Hartland - Class 3

Saturday 18th July

A massive thank you to all of the children that did such a fantastic job at the devon Hall last night. Your behaviour throughout the day was superb and your performance in both shows was faultless. Well done! Another massive thank you to Megan, Daniel, Ella, Abi, Leighton, Grace and Erin for coming along to the museum today and giving another fantastic performance. :-)

Mrs Martin

Hartland class week ending 10th July

Wow - what a busy week crammed with exciting learning experiences. On Wednesday Class 3 had a wonderful time at Tapeley woods studying the lichen on the trees to find out more about the health of the trees and the surrounding environment. Yesterday the Year 2's had a very successful sleepover - the sun shone for our trip to the beach where the children played  together negotiating rules for games of cricket and collaborating to build sand worlds. After a delicious supper of fish and chips, the children all snuggled down in pyjamas to watch Shaun the Sheep before cleaning teeth and getting into bed. All was quiet by about 9 o'clock so hopefully your children won't be too tired to enjoy the summer Fair. Today the Year 3's were "in charge" and had planned 20 minute slots of lessons across the curriculum. The year 2's enjoyed being taught by more youthful teachers although it was nice for the Year 3's to recognise how much effort it takes to prepare a lesson and deliver it clearly while maintaining everyone's attention. I even got an opportunity to misbehave once or twice in my role as a Year 3 pupil!!

Hartland class Week ending 3rd July

Earlier to day Class 3 went to Appledore to take part in the FLAG project, they will have further rehearsals at Bideford College on the 17th July and then perform that evening at 5pm and 6.30 pm in the Devon Hall, and on the 18th at 2pm at Barnstaple Museum. If you have not yet confirmed their attendance for these concerts please do so asap so we can make all necessary arrangements.

Next Wednesday afternoon Class 3 will be going to Tapeley park for woodland learning. They will need to change into black or navy joggers or leggings for the afternoon and bring wellies or suitable footwear.

The Year 2's will be having their sleepover on Thursday night please make sure you have returned consent forms and payments before then - and try to give them plenty of exercise and early to bed rehearsals so we get some sleep that night!!!!

This week we have been learning about 2d shape and their properties. Next week we will continue our work on angles, 3d shapes and begin looking at perimeters. We have been writing non fiction books on the History of Flight which we aim to complete next week. The children really enjoyed the story of Rama and Sita and the first Diwali in our continuing work on the Hindu faith and have made some lovely paper hot air balloons in Art/ DT. 

Next Friday for the School Fair Year 3 will be running the coconut shy. Could everyone please bring in a coconut - perhaps you could decorate it to make it more distinctive??! Have a great week end. 


Hartland Class week ending 26th June

Thank you to all of you who came to support your children and watch their magnificently uplifting performance in our class assembly. The children have worked hard all week, collaborating to produce their "sketches" and informative talks  and of course learn the songs and actions. They really rose to the occasion - they are truly talented children - and they shone.

As they mentioned we have also had a great Sports Day this week and went to the all new Westward Ho! tennis centre at Caddsdown which has amazing facilities already - and more to come. 

Next week we will be studying 2d and 3d shapes and their properties and beginning work on angles. Our literacy  will be cross curricular work  to produce information texts on the History of Flight, and we might get a chance to make those balloons the children designed for their Home Learning! Again I am always impressed by the time and effort the children put into their home learning and the support they get from you to produce high quality pieces. 


Hartland Class week ending 19th June

The children have been hard at work this week. On Monday morning we had a visit from Pat a volunteer for Devon air Ambulance. He told the children all about how the service helps people and how it is funded solely by the people of Devon. The children have done lots of follow up work to learn more about the service and have written very persuasive letters to encourage people to donate to this worthy cause. ( We have a collection tin which we will pass round during our Class assembly).

