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Spring Term 2020



Week beginning Monday 13th January 

Now that we are all settled back in at school our learning has really picked up. In literacy this week we have started a unit of work about a short film called Alma. We’ve been experimenting with different adjectives and figurative language to describe a particular scene in the film. In Maths we have been learning about Ratio, the power of yet has certainly been important but we’ve made real progress and are now feeling more confident to solve these types of problem.


On Wednesday afternoon Mrs Ashcroft joined us for the first of our sessions walking through the Bible. We learnt about 9 characters from the beginning of the Old Testament. The session was very active and engaging. Who would have guessed that Maltesers, spaghetti, marshmallows and arm wrestling would help us to understand the Bible stories. See if you can remember the different actions to share at home.


Here are some letters to remind you!









Our topic for the Autumn Term 2019 is all about the local area, with a 'WOW' start in Georgeham - the Year 5 residential trip. Please refer to the attached topic plan for more details of curriculum coverage linked to our topic this term.

Week beginning 16th December


Christmas Adverts


Over the last few weeks we have been studying and comparing Christmas adverts. We have looked at 'Mog's Christmas Calamity',

'Love from Mrs. Claus' and this year's Edgar the dragon advert. We evaluated the impact of the sound track and the imagery from the Spanish Christmas Lottery advert from 2015. We then  brought the central character 'Justino' to life, writing a diary extract for few magical days in the advert.

Here are some of our extracts:


Dear Diary,

Justino here. 10pm - my alarm clock screeches again! Another day, or should I say night, of work about to begin. It's pitch black outside, but bright on the bus. Camia has fallen asleep on my shoulder again, but to tell the truth it makes me feel appreciated. As I open the door of the gloomy factory, loneliness smothers me. I clock in and head for the lift!


By the time I get to my office, it's 11.20pm and time for my rounds. I just hope that the torch in my battery doesn't run out. As I pass a conveyor belt, I hear a creak...I spin around...and it's ...a mannequin!! I carry on and come to a desk; I see a picture of a lady and her dog - it reminds me of the power of friendship. 




Justino here. 10pm, so that means an hour of travel. At this point I'm used to it; I feel like an owl...a lonely owl!

(Ah Patrick, you always fall asleep on me!) 

I'm just going to bring a radio with me for company. Hoping to see the mannequins sooner or later, hopefully sooner! 

Finally checked all of the mannequins, just about to take a group selfie with them. Still wish I had real colleagues...like I used to! 

Tomorrow is going to be Carmen's birthday; it's going to be fun for her...I'll make sure of that!



We finished the week by creating our own IMovie Christmas adverts!


We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020! smiley


Week beginning 2nd December.


On Wednesday we enjoyed a science morning with Lundy Class. We were learning about out teeth and the digestive system. Who knew it could be so much fun finding out about the oesophagus and intestines? Maybe it was hearing a teacher say “poo” that was most exciting!

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Week beginning 25th November 


Christingle Making


Trinity Class worked together as a team to make Christingles for our special service. We each worked with younger children to help them create their own Christingles too.


Today Sophie from Edukid came in to talk to us about the work of Edukid. We found out about the life of children in Cambodia and our sponsor child Sup Sopheap who is 9 years old. She taught us several phrase in Khmer, sus-a-day means hello! If we were counting to 5 we would say Moi, Be, Bi, Boen and Bram.

Beauty and the Beast


Trinity Class have been studying Geraldine McCaughrean’s beautiful traditional tale, Beauty and the Beast. We looked at a wide range of writers’ tools including similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification and contrasts. We also spent time thinking about Beauty and the Beast as am analogy of the key themes of the book.

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Our film reviews for Abominable.


Abominable. The great journey. Wriiten by Madison.

The plot of this  film includes a teenager called Yi, who finds a yeti on her roof. Yi names him Everest. Yi and her two friends, Jin and Peng, go on a magical journey through a hot desert, down the Yellow river to take Everest home. His home is in the Himalayas, a wealthy collector wants the magical yeti too.


I think this film is very magical and should be recommended for all ages. I love the film because it is very musical and it has a great message which is to never give up. I think this is the best movie. I actually have no negatives to  say which is amazing! I would definitely watch it again and especially hope there is an Abominable 2.



An Abominable adventure. Written by Lacey.

This magical movie is a poweful animation. There are a number of key characters: Peng, who is dreaming of being a basketball player, Jin who is just addicted to his phone and Yi. Yi is a good and kind friend.


Music plays a key part in the film as Yi plays the violin. This creates magic but also acts on the audience in  a powerful way. It made me feel like we should all believe in  ourselves.

This animation was released in September 2019. I loved Everest the yeti (hummed by Rupert Gregson Williams) and also Yi - voiced by Chloe Bennet.

I would definitely recommend this film. I think it was aimed at young children but most would get something out of it. This amazing film is 97 minutes long which is probably just right. If Abominable 2 comes out I will  be so happy!


Abominable...just an animation? Written by Kai.

The film Abominable is an extrememly entertaining animation movie and is about a young yeti who is yearning to get home to Mount Everest, the highest altitude on Earth. With Yi (Chloe Bennet) and her two cousins Peng (Albert Tsai) and Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) accompanying the yeti, newly named Everest, on a mission to unite him to his habitiat.

In my opinion despite this film being rated U/PG I think it is suited to people of any age and anyone would thoroughly enjoy it. 

If Abominable 2 were to come out there's no doubt I would watch it.



Class Assembly November 13th.

Well done Trinity Class. What a great assembly and what a busy term we’re having! It was so good to see you all presenting so clearly and confidently. A special mention of all the technology too. The films and animations you had created to demonstrate your learning were outstanding and extremely informative. I’m sure the song about percentages will rattle around your heads for a while too 😀

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Ilfracombe Visit

Trinity and Lundy classes had a brilliant day visiting Ilfracombe. We walked around the town looking at features we would expect to find in a coastal town. We considered the impact of the local industries- particularly tourism and fishing.

In the afternoon we visited the Embassy Cinema to watch the film Abominable, courtesy of the fantastic Into Film initiative.


Appledore book festival - Guy Bass


We enjoyed a fantastic talk from author Guy Bass this morning. He entertained us with stories from his childhood and inspired us to explore the world of our imaginations for our own story ideas. He brought to life an excerpt from his new book The Unimaginary Friend, we can’t wait to discover the new worlds that Skeleton Keys will find!

Guy Bass

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st. George’s House


We had an amazing week at St. George’s House - rock climbing, surfing, canoeing, orienteering and fencing to name but a few of the activities. Everyone faced their own challenges.. We all stepped out of our comfort zones, gave it some ‘grrr’ and achieved some awesome successes!! What a fantastic week, we certainly ‘lived life to the full’! John 10:10 A huge thank you to the wonderful staff at St. George’s House for helping us to make some truly epic memories! 

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