Class 5 Trinity

Welcome to Trinity Class 2016-17

Week beginning July 10th

Well, Forest School doesn't come much wetter than it did on Tuesday! It rained all day for our grand cookout. However, despite this the Year 6 children persevered and managed to get all of their fires lit and all of their food cooked. I was so impressed by their sense of determination and adventure and the fact that no-one complained was the icing on the cake! Some highlights from this week include: very very wet and muddy faces, fried eggs which were scrambled, delicious bean burritos, an awful lot of chocolate and marshmallows, noodle fun and lots lots more!

Week beginning July 3rd

In class this week we have been challenging ourselves with some extreme algebra and also using our "If Only" home learning in some creative writing. The Year 6 children have also been making their final preparations for their "Grand Cook out".

Cooking 23rd June

Well your children were amazing today. The Year 4's paired up with a Year 6 and we had 40 children in the hall making quiche. Half made the pastry while the other half cut their ham and peppers, cracked an egg and whisked up their egg and milk. Then they swapped over. After making their quiche the pupils were very helpful clearing away and putting away the tables. Hope the quiches tasted delicious. 

Miss Graves and Mrs Guymer

Week beginning June 19th

What a hot start to the week! Today we welcomed Mrs Chalk and Mrs Wines to class, they both used to teach at Instow School and Mrs Chalk's last class in Reception were the current Year 6!  This afternoon we we were pleased to find some shade in the woods for a fantastic forest school session. We walked our woodland pets, made some great picture frames oh and we may have had a little water fight at the end!


A big thank you to Mrs Ernest who came in to talk to us about her time working in Thailand! We found out lots of fascinating facts about the country and it's culture.  We particularly enjoyed the spicy snacks and the 'monsoon style' water spray - the perfect way to cool down on a hot day!

Thank you Mrs Ernest! smiley

Week beginning Monday 12th June

As school weeks go they don't come much busier than this one! On Tuesday the Year 6 children collected driftwood on the beach so that they can start making some sculptures for the community show. We had a great beach schools session! Wednesday was our annual trip to the Lifeskills event in Barnstaple and then the week was topped off with a great day at Oceanfest. The children had to take part in problem solving sessions, Zumba, beach flag racing and much more. As always the children have done them and us proud, their behaviour and enthusiasm was exemplary and they will have come away with lots of great memories ... and a large dose of exhaustion!

Week beginning 5th June


This week Trinity Class have been closely following the General Election campaign and results. We have been learning about the different political  parties and their leaders, who is entitled to vote and how voting happens. It has been a fascinating week and we are still following events as they unfold!


I found out about a Hung Parliament, and that if a party don't have enough Members of Parliament (or MPs) they can join up with other parties to make the 326 MPs needed for an overall majority. - Peita


I found out that there are three ways to vote: polling card ' postal and proxy.-Sam P


I found out the Labour is red , Green party is green, UKIP is purple, Conservatives are blue and Liberal Democrats are yellow. Lottie W  

Week beginning 22nd May


Trinity Class Assembly

It was lovely to welcome so many of our family and friends to share in our class assembly on Wednesday afternoon. We hope that you enjoyed our light-hearted look at SATs and enjoyed hearing more about what really 'makes us tick'! If you were unable to attend the assembly, Mrs Knight was filmed the second performance, please pop in and we can arrange for you to watch it.

We are looking forward to exploring more of our talents and gifts over the weeks to this space!

Class 5 Sporting Super Stars!

Kwik Cricket Champions

This week has seen some great opportunities for team work and good sportsmanship. On Thursday afternoon a team of 8 boys took part in the North Devon Schools Kwik Cricket tournament. Mr Bedford, who accompanied the boys, said that they played brilliantly and showed fantastic team work; the boys were also great sports when encouraging other teams - a real credit to the school! After an energetic afternoon's cricket, Instow boys WON the tournament and will now represent North Devon at the Devon County Kwik Cricket finals in June! Well done boys - an excellent achievement!


