Class 5

WElcome to trinity class


Week beginning Monday 11th July

Tuesday was our much awaited "Grand cook out day" at Forest School. The year 6 children have been working towards this and had to build their own fire pits, collect wood and then safely cook a three course meal and clear away afterwards. The children had planned meticulously for the event and we were thrilled when all groups had success and produced some excellent food. Master Chef here we come! Highlights included: Carbonara, Spanish omlettes, Tacos, Fajitas, Stuffed mushrooms, Stir fry, Chorizo and Haloumi and of course lots of chocolate and marsh mallows! The day was topped off with a game of hide and seek in the woods and the name game and sharing of memories from 7 years of Forest School. It has been an absolute privilege to share these sessions with the children. We have truly nurtured a love and respect of the outdoors and made fabulous memories!


Year 5 and 6 were offered the fantastic opportunity of a sailing morning with the North Devon Yacht Club.

We were blessed to have a beautiful sunny day,a light north westerly wind and several willing and friendly volunteers from the Yacht Club. The children experienced sailing in motor cruisers, sailing boats and RIBS. A wonderful time was had by all - many thanks to North Devon Yacht Club!

Week beginning Monday 4th July

Thankfully the weather cleared for our afternoon at Bulworthy. This week we had small 5 minute fires to practise for next week's grand cook-out. We also used the knives to whittle some sticks and then embarked on the egg challenge. Each child had to look after an egg, interesting name choices such as Wilbert, Henry Slade, Donald Trump and Mr Egg!  The egg pets had all kinds of adventures including roller coaster rides, running races and living in tree houses........not all survived to tell the tale but a great afternoon was had by all!

Week beginning 27th June

Forest School on Monday and the sun shone! Hooray. The children were busy working on their dens, collecting wood for their fires and then making picture frames. A great time was had by all. We particularly enjoyed making our pictures come to life!


Forest School Monday 20th June

We had a visitor to Forest School today !

The Year 6 children had a great afternoon  trying to light storm kettles and boil water - not an easy task when you consider how damp the wood is at the moment. They also completed some team challenges, played hide and seek and made a mud slide!

Trinity's Got Talent!

Thank you to all the parents, family and friends who cam to watch our 'Trinity's Got Talent!' assembly. We hoped that you enjoyed watching our amazing array of acts!

Year 6 Leavers' Hoodies

A huge thank you to our PTFA for their kind contribution to our Year 6 Leavers' hoodies! We will wear them with pride to all of the special events that we have planned for this term. smiley

Year 6 in their Leavers' Hoodies

Beach Sports Afternoon with PETROC

What a fantastic way to end a busy week! A big thank you to Tim Newton and the PETROC students for a great afternoon during which we were all able to try  out some new sports: beach volleyball, beach football and beach flag racing.frown 

Week beginning May 16th

We've had another busy week in Trinity Class. The children have now completed their leaflets on the River Torridge and we are delighted with the results. Please come in and see their finished leaflets, the vocabulary and persuasion techniques used by the children show great maturity. On Tuesday we enjoyed playing rounders, well done Sam for your super bowling skills! We have been learning about reversible and irreversible changes in science and how these are connected to physical and chemical changes. Hopefully this weekend you will have some scientists at home with you who are busily making observations about changes they see around the home and how they can be explained. 

Over the last few weeks we have spent time investigating different board games, considering their key ideas and themes. We then worked in groups to design and create our own games which are all based on our topic for this term - rivers.

Amongst our catchy new game titles we have: Rivopoly Life, River Rush, Battlefish, Escape the River, Journey Down the River, Up and Running, River Stepping Stones, Escape from the River Nile, Airport Mania and Rapid Rivers!

We are looking forward to testing and evaluating the games next week!smiley

Week beginning May 9th

The Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this week as they have completed their SATs tests. We have been really proud of their calm and sensible approach to the tests. We can now look forward to a host of fun opportunities for learning for the rest of the term! Your child will have received a letter today with a list of events and dates. 

Tag Rugby with PETROC students

Week beginning May 2nd


The children have had a bit of an art focus this week. On Tuesday they spent some time discussing potential river related art projects with Mrs Knight and this afternoon they did some drawings of the view from our bottom playground. They did some rough sketches first before returning to the classroom to prepare a second draft.

Brynsworthy Recycling Centre

A very informative hour at the centre. The children were amazed by all the facts they learnt and impressed by the mugs!


