Class 5 Trinity



Week beginning 20th June

Week beginning 13th June


Year six enjoyed a Forest school session on Monday afternoon. We talked about our feelings around transition and also discussed our plans for our grand cookout. The children worked in groups to create some natural pictures of our school production. Can you spot which scenes they are from?

Week beginning 6th June

Welcome back - we hope that you all had a wonderful week and enjoyed the Platinum Jubilee celebrations!

This week in English we have been looking at ‘The Mysteries of Harris Burdick’ - an amazing collection of unusual illustrations with a strange back story! Ask your children to find out more!
We have used one of the illustrations as the stimulus for our own mystery


Captain Tory


The ghostly shadows crept through the harbour. He stood there and struck the match. As the lantern flickered to life, a mysterious wind blew. The lantern swung, and the slow sinister schooner appeared, gliding like a bird through the climbing mist of the night. I stood. I watched. I followed. I could see the boat getting closer, closer, closer. It moored on the riverbank an I was thrown on. Then, I was hit and everything, turned black.


By Jack


Captain Tory

The wind whistled through the tunnel as the train thundered down the tracks and into Falmouth station. I stepped onto the platform,  led by Tony,  the train driver who had collected me from Pa's house in Chelsea.  I breathed in the salty air of Cornwall,  I was here at last;  after hours of sitting in second class seatsthat were as hard as rocks.  But I felt cool,  calm and refreshed. 


Aunty Paula greeted me at the door,  taking my hand and clasping it to her chest. 

"Luke, " she whispered through her tears,  "how is your father? "

"Good, " I replied,  surprised at her sudden appearance. 

Tony hastily said goodbe and drove off in his landrover,  sending dudt to float and blanket the cars in the drive. 


I wondered through the pantry marvelling at the paintings and models on the walls,  but the one that caight my eye was a picture of a ship;  the sail was fadedand ripped.  On the boat lay a key,  glinting in the light of the oil lamp in the corner. 


By Olivia



Captain Tory
Midnight had fallen.  There was no starlit sky,  nothing but mist and eerie fog. The bridge was quiet and peaceful.  The lights reflected off the tiver like a twinned image. 

I knew something was about to happen as he lit the rusty lantern,  it sparked into flame. I crept towards the cold steel fence.  He quickly glanced at me,  Isaw his burnt bubbling skin,  like a boiling kettle,  his crooked teeth like scattered mountains;  he grasped my arm. He was here for me,  he was a mastermnd.


By Moses


Captain Tory


As moonlight flooded the town, I went in search for my father, and my father only. He always went out of the house at 10:00pm sharp and always took his hat, glasses ,coloured with a black marker, (even on foggy days) and his large coat. Tonight though, I would follow him secretly. Through every street he went, past every carriage, but always I kept to the shadows and daring not to be seen.


by Lily S


As the silvery moonlight cast a ghostly shadow over the harbour, I was held. The man that was holding me had an end to end greedy smile.Like a signal he swung his lantern three times and from the depths of the bay a schooner rose…


by Annabel J

Basketball with David Roper

This term we will be developing our basketball skills with coach David Roper. We learned some great new skills and had a lot of fun too! 

Week beginning May 23rd.

What a result! We came back to school after the weekend and couldn’t believe how well our evaporation experiments had gone. The photo below shows how we were left with pure salt after all of the water evaporated. We had some great discussions about our learning and then linked all of this to the Water Cycle. It was brilliant to see the children using the key vocabulary with so much confidence.


We also had auditions for our upcoming production. A huge well done to all of the Hear 6 children who learnt lines and bravely auditioned. It was very difficult to decide on the roles but we are now excited about our rehearsals and getting this show ready!


Maths this week has been in keeping with our Jubilee theme, the children were put into pairs and had to plan a Jubilee party, thinking about venues, refreshments and decorations within a £1000 budget. The children had to consider various offers involving percentages and then present their party plan to the class. Linking our maths to real life and thinking about the skills we need in the future is so important. 

Forest School Fun

We had a fantastic time at Forest School on Friday, completing a series of challenges in our groups. We were given instructions to collect a range of items; we then used the these items to create our own scavenger hunt for another team to complete. The trails - made entirely of natural objects found in the forest - were quite a challenge to follow! At the end of each trail we found a card with some wise words which we shared with our groups - be the sunshine on a cloudy day, look for the magic in every day!

