Forest Schools

Year 5 - Woodland Wheels

Year 5 - October 2020

September 2020 - Class 2 have fun in the forest!

October 2019 Year 4

Marshmallows and memories.

Tales from the woods....

Journey into the unknown....

Year 6 Walking the dog!

Year 6 clay faces

Marshmallows and Koby’s cookies

Stanley’s stick!

Stickman! Oh Stickman!

“ isn’t it magical in the woods! “

Beautiful sunny afternoon in the woods

Near and Far!

Sharing a shell on a very windy day!

Year 2 February/March 2019

Year 5 January/February 2019

4th July 2018

Lovely morning spent practicing our fire lighting skills with 5 minute fires and some knife skills practice. We also spotted a common grass snake and a field mouse! 

4th July 2018