Crow Point - Class 1

Wednesday 22nd July

Last day of the year!!! How can one year go so quickly?! I have just asked the children what they are going to remember and here is their list so far!

                    Meeting the bat lady

house groups


the chicks

forest schools

The 3 Little Pigs

sports day

captain's logs

challenge cards


Going to visit the life boat

making lego models

stopping the traffic

making hobby horses

dressing up

Ranger Russ

measuring the chicks

phonics (I didn't tell them to say this one!)

maths (or this one!)



steel pans

helping hands

watching the chicks hatch

Lolly and ice cream shop

Wow! No wonder we are all in need of a holiday!! The children have had a lovely time looking through their journals today and they can't wait to share them with you. Mrs Elphick and I just want to say a massive well done to all the children. They have worked so hard this year and have made coming to work a joy. We hope you all have a wonderful Summer holiday. Enjoy the rest and make sure you come back and see us next year!! 

Mrs M and Mrs E xx

17th July 201

Wow what a great job they did! To be perfectly honest judging by how tired all the children are right now I had wondered how successful our assembly was going to be! But once they had an audience there was no stopping them! They were all totally brilliant and it couldn't have gone better. Thank you Miss Graves for all the lovely photos. Enjoy. :-)   

Friday 10th July

Forest School Day was the highlight this week. We had a great visit to Tapely where the children learnt about Lichen and how and where it grows. They used tiny magnifying glasses to look for it and made quite a collection. They also looked for minibeasts -something we are all quite expert at now! After our session with Jen we stayed in the forest and built little shelters for our wooden caterpillar. The children worked in teams and were very inventive with their building materials. When we got back to school we sadly were unable to have the bonfire and marshmallows as it was too windy. So we read Stick Man and then many of the children made their own stick men and ladies. The results were very impressive! In maths we have been thinking about capacity and the children investigated how to use blocks, sand etc to measure which container had the biggest capacity. We are still thinking about shoes around the world and some children have made their own shoes. Also from out of no where today, some children have been making space rockets and space helmets. It is a shame that we only have 8 days to go as this would be a great topic to follow up!!

Mrs M and Mrs E 

p.s. No homework apart from reading this weekend. 

3rd July 

Caterpillar news: We now have 5 cocoons which are in their net waiting to hatch. The children have done some lovely drawings of the cocoons and we have learnt the life cycle of a butterfly. As we have been thinking about wellie walks etc we thought it would be good to see what shoes people wear, and for what reasons, in different parts of the world. So far we have looked at Geta from Japan, Klompen from Holland and Babouches from Morocco. The children have been making their own shoes today and are looking forward to finishing them next week. They have also designed their own flip flops. On Wednesday we had a surprise visit from M&M productions with a performance of Tom's Midnight Garden. The children really enjoyed it and were obviously inspired as they have spent the last two days putting on their own shows. They even made their own costumes! They have also written to M&M productions telling them what they enjoyed most about the performance on Wednesday. In maths we have been thinking about pairs (of shoes) and counting in twos. 

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs M and Mrs E

What a great sports week! At the beginning of the week we practised the activities for sports day on the bottom pitch with the help of class 5. It was a really lovely opportunity for the oldest children in the school to work with the youngest. Sports day on Wednesday was, I hope you agree, a huge success and all the children did really well. Then to finish off our sports week we visited Tarka Gymnastics on Thursday morning. I hadn't realised what a bunch of gymnasts we had!! Thank you to all the parents who drove, it was really appreciated! In between all the sports we have continued to look at The Hungry Caterpillar and we have also been doing some data handling. We talked about our favourite foods and then the children collected their own data, using tally charts. Our caterpillars were busy settling themselves into cocoon position when I left tonight so I think they will look very different on monday! When the cocoons are fully dried we will move them into the net and wait for the incredible transformation! Homework has been sent home in reading books tonight and should be completed in the 'Wellie Walk' books (hand made by Miss Beer for each for the children) which have also been sent home. Please ensure these are returned next week as we will be using them in class. 