Our next group challenge was to create ‘facilities’ for the birds within the woods - treehouses, spas, adventure playgrounds, swimming pools! Grand designs dotted all around the woods.

We finished the day with a fire pit and s’mores - the perfect end to a brilliant day! 😀

Week beginning May 16th

With the key stage two SATs behind us we were excited to get back to our science learning today. We are thinking about states of matter and after using our bodies to create solids, liquids and gases we started focussing on evaporation. The children have worked in small groups to create their own evaporation investigations. 

In literacy we have been looking at formal letter writing and the features that we would expect to find in a formal letter. We have had the perfect opportunity to put these to practice in our letters to The Queen, congratulating her on her Platinum Jubilee. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a reply!

Week beginning 3rd May

We have had a busy week with some final revision sessions for next week. We have also found time for some active learning with an energetic athletics session on Wednesday and cricket skills on Friday.

Thursday afternoon had a musical flavour as we continued our learning with the clarinets! We also sang some new songs in preparation for the Jubilee celebrations.


Playing the clarinet

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Week beginning 25th April


Welcome back to the Summer Term in Trinity class. What a busy term it will be! The children have made a great start with lots of focussed learning in preparation for their SATs in May. We’ve been looking at all kinds of way that data is presented and how to interpret it and also honing our reading comprehension strategies.


With the upcoming jubilee we have decided to do a short unit of learning about this special occasion and looking at our British values. It was interesting to find out what the class knew already….corgis and Rolls Royce’s and Buckingham Palace were common facts but there is definitely some confusion as to the next generation in the Royal family! We will be finding out much more in the coming weeks.

We also tried the ago-old tradition of Maypole dancing in preparation for our jubilee celebrations!


Maypole Dancing

Maypole Dancing

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Maypole Dancing 2

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Maypole Dancing 3

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Week beginning 4th April.


What a great start to our week. This morning was our last session with our fantastic dance teachers from www.the dance To start with we rehearsed in our groups and then the rest of the class gave us feedback and evaluated our choreography so that we could improve before our final performances. We used a success criteria which looked at: different actions and speeds, choreographic devices, whether we were strong and controlled, links and energy and how confident our performances were. This feedback really helped us to improve before the recordings were made.


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Pilton Community College Drama Workshops

On Wednesday morning, teachers from Pilton Community College visited to lead a drama and music workshop with children from Year 5. Here are some photographs to show some of the group pieces that children created, working from a poem.

In literacy we have been debating mobile devices and whether we think that it is appropriate for young people to have their own device. The class were able to make very valid arguments both for and against why this is a good idea. We then looked at the features that a balanced argument should contain when it is written, we brainstormed different sentence starters that we could use and also thought about conjunctions and modal verbs - all good practice for our SPAG papers! Here are some examples of the Year 6 writing.

We are Internet Legends

As part of our ongoing internet safety, we took part in the Internet Legends online assembly today!
We we’re reminded about ways in which we can be “Sharp, Alert, Secure, Brave , Kind” when we are using the Internet!

Week beginning Monday 28th March

We were introduced to some new choreographical devices in our dance class this week - in our groups we thought about action and reaction moves, working in unison, canon and retrograde moves. Our whole class street dance is really coming together and we are rehearsing for a final performance piece next week.


In ICT we have continued with our text adventure games, at the end of the lesson on Tuesday we shared some of them on the screen in class. This enabled us to give feedback to each other on ways to improve our games. After Easter we will have a session in the style of "The Apprentice" when we decide which games we think would be good enough to be developed further.


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Week beginning 21st March 

On Monday we carried on with our dance classes - this week we got into small groups to choreograph a 16 count for ourselves.

After house groups on Tuesday we had Science. First we all became safety inspectors. We had to identify as many electric hazards from a scenario that we could and then give advice on how to prevent them from being dangerous. We could all demonstrate our knowledge on how to stay safe around electricity. Then we continued with our learning on series and parallel circuits and had different practical challenges to complete.

As part of our English sequence, we have been designing earthquake information leaflets for children and adults. We thought carefully about the audience for each of the leaflets and adapted the vocabulary, writing style and layout for each of the audiences. Here are a few of our leaflets for children introduced by some friendly characters - Millie the mole, Cleo the cow, Crackers the chicken,  Jeff and Mrs Bungaroo to name but a few!

