Class 5 Trinity


Day 3


Wow! What a walk. The children were amazing despite another damp day they managed a long adventure around the coast line of Bull Point to Woolacombe beach. Stunning views and steep steps meant we needed to find our inner Gggrrr! A film before an early ready for a fun filled day tomorrow. 

Day 2

What a busy day. After a yummy breakfast we split into two groups. One group headed to Lee Bay and became rock pool experts and the other began a scrambling adventure near Baggy point. Lots of fun was had with the rock pooling groups getting particularly lucky in spotting a wild seal and experiencing the Smugglers Caves.

After a quick lunch at St George’s we ventured back out on the canoes and surfboards, the groups swapping activities from the day before. The glorious sunshine really helped. All of the children have risen to the challenges and are now tucking into sausages and mash!

Day 1


A busy day with the children either surfing or Kayaking. Great fun was had by everyone despite a little dampness! Everyone had a delicious tea of pizza, wedges and salad with a mystery fruity pudding. We are playing a few games before settling down for a good nights sleep. 


Hoping for sunshine tomorrow! 

Year 6 Forest School Cookout


Week beginning 8th July

YEAR 6 Sailing at North Devon Yacht Club


Year 6 had a fantastic afternoon of sailing with North Devon Yacht Club on Thursday - a light wind and beautiful sunshine made for the perfect afternoon on the estuary! A huge thank you to all the volunteers from the Yacht Club and Mrs Jones, Mr Coo and Mr Newton who joined us on the water.

Week beginning 17th June

Trinity class received a lovely invitation from Crow Point class to visit their chicks this week.We heard all about the chicks from some of our Reception 'eggsperts'!! We then worked together to have a cuddle with the chicks!


Year 6 had a truly fantastic day at Oceanfest Schools Day. We took part in an energetic Zumba session, a series of brilliant Code Breaker challenges and finally highly competitive beach flag amazing day was had by all.

Huge thanks to Mrs Jones, Mrs Wareing, Mrs Brewer and Lauren for their help on the day😀

Week beginning 10th June

'The Lost Words' - Poetry in Progress!


Trinity Class have been studying a beautiful poetry book entitled 'The Lost Words'. The blurb sums up the book 

"Once upon a time, words began to vanish from the language of children. 

They disappeared so quietly that, at first, almost no-one noticed - until one day, they were gone."


We have spent time learning about the wonderful wildlife that is brought to life in the poems.

We have gathered 'lost words' from far and wide....and now, finally, we are ready to write our own poems.

Here are a few of our initial ideas.....


Otters acrobatically enter water,  

Show themselves never,

Sauntering wherever

Food lurks.



Found in forests, but extinct to the eye,

Fur..amber like the golden sun, shimmering by day, but invisible at night,

Once they've caught the scent, these speedy-snackers will not give up until the prey is caught and the hunt is over!



Rosy red breast shining in the weak winter light  -  bright brown against snow white,

Only often ever seen when all is dusted with frost. Blooming alongside holly.

This shy sailor and food finder's beady black eyes scouring with seed its silver, worms its gold.

Brilliant birdsong, a sheer spine-tingler as it echoes through the trees.



Poetry in progress - look out for the finished versions and accompanying art work at the RHS Rosemoor exhibition later this month!



Week beginning 20th May

Trinity Class have had a fantastic day, visiting the Marine Camp this morning and Taiko drumming this afternoon.

Week beginning 13th May

Well done to our wonderful Year 6 pupils who showed fantastic resilience and determination as they completed their SATs this week. They were positive and supportive to eacother throughout the week and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them! 

Now let the fun begin!smiley

PETROC Beach Sports

A huge thank you to Tim Newton and the students from Petroc for a fantastic morning of beach sports! Year 6  had a brilliant time learning volley sport skills, beach flag racing and playing beach football! Great sportsmanship all round...what an amazing way to end the week!😀

Week beginning 29th April

It has been another busy week in Trinity Class...we managed to find some time to relax with our Tudor dancing!


Lent Gifts

You may remember that in Class 5 we decided that rather than giving up something for lent we would donate items instead. Some of the children gave powerful and persuasive speeches as to where our donations should go. On Friday, as a result of your kindness, Mrs Cox and some children from the class were able to take our donated items to the food bank and charity shops in Bideford. Thank you for your generosity.