Terrific Team Work at Tag Rugby

Class 5 had a real treat on Friday when a group of students from PETROC came to work with us and help us to develop our Tag Rugby skills. We had a great time down on Instow beach playing a range of games to extend our  skills. The day culminated in some brilliant full Tag games - lots of fun all round! A HUGE thank you to Tim Newton and the PETROC students for a fantastic day!

Week beginning May 15th


With the SATs test behind us it's been time to focus our minds on our creative writing skills again. We have started to study a wonderful book set in the Arabian Gulf, it's called the Pearl Diver and it has really inspired the children to think about how the pearl diving season would impact on a whole community. Below are some extracts from our work.


Dearest Mother,


The day I have  feared  has finally arrived; every year I watch the Sambuks pass on the rocky waters. I'm so used to the men from our village going away and now it's my own son. He's only six yet wants to make his family proud. I dedicate this letter to him and all the men who have worked so hard for this day. I feel like something in my life is missing. What if he falls off the boat or gets a disease? Every night I pray, I pray for Saeed's life and Abdullah's. I'm sure Allah will be there as their faithful guide. I can't bear the thought of them suffering without me; but I know  they will have each other there. I know Saeed will have fun on his big adventure. I really hope they come back in one piece.


love from Elleisa 

         (your daughter)


by Freya Newton






Dear Saeed,

I hope you are enjoying your adventure so far, I know its only your second day out at sea, but we are all missing you  already! We are all wishing you a lovely experience, and for you to come back safely. Just be careful because you don't know what could happen to you out there. There are some terrible dangers and you don't want to get stuck in one. You could fall over deck, or be dehydrated.

For all we know, me and Ellise are expecting you to come back in one piece. I'm not trying to scare you but we all are so worried. If you are feeling sea sick or ill, just tell dad, or one of the crew. You're going away for four long months! I will be praying to Allah to guide you through the rough times. One last thing Saeed, I love you, we know you will do well.

lots and lots of love,

Your Mother 


By Rosie Grayling








SATs-tastic Celebrations! Thank you PTFA for a contribution towards our hooded sweatshirts!

Week beginning 8th May


A huge WELL DONE to all of our Year 6 children for all their hard work this week and through out the year! We are so proud of each and every one of you for your dedication and resilience in the run up to our SATs tests, and for your calm and methodical approach to each paper....congratulations!!  It was lovely to be able to celebrate at the end of the final test and for Year 6 to receive their 2017 'Leavers' Hoody'!

Thank you to all our Year 5 children and to the other classes for being so considerate and quiet all through the week.smiley

Week beginning 2nd May


We have been working incredibly hard in Trinity Class this week with our final revision sessions; we have interspersed our learning with lots of brain breaks - including some great Just Dance routines! As part of our topic learning we have started to investigate the different countries on the continent of Asia; our particular focus this week has been China. In art we have looked at the story behind the willow pattern plate. 


A message for Year 6 - please make sure that over the weekend you have plenty of fun and fresh air; then next week lots of  early nights and good brain-building breakfasts please! frown

'Brain breaks' with Just Dance

Week beginning 18th April


Welcome back to the summer term in Trinity Class. We hope that you had a fantastic Easter holiday and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather! We have launched straight back into our learning, with the Year 6 children making final preparations for our tests in a few weeks. Our topic this term will be Africa and Asia, with a particular focus on the Gambia, Cambodia and Nepal - all countries with a link to our school.


With the Cricket season just starting, Trinity Class are polishing up our bowling, batting and fielding skills!

Week beginning 13th March

Instow Cross Country Festival

Week beginning 6th March



 Visit to Pilton College's Cultural Diversity Day and North Devon Museum


Year 5 and 6 had a really busy day on Friday. We learned a great deal about our local area as we followed the banks of the River Taw, spotting many familiar landmarks. We spent time at the War memorial in Rock Park thinking about all those local people who served in the First and Second World Wars. We discovered that both Rock Park and the North Devon Museum were given as gifts to the people of Barnstaple by William Frederick Rock. Further on down the river we paused to look at the mosaic depicting a thousand years of the town's history.


