Covid Catch Up Premium

Covid Catch Up Premium has been issued by the DfE over three payments crossing between financial years 2019/20 and 2020/21.


Instow Community Primary School has been awarded £2,800 in Autumn term, £3,800 in Spring Term and expects £ a similar amount in summer term 2021, (TBC)  in order to allocate as best seen fit in our school circumstances,so that we can provide additional teaching and learning opportunities for pupils to catch up on their learning lost in the spring and summer terms of 2020.

Our plans to close the gap in September 2020:

It is our belief currently that older pupils in school have less time to close any gaps due to them not being in school for a term. Normally our split year groups in Year 2 and Year 5, mean that our KS1 and KS2 classes have split year group teaching and learning at Instow.

In order to make best use of the Catch Up Premium, we have organised for Years 4, 5 and 6 to be taught as year groups not split year group classes for the Autumn term.

Year 4 will be taught in Class 4 by Mrs Turner for 3 days and 2 days by Mrs Ashcroft.

Year 5 will be taught in the hall by Mrs Tuohey for four days. The fifth day will be covered half by Mrs Slater and half by one of our experienced HLTAs.

Year 6 will be taught in Class 5 by Mrs Brewer for four days and one day by the Headteacher, Mrs Knight, which will not incur an additional cost.

These arrangements have led to three and a half teacher days as further expenses to the school budget. The estimated cost of this to the end of the Autumn Term 2020 is around £10,000. The Government has informed schools that there will be additional Covid 19 funding to help close the gap. It is anticipated that this, plus the current supply teaching budget will mitigate this additional expense.

HK has liaised with the Chair of Governors over this plan and the arrangement will be reviewed at October half term and again in December. The plan is return to usual teaching groups in January 2021.


Year 3 and younger have longer to close gaps in their learning before they move onto secondary school.

These arrangements have also created challenges with the kitchen servery, children's dining area and current temporary staff room arrangements. Meals will continue to be eaten in classrooms.


The headteacher will report the impact of this arrangement to Governors, in order to monitor the effectiveness of year group teaching  for Years 4/5/6.