Week beginning 23rd April


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Easter break. Thank you for the wonderful  home learning that represents Britain since 1950 in a fun and fashionable way! 

This week we have enjoyed visits from the RNLI life guards and from Felicity Sylvester, who talked about sustainable fish supplies, including a lovely taster session!

Week beginning 1st April.


Monday saw the start of April and another sunny day. It was time to look back at TTRS and Manghigh to see who had made it to the top of the leader boards. Well done to Dom and Daniel, enjoy your chocolate treats! It would be great to see more children regularly practising their maths on these sites. It really does show in class when children have embedded their learning.

Mrs Brewer may have managed to trick the Year 6 on Monday... it’s OK folks, SATs week hasn’t changed 😉


We all enjoyed our daily mile in the sunshine and also our final football session with Sam from Exeter City. He has been impresses within how football skills have developed across the weeks and rewarded Megan as the most improved player. Well done Megan.

Report form Riley and Lincoln from Pilton Community College activity morning.


Today we went to Pilton. We had 3 lessons it was German, French and Science. In Science we had to mix and test different liquids with thermostats to measure if there was a change in temperature. 


In German we learnt different German words such as a dog is a ‘hund’ and blue is ‘blau’ we then won sweets for winning the German bingo. 


In french we learnt ‘J’aime bien le croissant. C’est delicious!’ In English this would mean ‘Please can I have a crossiant. Thank you it was delicious.’ 

Wednesday 27th March


Easter Experience at St Peter’s Church, Fremington.

We were  invited to attend an Easter experience at one of the local churches. On a bright spring afternoon we were met by the friendly team from St Peter’s who welcomed us to their church. The afternoon was enjoyed by all of us, we thought about the last days of Jesus’ life and visited key locations such as the garden of Gethsemane. The activities were interactive and thought provoking. Thank you to St Peter’s for such a fun and thought provoking session.

Friday 22nd March STEM visit

A HUGE thank you to Jacquie Bellamy and Nic Barrett from Thomson Linear Engineering for their inspirational talk about their work. We were fascinated to hear about the global nature of their company, also the wide range of components and their uses. Back in class we wrote about our learning - you would be very welcome to come in and read our accounts. We are all going to 'Work Hard, Be Kind and Aim High!'

Week beginning 18th March


Thank you to all the friends and families of Trinity Class who were able to join us for our class assembly! It was great to see the return of ‘The Key Master’! He guided us through the fantastic range of learning (and progress!!) that has been happening in Class this term!

Week beginning 11th March

Another wild and windy week at Instow with Storm Gareth howling around our buildings!! The windswept look rather suits us as we  have become genius inventors this week - designing our own Cracking Contraptions in true Wallace and Gromet style! Watch this space for more details as our inspiring inventions take shape!


In Dance this week we traveled back nearly two thousand years to re-enact the work of Roman sculptors, Roman gladiator battles, and sumptuous celebratory feasts!

Week beginning March 4th

Well the sunshine didn’t last ! In fact on Monday we caught in a huge hailstorm during our football session! Never mind, it hasn’t dampened our spirits too much and we’ve been hard at work in the classroom learning about the mean in Maths and writing our balanced arguments in Literacy.


We have also enjoyed another STEM talk, this time from Mr Whitehead (Alfie’s Grandad) who is a precision engineer. It was fascinating to hear about how he started out as an apprentice aged 16 and about all of the projects he has worked on. These have included round tea bags and packaging for medication. We’re all beginning to appreciate how many different things engineers do for us. The children were able to ask some excellent questions to further their own understanding. It won’t be long now until we start our own Primary Engineer entries.

World Book Day

We had a fantastic day on Thursday dressing up as characters from our favourite books. We spent time ‘getting inside’ our characters’ minds - if we could talk to them, what would they say about themselves? Come into Trinity Class to find out more about our characters.

Week beginning 25th February

It’s been lovely being back at school in such gorgeous sunshine after our half-term break. We enjoyed hearing about the adventures the class had during their time off.

On Monday we had a fantastic opportunity when Mr Rolfe and one of his colleagues from TT electronics came in to talk to us about a career in engineering. The children were fascinated to hear about their work testing and making parts for the aviation industry. We also had the opportunity for some hands on learning - the human circuit was particularly popular. We managed to create a circuit of over 50 people and still the lightbulb lit!

