Class 5 Trinity

Week beginning 22nd March

This week in class 5, we have had a great week. In English with Mrs Brewer, we have been looking at the book, ‘Cosmic’, by Frank Cottrel-Boyce. It is a very thrilling book. English with Mrs Tuohey has been a fun experience, we have been finishing off our books on the Easter Story. We are now starting to look at making instructions on how to play handball. In Mathematics with Mrs Brewer, we are doing the finishing touches on ratio. It is slightly difficult, but you get the hang of it. As it turns out, the mystery P.E. was handball; it is a very hard ball, but still a fun sport.

James and Nathan!


Two weeks  into school and Class Five are getting cleverer every day, although it is only our second week at school, we are making promising  progress in our learning . This week our Maths has been decimal fractions and ratio. Everyone has contributed their best and have done very well . This week's Literacy has been describing our journey to school and the facts of the Easter story.P.E has been basketball on Monday and yet to be found out on Friday .

Overall this has been a great week - as most of them are!


Rohan & Ashton

Week beginning 15th March

Week beginning 8th March 2021


It has been so lovely to welcome all the children back to Trinity Class this week. They have all settled back in really well and worked's great to be back together!

The Journey To School


The this was certainly 'a week of two halves' in terms of the weather! We used the opportunity of the unusual conditions in our English lessons as we described our journeys to school. Here are a few extracts of our work:


As I leaped into the car, a nervous shiver paced down my spine. 

A cold gust of wind passed through the car, waking me up for the day ahead. Sunny but bitterly cold, the frost climbed the car's windscreen. A sprinkling of frost dusted the grass, the flowers hunched over in sorrow....waiting for the sun to take effect. A brilliant start to the week!



Before we got in the car< I ran across the frosty garden; there was a beautiful, shimmering sheet of ice reflecting the sun wondrously. 

As we drove along I looked over the the river, a low mist hung over the water. The frozen ground looked cold and hard; ice sheets over puddles looked beautiful and delicate. 

Who could believe after the sun of Monday and Tuesday, that Friday would be all wind and hail? As we stepped out of the door we were buffeted by the wind.


Week beginning 14th December

On Tuesday we spent the morning practicing our coding skills. We used Free code gorilla on Purple Mash - I’ve challenged the class to continue with this over the Christmas break. The more festive the better !

Our literacy this week has been inspired by two Christmas adverts - Far from home by Disney and Inner Child which is the McDonald’s advert. The children engaged brilliantly and some were surprised by the emotions they evoked. They certainly gave us some food for thought. Below is an extract from Rohan’s written response :

Soon I had a new helper in my life, we would make our traditional Christmas stars together ...but things changed as she started to grow up. Before I knew it our family tradition meant nothing to her. On Christmas Eve she gave me a kiss on the cheek and left. My heart filled with sorrow. I couldn’t take the pain. 

We had a great afternoon with the Year 5s who will be joining the class in January. The children had lots of team challenges to complete. Can you guess what they are doing ?

Week beginning 7th December

A great start to the week - we were able to hand out 5 more house point badges. Well done!
This afternoon we have been looking at our diets and seeing how balanced they are. We used the food wheel and discussed the different food groups and how important keeping a balance is. 

On Tuesday we made our learning as realistic as possible.....mummification of oranges! There was a glorious smell in the classroom as well as a sticky mess! It took a little while but eventually we managed to master the bandage wrapping process too.
It was great to be able to spend the afternoon with the children who will be joining Trinity class from Year 5. We had a wet and wild afternoon on the beach playing some games to get to know each other better and also completing some team challenges. Any dog walkers who visited the beach after we left will have been treated to some fantastic Christmas beach art. Well done all of you, such creative ideas and great resilience in the December weather!

Week beginning 30th November.

Well done to the children who have received their bronze house point badges this week.

Most of the class have now completed their literacy task - writing for an Egyptian non-fiction book.
We persevered with making snowflakes! These are going to be displayed at Morrisons in Bideford. They were tricky to make and some of the class had to really dig deep and find some perseverance and resilience!

Week beginning 23rd November

We have been studying the Ancient Egyptian pyramids and thinking about the different types of pyramids which have been discovered. We thought about how, why and where they were built.

The pyramids on our display are all covered with facts about pyramids. We learnt about why, where and how they were built. We’ve also been designing a sarcophagus each.

Week beginning 15th November 

I was pleased to hear that Year 6 had a productive day with Mrs Cox and Mrs Ashcroft on Monday and enjoyed hearing about all of their topic learning and body percussion. I spent the day on Zoom! A day of maths for me, but it gave me some great ideas to try out back in the classroom - Year 6 will be my guinea pigs!


In R.E we have continued thinking about the journey to Bethlehem, research tells us that this journey was about 75 miles so we’ve had some good discussions today about how difficult this may have been if you were heavily pregnant. The children also all familiarised themselves with The Bible and how to find different stories by looking for which testament they are and then books, chapters and verses.


Well done to our budding mathematicians. The Times Tables rock challenge ended on 14th November. Ash, Nathan, Alfie, Noah all made the top 10 in school. The top 3 for our school were all in Trinity. Great effort Alfie, Adam and Rohan. Amazing scores!


Some of the year 6 children were also invited to take the Primary Maths challenge - this is a national challenge which takes place annually and it really is a challenge! I was delighted to award Bronze certificates to Madison, Kienna and Enya today and Silver certificates to Adam, Martin and Nathan. Well done to you all and also to the other children who took part. You should be very proud of yoursleves.

Week beginning November 9th

Each week seems to rush by at the moment! This week we started the week with a BODMAS focus and have now moved on to a unit of work all about fractions. We will be simplifying, looking at equivalence, reasoning about fractions and much more! The class have also been enthusiastically participating in the Times Tables Rockstar Rock out competition. Well done all of you - you’re certainly competitive!