In Music this week, we worked with Mrs.Wattley to create tunes on the ‘Toots’ - mini flute like instruments. Check out our before and after videos! 😀


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Week beginning 14th March

This week in class 5 we have been making earthquake information leaflets for younger children. We have also done some art based on a book by Charlie Mackesy. On Fridays we have a football coach in for our P.E sessions; during our Monday P.E sessions we have two dance coaches in and they are teaching us a fun dance routine. We have been writing our own variation of Michael Morpurgo‘s book Kensuke’s Kingdom too! Another action packed week. 

Lottie and Christina 

Week beginning 7th March

We had a fantastic P.E. session with two dance teachers from the Dance Stage Company.The street dance style that we worked on was high energy and required co-ordination and team work!

House Groups

It was fantastic to be able to hold our first house group session of the year on Tuesday. The Year 6 house group captains and vice-captains worked hard to plan and run our games sessions - lots of fun was had by all!

Week beginning February 28th

It has been lovely to hear all about everyone’s half term adventures and also about how Storm Eunice impacted on your lives over the break. It certainly tied in well with our topic this term! On Monday we thought about some of the extreme weather in our dance lesson ….it involved lots of snowboarding and wiping out in the snow! 


In class this week we have been immersing ourselves into our new literacy text “Kensuke’s Kingdom”. This is a wonderful book written by Michael Morpurgo. We have been discussing the detailed setting and also tracking the emotions of the main character Michael. 

We have also learnt about the history of electricity and researched famous scientists associated with this. The children worked with a research partner to find out about various scientists and then fed. Ack their findings to the rest of the class. It was great to hear them confidently sharing their knowledge about the likes of Florence Parport, Thomas Edison, Alessandro Volta and Joseph Swan.

World Book Day

We have had a fantastic World Book Day with lots of creative costumes, some brilliant book talk and a fun front cover treasure hunt! Here are some photos from the day.

Week beginning February 14th

This we are having a Science focus so on Monday we started to think about Electricity. We all did a mind map to check our prior understanding before going on to discuss the differences between mains and battery electricity. We were able to list items from our homes which use either of these. In groups of three the class then started to experiment with creating different electrical circuits, some made lightbulbs work, others had buzzers or motors in. This was a quick task which led to the children having to put a switch into the circuits to show how the switch needs to be closed for the electricity to pass through. It was great to hear lots of trouble shooting ideas being shared. 

Our next step was to conduct an experiment to prove which materials are insulators and which are conductors. Some of the children also loved the challenge of using our Hot Wires kits to make a radio, helicopters and burglar alarms. There was much excitement!

We shared some more of our flood research too this week, well done Levi for a great PowerPoint and a huge thank you to Evie who brought in some amazing scrapbooks, photographs and newspaper cuttings that belong to her family. They actually lived in Lynmouth at the time of the floods, the class felt privileged to be able to look through these documents ….and handle them with care!

Week beginning 7th February 

As part of our “Extreme Earth” topic the children have been conducting their own research into the major floods at Lynmouth and Boscastle. On Tuesday morning we spent a session evaluating each other’s finished projects. The children were asked to comment on presentation, content, layout and the quality of information. There were some amazing powerpoints as well as a variety of written projects. Special mention must go to Josh, Kiaran, Amelia, Christina and Jack for presenting so confidently to the class and for being able to answer questions on their research.

We have started to put our literacy “Flood” writing into Book Creator. 

Tuesday was Safer Internet Day, the theme this year is "All fun and games; exploring respect and relationships online". Class 5 have been having lots of discussions, debates and quizzes about this as well as playing Google Interlands to gain certificates in internet safety. It was really interesting to hear them sharing their experiences and opinions, on the whole they are very aware of how to keep themselves safe online. However an issue that we did discuss was how online gaming can become quite an expensive - some of the children shared how much they have spent recently on extras for games and we did some quick maths to see how this would add up over a year and the impact that might have on us if we are saving or need to spend money on other necessities. We have also been reminding ourselves about age ratings and on restricting our screen times. The class will continue to explore some of these areas in PSHE in the next few weeks.

Week beginning 31st January

This week we are continuing our studies of Earth Verse with haiku poetry about natural phenomena. We have looked at the poetic imagery used to describe the different natural events.

