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Summer Term in Eddystone Class: Curriculum

Please click on the Curriculum pages to see the medium term planning for Eddystone class in the summer term.

Week Beginning 6th July 

What a busy week we've had in Eddystone this week!!

We did a fantastic class assembly for many of the Eddystone families as well as the rest of the school. We talked about our learning this term in literacy, maths, science, PE and our 'Flight' topic work. We demonstrated our scientific and PE skills, read our poems and showed some of our beautiful kites made during the kite making workshop the previous week. Following the assembly, on Thursday evening, all the Year 2 children stayed at school for a sleepover! We walked down the hill, played on the beach, ate fish and chips, shared popcorn and a DVD and then snuggled down to sleep. On Friday morning we had breakfast together and then played on the bottom pitch before school. It was definitely an evening of fun and laughter in Year 2!

On Friday we tested our home learning and flew our paper aeroplanes on the bottom pitch and measured the distance they flew. Freddie's was the winner, flying 8m 18cm!

Friday was the big forest school's cookout! We lit a campfire and had fun in the woods. We had ice cream cones filled with marshmallows and chocolate. After the first batch of slightly burnt ones, Miss Graves learnt from her mistakes and the next lot were much better!!! The children built their own fire pit area in a different part of the wood and persuaded Miss Graves to build a little five minute fire here!

Week Beginning 29th June

This week has seen us make some fantastic kites at the start of the week, which were tried and tested on the bottom pitch. They are now hanging in the class, so do take a look.

On Wednesday the whole school had a wonderful opportunity to see a Theatre production in the afternoon we had us singing, chanting and clapping along.

On Thursday, we went along to the church to have a mock baptism. We had picked out of the hat who was going to be the parents and godparents of the baby. Imogen and Rowan were picked as parents and Erin, Millie, George, Lincoln and Kai as godparents. Rev. Keith explained about some people's tradition of having a gown, shawl or  blanket that the baby wears. We had twins to be baptised a boy which the parents named Henry Bob Two (after class two) and Elsie Two. The babies were given the sign of the cross with oil and then taken to the font to be baptised with water. The godparents then showed the babies to the congregation before they were given a candle and bible to have for their life. The parents and godparents went to the front of the church and were blessed by Rev. Keith. He then answered lots of the children's questions about the church.


Week Beginning 22nd June

What a sporty week the children in Class 2 have had.

On Wednesday they turned up in their house colours and walked down the hill to take part in Sports Day. In the morning they competed in House Groups on various different challenges to gain points for their houses. Well done to Dunlin for winning the trophy.

After a picnic lunch they competed in a sprint race, egg and spoon and the traditional Instow School Posy Race. It was a great day.

On Friday we had the opportunity to go to the new Westward Ho! Tennis Centre in Bideford and use their brand new facilities to learn some tennis skills. The class were very good and listened well to the instructions. Thank you to the parents who drove us.

In Numeracy the children learnt more about fractions and in particular quarters.

In Science the children had worked in partners to decide on a different factor to change on our investigation on how far the vehicle travels down the ramp. Decisions were made on whether to change the starting places on the ramp, to change the height of the ramp  or change the surface of the ramp. Small groups started investigating these factors this week, with the rest to do next week.

The Forest School group got out to the woods this week. Thank you to the parents who took us. The children had good fun exploring the dens that the Year 6's have been making and learnt about safely using a fire steel to set fire to tumble dryer fluff!!

We are making kites next week and would welcome any materials that you may have to make these. Please bring in at the start of the week.

Week Beginning 15th June

What a week! The Year 2's finished their last writing SAT's and the Year 1's all completed their Phonics Screening Check. Thank you to all the parents for supporting us and their child with their phonics learning this year. I am sure you will agree with us that they have all come on leaps and bounds in their phonics which helps them with their reading and writing.

In Numeracy we have been looking and recapping 2D shapes.

The group for Forest Schools had a lovely afternoon in the fields around the school. We climbed over stiles along the public footpath and then we completely disappeared in the long grass. This lead to two games of 1, 2, 3 Where are you? which was great fun and very peaceful at the start, lying in the long grass. We then went up to school and made some paper aeroplanes which we then went in the field and flew.

