Instow Pre-School

Week commencing 20th September 2021

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been outside exploring more areas of the school.  The children were introduced to the ‘Trim Trail’, which is an area on the large playground with lots of balancing and climbing equipment.  There are great views of the river from here.  We noticed lots of sailing boats on the water and spotted Lundy Island on the horizon.

On the top playground there is a wooden climbing frame and slide, where the children had great fun and burnt off lots of energy.   We also explored a little further and went for our first walk to the Church.  It was a warm, sunny afternoon and we stopped for a while, lay down quietly on the grass and listened to the sounds around us. 

The children have enjoyed using the musical instruments to explore the different sounds they make.  We played a listening game, where an instrument was played behind a screen and they had to name/match the instrument being played. 

We have introduced some class rules so that we can all stay happy and safe.  We have also shown the children what to do if the fire bell rings.  They all did so well when we practiced this - well done everyone!


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