 Things are getting ever so busy in the run up to the summer holidays so  a few reminders of upcoming events. On Tuesday afternoon Class 3 will be visiting the new Westward Ho! Tennis club at Caddsdown (1.30 - 2.30). We have now booked a coach to take us there. Unfortunately we do not have spare seats on the coach but do feel free to come along and meet us there if you can.

Wednesday is Sports' Day and the children are asked to wear their house colours on top and black or blue shorts. They need to bring a waterproof coat, packed lunch and plenty to drink. The school will walk down the hill for an 11 o' clock start if you can help escort Class 3 down please be ready to leave around 10.30. 

Our Class Assembly will take place next Friday afternoon from 2.50, the children are very excited and working hard already to put together a show to be proud of.

Many thanks for all of the time and support you give to the children in completing their home learning. I am pleased to see how much thought and effort they put into and enjoyment the children get out of their research and creativity. Their home learning is very apparent in their enthusiasm for our topic work and their ability to contribute to further discussion and learning in class. 


Hartland Class Week Ending 12 Th June

This week we have been continuing practising our tables and using these facts to help solve division sums. We have looked at fractions of shapes and been working out fractions of numbers by using our division and multiplication facts. 

In Literacy we have been trying to use powerful adjectives to describe Pegasus and The chimera and using adverbs to describe how they do things. Mrs Knight helped us develop a layout for a wanted poster so Pegasus and The Chimera could be found. 

We have been learning about Hindu Gods in RE and experimenting with Magnets in Science. 

Monday is our last swimming session - so don't forget your kit as it will be a "Fun Session". 

Enjoy your homework  - I can't wait to see your new species of birds - I hope we don't get any child-  eaters or birds with rude calls!! You can make or draw your creation or design it on a computer.

Testing Magnetism in Science

Hartland Class week ending 5th June

The children have come back to school raring to go. They have been comparing  strengths of magnets in Science and learning about Hindusim in RE. In Literacy we have been focussing on descriptive language and trying to use powerful adjectives and similes. We have been using the story of Pegasus and the Chimera to inspire us. In Numeracy Class 3 have been practising their times tables and  recognising that if you know 1 simple multiplication fact you also know division facts and can derive more facts with larger numbers. Their homework this week-end is to learn some of their tables by heart, there are numerous websites where they can practise and gain more confidence with this. 

Maths Busters for the Year 2's will take place on Mondays this half term as we have staff meetings now on a Thursday.

Year 3's will be swimming this Monday (8th) and next (15th). Please let me know if you can help out. 

Our Class Assembly has been moved to Friday 26th June at 3pm. 

Hartland Class week ending 22nd May

Wow! How time flies when you're having fun - I can't believe it's already half term. The children have worked really hard these last 5 weeks and really deserve a good break and lots of family time to let off steam. We have finished The Twits - so no more revoltingness - we hope! The children's bird pie recipe's were utterly disgusting and had me in stitches. Over half term I have asked them to do a very small project finding out about either Roald Dahl or their favourite bird to present to the class when we get back. This week we have been collecting, presenting and interpreting data. After half term we will be looking at the inter relationship between multiplication and division - so a little refresher of times tables would be useful.

I look forward to seeing you all back on Tuesday 2nd June. The Year 3's will be swimming the following Monday (8th June).

Hartland class week ending 15th May

Class 3 had a wonderful time at Appledore school today where they sang their hearts out. Their enthusiasm and was noted by all of the adults who accompanied and worked with them.  

Please let me know if you are available to come swimming with us on Monday - you don't need to get wet!! 

Next week we will hopefully complete our work on the Twits - which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. we will continue looking at Money and begin gathering and interpreting data in Maths. 

This week we began to look at Hinduism which the children were fascinated by - if you have any knowledge or resources that you could offer to enhance the children's understanding please let me know. 