Week Beginning 8th June

This week the Year 2's completed some more of their SAT's papers and the Year 1's did some extra work on phonics in preparations for their phonics screening check next week.

We had great fun in Science investigating how far down the ramp different vehicles travelled. We all had different jobs to do for each vehicle and made it a fair test by keeping the ramp the same height and starting the vehicle from the same place.

We had a fantastic PE lesson with Mrs Ryan on Striking and Fielding this week and played different games.

Week Beginning 2nd July

This week the Year 2's have continue with some of their SAT's test. Well done for doing your best and keeping going.

We have been looking at extending our sentences with different connectives. We have started looking at instructional writing and wrote instructions on how to brush our teeth. It's amazing how many children forgot about adding tooth paste!!!

We had fun taking pictures of us doing pushes and pulls around the school and these will be displayed on our science wall next week.

The Forest School group had their first session this week and went for a lovely walk along the public footpath to the secret beach. We explored on the beach and then played 'Kerpish Kerpoo'.

Week Beginning 18th May

This week the Year 2's have worked very hard and taken some of their SAT's papers in spelling and reading.

The children have been using their imaginations and during any spare time can often be found in 'Instow Airport', our role play area, jetsetting off to various parts of the world with their passports and boarding passes.

The Year 1's had fun listening to an alternative version of Little Red Riding Hood and then had to think of their own alternative things that could happen in the story. They have also spent some time recapping halving shapes and numbers.

We also spent some time this week, thinking about people who work at night and what jobs they do and why they have to work at night. We then wrote some information about pilots.

As it was raining on Friday we did our PE lesson in the hall, looking at striking and fielding in a fun game. We had to remember to be sideways on and have our feet hip distance apart. 

Have a lovely half term and remember to blog us. 

Week Beginning 11th May

This week we have expanded our knowledge about owls and took part in a fun quiz called 'Fling the Teacher', answering questions in partners about owls. Please ask us what interesting facts we know.

In Numeracy we have been grouping objects for division and the Year 2's have been learning about division with remainders.

We also helped sort out the Sainsbury's vouchers and have counted them into groups.

Our role play area and outdoor learning environment is slowly turning into an airport. Any suggestions or others props are gratefully received.

In Science, we have looked more at the forces of pushing and pulling and whether it makes the object start or stop moving.

We went out on the new playground surface this week and played 'line tag' before moving onto more striking and fielding practise.


Week Beginning 5th May

This week we started learning about owls in Literacy and had to use all our reading skills to read information about them. We then had to draw pictures to show the sentences we had found and then added actions when we spoke it to help us remember the sentences.

In Numeracy we have carried on looking at division and sharing by two. The Year 2's have been looking at how their multiplication tables can help with division.

In PE we looked at Striking and Fielding and had great fun using balloons to help us strike using our hand as a bat!


Still image for this video

Week Beginning 20th April

We started this week with a visit from Sam, the amazing bat expert at North Devon Bat Care. She spent the morning with Classes 2 and 3 and helped us to kick-start our topic work by finding out about bats, completing bat related activities and meeting some rescue bats that came along to help her out! More photos available on the Gallery pages.

In our learning we have started reading 'The Twits' and thinking about ways in which to describe Mr and Mrs Twit. We have finally finished writing our non chronological reports on Extreme Weather. On Friday we took these up to Class 5 and partnered up with a Class 5 pupil and read and showed them our reports. They were impressed with our work and knowledge. These are now displayed in our cloakroom so please pop in and take a look.

 In maths we have continued working on time as well as concentrating on improving our understanding of number. We have continued our work on division and sharing out animals in the zoo. A few of us are getting muddled with multiplication so we will be doing some more work on this so we understand it better.

 In PE we are starting to think about ways in which we can move across a space. This will progress into athletics practise as the weeks go by.

We have started to think about our new topic, Flight, and considered all that we already know about flying. We decided that we can group things that fly into various categories. We are looking forward to finding out more!

In the latter part of next week the Year 2s will be spending the mornings working with the other Year 2's from Class 3 and the Year 1s will be working with Mrs Ryan.

Please remember all children should have a water bottle in school everyday.

Week Beginning 13th April

Welcome back from the Easter break! We hope that you all had fun and enjoyed your time out of school relaxing with friends and family! This week we welcomed lifeguards from the RNLI into school and learned how to be safe on the beach. Some of us even dressed up as lifeguards!