Week beginning April 25th

On Monday we had an assembly led by the RNLI lifeguards. They helped us to recall how to keep safe on the beach and in the sea this summer. Katie and Jenson made great models!

We have continued with our persuasive writing with Mrs Brewer. We are writing leaflets to encourage tourists to visit the River Torridge and surrounding area. Would these paragraphs entice you?


Wouldn't it be lovely to stroll along Bideford Quay eating a delicious Hockings ice cream? There are many great activities to see, do and enjoy around the River Torridge on Bideford Quay. Fish on the old bridge and try to catch some salmon or brown trout or if fishing isn't your cup of tea sit on the cafe barge and drink a lovely cup of hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows.  Alice.


You must stroll along this historic maritime quay, taking in the sights and sounds of the "little white town". Bideford bridge has 24 arches.  Kieran


On a sunny afternoon take a long walk to the Puffing Billy near Torrington. At this popular restaurant enjoy a local cream tea or late lunch; inside or outside, both are lovely so take your pick.   Louis.

Tag Rugby with PETROC

On Friday we welcomed Mr Newton and some students from PETROC, who ran a Tag Rugby session for us. Despite the unseasonally chilly weather, we learned a range of skills and played some great games!

Week beginning 18th April


As part of our Literacy work, we have studied the book Water Dance by Thomas Locker. We have written our own riddle-style descriptions of different forms of water. 


In the shadows of the dark,

I am the bitter cold,

White and wonderful, 

I am the snow.



I am the frozen water,

burying deep into the glacier.

Sparkling into a million colours,

the soft wind echoing like the last breath of a moaning lion.


I am the ice-cave


I'm calm when I want to be,

but fierce when I have to be.

Rumbling waves thrashing against the rocks.


I am the ocean.surprise



I beat hard on the tender hills .

Leaping from window sills and gutters .

Children laughing as I tickle them.


I am the hail surprise



I am the amazing light show that forms 

high above the North Pole.

I send people running out for me 

what am I?

The Northern Lights





  I tunnel down underground,

  stealing water,

  and bringing it back up.

  Some people send me wishes.

  I am the Well.

  by Alice

 I scurry down hillsides and

   whisper  through alleys, 

   Snake between caverns 

   Littered with wildlife.


  I am the stream.


 I am the roadway to mystery

   I sweep though toddlers tootsies

   I have been here break till dawn,

   Wave after wave. 


  I am the ocean.


Summer Term 2016

Welcome back to the summer term in Trinity Class and an especially warm welcome to Polly who has joined our class this week. We hope you all had a great Easter break and are ready for what will be an extremely exciting and busy term.


We started the new term with a buzz when the postman delivered not one but four replies to letters sent to the people who inspire us. Toby, Sam, Molly and Lucy were all lucky enough to receive replies from Prof Stephen Hawking, the authors John Dougherty and J.K Rowling. Toby even received a magnet with an inspirational quote on as a gift!

"Remember to look up at the stars,

And not down at your feet.

Try to make sense of what you see,

And wonder about what makes the Universe exist.

Be Curious!"

Yesterday the 23 of March Instow hosted a cross country event at Moreton Park. We got there in the afternoon, just after lunch. The year 5 girls went first and got off to a good start.


Our first three Instow girls to cross the line were Honor in 8th , Lucy in 16th  and Rosie in 24th. Then it was the year 5 boys; we were very pleased that we had Zach coming 4th , Rohan 10th and Ali 28th. Now it was up to the year 6 girls to get a medal but unfortunately it waqsn't to be! The girls did a great job, we had Lani coming 9th , Molly 14th and Emily coming 17th.

In the year 6 boys race our first person to cross the finish line was Freddie in 7th , Ben in 11th and Alex in 12th; out of all the schools Instow year 6 boys came 2nd!


By Freddie and Jenson

STEM Science Challenge

Week beginning March 14th

There are so many exciting events to share with you this week that it's difficult to know where to start! Jenson can get first mention though as he received the first reply from the letters which were sent last week. It was fantastic to see how excited the class were to get a reply and the signed photos of the Leicester football team were an added bonus. We are now eagerly awaiting the postman each day to see who will be next to get a reply!