Fun at Simonsbath

Week beginning 11th May

Year 3 will be going to Appledore school on Friday for a song and drama workshop. Consent letters will be sent home tomorrow, 12th May and need to be returned by Thursday 14th May. We are continuing our work on The Twits. Last week the children wrote some vile recipes to feed to Mr Twit and this week will be looking at some of the revolting ways the Twits speak to each other. In maths we have been developing column method for addition and subtraction. 

Year 3's swim every Monday and are in need of a parent or two to help with changing and getting to and from the coach. I will be posting photos of our trip to Simonsbath. I am sure you have heard many fantastic tales of our time there so watch this space...

These will be sent home in paper form this coming week

Hartland Class w/c 20th April

We have had an action packed week in Hartland Class with a thrilling visit from the Bat Lady who came to share her wealth of knowledge about Bats with classes 2 and 3. The children participated in various activities and got to see real live Bats. This has really helped with our non fiction writing about Nocturnal  animals. If anyone is particularly interested in bats, Samantha will be leading a Bat Walk tonight ( Friday 24th April) from Fremington Quay. Meet at the cafe at 8pm, it should finish by 9.30 unfortunately no dogs are permitted as it may put off the bats.

We have continued our work on measuring, moving on to temperature and time. The children have been using stop watches to time each other skipping running and even singing!

Well done Year 3 for a smooth and successful first swimming trip - no-one forgot their togs!! Please could all girls tie their hair back on Mondays and remember to bring a swimming hat and goggles.

I hope the Year 3's are looking forward to Simonsbath as much as I am - I shall be spending the week end airing my sleeping bag and dusting off my walking boots! Year 2's you will be having lots of fun with Mrs Slater and I shall look forward to hearing all about what you get up to when we get back.

Hartland Class w/b 13th april

Class 3 have had a fantastic first week back after the Easter Break. A very big welcome to our new class member Sophie who has settled in very well. Many thanks to Class 3 for making me feel so welcome, also. We have been learning lots about measuring this week - we have measured length and height, weight and capacity. We have been finding out and writing about Owls and look forward to learning all about Bats next week with a visit on Tuesday from some real live bats! Year 3's we are swimming on Monday so don't forget your trunks and swimsuits.

Maths Busters begins next Thursday after school.

Hartland Class

Hartland class w/b 16th march

This week the children have been observing and measuring the growth of their beans.  Some children were very surprised at how tall some of them were.  We have also been making our own eclipse projector ready for the partial solar eclipse.  The children were amazed at how the projected image was so clear.  The children also researched the different types of eclipse.

As part of our home learning the children have been preparing PowerPoint presentations of their extreme weather research.  The children presented their learning to an audience really well.  Well done.

Measuring the growth of their bean plants

Solar Eclipse Projectors

Power Point Presentations

Hartland Class w/b 9th March 2015

Hartland Class have been working really hard this week investigating, writing, singing and performing for their Fairtrade assembly.  Their Fairtrade assembly was amazing; they all spoke clearly, sang beautifully and added their own individual sense of humour.  Well done.

In addition to this, they made Papier Mâché  Mother’s Day pots and used their planting skills to pot fuchsia plants.  Some of the children have also completed their Chinese Dragons as part of our design technology.

On Friday they also had fun raising money for Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day

Hartland Class - W/b 2nd march


Hartland Class have had another very busy week full of exciting activities and opportunities.  For Literacy, we have been continuing our research on extreme weather and hurricanes.  The children have written some very good paragraphs about ‘What a hurricane is.  For maths we have been extending our knowledge about multiplication and division.

In PE we have been looking at gymnastic sequences, focusing upon mirroring each our as part of a 3 or 4 step sequence.  The children presented themselves as gymnasts and demonstrated great trust in each other to complete their presentation.  On Friday, the Year 3 children took part in the Instow running marathon.  I was very proud of their excellent effort, polite manners and behaviour during the races.  Well done year 3’s.  During this time, the Year 2 children spent time with Class 1 children looking at lifecycles.  They had great fun observing the chicks in Class 1.