In Maths this week we have started to look at telling the time. In Literacy we are thinking a little more about character descriptions and how we can make a character sound interesting and exciting in our stories. 

Our topic this term will be Flight. We are looking forward to getting started with this as we will be looking at a number of aspects of flight including the Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart and kite making amongst other things! 

In Science we will be exploring forces as well as investigating magnets.

We are looking forward to a busy and interesting term - full of learning, fun and flying!  


Week Beginning 23rd March

This week we looked at the Easter Story and prepared for the Easter Service by learning the 'Spring Chicken' song with Class 1. We hoped you enjoyed it and can get the tune out of your heads!!!

We also continued our work on capacity (measuring liquids) by estimating how many yoghurt pots it would take to fill certain containers, reading scales on measuring jugs and the Year 2s were solving word capacity problems. On Tuesday we enjoyed maths workshop as part of an ongoing project with the University of St Mark and St John (Marjons) in Plymouth.

The Forest School group had their last session in the wood where we finished off dens and had our fire. We cooked our marshmallows over the fire and then squashed it between two biscuits with chocolate sauce on - yummy!!

The children who did not go to Forest Schools spent their time doing some fantastic observational drawings of daffodils.

We also had great fun on Friday decorating some Easter biscuits with icing and different sprinkles.

Have a fantastic Easter Break and let us know what you get up to on our blog.smiley

Week Beginning 16th March

This week we had the Partial Solar Eclipse to look forward to on Friday. Our home learning had been to find out about it and make an eclipse viewer. When Friday came we took the register quickly and then watched a short video on the solar eclipse and then went to the bottom pitch to test our viewers but remembering not to look at the sun. This was great fun and an amazing experience. The sky went dark and a coldness came across the playground. We found that a colander made an excellent eclipse viewer.

This week we also did our class assembly on Hurricanes to the school and parents and we hope you all learnt something about hurricanes.

We have set up an experiment using cress seeds to see what plants need to grow and will be looking at them later on next week.

The Forest School group went to the 'Secret Beach' this week and had good fun jumping in the puddles on the way down!

Don't forget the Easter Service in the church on Friday at 2pm.

Week Beginning 9th March 2015

This week we started of the week celebrating Commonwealth Day and looked to see where in the world Commonwealth countries are located. 

In Literacy we started thinking about our non chronological reports and as a class we sorted out information we had written into groups that will turn into the information under subheadings. We also started to think about story characters and used our imaginations to describe a character in detail.

In Numeracy we carried on measuring, The Year 1's looked at capacity and found out it meant measuring liquids and the Year 2's looked at measuring in cms. 

In gymnastics we all performed some forward rolls and explored traveling and balancing on the benches and gymnastic tables.

We started learning about Tornadoes in Geography.

On Friday it was Red Nose Day and we all wore red to school and raised about £160 for this good cause.

The Forest School Group went out this week in the local area and looked for signs of spring. We saw lambs, catkins, daffodils, daisies and other spring flowers. We then went back to school and painted some shells and stones and we all learnt to be safe with a saw and sawed a tree cookie.

Don't forget our Class assembly on Thursday at 2.50pm and come and join us watch the solar eclipse through our viewers on Friday at 9am.

Week Beginning 2nd March

This week we were busy practising for the Singing Festival which we attended on Friday at St. Mary's school. This went really well and we performed our song in front of the other schools.

In Numeracy the Year 1's were looking at measuring and drawing cm lines with a ruler and the Year 2's have been estimating the weight of objects with cubes and looking at objects that weigh more and less than a kg (1000g). We have also been calculating what coins we would need to pay for items in a shop - and then working out if we could pay the same price using a different combination of coins.

The half of the class that went out to Forest Schools spent a lovely sunny afternoon marking out the boundaries, playing '1, 2, 3, Where are you?' and building dens.

In Science we looked at hibernating animals and learnt about what hibernating means and why animals do it.

For topic, we continued to learn about Fairtrade this week and located on a world map all the countries that sell Fairtrade products. Our Fairtrade classroom display is getting busy!

Next week we will be talking about Commonwealth Day and starting to find out about other parts of the world a little more.