Next to get a mention is Autism Awareness week. We have all been really impressed with the information that Sam has shared with the class and with the maturity of the class when they have been discussing this topic. We looked at some Super hero comic strips produced by the Education department and some videos made by young people with autism. Sam produced his own powerpoint too and everyone in the room gained a better appreciation of Autism and Asperger's syndrome.


STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths week

We have really embraced STEM this week and considered the thousands of careers which use the STEM subjects. In our own science lesson on Tuesday afternoon the children worked in small groups to come up with creative ways to teach others about Earth, the moon and our solar system. It was a noisy but productive session and many of the groups chose to use the Learnpads to video their presentations or took stills using the digital cameras to enhance their posters.

Tuesday's science session

Petroc STEM day

On Wednesday all of Years 5 and 6 spent the day at Petroc taking part in a STEM day. It was an incredible learning experience for all involved. Some of our highlights included The Big Bang show which taught us a lot about Sound. The hydrogen balloon explosion was a particular favourite! There were also many thought provoking moments when we considered the environment and sustainability and how STEM subjects are crucial in helping us to find solutions to global problems.

During the lunch hour the children had the opportunity to visit a huge range of stalls in the Sports Hall including: making lip balm, sampling different chocolates, molecular cocktails, reaction times, pedal power and many many more. The climbing wall was also put to good use!

Our afternoon workshop explored the Big Bang theory through the medium of dance and was called "Quantum entanglement". The children played the part of atoms and and really engaged well with the session.

It truly was a fantastic day which will have inspired many and left us with many tales to tell and facts to share. Over the coming week we will be able to share our recounts with you.

Week beginning 7th March

This week all of the children have written to someone who inspires them. It was fascinating trying to find all of the correct postal addresses but letters are now on their way to the likes of: Emma Watson, Jamie Vardy, Malala and President Obama to name just a few! We will be looking out for the postman over the coming weeks in the hope that we get some replies. 

In Numeracy the children have been studying co-ordinates across four quadrants and have also been getting to grips with averages. See if they can tell you a new version of  "Hey diddle diddle".

Week beginning February 29th.

We've had a busy start to our learning this week with all of the children really challenging themselves across the curriculum. On Monday afternoon we used the Learn pads to video our gymnastics routines so that we could analyse our own performances and improve them based on what we had seen. Our maths learning has seen us all getting to grips with algebra including a fantastic code breaker challenge - well done to the Year 6 children who completed this epic task! In Science we created gas profiles - this led to some impromptu learning on Hydrogen balloons and the Hindenburg. We are nearing completion of our literacy fact files - it will  be interesting to see whether semi-colons make an appearance! The atmosphere and enthusiasm for learning in class has been great to see. Keep up the hard work Trinity Class! 


Congratulations to Alice who was the Star Performer on Manga High for February!

World Book Day

Thursday was World Book Day and everyone came in dressed as characters from famous books, including the teachers!


Week beginning 22nd February


This week Year 6 donned our aprons again. We worked with Mrs Guymer to make blueberry cakes, chocolate cakes and chocolate stirring spoons - when added to warm milk these make delicious hot chocolate! We sold these after school to raise money for our Edukid sponsor child. Thank you to everyone who bought cakes and hot chocolate..we hope you enjoyed them! A huge thank you to Mrs Guymer for all her hard work! smiley

Chocolate Champions

Week beginning 8th February


This week Trinity Class have studied 'The Tear Thief' by Carol Ann Duffy. We used the story structure to create our own tales. Here are a few extracts from our work.


The Nightmare Thief

As the moon rose into the blackened sky, the Nightmare Thief slunk into a town. She wore the finest silk dress the colour of lilac, a dark purple bolero and rich purple shoes with a slight heel; she carried a silky lilac sack on her back.The Nightmare Thief collects nightmares as black as coal and when her sack is full, she empties them into the shadows of the darkness.When she steals the nightmares she replaces them with good dreams from the stars.By Molly.

The Nightmare Thief

As glowing moon rose,shadows darkened faint mist drifted across the twinkling stars.A black spot appeared in the circle of brightness descending down



As the sole of a black boot touched the icy pavement,the silhouette of a shadow slunk sideways leaving a trail of frozen mist behind.The unmistakable image of a shadowed girl came to view.She wore a black velvet cloak,sewn with darkness itself,jet black leggings,the colour of the never ending universe pulled up with blackened boots polished to perfection. Her face,underneath a hood,was dark and sinister as her clothing her charcoal eyes glinting in the moonbeams. In one coal coloured glove she held a rucksack the colour of night and shadows she pulled it up on her shoulders. In the other gloved hand was a sinister black fencing umbrella with a sharpened pointy tip. She was the nightmare thief silent as smoke agile as a cat. Placing a boot forward she disappeared into the shadows. Suddenly she appeared on the top of a chimney,breathing in the scent of ash and smoldering smoke (her favourite) from the dying embers of some once warm flickering flames.