Time Travel Machines

A huge well done to the children who have created some fabulous time travel machines over half-term. We’ve started discussing them in class and they are providing some inspiration for our literacy learning.

Week beginning February 11th.

We’ve been being scientists this week as we have started to investigate our “States of Matter” topic. You may well have spotted all of our apparatus around the playground - we’re investigating rates of evaporation!

North Devon Sinfonia Music Workshop

On Friday 15th February, year 5 and 6 children took part in a music workshop with North Devon Sinfonia. 


'One of my favourite parts was when we learnt a song based on a limerick we had written. It was Lacey's limerick we made into a song: "There was a young girl from Fremington." Imogen.


'I was so proud of myself after. You needed to stay awake at all times and it was a lot of teamwork.' Emilee


'I really liked leading the drums, counting everybody in.' Nelson


'We were filmed by Hamish the camera man from BBC Spotlight. We might be on TV!' Summer


'I liked the dice game because you could make funny noises with the percussion instruments' Tom


Year 6 composed a song to a limerick written by Dom


There once was on old windmill,

That stood on the top of the hill,

It produced lots of flour,

Although it was sour,

And everyone there stood still.

North Devon Sinfonia

Week beginning February 4th.


Trinity class have certainly been stretching their brains this week. We are persevering with some challenging maths .... if you want to know about algebra come and ask! Some of us have definitely been down into the learning pit this week and have had to battle on to climb up out the other side.

Week beginning 28th January


It has been an interesting week in Trinity Class; on Wednesday we joined many schools around the country as we accessed a live link with a STEM engineer. He gave a presentation about the different aspects of engineering and encouraged us all to think about the possibility of a career in engineering.


On Thursday Year 6 attended a Multi Skills Festival at the Atlantic Racquet Centre. It was fantastic to mix with all the other ACCT school Year 6's and take part in a wide range of sporting activities.

Week beginning Monday 21st January


This week we started some football training.

We are also working towards our Primary Engineers award. This is a very exciting opportunity for us all to immerse ourselves in some STEM learning. On Wednesday afternoon we worked in groups on the Egg drop challenge. We had to “pay” for the materials we wanted to use and design and build an invention for protecting our eggs from a 2 metre drop......
On Thursday 24th January, we were treated to a fabulous musical performance by the Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra, with saxophones, a trumpet, drums and a bass guitar in the band. We learnt about dynamics and tempo and saw how changes in these make a difference to the music. 

Week beginning 14th January


This week we have concluded our own myths in the style of The Ice Bear. 

Here is an exciting extract from Megan's story....


        Many years ago, in the dark months of midwinter, a new soul of bright and beautiful life entered into the world of snow and ice. The hunter's daughter was born - a mile on her face and a glint in her eye. Unaware and pure at heart. Not knowing that what lay ahead may dampen her emanating light of joy for eternity.

        One bright, cold day the child was out playing in the snow with the hunter's dog. But boundaries had become tiresome after so long and they dared to enter the wolves territory. This was a major mistake!



We have also started our Time Travel topic this week; we considered the different time eras that we know and also the sources of our existing knowledge. Our Key Master production and Horrible Histories rated high on our sources list.

This term we have undertaken the challenge of completing our daily mile - this has been fantastic for increasing our fitness and stamina, not to mention setting and working towards our own personal targets.


Happy New Year.

Welcome back to school. It has been lovely to catch up with the children and hear about their adventures over the break. On Tuesday we started the day with a P.M.I session (positives, minuses and interesting things about our break). Lots of the children said that a positive was having family time and playing games together which was good to hear. A minus was the lack of snow and also a lack of surfing ...well we do live in North Devon! Interesting points made ranged from clocks being changed to get lie ins, holidays being booked for the year ahead and a number of comments about lack of sleep on New Year's Eve!


The New Year in Class 5 has had to start off as we mean to go on, with lots of focus, serious learning and some light relief along the way. This week our maths focus has been percentages and it's fair to say that some of the class have found this a challenge. Thankfully Leighton reminded us all of the power of yet and how we might not understand it yet! There's been lots of real- life contexts discussed such as mortgages, credit cars and loans to help the children see that this is a maths skill for life. 