Week Beginning 23rd February

This week in Gymnastics we have been looking at balances. We realised to perform a good balance we had to have tension in our body and have to hold it for three seconds. We used the learn pads to take photographs of our partners balance and then showed them the picture and told them how to improve their balance.

In Numeracy we have been using a measuring tape to compare and measure our wrists, heads, ankles etc. This involved working with a partner to help hold the tape measure in place.

In Literacy we have stated looking at Non Fiction Texts and what features that appear in them. We have learnt that a Contents Page comes at the front of a book, an Index page is at the back and in alphabetical order and a Glossary helps us understand the meaning of words.

We have also been practising our songs which we will be singing at the Singing Festival on Friday. Please remember to sign and hand in the forms as soon as possible.

On Wednesday half the class went to Forest/Beach Schools. We went down to the beach and had fun playing in the stream and on the sand dunes. We were given the task to make a picture or sculpture out of the things we found on the beach. After walking back up to school we learnt to play the game Ker Pish Ker Poo!

Please make sure that you have a water bottle in school everyday and tracksuit bottoms or leggings for outside PE on Tuesday.

Week Beginning 2nd February

This week we have been learning about arrays in Maths and had to learn which way a row went in order for us to write the array. This led us to a fun exercise of getting in a group and putting ourselves into an array. Some of us used Cheerios and managed not to eat them and made arrays from them. Others went for an array hunt around the school. What arrays can you find around your house. Blog Miss Graves and let her know.

In Literacy we did our final write on describing a dragon, hopefully including all the ideas and learning we have done in the previous weeks and looked more at the story 'Room on a Broom'.

In Gymnastics we continued looking at ways of travelling and put together a sequence with two ways of travelling. We commented on our partners performances to help them improve.

Week Beginning 23rd February

This week in Gymnastics we have been looking at balances. We realised to perform a good balance we had to have tension in our body and have to hold it for three seconds.

In Numeracy we have been using a measuring tape to compare and measure our wrists, heads, ankles etc. This invoved working with a partner to help hold the tape measure in place.

In Literacy we have stated looking at Non Fiction Texts and what features that appear in them. We have learnt that a Contents Page comes at the front of a book, an Index page is at the back and in alphabetical order and a Glossary helps us understand the meaning of words.

We have also been practising our songs which we will be singing at the Singing Festival on Friday. Please remember to sign and hand in the forms as soon as possible.

Please make sure that you have a water bottle in school everyday and tracksuit bottoms or leggings for outside PE on Monday.

Week Beginning 26th January

Big news! We have contacted and booked a fantastic storyteller to come into school and share stories from around the world with Classes 1, 2 and 3. His name is Clive Pig and he will perform some stories for the children to watch and then do workshops with classes 2 and 3 to inspire their imaginations and support their writing through the medium of performance. He comes highly recommended - and is booked to come and work with us on Wednesday 11th February.

This week in Eddystone we have been continuing our work on 'Room on a Broom' and have spent time retelling sections of the story to a partner. We have also recorded it as a storyboard and performed sections of it using a tapping rhythm.

This week we have spent time thinking about celebrations and looking at how and why we celebrate events. We have also started to look at celebrations around the world with Burn's Night and a brief biography of Robert Burns and his significance in Scotland.

If any families would like to come into class and talk about celebrations with their families and friends, we would be very happy to see you in the coming weeks!

It was windy this week and in Geography we started looking at hurricanes! We learnt what rotating means and where the equator is. We were fascinated to learn that the BBC weather said that the wind was only 27mph (think more at school!!) and that a hurricane would have to have winds of 74mph to be called a hurricane! We did an experiment with water and food colouring to show a hurricane and learnt all about the 'eye' of the hurricane.

In Numeracy we have looked at pictures and decide how many 'sets of' there are and also looked at adding and subtracting one and ten from numbers. Starting next week for two sessions a week we will be separating into Year groups with Class 3 and learning  maths this way.