By Lucy Jo

Week beginning 1st February

This week Trinity Class have bee studying figurative language - personification, similes and metaphors.

Here our some of our personification poems.

Stadium sensation 


Rain flickers down,


Crowds are roaring

Seats are  yawning,


Huge floodlights glaring down

Goal posts tie themselves together,


Boots are coughing

Football shrieking,


Beer bottles shuffle by,

Hands in their pockets frozen

Warmed by grinning pasties,


A steward snarls

Crowds are booing,


The green grass bares its teeth

The stars are smiling down on the pitch.

         Freddie Harvey



 School Jungle 

 Crazy children run.


Old doors winking-

Rusty swings not daring to move.


In the playground 

A scared slide sneezes.


Exercise books shuffle by,

With writing on their hands.

The computer stirs.


Pencils shriek.

Pens scratch.


Backpacks show 

their un-zipped teeth.

The cloakroom's

sloth-like stillness

spreads between the 

sound and movement

of the classrooms.

   Alice AP.



Beach Banter 


Warm beating sun.


Calming waves echo 

swamping the sand.


Dunes whisper secrets-

Beach huts bragging

their multicolour stripes,



At the seaside 

ice-cream vans stutter.


Flags whip the wind, rooted proudly.

The seagulls cackle.


A harboring ship protesting;

Towels tease.


Dustbins spew unhappy contents.

The oceans wondering waves

Spitting through the moaning horizon.

Lani Sellors. 





Week beginning 25th January


Trinity Class Assembly - Inspirational People


It was great to welcome so many parents to our assembly. Here our some of our thoughts on people who have inspired us.


Lisa, one of the Instow Pre-school teachers inspired me. She was really good at looking after us. She used to tickle me with a feather! She was really kind and has made me think about being a teacher in the future.   Rosie


My inspirational person is my Grandad. He was gardening and accidentally chopped his finger off, he had to go to hospital. He is now cooking and handling it well. He is always doing favours for others. I would like to be able to handle my feeling well and help others, just like my Grandad.  Honor


Malala is my inspiration. She was shot in the head by the Taliban for wanting the rights for girls to go to school.  She won a Nobel Peace Prize 2014 for standing up for her rights. She is still fighting for the rights of other girls from many places - her home town, Pakistan, Kenya and other developing countries.   Lani


My inspirational person is Jamie Vardy; he is a famous footballer. He inspires me because he started in non-league football which is one of the worst leagues in England. Now he has just broken a record for scoring in eleven consecutive games. The team that he now plays for is Leicester City football club, they are top of the premiership!  Jenson


Henry Slade inspires me because he has type one Diabetes, but still does not let that get in his way. Henry plays rugby for the Exeter Chiefs and England, he is only 22. He has a lot of perseverance and determination to achieve this standard of rugby. He has been through a lot and now has a broken leg. He always shows great courage. These are the reasons why Henry Slade inspires me and one day I would like to play rugby professionally.  Louis


Martin Luther King Jr was a black rights ambassador. He inspires me because he survived tough times but still stood up for what he believed in. Unfortunately he was assassinated in 1968. When he was alive he won the Nobel Peace Prize and many remember him as one of the most important people in the drive for equal rights.  Ben


The inspirational person who I look up to is the great Beth Tweddle. She is an amazing gymnast; in the Olympics she came 3rd on bars, 2nd on beam and vault and 1st on her favourite piece of equipment - the floor.  Alicia

 'Soup-er' Stars - Mrs Guymer and the Year 6 Cooks


During our assembly we also talked about the work of Edukid, sponsoring children in developing countries. Instow School are sponsoring a child in Cambodia. In order to help raise money the Year 6 children worked with Mrs Guymer to make tomato and basil soup and bread sticks. We then sold these after school. The soup was delicious, a great way to warm up on a chilly evening!