In Literacy we've been learning about prepositional phrases and modal verbs. Hopefully the children will be able to explain these to you, at least they should be able to. Whether they can is a different question (see what I did there Class 5?). Our new class reader is a powerful book called  "Bubble Boy".The childrenare already hooked and we've focused on making inferences- a great skill to practise at home. This book will probably prompt some discussion at home so be prepared!


Week beginning 17th December.

This week we have come to the end of our Exploration topic. The class were so inspired by “Shackleton’s Journey” that we planned an afternoon of technology thinking about shelters. Shackleton used upturned boats for shelter, as well as wood from The Endurance. He also sheltered in a cave of frozen icicles and made igloos for the dogs. We started our afternoon by thinking about communication and teamwork and then split into groups to make our own igloos. Can you spot which materials we used? Which do you think would be the best material for the job?

In class we were writing our own book reviews on Shackleton's Journey here are some of them.


Shackleton's Journey. A great read for many

     The book Shackleton's Journey is jam- packed with astonishing facts about the ambitious explorer Sir Earnest Shackleton. This heroic tale was written and illustrated by award winning illustrator   William Grill.It was first published in 2014.


       This engaging novel although based on factual events, draws the reader in from the very beginning . Would you have replied to his advert for crew? A staggering 5000 men did! But only 28 of the brave men were chosen to set off. Grill explains how they set off with high hopes and expectations that were soon dashed as they took an unexpected turn towards the worst. 


       I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who likes novels that consist of mind blowing fact and epic exploration. In my opinion it is one of the best non fiction books I have ever read. Grills' eye catching illustrations definitely add to the effect of unimaginable enormity and danger of the trip. I would give Shackleton's Journey a 5 star review.  

By Megan W.


This brilliant book by William Grill was first published in 2014.Grill,as an author and award winning illustrator; retells the true story of Ernest Shackleton's epic expedition across Antarctica


In this book Grill uses astonishing language,that really makes you think about the terrible conditions.The pictures give you a good idea of what's going on and help you to create a scene in your head so vividly you could be there.


I think people that like having adventures would enjoy this book;I would give it a 9/10 review. Why son't you give it a go? I guarantee you'll enjoy it.



Shackleton's Journey -  an heroic tale.


"Shackleton's Journey" was first published in 2014 and was written and illustrated by William Grill. The book was an amazing tale; it is about a man named Ernest Shackleton who wanted to explore Antarctica and accomplish his dream of being the first to sail around Antarctica. Despite being a true story, it can engage you to find out more. He battled the elements and went through hazardous and heartbreaking times and managed to keep every man in his crew alive.


I recommend it to people who like factual and adventurous stories of true people from the past. Shackleton was an heroic man who is an inspiration to all people. The incredible illustrations bring the story to life and make it feel like you're there, it really catches your eye.It is one of the best books I've read because it inspires me, and to know that people could do it then, then we can do it now. It is a fantastic book.


William Grill is an award-winning illustrator; he won the New York Times best illustrated book award. If you enjoyed this book, you might want to read "The Wolves of Cullumpaw", also by William Grill.

Week beginning 10th December


A HUGE well done to everyone for their fantastic performances in The Keymaster! All those hours of learning lines, song words and stage directions really paid off with some really memorable shows! We are looking forward to watching the DVD soon.smiley

Our special phrase for this week is 'We have the keys' - come and tell a Trinity adult to earn your house point.

Reading Rocks Challenge for the Holidays


Over the holidays please read a book..(more than one book would be great!).Think about who you would recommend the book to; then write a letter to that person to explain your recommendation.  When we get back to school in January we will send the letters to each other. Happy reading!smiley

Week beginning 3rd December

The Ice Bear


In Trinity Class we have been studying the beautiful Innuit myth The Ice Bear. Jackie Morris uses similes, personification and alliteration as she weaves this  atmospheric Arctic tale. Mrs Tuohey read the story and left it at a 'cliffhanger', we then wrote our own next chapter.