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs M and Mrs E

Friday 19th June

Our caterpillars have arrived and have already more than doubled in size! So obviously we had to read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'! Other minibeasts have also been very obliging this week! We found the 'real' hungry caterpillar crawling along our playground, and the biggest spider anyone of us had ever seen before! Maybe Ranger Russ left it behind last week!  On Tuesday we had a visit from five of the children starting in September. Your children were very kind and caring and really took them under their wing. All the new children left smiling which can only be a good sign! Different children will be visiting for the next 3 consecutive tuesday afternoons. Mrs Elphick has introduced Murino wool and felting this week. All the children made their own 'squiggly wiggly' and some have started to make felt balls which will hopefully into caterpillars. On wednesday we had another successful trip to the forest. Next week if the weather is good we will be having Sports Day, if it is not good we will be going to the forest as usual. In maths this week we have been looking at how to measure time. We have been investigating how long 1 minute is and trying to run/sleep/jump for a whole minute. Some of the children then took this on and were investigating how many times they could write their name in 1 minute, or how many roly polys they could do.  The children have also had great fun making boats with our new pallets...thank you Mr and Mrs Thompson!  They have enjoyed being captains of their ship and writing their own Captains Logs. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Mrs M and Mrs E 

12th June 2015

On Thursday morning Ranger Russ came to visit with his friends; Brian the Giant African Snail, Millie the Giant Millipede, Stuart the Madagascan Cockroach, Alfie and Arthur the the stick insects and of course, everyones favourite Tiger the tiny snake and Ruby the rather large boa constrictor! The children were amazing and so brave! Among the comments were:

'I liked the snake best'

'It felt like we were in the jungle!'

'Ranger Russ was really tall! 

At the beginning of the week we were thinking about habitats. We carried out an investigation with woodlice, to find out what kind of habitat they would prefer. We put many different materials in the tuff spot (duplo blocks, cotton wool, sticks, leaves etc), let the woodlice loose and watched where they went! It was great fun.  The children have made bug hotels this week. Thank you Taku's mum for bringing in a bucket full of worms for our worm hotels. The children loved charming the worms by sprinkling soil with water and playing the drums for them! It really worked! Milly even managed to find a millipede and a centipede in the bucket too, which caused great excitement. Forest schools was great fun again this week. Don't forget to look on the Forest School page for photos. Many of the children have wanted to be explorers this week going on minibeast expeditions. They have even managed to construct a boat, using wooden plastic poles for oars and cardboard tubes for telescopes! In phonics we are continuing to recap all the phase 3 phonemes and all the children are getting really good at using their phonic knowledge in their writing. Don't forget to keep learning the tricky words too. In maths we have continued to look at subtraction and the children have been solving simple problems involving subtraction. 

Have a good weekend

Mrs M and Mrs E 

Considering it was only a 4 day week we certainly seem to have crammed a lot in; tramping about in mud, looking for minibeasts and making homes for them, climbing through a spider web, starting our own 'Wellie walk' books,  our first Forest School session (Take a look at the Forest School page for more photos)...and not forgetting sail racing!! We have started looking at a beautiful book called 'Where My Wellies Take Me' by Claire and Michael Morpurgo. It is about a little girl who goes for long walks in the country, in her wellies. She records in a scrap book all the different things she sees and hears. Miss Beer has very kindly made all the children their own wellie walk books. They are beautiful and the children are taking real care over the things they put in them. Our favourite poem in the book is called 'Hurt no living thing'. (See below) The children have really taken this to heart as they have been hunting for minibeasts and making temporary homes for them. Some children went a step further today and made a snail was 5 star for sure! It is amazing how many minibeasts we have found this week just in our small garden area. We even found a slow worm! We have begun to investigate the concept of taking away. We will continue with this over the next few weeks. Next week we have Ranger Russ coming in. We are all very excited, although I am quietly hoping he chooses not to bring the tarantula! Homework this week is more bug hunting...what can you find in your garden or while you are out for a walk? 



Hurt no living thing: 
Ladybird, nor butterfly, 
Nor moth with dusty wing, 
Nor cricket chirping cheerily, 
Nor grasshopper so light of leap, 
Nor dancing gnat, nor beetle fat, 
Nor harmless worms that creep. 


Mrs Martin and Mrs Elphick. 