A vast array of flags, costumes, foods and traditions awaited us at Pilton College's Cultural Diversity day. We spent a fascinating hour visiting stalls from countries all over the world, from Germany to Japan, Austria to Argentina and many countries in between...a great success! A big thank you to all the staff and students for making us feel so welcome.


After a quick lunch stop at Pilton Park, we completed our day with visit to the North Devon Museum - finding out about the geology,  history and wildlife of our local area. We learned about the regiments of soldiers (and horses) who went out from North Devon to fight in both the First and Second World Wars. To complete our day we were able to hide out in the air raid shelter in the grounds of the museum; all in all a great day!

Week beginning 27th February



Volume Investigations

Our volume investigations allowed us to create and test a formula for the volume of different cubes and cuboids. We used this formula determine how many different shapes we could make that had the same volume. 

Make Do and Mend

As part of our World War two topic, we have been working in groups to create three useful items from a recycled shirt. We have been creating peg bags, pencil cases, aprons and teddies!

Look out for our finished products ...coming soon!

A Visit from Andy Dipper

On Thursday we had a fascinating presentation from Andy Dipper, a local resident and ex-pupil and parent of Instow School. He gave us a great insight in to the background of Morse Code and how it was used to great advantage in World War 2. Mr Dipper brought his own Morse Code equipment in to school and we were able to here transmissions from across Europe!


Week beginning 20th February


Trinity Class Assembly

Thank you to all those parents, grandparents, family and friends who came along to our class assembly on Thursday. We really hope that you enjoyed the presentation of learning about World War Two, our story extracts, poems and songs. If you would like to read more of our stories please pop in to our class. smiley

Week beginning Monday 6th February

In class this week we have been continuing to find out more about World War 2. The children have been working on their map skills and have found cities which were bombed in the UK and also the counties where children were evacuated. This led to some interesting questions being asked about the tactics used by the Nazis.


In literacy we have looked at poems that have been written about World War 2 and have been trying to write our own in a similar style. Below are two alphabet poems written by Charlie and Daisy from Year 6.

Anne Frank, writing word by word
Bombing London in the Blitz

Children going off on an adventure 

Destruction made by the Germans

Evacuees getting to a safe place

Fire burning bright

Good always wins

Hitler, the evil villain

Inspiring solders going to war

Jews,they will be next

Killing Germans, one by one 

Land farming making food

Mother sobbing all day long

Never give up hope

Old sewn clothes 

People screaming for their family

Quickly rushing home 

Red flag of the Nazis

Streets abandoned

Terrifying things happen to the Jews

U.S.A joins the fight

Victory wins to us 

Winston Churchill leader of Britain

X'marks where to attack

Yay for our saviou,r here for us all

Zepplins bombing everything


Daisy Morgan


Air raid shelters, damp and gloomy

Bombs exploding, damage destruction

Children crying, one after one

Ducking down under the streets

Eruptions every where 

Fighting fear of Jerries 

Gone for ever, gone, gone

Hitler,horrible Hitler

In the fight pain awaits

Just wait,  scared

Killing Germans, day in day out

Leaping for cover

Moving Jerries trapping us

Noon and all we hear is boom

On the Jerries as quick as a cats blink

Poor food rations

Quiet in the day, sleepless at night

Soon the win

The scream of the trains

Under attack in with the Jerries

Vans with bleeding tired man 

War is ending

X - the attack position

Yet waiting for a win

Zepplins bombing London to the ground


by Charlie Ludwell



Week beginning 30th January


This week here in Trinity Class we have continued our studies of 'The Harmonica'. We discussed the 'writers' tools' that the author has used, such as: similes, metaphors, alliteration, personification and contrasts.

We then imagined that we were the main character in the book and wrote extracts from his point of view.