Can you guess which phenomenon is referred to in each of these lines from the haikus?

hot-headed mountain


sky shenanigans


igneous tantrum


fiery fingers


molten magma stew pot.


We used poetic imagery to create our own haikus?

mist making monster 

deadly destructive debris

speading snow blanket 


by Olivia



destructive debris 

deadly speeding snow blanket 

rolling ,crashing,vile. 

by Sam 


Gushing,snow blanket

deadly, destructive, debris

surfing mist monster 


by Charlie 


twisting tornado

cruel house destroyer culprit

deadly water spouts

by Lily

A snow cone machine

Powderly  snow crashing

Earths  deadly brain freeze

 by Milieka


deadly snow blanket 

Crashing wobbly mountain

a whisper of snow

by Kiaran


deadly snow blanket

surfing with a snow blanket

destructive debris 

by Will


angry beast raging

thundering down the mountain

screaming and roaring

by Amelia c


mist making monster

sending snow surfing down hard

wild white snow rolling

by Jessica p




Week beginning Monday 24th January.

In R.E this week the class were thinking about the word “Heaven” and what it means to them. I was really impressed with the mature discussion that they had and how they were very respectful of each other’s ideas and opinions. After brainstorming their thoughts they all wrote their own poems to try and explain their own perspective to others. 

Have you ever felt like being watched 

even though no one's there?

Thats your relative's soul making sure your ok

Even though you cannot see them, 

their love is present.

Live your life an awesome life,

as good as  you can,

If you learn all about heaven,

I’d say you'll be an honour,

and maybe come back as an animal.

by Lily S

Heaven, is it up or down?

Heaven, is it warm or cold?

Heaven, is it dry or damp?

Heaven, is it young or old?

Heaven, do you go there if you’re kind?

Heaven, do you travel there in your sleep?

Heaven, does it make you weep?

Heaven, if you go there what could you find?

by Evie 

Heaven, heaven 

that’s it’s name 

don’t you think it’s just insane?

Is there a crane that takes you 

up to the sky or is it just me saying goodbye?

Heaven, heaven 

It’s  what you think,

Could it be a massive Ice skating rink ?

Heaven, heaven,

please tell me why it’s there for people 

who happen to die.



Heaven, Heaven, what does it mean?

The end of an era?

The circle of life?

A place after you die?

Will we ever see them again?

Do you eat do you drink?

Is it the end?

Ground or sky I’m sure you’ll fly,

Questions Questions I have lots

we’ll never know.

By Ruby.

Heaven a place where all things could happen,

Heaven the wait for a second life,

Heaven a mysterious place with no rules at all,

Heaven a place that will never be seen,

Is it seen different for all people?


Heaven where are you?

is there the violence that we get down in this world,

When we’re not in heaven?

do we recognise our relatives that have passed away?

don’t be scared for when you pass away heaven will be the

best place you can go.





I don’t think it’s real 

but it’s not a big deal 

it gives me a picture from films 

so here’s what I think 

when ever you die 

there’s no need to cry 

because when you pass through the gates 

there could be a big party 

you could eat a smartie

and you will have a great time.



                                                           By  Arlo

In Art this week we have been continuing our work on tone and texture, studying the artist Max Ernest.

Max was an avant-grade artist who liked to work with a variety of media including film, collage, painting and frottage. 

Frottage is the French word for rubbing. Max Ernest used rubbings of different textures to create larger pictures.We have used rubbings of a number of man-made materials and used these to create our own city scapes and landscapes.

FOOTBALL With Exeter City


This afternoon we had  another fantastic coaching session with Clem from Exeter City. He praised the class for their  super sportsmanship. It was brilliant to see many of our more experienced and confident footballers working really hard to support their team mates and help them to develop their skills!😃

Week beginning Monday 17th January

We have continued to learn about volcanoes this week. It was a bit of a shock to hear and read about the underwater volcano which erupted near Tonga at the weekend but this current event really gave the class something real to focus on in their learning. They have been able to think about the devastating effects of the tsunami and how it has impacted on the infrastructure of the islands.


In computing we have been using a modelling programme on Purple Mash. We started with some vehicles before moving onto try and create some model volcanoes for our class display board.

Thank you to Christina who kindly brought in some volcanic rocks for us to look at. These came from Iceland and were found by her parents. Can you work out which one was found in a stream?