Friday 22nd May 2015

First of all I'd like to apologise for some of the photos being sideways! My camera seems to have a lock on it and  cannot alter any of the images! What a busy few weeks! We have continued on our story telling journey and over the last two weeks the children have been really keen to make story maps of their own stories and then making their own books and stories. Some of the book even have flaps to lift! They have been really inspired by our story telling theme and have become brilliant story tellers. We have also taken a slight detour into the world of knights and castles, with the children making a drawbridge for anyone entering the classroom to cross (at their peril!), hobby horses and shooting bows and arrows at numbered targets. They were taking it in turns to add up who achieved the highest score. One of the horses had a slight injury so of course the children wanted to become vets and we have seen some very caring behaviour towards the animals. The snails in the garden have also had a bit of an adventure over the last couple of weeks as the children have been making homes for them and putting them on black paper to see the trails they make. The children noticed that the snails were blowing bubbles, so they ran to the 'Big Book of Snails' and read that snails blow bubbles when they are angry or frightened! The children took great care of them and we didn't have one crushed snail...I was very impressed! I think the snails were probably glad to get back to their real homes though!! This morning we made cakes for the cake sale...well they were supposed to be for the cake sale but most of them didn't make it out of the classroom! Every child donated 20p for that cake and those who had money left over were taken to the actual cake sale to spend the rest!  Thank you for buying their gardens and donating more money towards the horrendous situation in Nepal. I hope you enjoy the salad as much as we did. The children all had pitta bread for snack last week and most of them enjoyed a healthy choice of lettuce (from their own garden) cucumber and tomatoes. Not everything in their gardens is edible though so just make sure before adding it to your tea! We hope you all have a wonderful half term. Homework for the week is to write one sentence for each of the tricky words they are currently learning. Don't forget Monday 1st is a Non-pupil day. See you on the Tuesday. 

Mrs M and Mrs E :-) 

This week we have explored 'Brusho', a type of watercolour that allows the children to create visually stunning artwork with minimum fuss! They have been painting fish to go with the story 'Tiddler' and in order to gain inspiration for our own fish we had fun looking at all the wonderful wacky fish that can be found in the sea! Another of our stories is 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and the children made their own porridge. Ask them if they can remember how they made it! In maths we have been looking again at addition and trying to make and write our own number sentences. We will continue this next week. If any of you have any flippers or snorkels (mask only) the children could use please could you let me know. I would really like them to role play being deep sea divers!

I have not given out any homework this week. Despite having Monday off the children all look shattered and I thought they could do with a break this weekend. But don't forget their reading! 

Mrs M and Mrs E

1st May

The children have created a 'splatter' painting by pouring watery paint onto the paper using old paint tubes. When we sat back to look at the picture they had created Freddy said 'It looks like a Jackson Pollock'. What great knowledge! So we Googled the man himself and looked at some of his paintings. Some of the children were then inspired to go and create their own paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock. They are very impressive! Some of the children almost turned themselves into a Jackson Pollock painting when they got a bit carried away with the brush flicking! In maths we have continued measuring and comparing lengths of objects. We have also become numbers! The children were given a number and everyone else had to call them by this number instead of their name. A great game for learning how to read numbers to 20!  The children have also helped create our 2 little scarecrows that are currently perched on the railings outside school. We have continued to look at stories this week and the home learning this weekend is to tell someone a story. They should be able to talk about characters and settings and their stories should have a beginning, middle and an end. It may even have a problem to solve! Happy story telling! 

Mrs M and Mrs E 

Class One Curriculum Map - Summer Term - Tell Me A Story

Friday 24th April

This week we have been building bridges, storage sheds (!), listening to stories without pictures or prompts, making a story chair and sitting under the table to write! (It's very liberating, you should try it!)  Our story this week has been The 3 Billy Goats Gruff and the children have worked really hard to come up with inventive ways of making their own bridge for the goats to cross. They have used the clay to make their own trolls and we have been thinking of interesting words to describe them. In maths we have continues to think about doubles and have been solving problems using doubling. We have also been measuring and ordering objects by size and using language to do with money in the building supplies shop.  We also had an impromptu concert in the sun. A group of children summoned us all over to the band stand and performed a drum and guitar extravaganza. Today the children have each planted a bedding plant so make sure you have a peek in the school is looking really lovely.  Thank you again for your plant donations.   A few of you have sent in sun cream. Just to let you know we are not allowed to apply suncream so please teach your child how to do this themselves. We can squirt the right amount on hands - otherwise they can end up looking like snowmen! - but the children must rub it in themselves. Oh and don't forget to keep learning those tricky words!

Mrs M and Mrs E smiley

Planting, planting,planting! Thank you for all your lovely plants.