Week Beginning 19th January

This week we have made a good start on our new topic - Having Fun! We talked about what we do for fun at home and in school including hobbies, celebrations and family events. We have also been talking about current affairs and learning a little bit about what is going on around the world and comparing this to our own lives. This is integrated into our topic and gives a multi-cultural focus to our learning. In literacy we started work on a series of books by the same author. We are focusing on Julia Donaldson as a writer with whom the children are familiar and enjoy. Her book, 'Room on the Broom', has been read, performed and discussed in detail this week! In class, we are continuing with our phonics programme to support reading and have also introduced this term a daily handwriting exercise. In maths we are working on place value and using and applying numbers up to 100. As part of the music curriculum we are listening to the BBC ten pieces. These are ten classical pieces of music that the BBC have championed to encourage primary children to listen to and appreciate classics. We will be working closely with three of these pieces over the coming weeks, listening this week to a piece by Handel called 'Zadok the Priest' that has been used to celebrate the crowning of every new monarch in Britain since the coronation of King George II in 1727. 

More news next week... plus the possibility of a storyteller in school in the coming weeks!


Week Beginning 12th January

This week in Literacy we have been looking at writing sentences describing colour without actually saying the colour, e.g. my dragons eyes are the colour of gushing blood. We have also been looking at joining two sentences with "and" and making it into one extended sentence.

In Numeracy we have started looking at multiplication and looked at repeated addition. We are getting good at counting in 2s and 5s.

In Georgraphy we looked at some of the extreme weather that we have had in the United Kingdom in the last two years and in Science looked at the symbols that stand for the weather e.g. clouds, temperture, sun.

Week Beginning 6th January

Happy New Year!

We have had a very exciting and educational start to the term. We finished off our topic on Castles and started our new topic on Having Fun with two Medieval Days this week. We made some hobby horses and made and fired catapults and saw which one fired the highest. We learnt how to joust and fired an arrow at a cardboard knight in archery. We all had a go at being a jester and told jokes to entertain our group and tried juggling. We tried our hand at medieval illuminated writing and finished the sessions with a banquet fit for a king! We learnt a lot about how Medieval people had fun!

See more of our pictures on the Gallery page.

Merry Christmas From Class 2 and the Staff

Week Beginning 15th December

Wow what an action packed term we have had in Eddystone Class full of amazing learning and experiences.

This week we experienced the Christmas Market, had a delicious Christmas Dinner, had a Christmas Party and wore our Christmas Jumpers on Friday.

Home Learning over Christmas is to read some books, find a costume to wear for our Medieval Day on Wed 7th January, bring a joke to tell on the Medieval Day, check you know the letter name and sound correlation and how to write them in both capital letters and lower case and to have a fantastic Christmas and do two things to help around the house.

Keep checking our blog and tell us about your holiday.

Eddystone Staff wish you all a fantastic fun filled Christmas and New Year. See you in 2015!


Photo Booth Fun!

Week Beginning 8th December

Well what a fantastic week we have had in Class 2! I am sure you are all very proud of your children as are all the Staff in Class 2. They have been amazing learning songs, words and stage directions for our performance of Prickly Hay. The children have also been busy making ribbon trees and pine cone reindeer to sell at the Christmas Market on Tuesday. The items will be 50p each so if the children would like their tree and reindeer they need to bring £1 in a named envelope on Tuesday. There will be lots of other lovely items for sale as well. This week we have the Christmas Dinner and Party to look forward to as well.

Week Beginning 1st December

The beginning of December and the opening of the first pocket in our class advent calendar! This week we have spent time rehearsing our play and sorting out our costumes. We also completed our junk modelling castles and designed some Christmas decorations to hang in the hall. We have been learning more about simple fractions such as halves and quarters. We have also finished writing, illustrating and sharing our story books.

We have been working hard this week and are looking forward to sharing our play with you next week. 


Week Beginning 24th November

This week we have continued to practise our production as the performances are now only just over two weeks away! We have also been making castles using junk modelling techniques. Thank you to all the families who donated cardboard boxes and so on to use for junk modelling. We are no longer in need of any more materials.

In our literacy we have been writing stories and have spent time this week turning our stories into books. In future weeks, we are hoping to be able to share our stories with other children in the school. In maths we have started to investigate the idea of sharing using parts of a whole as a way of introducing simple fractions. We worked through a challenge where we had to decide how much pizza children would have to eat if 6 children shared 3 pizzas fairly. We have also use scales to see if objects were heavier and lighter and the Year 2's use the symbols <,> and = in number sums.