I felt imprisoned. Helpless. Like a freezing blanket. Sinking into a frozen cage of ice and snow. We were marched outside the concentration camp to dig through the snow. For each shovel of white,  I lost a memory of my mother and father. I felt a chill to the bone that made me shiver in the ice cold frost of the red fiery sky. I was sinking. My warmth was gone.   Millie



The purple sky did not light the woods or my hopeless spirits; I was trapped in my world of frozen fear. The blue stripes on my uniform were fading, blurring in to a world of their own...a place where they could go, a place they wanted to go...unlike me!  For each shovel I took I thought of my dear mother and father. Each particle of ice a memory...some streamed in to my eyes, startling my steady vision.    Peita


Pains. Aches. Sores. All part of my daily dose. Steps became as hard as hurdles. Shovelling was like carrying the weight of many  and breathing became panting. Each day was longer. First it seemed to be minutes, then hours, then days...they never seemed to end.   The last drops of warmth in my heart were forcing me on...but they were fading. My last hope, slowly vanishing into the darkness of the night.  Ali


In the depths of deep, dark despair we were marched into the freezing blanket of white. The soldiers spat 'Shovel Jew, shovel!'

For each shovel of the white enemy I lost a memory of my mother and my father. Every day felt like six days, will this ever end?




They certainly are powerful accounts! If you would like to read on, pop in to Trinity Class for more extracts...tissues provided!

Week beginning 21st January


This week Trinity Class have had great fun working on our multiplication and division facts with the Times Tables Rock Stars programme. The sweet sounds of Bon Jovi, Joan Jet, Starship and Bryan Adams have echoed around the class as we have worked on the speed and accuracy of calculations! smiley


In Literacy we are studying 'The Harmonica', a beautiful World War Two story that follows the fortunes of a Jewish family in Austria. We are investigating the way the author use particular stylistic devices  such as similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification to create an amazing atmosphere in the story. Look out for our own versions...coming soon!

Week beginning 16th January

On Tuesday 19th January Tangled Theatre  came to talk to us about Hope,Change,Dreams and Love.They sang songs about these subjects; they also performed poems . Through the poems and songs they told us some of the key messages, that  you can do anything you want if you try hard and show hope.They taught us a song called "We are hope." They inspired us because some of them had disabilities but they still made an amazing sound together.   Thank you very much Tangled Theatre for visiting our school.


We have also spent time this week preparing the songs for our Edukid concert in the Queens Theatre on Friday 20th January. 

Twelve Year 5 and 6 children will represent Instow School in a Sports Hall Athletics competition at the Leisure Centre on Friday...more news to follow!


Week beginning Monday 9th January

We've had a productive week beginning to get to grips with our new topic. In literacy we have started studying a fantastic book by Robert Westall called "Blitzcat". It's already giving us some inspirational ideas for our writing. MrsTuohey had an art day with the class on Thursday and they have all created some blitz pictures for us to display in class and maybe to exhibit a few at the Burton Art museum. Look out for some pictures next week once our display is complete!


Writing inspired by "Blitzcat"

" A stampede of rabbits appeared from the back of the hedge, they ran as fast as they could. I pounced to try and grab one but missed by a fractions"   Tom H


"Her dark black fur made her think she might as well be bright orange, and when she pounced she couldn't get her tail where she needed it to be. She came across a few rabbits but they began thumping in warning as soon as they saw her shadow come closer" Erin


"To the cat's surprise she could smell human, the breeze must have changed direction. She came upon a run-down old cottage: thatched roof, rounded wooden door, your typical fairy tale scene. She waited on the moss covered stepping stones. At first patiently, just sitting there." Lily


Welcome back - we hope that you had a lovely Christmas holiday! Thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts that you gave us. 

We have an exciting term of learning to look forward to with our World War Two topic - you should have received a letter and a topic map earlier this week. Our term started with a fascinating visit from two of our local magistrates as part of the 'Magistrates in the Community' programme. Mrs Baker and Mrs Gagg gave us a real insight in to the way that the law and courts work to keep us all safe. Trinity Class are using all this information to create their own fact files about magistrates. A big thank you to both Mrs Baker and Mrs Gagg for taking the time to come and talk to us and for all their hard work for North Devon.