Observing Chicks


I am hijacking Mrs Leach's page for a minute to say a massive 'Well done' to all of the year 3's today. It was a very long intense day of singing and listening and then a bit more singing and they were little superstars for the whole time! Please please help them to learn all their words, they should have a fairly good idea of how each piece goes after today!  10 days and counting!! ;-)

Mrs Martin 

Year Three pupils at the rehearsal for KS2 Singing Festival!

Still image for this video

Hartland Class WB 23rd February

This week Hartland class have had a very busy week, filled with some exciting challenges.  For Literacy we have been looking at hurricanes and extreme weather and have been making scrap books of exciting facts ready to write our recount text.  In maths we have been looking at multiplication and division problems and have challenged ourselves in finding ways of solving them using a variety of material.

In science the children wanted to find out how plants drink.  They wondered if water managed to reach all parts of the plant, so we set up an experiment to investigate it by placing flowers and celery into coloured solutions. 

As part of our cultural topic we have been looking at the geographical features of China and the different types of cultural celebrations they might have. The children are in the process of designing their own Chinese dragon.  The year 3 children have also attended a singing festival with Mrs Martin, whilst the year 2 children have been sharing learning with Class 1, looking at frog life cycles, observing frog spawn and have been making frogs. Well done.

Making frogs with Class 1

Dragon making

An experiment to find out how plants drink.

Hartland class wb 2nd february


Hartland Class this week have been appreciating a selection of Classical musical pieces from the BBC 10 pieces.  They have been responding to this music in a variety of ways through drawing, using drama, making lines, notation and marks on paper.  For maths we have been looking at compass direction and coordinates.  They have been particularly interested in using coordinates to reveal a hidden image.

As part of our Art in Nature and the work of Hua Tunan, Chinese artist who uses inks and oils to represent various creatures in nature.  The children this week have been experimenting using a variety of inks and oils and have come up with some beautiful patterns and colour mixes.  Well done.

Art in Nature

Hartland Class - W/B  26th January 2015

This week Hartland Class have been very busy studying plants.  The children came up with an idea.  Could they trick their bean seedling into thinking that it was the right way up, so that the root would be encouraged to grow upwards instead of down.  They decided to keep one of their beans growing the ‘normal’ way as a control and turn the other one around.  Their findings so far are that the root is beginning to turn around and grow downwards.

During PE this week we were looking at gymnastic sequences.  The children have been investigating ways of making a gymnastic sequence which has a balance, roll, and asymmetry in it.  During art this week we have completed our natural art paintings, which look very impressive.

During our Literacy sequence ‘The Ice Bear’ the children have been imagining they are mother bear and have written letters of loss for their stolen cub.  I was very impressed with their use of language when describing their feelings.  Well done!

In Numeracy, starting next week we will be separating into Year groups with Class  2 and learning maths this way.

Lily Year 3:-

As the raven was still flying, like the wind past the clouds.  The bear was weeping, as she thought of her stolen cub.


Oh My Dearest Child,

All of my melody has drained from my heart.  I will promise, with all my love, to get you back into my warm arms.  My heart has turned from musical melody to burning fire, but will I mend this hole in my heart?  It will be a life changing experience trying to find you, but I will do anything to ever see you again.  The thought of embracing you again fills my heart with hope.  With all my love.


Your loving Mother Bear.

P.S I will never forget the way your warm hugs make my heart shine.


Daniel Year 2

As the raven disappeared like electric thunder into the mysterious darkness, she stood, frozen, on the spot, and thought of her cub.


My Dearest Child,

I was extremely heartbroken as the raven stole you that day.  Will I ever see you again?  The raven must have scooped you up as fast as a hunters spear.  I will never forget you.  What did the raven look like?  I am so devastated that the raven stole you.  You are loved forever.  My life is depending upon you to come back.  I will search for you every day and every night.

Your loving Mother Bear

P.S Will I ever see you again?