Week beginning 18th January


This week we had another visit from Tangle Theatre. Following on from the visit last term where we learnt about different cultures, this week we watched a play about a group of cousins who inherit a boat and take off on a trip around the Atlantic, learning about the different peoples of the countries they visited. The performance included poems and songs from different African and Caribbean dialects, see below for pictures.

Week beginning 11th January

Fun With Formula

In Numeracy this week we have extended our geometric reasoning work; moving on from finding area using formula to finding the volume of cuboids. To help us visualise the volume of these 3D shapes we used multi link cubes to build our own shapes. We then created a mathematical formula to speed our calculations 

volume = length x height x breadth

v = l x h x b


We used multi link to find the volume of cuboids (and other shapes!!)

Jim gave us a great insight into life on the Falkland Islands as he talked about his visit over the Christmas holidays. He showed us some amazing photos of the landscape and wildlife that he has seen!

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the Spring Term in Trinity Class.


Week beginning 4th January

Year 6 had an exciting start to the term with a visit to Bideford College to watch the students perform "We Will Rock You".

Here are some of our thoughts about the performance....


On the 7th of January the year 6 pupils went down to Bideford College to watch a play called......"We Will Rock You" ! The musical was acted and sung by the Bideford College A level & GCSE students. The singing was fantastic and I really enjoyed the stomach churning songs by Queen . no : By Toby 

I really enjoyed the play because of the fabulous acting skills and the stunning  musical performance. After performing our Christmas play I felt more empathy for the actors as we, as a class, experienced the buzz of the show ourselves!  :By Lani 

When i watched the GCSE and A level  students perform 'We will rock you' at Bideford College I thought that their performance was really good and fun to watch and listen to. I thought that their musical was great and you could see that they had put a lot of effort and rehearsals into it.smiley By Alice.

Book Presentations

Our reading target for the Christmas holidays was to prepare a short presentation on a book that we have read. This week we have heard about a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books ranging from Little Star by Jacqueline Wilson to The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford, also from Match Annual 2016 to Ripley's Believe It or Not!

For a complete list of our books and recommendations pop in to Trinity Class and visit our reading corner.

Tuesday 15th December

Watching Tim Peake as he takes off in to space - Live!

  When I watched Tim Peake blast off in to space, It was jaw-dropping. I could not believe my eyes. It was so intense. We all joined in with the count down. Personally I would not fancy it; though floating around  in space does sound fun! by Katie.


When I watched Tim Peake it was fun and nerve racking,It was nerve racking because I thought that the rocket would fall  out of the sky.It must feel boring sitting in a rocket for nearly 6 hours.By Lewis



When I watched Tim Peake take off it was really exciting. When the thrusters started it was only 5 seonds until blast off. It must be epically fun floating around in space! By Elliott 

Week beginning Monday 14th December


Who knew that learning about lichens could be so much fun? On Monday afternoon Jen Howard from "Plantlife" came in to school to work with us. In class we learnt about what a lichen is. Did you know that Lichens are two living things together - fungi and algae. Algae takes it's energy from the sun to make food, fungi provides a home for the algae which keeps them damp! Lichens come in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes and we decided to give some of them our own names as the latin ones were so difficult to remember! Have you ever seen a lichen that looks like a sunset or even cornflakes? We have! Jen took the class down to the graveyard to become lichen investigators. We had a great afternoon identifying lichen on the gravestones, benches and trees. We measured the circular lichens. It is believed that lichen grows 1mm every year so we were able to compare the size of the lichen to the age of the gravestones. It was great to see everyone enjoying the out of doors and investigating. 

The Pirates of the Curry Bean!

Well done everyone for your fantastic performances of The Pirates of the Curry Bean! what an amazing show!

Week beginning December 7th.

Amongst all of the excitement of Production rehearsals, prop making and photographs we've also been working hard back in class! The children's  division skills are coming along brilliantly and I was so impressed with the perseverance and determination of the group who were tackling long division on Tuesday. We certainly fell in to the learning pit and then triumphantly climbed out of it! Well done.


We have also begun to study a fantastic poem called " Bethlehem" by Carol Ann Duffy. It's well worth a read if you want to pop in and have a look at it. The poem has inspired the children to write letters as if they were in Bethlehem the night before the birth of Jesus. Below are some extracts from their work.