On Wednesday we went to the Multi-Skills Festival at Bideford College along with the Year 2 children in Hartland class. This was great fun and we played lots of games, threw javelins, dribbled footballs and hit shuttlecocks.

On Friday we made our Christingles and in the afternoon had our Christingle service in the Church, which was lovely when we turned off the lights and lit our candles.


Week Beginning 17th November

This week was 'Anti Bullying' week and we did work in assembly, family group and in class. In Class we looked at 'what makes me ME'. The children drew themselves and wrote various information about themselves around the outside - who loves me and who do I love, what do I want to be better at, what do people say about me and what am I good at or proud of. We are now all going to think of the  four possible choices when we face a  dilemma:

a) Join in b) Say something c) Walk Away d) Tell an adult.

We have produced some fantastic writing this week for both our teachers. Please come and see our extra page to Small Knight and George which is displayed in our cloakroom. We were both author and illustrator.

In Numeracy we have continued looking at shape, both 2D and 3D  and with our home learning this week we will be searching for some in our houses.

The Christmas play is under way and today we had a go at performing it on the stage.

Next Wed we are going to a Multi Skills Festival at Bideford College.


Week Beginning 10th November

This week started with the children learning about using their different parts of their foot to dribble the ball in football. 

In Literacy we wrote our own versions of the dragon story and have been trying hard to put the sounds in our spellings of words.

In Numeracy we looked at 3D Shapes. What 3D shapes can you find in the house? What shape is a baked bean can? We have also been looking at dienes apparatus to partition numbers into tens and units.

On Friday it was Children in Need and we came to school wearing Spots and Stripes. The School took part in the Pudsey Copper Challenge and made a giant Pudsey out of coppers on the bottom playground. We had great fun doing this and we ended up picking them all up (three buckets full!!) and sorting them into 1ps, 2ps and silver coins.

Next week we are making our designs for castles and need junk modelling things like cereal boxes and kitchen roll tubes.

Please remember your slips for the Multiskills Festival.

Week beginning 27th October

Back from the half-term holiday!

We have had a very busy week this week! In Literacy we thought about what else the dragon could have done in the book Small Knight and George as we are going to write an exciting new page! We also planned our own version of The Dragon Machine using a story mountain to support our planning. We are looking forward to writing these stories next week and perhaps sharing a few of them on these pages in the very near future... In Numeracy we have started looking at tens and ones and at place value. We have also been investigating the properties of 2D shapes. In Science we looked at how you could change a material by stretching, twisting and squashing it. Finally, we started preparations for the Christmas production by listening to and learning the songs that we will be performing for you.

If you would like to continue blogging please feel free to comment on the current blogs - or even make a suggestion for a new blog!

Week beginning October 20th

The final week before half term! This is the week that we enjoyed putting on a fantastic class assembly for Instow families. The children enjoyed putting together a celebration of their learning and earned themselves onto the Wow! board in our classroom for all their enthusiasm, effort and hard work!

On Friday we all dressed up for Autumn Dress-up day and enjoyed talking about autumn and sharing news of our plans for the half term holiday. 

Week beginning 13th October

On Tuesday this week we went to Dunster Castle! We had a fantastic time - learning about the history of the castle, hearing stories about the Dunster Dragon and even spending time in the dungeon! We have talked about the reasons that the castle was built on a hill, the ways in which the castle has changed over the centuries and the way of life in a castle during medieval times. The children were a delight throughout, asking sensible questions and listening carefully. In class we will be using our experiences to influence our literacy and inspire our topic work. We are looking forward to sharing our work with you on these class pages and at our upcoming class assembly.

To tell Miss Graves and Mrs Slater (and the rest of Eddystone Class) all about your favourite bit of our trip visit our blog page and add your comment. We would really like to hear what you think! You can click on the link on the school website through the Children menu or follow this link: http://instow.primaryblog.net/

For more photos please see the Gallery pages: https://www.instowcps.co.uk/gallery/

This week we have also completed our class book about dragons. It was designed to help us find and use adjectives in our writing. To take a look please follow this link: https://storybird.com/books/our-book-of-dragons/?token=jv5usz5p8z


On Wednesday this week, Dougie the Dunster Dragon (who is strictly vegetarian) flew over to visit us in school. We heard all about him at Dunster Castle and so he turned up at school to surprise the children and share a story with them. The children followed a trail of carrots through the school grounds and found a very shy dragon resting on the roof of the PE shed. After a bit of coaxing, he came inside and shared a story with us in the hall. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and were able to believe in the magic of a visiting dragon and participate in his adventures. The purpose of this magical visitor is of course, to inspire creative writing in the coming weeks. We look forward to sharing our dragon adventures with you soon...