Bean growth

Hartland class w/b 19th january

As part of our Art topic ‘Art in Nature’, Hartland Class have been experimenting with paint using different mediums.  We have also been using natural material to paint with, such as bamboo.  I was particularly impressed with their paintings, choice of colour and mark making when using bamboo to paint with.  As part of our literacy we are looking at the Ice Bear text.  The children are developing their narrative stories and will then be making shadow puppets to retell their story.  Alfie kindly brought into class some interesting shadow puppets to share with us.  Thank you Alfie.

Painting using bamboo

Hartland Class W/B 12th January

This week Hartland Class have been looking at plants and germination.  They have had fun planting beans and watching time lapse film of plants growing.  As a class, a question was raised. Can seeds germinate and grow a root and shoot without soil?  The children have planted bean seeds in clear pots with water, light and paper towel only. They are now making predictions about what will happen.  We have been also looking at observational sketching of living things noting line, tone and shading techniques.

As part of our circle time activities the children have been enjoying planning and designing their own active games.

Planting beans and observation sketches.

Hartland Class Medieval days - W/B 6th January

Welcome back to our exciting Spring Term.  This week Classes 2 and 3 had a Medieval Two Day experience.  The children used their existing topic knowledge on Castles to re-enact Medieval Activities, such as jousting, hobby horse making, archery, juggling and jokes, creating medieval lettering.  Our finale was a medieval banquet, where some of us ate from bread plates and shared food from that time period.


The comments from the children were:-

“Awesome!”         “This lance is very heavy”

“My hobby horse is amazing”          

I loved eating off a bread plate”       

“These two days were the best ever!”

Medieval Days

Hartland Class w/b 15th december

Hartland Class had a fantastic time taking part in our invasion games this term.  They have learnt a variety of skills which include throwing and catching, passing, working as a team, controlling the ball both on the floor and in the air.  They have learnt how to support each other in developing their football skills as well.  The children also enjoyed taking part in competitive 5 aside mini football games with their class mates.

Invasion Games

Making Christmas Decorations

The children had a very productive afternoon making Christmas decorations for our school fair. They particularly enjoyed using an old Singer sewing maching to make padded Christmas stars and hearts.

Using a sewing machine to make Christmas decorations

Icing Our Christmas Cakes

The children this week also spent time icing their Christmas cakes.  Once they had iced the main cake the children then made iced snow people to decorate the top of their cakes.  They had great fun creating their own snow characters.  We also had to sample the left over icing.

Hartland Class - W/B 8th December

This week the children have been extremely busy performing their Christmas Productions to parents and have had a fantastic time.  I would like to say a big well done to all of them!  Exploring some team work activities the children have been developing their skills working effectively together to solve problems.  We have also been making a variety of Christmas decorations ready to sell at 'The Christmas Fair'.

Team Challenge

Hartland Class WB 1st december

Class 3 this week have been starting to get in the Christmas Spirit.  We have been making paper angels for our class decoration for the school hall.  The children had great fun decorating them with tinsel and glitter.  As part of our maths this week we have been weighing and measuring out the exact quantities to make our own mini traditional Christmas cakes, which we are due to ice during the last two weeks of term.  The children loved mixing and smelling all the festive spices. 


During the Keystage 2 rehearsals the Year 2 children went on a natural decoration hunt in the church grounds.  They found lots of natural objects which they plan to make into decorations.  During literacy we are sharing the text 'Leon and the Place Between' where we have been looking at descriptive language to describe the meaning of magic.

Christmas cake making

Collecting natrual objects for Christmas decorations

Hartland Class W/B 24th November

This week we have been busy rehearsing for our Christmas Productions.  We have have also been developing our talk for maths skills after working with Dr Fujita from Exeter University.  The children through our maths sequence of multiplicative reasoning ( multiplication and division) have been working in small groups to discuss and solve mathematical problems using images and resources.   They have been discussing their thinking and understanding of mathematical language eg arrays, product, times, multiply, repeated addition and the connective model. 