Our piece of music to listen to this week was “ Our time will come” being sung by Amy Winehouse. This led us on to an interesting discussion about the pressures that celebrities face and also to what the class thought about the paparazzi. It’s interesting that one piece of music can trigger so much discussion!

On Wednesday we enjoyed a session with a professional handball coach. We worked on our ball skills and hand-eye coordination. The class all did brilliantly and have been invited to Park School on Saturday to work with some international handball players. They should be bringing home an invite for parents to get the details. 

Week beginning 10th January

It’s good to be getting back into the swing of things and to see the children engaging with their new topic and literacy texts. We are really excited to be studying “Extreme Earth” and on Monday we learnt about the layers of the Earth and started to ask questions about volcanoes. Lots of the children were keen to share volcano packs that they have at home, so we will look forward to some great presentations of these on Seesaw!


One of our literacy texts for the term is “Flood”, this is a beautiful picture book that we will be trying to write the words for. On Monday and Tuesday we experimented with different adverbial phrases, subordinating clauses and short snappy sentences for the opening pages. We will share our story ideas as we progress.


If your child has come home humming Elvis songs this week we can take the blame for that! As a school we now have a listening calendar where we will all listen to and appraise the same music each month. Trinity class definitely enjoyed “Suspicious mind” and learning more about the King of Rock and roll! 

We have had a very active end to the week! Our Funfit experts from Class 4 and 5 have been teaching both classes a range of exercises that to work our ‘fast twitch’ muscles. These exercises will help our fine and gross motor skills and our concentration levels. They also taught us some activities which involve crossing the midline of your body - left to right and right to left, this helps to develop new neurological pathways in our brains…and all whilst fun! We finished the week with a fast-paced football lesson with Clem from Exeter City Football Club.

Week beginning 13th December.

We’ve made it to the last week of term! We’ve been having a busy week but are really sorry that many of our classmates are unwell and not able to join us in class. Hope you all feel better soon so that you can enjoy Christmas with your families.


On Monday we rounded off our Handball unit with a tournament, we has an excellent hour demonstrating our new skills and playing competitively but also supportively. It was a pleasure to see the class encouraging each other so well.


We have been using “Bethlehem” by Carol Ann Duffy to inspire our learning. The children have begun writing as if they were in Bethlehem on that busy night.


”I felt tired, sick, cold and hungry. The noise outside was deafening, people partying. A nuisance! “ Olivia 


“I could smell the bread baking and fruits being freshly prepared for breakfast. I had delicious honey. The streets were rammed with people running and shouting trying to find places to stay”. Lottie


”In the distance I can see a lady playing a harp, Instop and listen for awhile but all I can think of is the delicious bread that I can smell” Isaac.


On Tuesday afternoon we created our own Bethlehem scenes.

Week beginning 6th December.

What a wild and blustery week we are having! Maybe it will help us to imagine what it was like for Shackleton and his men as they trekked across South Georgia!

We hope that you all enjoyed the Christmas market, it was a real shame that the weather turned against us.


These are some of the amazing Endurance models that have been constructed. Well done to you all. 

We used the models for our art skills too. We experimented with drawing using our non dominant hand, using one continuous line and also using dots. 

Week beginning Monday 29th November 

This week is our assessment week so the children have been busy with arithmetic, reasoning, spelling and reading tests. 

We have also been busy preparing for advent and Christmas and are looking forward to our Christmas markets next week. The decorations that the class have made from recycled materials are looking amazing on the school tree. Well done to the Eco- team who have been working hard with Mrs Harvest and for your sensible decisions about how we can make our Christmas at school more eco friendly this year. 

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to be involved in a live webinar with Christopher Lloyd. He is the author of “It’s up to us”, an inspirational book which has a foreword by HRH The Prince of Wales. The book is a Terra Carta for Nature, People and Planet, a set of promises for what we can do for the future of our world. The illustrations are by different illustrators from around the world. 

Week beginning Monday 22nd November

We are all still enjoying learning about Shackleton and his amazing journey. In literacy we discussed the different types of sentence construction that we have found in the text and then experimented with some of our own.


Depressed and sickened, the crew and dogs challenged themselves, breathlessly longing for survival.     Evie


Tired and depressed, the crew and dogs worked endlessly, dragging their legs up steep mountains for seven days and seven nights.  Joshua.