Reading a story with Dougie the Dunster Dragon.mp4

Still image for this video

Week Beginning 6th October 2014

Eddystone have done lots of learning this week.

In Literacy we have worked hard on using adjectives and have been acting out the dialogue for Small Knight and George. We then used this dialogue to write down the speech in speech bubbles, trying to remember to use finger spaces, capital letters at the beginning, a punctuation mark at the end and checking it made sense.

In Numeracy we carried on using number lines for our adding and the Year 2's progressed to drawing their own number lines.

We used the autumn leaves that the children brought in to make some rubbings and do some drawings of them.

In History we learnt the names of different parts of the castle and finished our model of a Motte and Bailey Castle.

The Year 2's were scientists this week and took part in an investigation to find out which material was the most waterproof for making a castle roof. They were each given a specific job to do for each material that they tested.

We have now all practised and mastered the art of medieval dance and we will find a time that we can perform it to you.

Part of this weeks home learning is a family effort to find some adjectives so have fun finding some words!

Week Beginning 29th September

This week Eddystone Class have increased our skills in football and started learning a medieval dance in Physical Education.

In Literacy we have continued looking at adjectives and helped Small Knight to understand what a dragon was like.

We have been using number lines and jumps to show adding in Numeracy and have begun learning how to read and order number words.

We learnt about Motte and Bailey Castles and have begun making one out of cardboard in groups.

Next week the Year 2's are going to have a talk about Fire Safety.

Week Beginning 22nd September 2014

In Numeracy, in line with the new curriculum, we have been talking about using symbols, mathematical language and pictures to show our understanding. We have also been exploring the number 10 and asking questions about how we can make 10.

In Literacy we have started reading a book called 'The Dragon Machine' about a boy called George who sees dragons everywhere and builds a machine to lead them back to their homeland. The children are really enjoying the story and have been doing roleplay dressed as George and the dragons as well as using illustrations as a stimulus for their writing.

For our topic work we have been looking at the different parts of a castle and building our own castles made out of lego. We have also been using the LearnPads to photograph our castles as well as to consolidate our phonics work. 

We had a great football skills session this week - and have uploaded photos below to show a little of our learning!


Week Beginning 15th September 2014

On Monday afternoon, we welcomed an author and illustrator, Layn Marlow, into our class. She read one of her stories to the class and then worked with the children to create a 'girelefronkeyfly', a strange creature that is part giraffe, part elephant, part frog, part monkey and part butterfly! The children really enjoyed listening to her stories, asking her questions about writing and illustrating and creating a 'very strange creature' of their own! 

This week we have also started looking at the book 'Small Knight and George' and thought of some adjectives to describe our own castle.

In Numeracy we have learnt a song to the tune of 'Row, Row, Your Boat' to help us learn our number bonds to 10. Please practise with your child to help them remember.

"9 and 1 are number bonds,

8 and 2 are friends,

7 and 3,

6 and 4, 

5 and 5 are twins"

This week we have looked at why materials are suitable for their job and thought about why chocolate would not be a good idea to make a ruler from. We have ordered castles in history and carried on looking at Facts and Beliefs in RE.

Thank you to the parents who came and joined us on our 'Big Read' on Friday morning. The children really enjoyed you sharing books with them.

Week Beginning 8th September 2014

Well we have had a great first week.  In Literacy we have been asking questions to find out more about Miss Graves and letting her know about us. In Numeracy, we used marshmallows to help us find different ways to make numbers and have been looking at our number bonds to 10 or 20 in different ways. We have started learning about materials in Science and in Dance looked at movements we could do for being a knight.


For the next 12 weeks, on a Monday morning, we have an FA Football Coach helping us with our skills in football. We're really looking forward to that!