Welcome back to your final term in Foundation!! This week our focus has turned towards telling stories. We have read different versions of The Three Little Pigs and the children are really good at retelling the story in their own words. We have finished planting our own little gardens and the ones that were planted last term are looking really healthy. We had a visit from the RLNI lifeguards telling us how to keep safe on the beach this Summer. Poppy was a great model! The children have been set challenges this week. These included building their own house for a little pig, ordering numbers on the washing line, adding words to our rhyming chart and doing some daily writing to hang on yet another washing line. The houses they have created are amazing and the house in straw was really imaginative - well done Freddy and Alfie T! In maths the children have been measuring using tape measures and we have begun to think about doubling. We have been listening the 'Peter and The Wolf' and the children have been dancing to the music and pretending to play the instruments. We have also been walking the plank by jumpng from one bench to another! Great physical development!  Homework this week is to create a small scarecrow using the template provided.

Hope the sun lasts all weekend :-)

Friday 20th March

What a fantastic day we have had at Rosemoor today! The children were really well behaved and hopefully enjoyed it as much as I did. We have all learnt something new about plants sewing seeds thanks to Enya and George and their willingness to dress up and in Enya's case have earth and water poured all over her! All the children have sewn some lettuce seeds which we have brought back to school and as a class we were given a primrose to nurture. We will have to find a special place for it in our outdoor area. After a morning in the education centre we walked through the forest filling in an 'I spy' booklet. Oh and we heard a Woodpecker, although I think I was more excited by that than the children! A massive thank you to all parents who helped today. We really cannot do those valuable trips without your support. Last weekend I managed to get 6 tyres from the garage. But they were rather dirty so at the beginning of the week the children were set the task of washing them! Once the tyres were clean the children were soon looking for other things to wash and so a car wash was created. The now clean tyres are a great way to develop children's physical development and they have been jumped on, sat in and rolled around.  A garden centre has also been created. However there was a slight 'problem' as it was very low on stock! So the children got busy making flowers, seeds and even a bird feeder to sell. They thought carefully about choosing the right colours for a particular purpose and used little price tags to write how much each flower costs and this led to some great talk about numbers. We have talked about what plants need in order to grow and have set up an investigation to find out if we are right. Ask your child about the cress investigation and see if they can tell you what they are doing and why they have two pots of cress! The children have also used a drill this week to put holes in their flower pots ready for us to plant up our own little gardens next week. (Mrs Harvest was supervising and the use of the drill was very safe and controlled!). We continued this in small groups and have been looking in more detail at number 11-20 and what these look like numerically and in size. On Monday we had the school nurse come in to weigh and measure us and check our hearing. The results of the checks were sent home Monday night so if you haven't seen them please check book bags.  This also led to us setting up our own weighing and measuring station using the bucket scales and a large number line. We also set up a mud kitchen. Scientists have discovered that playing in mud lifts your mood. It contains a bacteria called Mycobacterium Vaccae which increases levels of serotonin in the brain, helping to relax, soothe and calm. This release of serotonin also improves cognitive function. In our writing we are all trying to remember to leave spaces in between our words (finger spaces) and put a full stop when have finished a sentence. It is only when writing this for you that I realise exactly how busy the children have been! No wonder we are all so tired by friday! Thank goodness for the weekend so we can recharge our batteries ready to do it all over again next week! I should imagine they will all sleep well tonight! 

Saturday 21st

I'm really sorry that there are only a few photos this week. I am trying to add them but my computer at home isn't playing the game. I will try again at school on Monday! 

Saturday 14th March

Yesterday we said goodbye to the chicks. They have gone to great local homes and we have already been invited for a visit! We were all amazed at how quickly they were changing and growing up! We have been looking really carefully at the changes and the children have done some really careful observational drawings. We weighed them again and were amazed at how much they had gained! One chick had put on 30g in 3 days!! We also (attempted!) to measure them using multilink cubes. This was very entertaining as you can imagine, but in addition to the maths skills it was good for the children to get that bit closer to the chicks.   In literacy we completed our chick diaries. Please feel free to have a look, they are pinned to the back wall. The children have also been thinking about family traditions and, Mums, I hope you enjoy the results tomorrow! 

Next week we will be thinking about seeds and planting. We will have a role play 'Garden Centre'. If you have any old seed packets, watering cans or anything that you could donate to our garden centre we would be eternally grateful. Also, we would love to make a collection of real nuts, bolts, padlocks with keys etc. The children learn so much from handling 'real' items instead of the plastic ELC versions! Any donations welcome. 


Please can I remind you to check your child's book bag everyday. Due to time restrictions we sometimes put things in there without telling the children or having time to tell you at the gate.