Yesterday we joined the Year 5 and Year 4 children on the playground for a 2 minute silence as our mark of respect for Remembrance Day. I was so impressed with how all of the children behaved and were so respectful. Mrs Cox followed this up with some PSHE Remembrance back in class.

We are still enjoying “Egyptology” and hope to start creating some of our own pages for the book next week.

I’m now the proud owner of an Instow fleece, thank you all for your support with layers of clothes for the children so that we can keep the classroom well ventilated. We are all doing all we can to help keep each other safe.


Week beginning November 2nd

It’s good to be back at school after our half-term break and to see the children so enthusiastic about their learning. We have continued with our work on the circulatory system and did some role play about how the blood travels around the body. Well done all of you for using the scientific vocabulary so well. It would be great if later in the year we could arrange some First Aid training for the Year 6 children as our science discussions today brought up CPR, the recovery position and treating for shock. 

On Wednesday afternoons Mrs Cox has been teaching the children French. This week they were concentrating on the story “The enormous turnip”. The children had to introduce themselves as their character “Le navet enorm”.


Still image for this video


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Week beginning October 19th.


Time to celebrate! Here are the pictures of us with the trophy for the rugby challenge. After assembly today Mrs Knight also presented all of the Bikeability badges and certificates. Well done Year 6.

This week we have continued with our Computing lessons. I was really impressed with the concentration of the class when we were thinking about digital footprints. The children had to use a database to research digital footprints of some job applicants and decide who would be best for the job.


Our science learning is all about the circulatory system. We’ve had a great day today (Thursday) exploring the heart as a muscle - the children should be able to tell you how it works and what it does. 

Week beginning October 12th


Year 6 have been busy preparing for the Harvest video - we’re really excited that it will soon be shared with you. Please remember to come to school in non uniform on Friday and donate some food or toiletries for the Harbour project .


This afternoon we’ve learnt all about the Rosetta Stone and what an important historical discovery it was. Hopefully the children can now tell you all kinds of information about hieroglyphics, scribes, papyrus and cartouches.

A huge well done to all of the children who have completed their Bikeability now. Jo, the instructor, was very pleased with all of you and the way you conducted yourselves.


It's been great to talk to lots of parents this week. Thank you for your ongoing support with learning at home. Maybe this weekend you could discuss the differences between our and are! Despite lots of giggles I hope we made some progress with this distinction this week! Your child should also be able to talk to you about a, an and the - please ask them.


Week beginning 5th October

What a wet and windy start to the week! Well done to Enya, Kienna, Noah and Freddy for battling with the elements in our first Bikeability group. Mr Bedford set all of the classes a P.E challenge this week - we took it on very competitively and managed 168 rugby ball passes before dropping the ball. Watching the video of it back this morning I can't believe how stormy it was, the wind is howling through our counting!

In Maths we are working on effective paper and pencil strategies for multiplication - it's been great to see some light-bulb moments this week. The children are also doing their "big writes" this week of their own hope stories. Yesterday in R.E our focus was on pilgrimages to Jerusalem. we found out that it is an important place of Pilgrimage to Christians, Muslims and Jews. We watched clips of the "Wailing" Western wall and thought about what paper prayers we would leave there if we could visit. Adam asked a question about the current climate which prompted further investigation into how the Rabbis in Jerusalem have managed the coronavirus restrictions. 


Good luck to all of the Y6 children starting their Bikeability in the next few days....wrap up warm!


Week beginning 28th September


This week in Trinity class we have had a real push on our number skills. We revisited negative numbers before going on to look at column addition and subtraction. The children really enjoyed the challenge of the missing number tasks and it was great to hear them sharing how much their brains hurt! We are still studying “The book of hopes” and next week we’ll use our plans for our own hope stories in a big write.


A huge well done to those children who stood for House group elections this week. It was certainly different having to make election video campaigns and posters rather than being able to address the house groups face to face. Photos of the newly elected captains and vice captains as well as all of the positions of responsibility will go on the House group page.


In the month we have been back at school Trinity have been working on their fitness levels. On a Thursday afternoon the children have their own exercise plans to follow at their own speed,I have  been really impressed with their determination to do well. Their cardio fitness and core strength have been taken very seriously. 

September 2020

Welcome to our class page for the academic year 2020-21. It could be a strange year ahead but whatever comes our way I know that Year 6 in Trinity Class will be Aiming High! It was fantastic to welcome everyone back at the start of the month and to see the children enjoying each other's company after so long apart.


Our topic this term is about Ancient Egypt but our main focus will be on ensuring that we are all tuned in with our maths and literacy learning again. We'll be using "The Book of Hopes" for our initial literacy sequence and also a beautiful book called "Here we are" that the other classes in the school are also studying as part of our recovery curriculum.


Week beginning September 21st

This week we have really enjoyed a week of Forest School. Our sessions were themed around our topic and thinking about the amazing construction of the pyramids in Ancient Egypt. We also made sure that we worked together in teams and with lots of different class members. Time was given in each session for us to reflect on how we are feeling about our return to school and the times we are living in. By Wednesday's session there was a consensus that tiredness was the overwhelming feeling!


Special mention goes to Aggie for some superb construction ideas - she helped her team to make an amazing bridge for our bird of hope. Martin and Rohan also showed great resilience when, after working hard for 45 minutes, their tower collapsed at the last minute. Well done boys! Making a catapult to launch our bird across the woods proved to be slightly more of a challenge but all groups succeeded in getting the bird off the ground....even if he flew backwards most times. On Thursday we split into three groups and built some huge dens - it was good to hear some imaginative play ... one den came complete with woodland hand gel and a temperature scanner!