Magistrates In The Community

Week beginning Monday 5th December


Thank you to all of the parents who have worked so hard getting costumes together for our production this week. Chris Hold came and took photos on Monday morning and the children looked fantastic. We are counting down to our production days and excitement is building! In class we have continued to look at different techniques used by Shakespeare in his writing and also we have been admiring the re-creations of The Globe and Shakespeare's home in Strarford -upon- Avon. Well done Class 5!

Week beginning Monday 28th November

Class 5 have been getting their Tudor heads on this week with all things Shakespeare! We've been busy making props for our school production, reading parts of Romeo and Juliet and studying the language and imagery used by William Shakespeare. We learnt that Dictionaries didn't exist until 1604 so Shakespeare often invented words to bring his scripts to life. All of the class had a go at writing in the style of William Shakespeare and I think you'll agree that the results are outstanding!


Why, my fellow friend,

You have that sorrow face again,

So full of wind, sharpness and hollow

Autumn Face


By Peita


Be of good cheer, dear friend

Naught shall bring joy throughout the day,

Why your December face, full of bitterness

Like a frozen, dying rose?


By Faith


What has thou done, for you to have run to your Autumn face?

Naught, I care, though your father does much.

Whither you and go out the door!


By Honor


Why my fellow friend?

Why hast thou such a November face? 

So full of gloom and no glee,

Frost freezing thy eyes from glee


By Abbie


Forbidden from life

And yet naught for smiles

As winter overtakes, whither you go?

To the roaring burn of the underground?

Well my friend, thou hast been there for 100 years!


By Ethan


Thou hast the face of January,

Sad and cold, like the wind

Bridle thy tongue for I know what thou art thinking

The darkness of war has overcome thou and I let our fair country rest in peace


By Zach


Why the face?

A September face, so cold and gloomy.

Behold your face, whither go you?

So full of rain and thunder.

your gloom haunts my heart to stone and makes it slowly corrode away


By Rohan

Week beginning 21st November

Fractions, fractions and more fractions! The children in Trinity Class have really stretched their brains this week and had to prove their resilience when the going got tough. On Wednesday they wrote teaching slides to teach other how to simplify fractions and how to find common denominators so that fractions can be ordered in either ascending or descending order. There was a real buzz in the room whilst the children took the role of teacher and learner to impart their knowledge and understanding to each other. 

Our home learning for the next couple of weeks is linked to our literacy learning and our fantastic Christmas production "Shakespeare Rocks". In class we have been reading different versions of Shakepeare plays and getting to grips with the rich language and the themes which are common across his writing. Zach and Darcey were the first two children to bring in some creative models of the Globe Theatre. Well done to you both - you've set a high standard for your class mates to aspire to!

Week beginning Monday 14th November

What a fantastic treat for the start of the week! A huge thank you to Alicia who spent her weekend mastering her baking and cake decorating skills. We were delighted to share her Pudsey Children in Need cake. On Friday we will be raising money for this wonderful cause.

In Literacy we read and talked about "For the Fallen" by Laurence Binyon. This is a poem which is used in Remembrance services all over the country each year. We had a go at writing a poem in a similar style.


We wouldn't be the same without them,

We wouldn't be who we are,

We thank you brave souls,

Who fought the war afar


You won the war,

But lost something too

We give thanks braves souls

We owe our lives to you.


We sit and discuss your victory

On that truly great day

After all you are our heroes

You just fell and lay


You lay down on the floor 

In sadness and despair

Sometimes with regret

For even being there


We thank you brave souls

For everything you've done

We thank you dear souls

We owe you, each and everyone.


