th September


Hello and welcome to our class page of the week. We’ve been learning a lot this week like painting self-portraits, learning about the stone-age and place values in maths up to thousands. During lunch we have also been helping the reception children settle in to their new school.

In Literacy, we have been learning about the Stone-Age by reading The Stone Age Boy and writing our own stories based on the book. To help us understand we used drama to act out a scene from the book and practicing that scene. We have also been learning how to use adverbials and descriptive words to improve our writing.



'Finally, they came to a beam of bright light.' by Oliver

'We both had long, beautiful hair that flowed in the wind.' by Sophie

'She saw some glowing green grass and walked towards it.' by Daisy

'As evening fell, they started to shout.' by Ellie

'When she ran out of deadly spears, I ran up there to talk to her.' by Sam


We have been helping the reception children at lunch as they settle in to school. We have all been given a child to look after. We have been taking them down to lunch and helping them with their lunch and making them feel comfortable in school.

Reported by Martha and Tom 


We are looking forward to hearing all about our Year 5 classmates' adventures at the St George's House residential this week.

Week beginning Monday 7th September


This week we have been taking part in an exciting Maths project linked to 'Youcubed' and Stanford University. We have been participating in a "Week of Inspirational Maths" with the objective being that we will all see ourselves as capable mathematicians. On Monday the children were very honest about what they thought helped them in a Maths lesson and we have made a comprehensive list of these things to refer to in the classroom. Some like to have a quiet, calm working atmosphere, others like to have a partner to share ideas with and many felt that having time to work things out is really important.


We have focused on some key points

1) Everyone can learn Maths

2) Mistakes are valuable - that is how we can learn

3) Questions are really important

4) Maths is about creativity and making sense

5) Maths is about connections and communicating

6) Depth is more important than speed

7) Maths lessons are about learning not performing


The children have participated in a range of activities - ask your child to show you the 'Dots' activity which we all found fascinating, showing how we all think in different ways. We also learnt about Pascal's triangle, looking for patterns in maths. We have learnt that maths is all around us, in nature, such as spirals and snowflakes. Here a few comments from children about our maths learning this week:


" We need to dig deeper in our brains."

" Take your time in maths." Roxanne

" Everyone can be a maths magician if they practise." Oliver

" Everything around you can be transformed, constructed and connected to something mathematical." Lucy

" There are lots of different ways of solving problems and your brain can learn more things if you practise for a few minutes every day." Lily

" Maths can be fun!" Zach


And now over to you! How many numbers from 1 to 20 can you make using only four fours and any operation (+ - x divide)? You must use all four fours in every calculation. An example for the number 16 is:


4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 16  


Have fun!   




Lundy Class - Autumn Term 2015




Welcome to Lundy Class Autumn Term 2015!


A special welcome to Max and his family on joining Instow School this year. 


We have worked in groups to decide what sort of class we would like to have this year. Our ideas were then used to put together the following acrostic poem:


​T rying our best at all times with step by step learning

O rganising and keeping our classroom tidy

G ood deeds, good listeners and great friends

E xpressing and explaining our ideas

T hinking kind thoughts and giving compliments

H elping others and showing that we care

E nriching our minds and having fun learning

R esilient, responsible and respectful of others


TOGETHER like a big family!


Home learning this week is in the Reading Journal, to be handed in next Tuesday. Children need to have a water bottle, fruit snack and PE Kit in school every day. 


I would also like to welcome Mr Holsman and Miss Davey to Lundy class this year. Mr Holsman works with us in the mornings and Miss Davey will be with us for most of this year. 


Don't forget to check out the blog children!


If you have any questions, please do pop in and ask.


Mrs Turner and the Lundy class team