It was then that they came for him...His furry family!He searched for memories of his past,deep in his beating heart.He was in the cave,his cave, once more.Pictures of his past came flooding back into his mind. The midnight blue ceiling, the warmth of his family, both of these things had just been a story for so long. But now it was reality!  He stared at his long lost family. His mother, his brother and his pappa. Nothing had changed, but wait, something had changed.What did not stand there before, but was intruding now,  a raven....

Erin M

Up above, the Northern Lights, so bright, like ambers gleaming in the sky - singing like a beautiful lullaby. He fell into a deep sleep. His ancestors of old and new travelling, far and wide only for him. He finally awoke and found himself alone in the ice blue cave that had been his home. He looked. He searched. He scoured. No-one was there....  except the raven.

He could understand the raven's screeches and it could understand him. The raven warned him that danger was out there and that it was he, the raven, who had brought him here. Three things filled the boys mind: the ambers, the humans and the bears....


Week beginning 26th November.


On Monday Classes 4 and 5 had a science morning. We learnt about series and parallel circuits with Mrs Brewer and conducted an experiment on insulators with Mrs Tuohey. Ask us what we found out!

Week beginning 19th November

It is great to see that several  children are earning certificates for completing their Spellodrome challenges; this is a great way to learn your spellings and reinforce the spelling patterns that we are learning. The Keymaster rehearsals continue - thank you to all those children who have worked so hard to learn their lines and song words! We have also had fun this week creating products that will be sold at next week's Christmas Market - we hope that you can come along and look at all the beautiful crafts that we have made. 

This week's special phrase to earn two house points 'Spellodrome Superstars!'


Week beginning 12th November

It has been another busy week in Trinity class with rehearsals for our production of The Keymaster in full swing. We also wrote and presented our class assembly, thank you to all the families and friends who came along to find out about our learning this year. We concluded the week with some Year 5 and 6 children attending a 'Sports Hall Athletics' event at Bideford College and others enjoying a visit from the Fire Service for an excellent and informative fire safety talk. If you read this come and say the fire safety reminder 'Stop, drop and roll' to a Trinity class adult to earn two house points!smiley

Week beginning 5th November

It has been another busy week in Trinity Class, We have started to rehearse our production 'The Keymaster'  - listen out for songs as they are being hummed at home! Our Year 6's planned and organised the Children in Need fundraising events: a fantastic 'Bring and Buy' sale, a cake sale, come to school wearing spots and stripes and finally Miss Graves amazing penny Pudsey! We raised a fantastic £400 - thank you all! Erin and Millie also raised £175 for their upcoming gymnastics competition in Gran Canaria.

If you read this, go and say 'We did Pudsey proud!' to a Trinity adult to earn yourself a house point!


We have also been thinking about World War 1 and created a beautiful soldier silhouette which we then covered with poppies. Please come in to the the hall to have a look at our Remembrance display.

Remembrance  1918-2018

Lest We Forget

Week beginning 29th October


What a treat to return to school and receive some post ! Today Leighton, Erin and George received a letter and some badges from the science museum we visited in Bristol. They were so impressed with the lovely neat letters that we had sent that they sent some badges. Well done !

We also received a lovely letter from Marion who was our guide on the open air bus tour. It is wonderful to receive compliments about the children and the work they sent after our return to school. We are very proud of them all.

Gustav Holst - Mars

We used the amazing music from The Planet Suite as a stimulus for our own writing.


The darkness is nearly as pressing as the fear I hold as we march confidently on to the battle field, it is overcoming. But we must fight like it is not torture we must fight and lose light and life for no gain. 

The darkness is exploded by a fierce fire and I know it has began. It is war beyond all before, this is it the showdown a pure battle...

 We charge!

And bangs are echoed by dull thuds and all I see is fight...


By: Megan 


    As the music started ,I pictured a battle field emerging and I could see a danger sign. I also thought of the Doctor Who theme tune because it is quite alien like. I felt quite rushed and all over the place and I also felt like I was in the middle of the war. As the song ended it was as if everything had just stopped... Everyone. Was. Dead.


    By Daniel

Week beginning October 15th


On Monday Trinity and Lundy Classes had a science day. We took part in a carousel of activities which included: Earth and space, Safety with electricity, learning about electric circuits and symbols. It was an active day of learning.