We have also been working with our PE coach to improve our invasion game tactics.  The parents will shortly be invited to join in one of our PE coach sessions. (Date to be confirmed).  During forest schools this week we have been using natural resources to make brightly coloured decorations.

Using talk for maths

Using natural resources to make decorations

Class 2 and 3 using talk for maths skills

Class 3 and 2 have been working with Dr Fujita from Exeter University looking at how we might use group talk to develop and share our maths thinking and understanding when solving a maths problem. The children had great fun looking at various maths problems and using different group roles to help think and solve the problem faced.  The comments made by the children within their groups were:


" I feel confident solving hard maths sums when I can talk to others about my ideas".


"When I get stuck it helps to share the problem with others in my group".


"It helps taking a different role in my group when doing maths"


" It makes maths fun when working together".

Maths Talk

Class Three news W/C 17th November


     In Literacy this week, we have started to look at a new book called the Dragon Machine by Helen Ward. Pupils enjoyed looking at one of the pictures from the story and imagining what the story might be about, which enabled them to write their own stories.


    In our Science lesson, we considered which materials would make the best umbrellas; thinking not only about water resistance, but also about flexibility, strength and transparency.


      We have had a lot of fun this week in Mathematics, exploring shape through practical activities, as well as consolidating our knowledge about the names and properties of shape. Children enjoyed making 'skeleton' shapes out of art straws and Blu Tack; the straws being the edges, the Blu Tack the vertices, to help them understand shape in a visual way. Today (Friday), pupils enjoyed making their own icosahedron (twenty sided shape).

Class Three news W/E 14th November 2014


    Wow! What another busy week we have had in Class Three! In Numeracy, we have started our unit on 'Geometric thinking', by naming, sorting  and  describing 2D shapes.


   Pupils enjoyed their work in Science; investigating the strength of different types of paper. Sugar paper, certainly seem tprove the strongest overall.


    We have continued learning our songs for our Christmas performance and children have been provided with the words to learn, as part of their home learning.


     We had fun in Literacy this week, where we continued learning about poetry and how to perform it. Today (Friday) pupils wrote 'Rap' poems, which they performed for their peers in assembly.

Here are someof the poems:

Pudsey Bear


My name is Pudsey and I’m really fluffy,

I’m always happy and I’m never stuffy

I’m big and yellow and I like to care.

I really, really, really like to share.


I love to boogie and I love to shake.

It’s my special day for you to bake.

I wear a band that is very spotty.

I’m a teddy bear and I’m really dotty.

By Ellie, Tyler, Grace, Leo, Ella, Evie, Darcey and Megan




Pudsey Bear

Hi everybody I’m Pudsey Bear.

Go to Instow School, you will see me there.

I’m furry and yellow with lots of spots.

I live in a house with lots of dots.


My favourite food is a pot of honey.

Please give some of your lovely money.

My fur is nice and fluffy.

I am very, very, very nice and never stuffy!


By Erin and Annabelle.



Pudsey Bear


Hi everybody I’m Pudsey Bear.

I’m the sort of bear who likes to share.

I’m big an yellow with lots of spots.

Lots of people are wearing dots.


I want to help all children in need.

I want to help all children to feed.

I am just a bear that is kind and fluffy.

I’m always kind and never stuffy.


By Brody and Roxanne.



Pudsey Bear Rap

Hi everybody I’m Pudsey Bear.

I am yellow and I like to care.

I have a bandage with lots of dots.

I live in a house with lots of spots.


I do work for children in need.

I do need to parents to feed.

I am a bear that’s kind and puffy.

Everyone can cuddle me because I’m fluffy.


By Charlie and Leighton.



Pudsey Bear


Hi everybody I’m Pudsey Bear.

You will find me at Instow, the caring sharing bear.

People like to wear stripes,

but say their afraid of heights.

We raise money to get some honey,

From people who think that I am funny.