In music we discussed how some people listen to music to be motivated. The children were able to come up with examples of times they have heard music at major sporting events and how the music may be being used to motivate or maybe as a distraction. Some of the class could think of times when they have listened to music to shut off what is going on around them. We then linked this to our work on explorers and the Polar explorers in particular and discussed how they composed songs to keep morale high. 

We started to use our bodies to create rhythms and beats that Shackleton’s crew could have used as sledge songs.

Getting ready for Christingle

Our Christingle Service


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

For our maths learning this week we have been using lots of concrete resources to help us with our understanding. The 10 frames were great for us to work on our number bonds for fractions and decimals and to help us make links and connections in our learning. The flexitables also helped us with  noticing links between fractions, decimals and percentages. We have talked a lot about using what we notice to help us and about learning from each other.

Week beginning Monday 15th November

On Monday we had Handball in the morning. The class are making good progress with their skills and today we practised having a turn at being in goal and trying to make saves. We are looking forward to playing some Handball games next week.


Our World Explorer for this week is Vasco da Gama. The children discovered that he was from Portugal and was the first European to find a route by sea to the Indian Ocean. The children were making comparsions between Vasco da Gama and the other explorers we have looked at. We had an interesting discussion as to whether or not he should be remembered when some of the things that he did were actually very bad. It was an impressive discussion where some of the class were able to justify us remembering him so that we can learn from him - both the good and the bad. They also made links between violence in modern day society and issues over racism and religion. It was brilliant to hear them arguing their points enthusiastically but respectfully, well done Trinity Class.

On Tuesday Mrs Brewer told a deep breath and continued to help us all learn how to do a written method for long division. The positive mindset in the room really helped! We are using the initials of Dad, Mum, Sister and Brother to help us:

D = divide 

M = multiply 

S = subtract 

B = bring down

Hopefully the children will be able to talk the method through with growing confidence!


We have continued to use “Shackleton’s Journey “ to inspire our writing in literacy.


Here are some examples of our writing :

Our ship is dying. We are going to die out here, we have nothing to get home with.

White, as far as the eye could see. I can’t feel my feet. We are stranded. The sound of the crew wailing echos around the pole. I’m too distraught to take any photographs. The adrenaline rush makes me feel even more scurvy. I’m so cold. We have to be in a huddle to keep warm. I’ve got ice tears I’m way too scared to go sleep.

Has my life been cut too short?

 By Ruby.

I thought it was a nightmare ,the Endurance was being crumbled to bits!   
The boat bounced around until she met her fate, our winter base gone.

My heart crumbled just like she did , my heart hurt like she did, my heat sank like she did.

I watched her crumble like I did inside.

I felt a sea monster twist around my heart until it popped.

                  By Charlie

Week beginning 8th November


It has been another action packed week in Trinity Claas. We have been finding about more about the incredible explorer Ernest Shackleton in the book Shackleton’s Journey. We have also looked at the wide range of writers’ tools that Jackie Morris uses in the beautiful book The Ice Bear.


On Thursday a group of children went to Kingsley School to take part in a multi-skills festival with several other ACCT schools. It was a great event  to be involved with, the children worked really hard and were great representatives of Instow School.

On Friday we joined in with a national online assembly ‘Be Internet Legends’ which was presented by Google and Parentzone. The assembly gave us lots of useful information about how we can be safe when we are online. The assembly supported the work that we have been doing through the NSPCC this week about personal safety. Perhaps you could have a chat with your child what they have found out. 😊

Week beginning 1st November

Week beginning Monday 1st November

It was lovely to be back in class after our half-term break and to get straight back into our learning. In our maths this week we have been working on our division strategies and on noticing the facts from our tables which will help us. We’ve also been working on reading problems carefully so that we can decide whether we need to round our answers according to the situation!


We are studying a fantastic book by William Grill called “Shackleton’s Journey” in literacy and on Wednesday we imagined that we were a member of the crew on “Endurance”. The children were fascinated by the number of dogs that were on the expedition! 

Well done to all of the Year 6 children who made posters, wrote letters and prepared speeches for our elections this week. The posters were displayed around the school for all of the other children to see and we have been really impressed by the ideas you have shared and your dedication to your house groups.


We combined our Geography and P.E. learning this week as we created our own maps of the school site. We hid our own unique orienteering symbols around the school, then used these maps to mark orienteering symbols around the school - our partners then followed the map to find the symbols. We discovered that the accuracy of our key was one of the most important parts of the map - in fact you could say that it was the ‘key to our success’!!