Week beginning 8th October

This week we had a very inspiring visit from an ex-Instow pupil - Yazzy. She talked to us about her years at Instow School, and how the talent shows and Christmas plays inspired her to become a singer! She particularly remembered playing the role of Nancy in a production of Oliver! Yazzy explained her musical journey and how she has now recorded three albums and performed supporting Paloma Faith at the Glastonbury Extravaganza! We really enjoyed hearing Yazzy sing and joining with her to sing 'Mamma Mia' and 'This Is Me!' - a fantastic afternoon.

Writing inspired by our Bristol residential.


Are you feeling bouncy? Do you need to let off some steam? If you tick both boxes,then bounce over to Air Hop, the fun filled family attraction!


In you hour of joyful jumping, you will haved hopped on and off of: Daring dogeball, be brave battle beams, warriors wipe out, awesome assault course, fabulous foam pit and manic main court.


While all the madness is going on, there will be some motivational music playing in the back ground.You are bound to work up a sweat, so why not take a break in our cafe.Tuck into some much needed brain food and then explore the wonders of the souvenirsSo come to Air hop, the fun filled familly attraction!

By Erin M

Walk, watch and wonder


Are you scared of heights?If not then come and visit Brunel’s brilliant bridge.

Walk -walk where millions of people have walked before,

Watch -watch all of the lights below you, 

Wonder -wonder what it was like to build this brilliant bridge,

Look down at the shimmering lights in the water more then 300 feet away!

Did you know one day a lady jumped off the bridge in a wedding dress - because of the dress she floated down!


By Bella 

Do you feel bouncy? Need to burn off some energy ? Then look no further , Air hop is the place for you . Bristol’s best trampoline park has numerous activities for everyone . Take time to explore each zone. Enjoy dynamic dodgeball, battling battle beams, basking basketball, wipeout warriors! During the hours that you are there, if you ever need a break, why not visit our cafe? Have a drink and something to eat. On the way out buy something from our gift shop, a souvenir like a slapband to help you remember your day.

By Danny

Wednesday 3rd October

Today we have enjoyed a visit from the author and illustrator Tom McLaughlin, some of the children were lucky enough to have their books signed by him. It was inspirational to hear that although he is dyslexic he has made a career out of writing and creativity. His talk inspired us to try some illustrating for ourselves .

Week beginning Monday 24th September

Bristol Residential

This week was our long awaited residential trip to Bristol. It has been a week of new experiences, fun, learning and exploration. There are so many highlights that you will hear about in the coming weeks but some of our favourites include: seeing all of the animals at the zoo (especially Red Pandas!), all of the wonderful meals at the Youth Hostel (cooked breakfasts... yum), going on board the SS Great Britain, a ferry ride around the harbour and so many more! The children were great company and it was a delight to receive compliments from members of the public and staff at the Youth Hostel about their manners and positivity. Some of the hundreds of pictures we took are shown below but there will be more to see and hear about soon!

Week beginning 17th September



This week we have designed and painted our own 'Reading Rocks'. Each time we complete a 'Reading Rocks Challenge' we can put one of the rocks in the box - once the class have reached 20 rocks we will have a reward! Keep reading Trinity Class and remember those challenges!


Trinity Class - if you have read this page please come and say 'Reading Rocks' to a Trinity Class adult to earn 2 house points!

Week beginning 10th September


This week we have listened to some fantastic narrative poems, Matilda by Hillaire Belloc, The Watch and our particular favourite Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen. We found that each poet had used 'writers' tools' to create their story style poem; we also discovered that each of these poems had a moral or a piece of advice for the reader!


We have had another great week getting to know our Reception buddies - we even accompanied them to their first celebration assembly on Friday!

On Friday we enjoyed an afternoon of art as we prepared for next week's Harvest Festival. Our new IPads proved to be an invaluable tool as we researched foods that had been discovered by explorers!

Trinity Class - if you have read this section, come and say 'Extreme Explorers' to a Trinity adult and you will earn two house points!




Welcome back to Trinity Class, we hope that you have had a wonderful summer holiday!

In Trinity Class we have made a great start to the year - today we met with our Reception buddies to introduce ourselves and share a story; there are some lovely photos of this on Crow Point class page.

We also had a treasure hunt around the school with cunning clues about our topic - we had to use all the evidence to discover our new theme! Look at the photos to see if you can work out the connection between the objects. smiley