I wear dots and spots and put them in a pot.

By Martha and Lily.



Pudsey Bear


Hi everybody I’m Pudsey Bear.

I really, really, really love to share.

When its day, I love to care.

At night I sleep peacefully in beloved lair.


For my breakfast, I had sticky honey.

I walk out from my house and see a bunny.

I have a walk around and I think I’m really funny.

And I raise lots and lots and lots of money.


My bandana has spots and spots.

My bandana has lots and lots.

In my fur I’m really hot.

And my pupil is like a tiny dot.



I can mend anything.

And I lend money to those in need.

Now everybody it’s time to end.

But don’t forget I am your best friend!

By Emily and Abbie.

Pudsey Bear Rap


Pudsey had some money

 And it’s covered in honey.

Pudsey got a mare,

Then he went to his secret lair.


Pudsey went into the middle,

Then he had a little fiddle.

Pudsey is a very nice bear.

And he really, really, really likes to care.


By Daniel, Josh and Tom.




Pudsey Bear


Hi everybody I’m Pudsey Bear.

I really, really, really love to share.

I’m big and yellow and I also care.

I also have a helper called Mare.


I eat spots for breakfast and dots for tea.

I like to sit and watch the waves by the sea.

I spend most of my days in a tree.

I come to school to raise lots of money,

For children in need and not for honey!

By Peita and Josh.



Pudsey Bear


Hi everybody I’m Pudsey Bear.

I like to play games we can share.

I’m big and yellow and I like to eat honey.

Don’t you think that is really funny?


Alfie P and Oliver.




Pudsey Bear


Hi everybody I’m Pudsey Bear.

And I love to share and I love to care.

I am yellow and I am fluffy.

I am yellow and I am scruffy.

I dress up in dots and spots.


By Daisy and Alfie T.





      Week ending 7th November 2014


      This week Class Three have been studying performance poetry as part of their Literacy. We have looked at poems which contain humorous dialogue between two characters. The children particularly enjoyed reading ‘The Dark Avenger’ by Trevor Millum (a humorous poem about a dog and it owner).


      In Numeracy pupils have been looking at the connection between multiplication and division facts, using arrays to create a visual image and to consolidate learning.


      During our football coaching this week, pupils have now started to refine their techniques; thinking about how many different ways there are to dribble a football.


       Scientific enquiry, this week, considered properties and uses of materials in the classroom.


      We have also, scarily enough, started to practise our words for songs in the Christmas performance. Apologies if you have several renditions of the songs over the weekend!


The children have also enjoyed Forest Schools this week, please have a look at the super pictures on the Forest School page.


      We all wish Mrs Leach makes a speedy recovery from her illness.


Mrs Ryan

Hartland Class - week beginning 13th October

We had a brilliant trip to Dunster Castle.  Every one should be so proud of our children being excellent ambassadors for Instow School. The public commented about how polite and knowledgeable our children were. A big thank you to all our parent helpers during the day. The children took part in a variety of activities which included story telling, dungeon tour, using evidence from the past to identify the type of castle Dunster was and looking at the castle defences.  During our story telling the children were introduced to the Legend of the Dunster Dragon called Dougie, who ended being a vegetarian dragon.  They also had great fun trying on chain mail and various costumes through the ages.


Our Dunster Trip

The next day back in school the children had an amazing surprise.  Dougie the Dragon had written them a note saying that he was hiding somewhere in school.  The children followed the carrot trail on their quest to find the Dunster dragon.  Once they had found him, we all had a story telling activity.  Great fun was had by all.

Hartland class also put on their class assembly to parents where they performed 'The Gruffalo's Child' and also sang their materials song.  Well done!

Hartland Class week beginning 6th October

This week Class 3 Year 2 children have had an exciting time meeting the Fire Service.  They learnt about fire safety and what to do in an emergency.  The children had the opportunity to try on some fire fighting equipment and look at various smoke detectors.