Week beginning 18th October

 On Monday Class 5 did some computing with Mr Stevens. Their aim was to make a game on Purplemash on DIY3D. All week class 5 have been learning about negative numbers which occur when you go below 0. For topic they have been learning about Christopher Columbus and labelling maps. On Friday class 5 made clay mice inspired by the class book Willow Wildthing and the swamp monster. We have been enjoying non school uniform day and the yummy cake sale. 🍰🧁😋


Lily and Jess

Week beginning October 11th

Trinity class had another science day on Monday. The children really enjoyed learning about the circulatory system and finding out fascinating facts about blood. In the afternoon we looked at the effects of exercise on our heart rate. It took a while for everyone to find their pulse rates but we soon realised that the more we exercised the easier it was to find! The children then created a graph of their data and interpreted their results.


In Maths this week we have been working on formal methods for multiplication - see if your child can explain the place holder zero!

We also had to overcome the challenge of no internet in the classroom ... thankfully we could use the system in the hall for our R.E lesson as we needed to listen to a variety of Christian music to see how it shows Christian beliefs. It was one of those lessons when you realise how much co-vid has impacted as many of the children didn't know what a Cathedral was! We would have visited Exeter with them by now in normal times.

We've been blessed with some lovely sunny weather this week which has been perfect for us to get out and about around the school to do our readings for the Harvest service video. We do hope you enjoy it - particularly the readings from a variety of classical children's fiction. See how many you recognise!

This week in our English, we have continued the adventure with Willow and the Wildthings. We have followed the journey of Mouse who initially feels small, unimportant and undervalued; Mouse has lost his sword and feels like he is no use to anyone. Willow reaches out to Mouse with one of the best lines in the book when she tells him:

” Courage is often found when you need it most!” 
  We had a fantastic discussion in class about when we might have needed courage and how we found it ( some epic Saint George’s House stories came to mind). Fab! Mouse finds a new sword which is actually a long stick and decides that courage has found him. Later in the book his sword becomes known as the monster slayer, and Mouse is the bravest of all the Wildthings.


In P.E. we continued developing our orienteering skills. We also had to find some courage as we created orienteering maps and had to guide our blindfolded partner around the map using only directional language. It was a great exercise in trust! 

Week beginning 4th October

What a fantastic week in Trinity Class! Following our Science day learning, we had a fascinating visit from Mr Jonny Lynd, Jack’s dad and a local dentist, telling us more about teeth! There have been reports of two minute timers being set for teeth cleaning ever since - keep up the great brushing!

We enjoyed a great interactive workshop with the former Blue Peter presenter, Konnie Huq. She shared some awesome illustrating techniques and ideas from her books in the Cookie series.


On Friday we welcomed Gill Lewis as part of the Appledore Book Festival. She told us all about her inspiration for writing - particularly the Willow Wildthing series. She also taught us about food chains, mapping and navigational skills - perfect for our Exploration topic! It was a brilliant morning and Gill complimented the children on their knowledge and curiosity! 😊

Week beginning Monday 4th October

On Monday we had a day of science. Our topic this term is about Humans, including animals. We split the day up into three different activities and shared our learning experiences with the children in Lundy class too. First we learnt all about the human digestive system, our new knowledge organisers really helped us to for us on the scientific vocabulary - particularly with the tricky word “oesophagus”. We had a lot of fun recreating a day of eating..digesting and then finally understanding how faeces (or poo!) is formed. We also learnt all about out different types of teeth and how animals may have different teeth to us as they need them for different purposes. In the afternoon we focussed on food chains and enjoyed being outdoors to have space to create our own chains and webs.

Some more of the Year 6 children on their Bikeability.

Week beginning Monday 27th September.


Thank you to all of the children who worked so hard on their home learning about modern day explorers. We enjoyed sharing Evie and Sam’s powerpoints in class. On Monday we started to look at the evidence for Robert Falcon Scott’s expedition to the South Pole. We were able to discuss how important it was that he kept a diary which other people could then read and learn from.


Bikeability has started for the Year 6 children this week.

A ‘Wild thing’ came into visit this week!

Week beginning 20th September

Week beginning Monday September 20th.