By Ali


In the Queen's gardens,

The poppies grow,

With strength and power

For us to show


As the soldiers fight,

The sky becomes glum,

As more people shoot

The war is over and done


As night is falling,

The war is stopping,

They fight with their might,

But people are dropping


As the war gets bigger

As the soldiers fall

As the sky gets darker

The motherland calls


As they set us free

We remember

Why they did fight

Always and each November


The poppies grow

And people wear their poppies red,

The soldiers unspoken wish

Remember us now we are dead


By Millie


Week beginning Monday 7th November
A huge congratulations to the Year 5 and 6 children that competed in the Sports Hall Athletics competition at Bideford College. The children had to compete against children from 6 other schools from around the Bideford area. Our Instow pupils had to test their, jumping, sprinting, throwing, co-ordination and teamwork skills. The event had separate scores for both boy teams and girls teams and the overall combined score would be used to decided finalists. The 6 boys and 6 girls from Instow gave it everything they had and really tried hard on each event. After winning the team relay event the spirits were high and the results were coming in. The boys placed 3rd out of seven schools and the girls were in fine form finishing 1st. So our combined score was good enough to win the event with Kingsley being the second place finishers. The top two teams now go through to the North Devon Area Final in January. The Instow children represented the school fantastically well in terms of their performance and their behaviour. Well done and I'm looking forward to taking those children to the final in January. R.Bedford

Sports Hall Athletics winning team!

On November 7th three of the Year 6 pupils were invited to attend a Maths workshop in Okehampton. It was quite a journey but it was worthwhile. We worked on Magic squares and birthday magic squares where you hide your birthday in the square. Overall it was a great day of maths learning. Rohan, Ali and Zach.

Hello we are the Green team ,We help save energy and we are going to try knock down our electricity and also our gas bills at school.  At the moment it is around seven hundred pounds a month so we would like to drop it  by at least ten pounds.We will be checking classrooms regularly to see how much energy they are saving, for example they may turn off the lights or put the computer to sleep! So classrooms can earn stickers by saving energy in their room,Certificates and badges can be gained  by reminding Teachers after class to turn electronic devices off. On the 7th November 2016 we hosted an assembly with the school about Switch Off Fortnight, It starts on the 14th to then 27th November. We all have one classroom each to monitor the devices  that are wasting energy. Good luck to you all. Maybe you could try to save energy at home too?

Elliott:Class 1

Charlotte B:Class 2

Lottie:Class 3

Lewis:Class 4

Charlie:Class 5

By Green Team


Operation Christmas Child


A huge thank you to everyone who contributed gifts for our Operation Christmas Child boxes. This year our house groups worked together to create 20 boxes - what a fantastic effort! We also had some wonderful conversations about giving gifts to others.smiley

Week beginning Monday 31st October.

This week marks the start of our rehearsal period for our production of "Shakespeare Rocks". It has been fantastic to see how enthusiastic the children are and we're already enjoying it's humour and catchy songs!

We've been working hard in class and really had to demonstrate our growth mind set with some challenging maths learning about division with remainders and decimals. Well done to all of those children who went into the learning pit and then climbed out the other side!

In literacy we have started to write some balanced arguments about zoos, hopefully our titles such as: "Zoos, a matter of life or death?", "Zoos. Cool or cruel?", "To zoo or not to zoo?" and "Shall we sacrifice our zoos?" will be enough to draw our audience in and make them want to read more. Look out next week for some of our arguments.

Appledore Book Festival Author Visit - Gill Lewis


Why do authors write? Where does their inspiration come from?

These and many other questions were answered for us during our visit from the author Gill Lewis.

It was fantastic to hear the stories from her own childhood that had inspired the themes in Gill's books.

We lost ourselves in the Scottish Highlands as Gill read  wonderful extracts from her book Sky Hawk. We were amazed by the film clips of osprey catching their prey. We can't wait to find out more about the adventures of Sky Hawk back in class - thank you for inspiring us Gill!


Sky Hawk - Callum's Diary

Dear Diary,

Today I found out a huge secret about the forest near the farm. I feel really bad because I broke the promise that I made to my mum and my best bud doesn't like Iona. As I walked into the forest I felt really curious, but excited too. I was about to find out a secret that no-one else knew about. As I walked in to the forest , there she was....Iona!