" As I was trying to sleep the purplish sky caught my eye and then something so bright, brighter than the sun appeared. Some people who were nearby swore on their lives that they had seen an olive tree turn into pure gold!" Emily.


"I managed to get a bed but many people are sleeping on flat rooves with their blankets. The animals are making so much noise, they are sheltered in caves, it's like torture. Night fires light the sky." Louis.


"The streets were lit by lamps and each new arrival was searching for a place to sleep and something to eat. I managed to share some olives and fresh fish with a stone-cutter who I had met earlier in the day. We sat and watched some entertainers: a harpist, dancers and some ladies singing". Kieran.


" The busyness made me hungry. The tempting smells were just too much for me as I made my way down thepopled streets. My stomach turned as so many smells drifted past. My nose led me to a bakery but the only thing left was a crust of bread and some honey". Lucy Jo.

Autumn Term Newsletter 2015

Week beginning 30th November


This week we have been transported to the remote Cornish coast and the tiny village of Mousehole...or you may use the name that the locals use 'Mowzel'.  We are learning aabout the legend of Mowzer the cat and old Tom the fisherman who is her pet. The pair struggle with 'Great Storm Cat' as they attempt to save the villagers of Mowzel from starving. We will be using  the story to inspire us to create our own local legends.

We have been also busy adding the final touches to a Christmas production 'The Pirates of the Curry Bean!' 


On Thursday we worked with the children from each class. We helped each child to create their own Christingles ready for our special service on Friday.

Phil, Bob and Katie series by sam harris, Year 6

Phil, Bob and Katie are my published book series. Phil is introduced as a detective but they are not really detective novels. Just because I'm young does not mean I can't write funny and exiting stories. Overall the whole series is about 100 pages long. Only the first four are published though. I am quite proud of myself for every book except the first two. Not many characters were introduced (Not even Katie) so if you do read them and think the first two are a bit rubbish, try the other seven. I have written, if you can't do 2 + 7, 9 at time of writing and they only get better. Also in books 7, 8, 9, and every book after there is an interactive part. 5-8 will be published soon. At the time of writing they are available in Brainwave Books in Buckfastlegh,and last time I checked they have made £132.65. I get 10% and the rest goes to charity for children. I have written them all in Instow Community Primary! I hope that my trio will go on to deliver many, many more laughs. frown Yours, Samuel .A. Harris.

St Johns Church Project

 Every fortnight we have been visiting  St Johns Church with Mrs Knight to carry on with our project about making a leaflet to make visiting the church more interesting for a younger child.

The first time we visited the church we went exploring to gather information to start to plan our leaflets.

We created some questions like "Can you find the mythical creature in one of the stained glass windows?" We also came up with some activities such as... "Design your own mythical beast or your own stained glass window."

The second time we went to the church we met Mrs Cantle who gave us lots of interesting facts about the history of the church.

One of the facts was..."Did you know that the church is 755 years old!"


Toby and Molly

Week beginning 23rd November.

Tuesday was the last session of the Arts Awards project that we have been doing for the last seven weeks. We have all been working on our bronze award with other children at Appledore School. We enjoyed making origami butterflies and painting contrast between happiness and sadness. The topic we focused on was an icon of peace. First we nominated people who represent peace then we voted on who we wanted to learn about (Malala) after that we painted on rectangles made of wood and joined all the rectangles together and it turned out to be a portrait of Malala. The pictures show the session that we came back and taught our class. In the future we hope to do  another project as great as this one.   

 Ben, Alice, Jim and Lani

Week beginning 16th November.


Having been trained last week,  we had a chance to present an assembly about the anti-bullying workshop. We were talking about many celebrities being bullied in the past. The children loved the true or false game that we played , they focused and loved it when they had got the answer right. In the assembly we watched the anti-bullying 2015 video,the children  had a lot of ideas of how we could help the girl in the video. We reminded them where they could go if they were upset -  either a friend,teacher or someone you trust.  All in all the assembly went really well.

                                                                            Freddie and Katie




Week beginning 9th November

National Film Week - Cinema Trip

'The Million Dollar Arm'


On Thursday 12th November Trinity and Lundy class went to see  a film called The Million Dollar Arm.

We arrived at the Leisure Centre at 9:15 and walked to the cinema, when we arrived we settled down to watch the movie.