It was a bit strange to be back in school after our busy residential - there were still some tired looking faces on Monday morning but we all agreed that we had the most amazing time! In literacy we have started to write some recounts of our trip which we are looking forward to sharing with you. In Maths this week we are revisiting addition with particular focus on improving our reasoning skills and making sure that we set our work out neatly to help us with our calculations. We are back into our Times Tables Rockstar and Arithmetic routines too so all of the children know what they should be working on at home.


Our R.E this half-term is called "What does it mean if Christians believe God is holy and loving?" On Tuesday afternoon we discussed what we thought God might look like and where we have got those ideas from. We also brainstormed the qualities that we think god should have. These included : powerful, calm, respectful, loving, generous, serious, wise. 

We will be learning some German this term so Mrs Cox has spent a session teaching the class how to locate Germany on a map, looking at the German flag and learning about the country. Hopefully in the coming weeks we'll be able to share some of our new language skills with you! 

As part of our  P.E. this term we will be building on the orienteering skills that we learned at St. George’s House. This week worked on our communication and collaboration skills with some hoop challenges. We used a diagram to build an obstacle course together and then tested our agility as we completed the course. You can see our team work in the pictures above -  great fun was had by all! 😊

St George's House Residential 13th -17th September





Years 5 and 6 all enjoyed an amazing week at St George's House, we were blessed with fabulous weather which made it all the more enjoyable! Our activities included: kayaking, surfing, body boarding, orienteering, archery and a long walk. It was a special time where we all faced new challenges and enjoyed getting to know each other better. Read on to find out what the children thought about it! The photos will be shared on the gallery pages.



I liked the archery, but it was hard. Harry J

I really liked the the all day walk we walked 7 miles, it didn’t feel like it we had lots of breaks!

Ruby year 5







I loved the body boarding so much, I fell in the water 3 times it’s really fun.

Bronwyn L


I loved surfing I stood up and fell ofj .



I loved doing surfing and body boarding and I loved the food.



I loved all the water type activities like surfing , body boarding , canoeing and swimming  after the big walk.



 I really liked it when we did the canoeing,surfing and swimming in the sea.




I loved doing surfing and I stood up for a minute but then I fell off !




I loved doing surfing and the long walk. I stood up on the board but then fell off!




I enjoyed the whole week but my favourite had to be canoeing and the three meals of the day.Olivia.E


The week was spectacular I loved Archery and enjoyed everything. I loved the food it was delicious. Moses 


The whole week was incredible but my favourite activity was Surfing and the food was exquisite.Amelia.C




My favourite activity was rock scrambling and the chocolate cake was amazing! Ava.

The whole week was awesome but my favourite activity was Canoeing and the food was amazing Jack.L


My favourite activity was Surfing and the food was amazing



I liked all of them but my favourite activities were surfing and archery. The food was AMAZING!         



I love all the staff as they were all extremely friendly and the food is delicious 



I loved the food especially the puddings and I enjoyed going in the sea after a long walk.

Lily 🦄


I liked all of the activities but my favourite activity was the surfing.

Josh 🐵


I loved canoeing and the day walk the most,the meals were delicious. I wish I could go again 



The archery was so fun I got a bullseye twice. My favourite activity was the surfing 



I liked rock scrambling at Baggy point and I caught a starfish I also enjoyed the big adventure play 

Isabel 😃🌈

I liked the canoeing and I really enjoyed the archery and I loved the food 




My favourite activity was canoeing, when we did heads, shoulders, knees and toes we changed it in to jumping. And all of the canoes moved. 


My favourite activity was archery although in did not win it was very fun we played games and every one was good sport and every one tried their hardest.



my favourite activity was canoeing the best part was jumping in the water 


I loved my week at St George’s house my favourite activity was canoeing and my favourite food was lemon cake 🍰 I wish I went back again IT WAS THE BEST WEEK EVER.😊😊😊😊Alice. 


For parents of Year 6 pupils, when we receive information about applying to secondary schools, we have sent this to you directly via Iris Parentmail. Please check your emails for details.

Mrs Knight and Class 5 Team x

We have had a fantastic first week back!


We spent time studying the beautiful Tom Percival book, The Invisible - thinking about how we can help to make a difference and be part of a positive community!

In P.E. we started our OAA Orienteering unit - we developed our skills of communication and collaboration by creating obstacle courses for a ping pong ball - great fun!

Obstacle Courses - Collaboration and Communication