Year 2 children

Class 3 have been focusing upon using our Learn Pads to begin to programme a cartoon character around a maze or circuit.  They have used codes to tell the computer to complete a given task or make a sound effect.  For Literacy we have been focusing upon story endings to our myth and legends writing sequence.  We have also been researching our castle topic getting ready for our exciting trip next week to Dunster Castle.  The children have also researched coats of arms and have begun to make their own coat of arm shield.

Learn Pads

Getting ready for our Dunster Trip next week

Hartland Class Week beginning 29th september

This week as part of our materials science topic we have been sorting and classifying materials.  We used our learnpads to help us identify if the material was, flexible, brittle, transparent, opaque, waterproof or strong.  The children were then able to identify which material was best suited for its purpose.

Children sorting and classifying materials

If I asked you to describe a conker, you probably could.  However, this week Hartland Class have been taking a really close look at conkers.  Some of the children commented:-

" I didnt realise that there is only one conker inside the seed case"  

" The seed case protects the seed and when it falls it explodes open" 

" Inside the seed case it is really soft which helps protect the growing seed"


The children are starting to develop their own Green Fingers journal of plant observations.  The children produced fine detailed scientific drawings.  Well done!


For Literacy we have been focusing upon descriptive story openings as part of our Saint George and the Dragon story writing.  I was particularly pleased with Erin's (Year2) opening to her story:-


The hideous creature slid out of the cave.  The dragons tail is like poisonous arrows

and the eyes were as red as the sun.  It slowly crept towards the stone castle.

The dragons teeth were poisonous daggers.

Hartland Class 22nd September

This week Hartland Class have been investigating number. They have been using a variety of maths resources to explore this question:-

Is it ALWAYS, SOMETIMES OR NEVER TRUE that if you add together the numbers shown on two playing cards from a pack you will get an odd answer? (the children gave a value to the picture cards) .  The children then investigated and proved or disproved this question.  They then extended this by looking at different number combinations.

Children using maths resources to investigate number and the 'ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, NEVER' question

As part of our Castle Topic and our Literacy of Saint George and the Dragon.  Tyler brought in his own dragon puppet for the children to look at.  Thank you Tyler.

Tyler sharing his Dragon Puppet

We have also been working hard this week preparing for our Harvest Festival.  The children looked at the meaning of Harvest.  I would like to say a big well done to them all for working so enthusiastically. They made everyone smile trying to get all the letters in the correct order.


It reminded me of research from Cambridge University


Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

Week Beginning 15th September


As part of book week, Class 3 have had a productive time learning and performing their own version of 'The Gruffalo's Child' to Class 1.  The children learnt the story well, made masks and props for their class play.  I was really proud of them.  They did extremely well and demonstrated very good speaking and listening skills.  It was lovely seeing the enjoyment on the faces of our early years children.


We have also had a Trainee French teacher with us for part of the week who shared her experiences with the children and taught them some french phrases.  Well done for an excellent week.


The cast for 'The Gruffalo's Child performance.

The Gruffalo's Child Performance

Class 1 enjoying our Gruffalo play

Class 3 taking part in a French Lesson


Class 3


 A warm welcome to Class 3's new web page.  Hope you have had a super summer holiday.

Both Ms Leach, Mrs Smith and Mrs Wilson are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th September.




 First question for the new school year ......


What is the above photograph of?

Why have I added this image to our class page?


Something to think about...


Answers to follow next week.


Welcome Back

 It was really good to meet the new class this week.  We have been doing alot of counting and seeing the different ways that the children are able to make 16.

All of the children were keen to make their own learning monsters.  They thought about what a learning monster might look like and designed them before making them.  We also looked at what makes a good learner and the skills we might need to develop further.

Our class reading book is Mrs Pepperpot which the children are really enjoying.  For our Castle topic learning the children are designing their own castle out of straws.


A productive first week.  Well done.



Our Learning Monsters

Maths Investigation