The film was based on a true story about two Indian teenagers who were chosen in a ball throwing contest, then taken to America where they were trained how to play baseball. After ten months of training they had a throwing test for scouts to watch and see if they want to sign them. On the first try out they failed, but on the second they succeeded. It was a brilliant film with a great moral 'Never give up on your dream!'

After the film we went to have lunch and went to the museum to look at the Stone Age information.

Finally we walked to the bus stop and caught  the bus to school.



All of Trinity and Lundy class were amazed by the changes that two Indian men made in a year as they became brilliant baseball  players and made it into the American baseball championships. Wow what an amazing film it was!

 nonono nonoWe give a rating of five out of five thumbs up for the Million Dollar Arm at the Barnstaple Scott cinema.


Week beginning 2nd November


It was good to welcome all of  the children back to school after their half term break and hear about some of their adventures and excursions - especially Alice's trip to Cambodia. If you haven't read her blog do log on and have a read. Some of the class were brave enough to sample some jelly sweets which she brought back - a very mixed reaction!


Before we broke up for half-term the children studied a text in Literacy called "The secrets of Stonehenge" we are now busy trying to write a class book in a similar style. Our book will be called "The secrets of Instow School". We've been fascinated by the school log books which we have found and we have  been using them  to collect evidence for our writing. Some of the books date back to 1904 and the children have been researching illnesses, buildings, behaviour and much more. Do pop in and have a look at these documents. We've also spotted some familiar faces in some of the old school photographs - ex Instow pupils beware!

In the past being a headteacher was not as easy as you think.Especially when attendance officers visited weekly and so many children were suffering from whooping cough and measles.Another problem faced by the headteacher was that young female teachers had to resign when they got married.Headteachers had to manage caretakers and building problems such as fires being lit,the well running dry and classrooms being flooded in bad weather.   Molly.


During the first world war two boys were sent  out to a farm because there weren't enough men to do the work. Later on another person left to help out on the land .Another time there was a person with such bad head lice you could see the head lice moving and in 1926 an old school mate visited and he had been  in the trenches! Toby.


In 1911 at Instow Community Primary School, we don't know why but the Headteacher used to have to weigh and measure every child in the school! Why didn't a nurse do it?  In the time of 1912 there was a downpour, that flooded the classrooms. The Headteacher managed to get all the children out of the classrooms safe and dry. Instow school was closed bthe next day. Rosie.


Week beginning 19th October

Visit from Julian Vayne,  Barnstaple Museum

On Wednesday morning Julian Vayne from Barnstaple Muesum visited Trinity and Lundy classes. He brought our learning to life as he talked about evidence of the Stone Age. Here are some of the fascinating facts we learned...

Some people didn't have access to wood, metal and sometimes even stone!!! The oldest thing Julian brought in was a hand axe made from flint. The people who made it wouldn't have looked too different to us, their hair was dark and their skin was pale. They looked big and muscly. One of the tools was used to make leather, clothing and lots of other things. All of us have got woven clothes on because our ancestors 20,000 years ago had invented how to weave cloth. The first thing the stone age people made out of metal were beads and jewellery.

If you lick some of the stone from Hartland cliffs it tastes just like blood. It is the same with any sort of metal like shopping trolleys or railings. There could have been a Bamboo age. Our ancestors were very clever!!! Rosie


During the stone age period our Ancestors hunted or foraged or even trapped meat. They usually hunted deer, bulls and wild boar.Just to be on the safe side they climbed up trees; we know this because we've found marks from on top of the shoulders from where the animal had been shot! Emily


All these fascinating artifacts can be found on places you would never have guessed, like Westward Ho! and Baggy Point in the cliffs. Some of these are as old as one million years old , and belonged to our ancestors : )





On Thursday afternoon, Trinity class welcomed our parents and friends in to school. We shared our learning from this half term in our class assembly. We were really delighted to see Martin, Baz and Georgia from St. George's House who came over to share in our memories from the residential.



Week beginning Monday 12th October

This morning we have shared our Home learning presentations about Stonehenge. Wow! We have some budding news reporters and presenters in Trinity Class! It was amazing to hear that both Jenson and Tom even managed to visit Stonehenge at the weekend. What an exciting way to help with home learning!

Farm Wise event at West Point, Exeter

On Tuesday we attended the Farm Wise event. It was a long and busy day which we shared with children from schools from all over the County. On arrival we were split in to groups so some of the children visited different workshops than each other. Highlights were definitely the Food activity where the children made Appleberry Pies and the Fruits activity where bikes were used to power smoothie makers! 