We walked further in to the forest, she led me to some stones, she called them 'the fairy stones'. I thought they were stupid.' I yelled. 'Iona you led me all this way to see some fairy stones!' Iona told me to be quiet. 

        She asked me if I could climb trees and I said yes.But Iona took her shoes and socks off and climbed up, gripping into the cracks of the tree. Suddenly she was gone,  I tried but I couldn't follow her. She then tossed me down a rope and I climbed up. She  produced a pack of biscuits and threw me one.I scoffed it down. Iona showed me the roof of the tree tops. I saw drift wood on top of them. Then I saw it ....a magnificent creature weaving a nest. Wow, stunning....

                                                                   by Millie Webb


​Sky Hawk - Callum's Diary


Dear Diary,

I'm up here in this amazing tree with a girl called Iona. She has just been showing me an awesome secret about my farm. We've been up here for a few minutes now, we've been looking at a pile of sticks that look like's moving!


Whilst I'm up here I feel like I am betraying my mother, father and one of my best friends, Rob. I have promised Iona that I will let her back on to the farm, but Iona's mother stole from Rob's dad's company, so Rob hates her. The other reason is I promised my mother and father that I would stay at the farm and help there...I'm betraying everyone. I'm feeling a bit embarrassed too; Iona asked me if I could climb trees, of course I said I could. But then she started to climb up a wet and slippery tree trunk; I couldn't climb up it so she had to chuck me a rope!

​Matthew Goodman



Week beginning Monday 17th October

In Science this week we continued with our light investigations. We worked in pairs to find out about size of shadows, light direction and reflections. 

Week beginning October 3rd.


We were lucky that the sun shone for a brief time on Tuesday afternoon so that we could get outside for some active science learning. We all conducted our own investigations about what was happening to our shadows. There were some super scientists in the room who quickly asked if they could go back to the classroom to get metre sticks and even compasses to help them. Faith and Lily even started to create a human sundial. Back in class we recorded our findings  before conducting some experiments with torches  and mirrors. Maybe at home you could test the class on some of the key vocabulary from the topic?

Some of the Year 6 children have also been dodging the showers for their Bikeability sessions.

Week beginning 26th September


We have had a really busy week as we prepared for both our Class Assembly and the Harvest service. It was great to be able to share our Bristol experiences and learning at the assembly; we each wrote a script to share our favourite parts of the residential! We hope that you enjoyed our presentation!

Our  'Across the Atlantic'  topic featured in our play for the Harvest service. We used our topic learning to help us as  we took a tour of countries around the Atlantic to learn about their harvest traditions. Thank you for all your generous contributions of food for the Harbour project in Bideford. smiley


The wind blows high in  the storm,

Waves crash beyond the cliffs,

High seas come boldering in ,


Lighthouse shines shines but can never reach,

Around corners,

It started to rain,

Slowly but sadly,

Down Down Down 

Into the sea,

Slowly sinking down,


Up above the deepness,

Lies a face,

But you can never look it in the eye,

The sails were shaking,

Seas were rough,


Barrels over board,

Anchor rises, 

Shelter is not near,

Flash goes a light, 

It must be lightning, 

And the brown wooden,

With white dusky sails,

Was never seen again....

                                                          BY ALICIA    CLASS 5 




Winner of the Appledore Short Story Writing Competition 'Home'



Our topic this term is Across the Atlantic. We were fortunate to start our learning journey with a fantastic week away on our Bristol residential! We visited Bristol Zoo, the M Shed, SS Great Britain, @Bristol including an awesome visit to the 3D Planetarium! We also had a ferry tour of the Bristol Docks and an evening tour of the city in an open top bus...topped off with a walk across the illuminated Clifton Suspension Bridge! We learned all about the trading that made Bristol such an important city. We were inspired by tales of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and John Cabot.To finish off our week (and energy reserves) with a flourish we visited Air Hop on the way home! 


Photos of our action packed week can be found on the Gallery page of the website.

Autumn Term Plan