Local Democracy Week

As part of Local Democracy week we welcomed Councillor Brian Moores to our class. He explained the role of both the District and Parish Councils to us and we were able to ask him some questions about his roles. We were particularly keen to find out about local housing and also about dog waste and dog bins. We will be following up from this visit in our learning in class.

Week beginning Monday 6th October

This week in Literacy we have started to study a fantastic non-fiction book called "The Secrets of Stonehenge". As the first part of our learning sequence the children worked in pairs to imitate pages in the book. They were superb!


No Pen Morning!

In support of No Pen Morning we spent some time learning our times tables in an active way! It's surprising how quickly you can perfect your X7 tables when you add some movement and learn some short cuts! When then got out our the Electricity resources from the lab on loan. Within minutes the class were experimenting and soon bulbs were lit, buzzers were going off, generators were moving and Honor even made and used a switch! A budding electrician in our midst! Well done Trinity Class.

We also enjoyed a drumming workshop with Dennis. we listened to his facts about Uganda. Emily and Toby were particularly interested to hear how twins are thought of as special in Uganda and it is believed that they have special powers and bring their families luck! 

Week beginning September 28th.

On Tuesday we were delighted to spend the afternoon working with Tangled. They are an African Caribbean Theatre Company who work with people to appreciate the breadth and excellence of contemporary UK society. I was so impressed with how all of the children participated in a wide range of activities. We learnt new games, sang songs, did role play activities and much more. Your children have a great grasp of the language of gibberish! We will be following up this visit in our learning in class so listen out for some cultural proverbs and more at home!

St. George's House Residential

Wow! What an amazing week. Here are a few of our reflections on last week's awesome residential trip!


A memory that will stay with me forever is completing the eight mile walk.The fact that Martin told us that there were three impossible hills,immediately thought  I can't walk up three huge steep hills! My legs started aching as soon as we started walking, but with a little encouragement, I managed it!     

by Molly

I will remember the adrenaline rush when Baz shouted " 5,4,3..." as we darted down to the shadows of the apple trees . Unidentified identities only kept between our - selves  . Aimless calls into the dark , guesses to the unknown . Predator . An evening I will never forget !

by Lani 

A memory that I will never forget is the challenge of rock scrambling because I found out that I had more strength than I thought. I felt epic when I had done it! From the extreme stepping stones to the climbing and the lovely view from the top of the rock. Thank you St. George's House, it was my favourite residential ever!

by Elliott

Week beginning Monday 7th September


This week we have been taking part in an exciting Maths project linked to Youcubed and Stanford University. We have been participating in a "Week of Inspirational Maths" with the objective being that we will all see ourselves as capable mathematicians. On Monday the children were very honest about what they thought helped them in a Maths lesson and we have made a comprehensive list of these things to refer to in the classroom - do pop in and have a look. It includes: being able to visualise problems, making real life links, being able to have time to think and having a talk partner or group.


We have focused on some key points

1) Everyone can learn Maths

2) Mistakes are valuable

3) Questions are really important

4) Maths is about creativity and making sense

5) Maths is about connections and communicating

6) Depth is more important than speed

7) Maths lessons are about learning not performing


The children have participated in a range of activities - all of which they will be able to share and explain at home. It has provided a really positive start to maths learning this year.

Year 6 Bikeability

This week our Year 6 children have taken part in Bikeability training. They have completed their Level 1 and 2 awards. It was lovely to receive feedback from Jo Anderson, our Bikeability trainer who praised the children for their excellent behaviour and manners. Jo was really pleased to see how their confidence grew throughout the sessions. We will putting our skills to full use next week as we go mountain biking on our St. Georges House residential! 


Welcome to the Autumn term in Trinity class!

We have created an acrostic poem to describe our class


Trinity are terrific together,

Role models for the rest of the school,

Incredible investigators,

Never negative,

Infinite fun with friends,

Triumphant teamwork,

Young but wise!


Caring for our class mates,

Learning professionals,

Always here to help,

Spelling superstars, sporting champions,

Spectacular students!



We have a busy start to our term with Bikeability for Year 6 next week and our residential to St. Georges House the following week. If you have any questions about these events or other things in Trinity class , please pop in and have a chat!


Mrs Tuohey, Mrs Brewer and the Trinity class team smiley