Instow Pre-School

19th July 2021


On Thursday we visited the Chapel Garden and had a lovely time playing and exploring.  The children went on a nature hunt and created some beautiful ‘sticky pictures’ with their finds.  We all enjoyed a cooling drink in the shade before heading back to Pre-school.  We were so proud of all the children in how sensibly they all walked to and from the Chapel holding on to our walking rope.  We have been learning a couple of new songs which we sang as we walked along (The Steam Train and We are going on a Picnic).  If only we could have recorded this for you as their singing was beautiful!

Today was our last day of term and we celebrated with a Pirate and Mermaid party.  We played some party games such as Walk the Plank, Sharky, Sharky and Musical Islands.  Then everyone went on a Treasure Hunt.  After all the fun and excitement, we stopped for a rest and enjoyed some party food. 

Normally, at the end of the summer term, we say ‘Goodbye’ to our older children as they leave us for Primary School, but today was a little different for us.  As you know, Pre-school is moving to the Primary School too and when we return in September we will all be together again in the new Foundation Stage Unit.  

So today, we all said ‘Goodbye’ to the Parish Hall.  The Parish Hall has been our ‘home’ for many years and we have loved our time here.  The children helped to make an ‘End of Era’ card which we gave to Sheila Moores (Instow Parish Hall Chair) to say a big thank you for the support the Hall Committee have given to Pre-school over the years. 

Lastly, we would like to say thank you to all our Mums, Dads, Grandparents and other family members too for all your support during the year.

Thank you for all your kind end of year gifts and we wish you a wonderful summer.   

5th July 2021


The children have been working together to create an ‘Under the Sea’ collage.  We have been finding out about some of the different creatures that live in the sea from the book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’.   We turned a large cardboard box into a submarine for some under the sea adventures, which kept the children entertained for quite a while.   Using colourful scarfs, some children dressed up as mermaids and we enjoyed watching them perform a mermaid dance.  We have also had ‘fish races’ where the children cut out and decorated a paper fish and then, placing their fish on the floor, worked out the best way to move it across the room, either by blowing it, or using a newspaper to ‘fan’ the fish along.  

The children have also been exploring shaving foam and using it to mark make by creating patterns and swirls.  We have had some great little helpers who offered to clean our playhouse.  By far the biggest excitement of the week was finding out that a few of our strawberries had turned red and were ready to eat – hooray!

Sports Day 2021


The weather was perfect on Thursday for our mini sports day at the Chapel Garden.  We are sorry that you could not share this event with us this year but hope you enjoy the photographs. 

Week commencing 21st June 2021


Here is a selection of photos to show some of the activities the children have been involved in recently.  You will see that we have been making playdough cupcakes and this has involved lots of counting skills to work out how many cupcakes were needed to fill the tray.  We made up our own version of ‘5 Current Buns’ by describing the different toppings that each cake had.  Ours didn’t have a ‘cherry on the top’ as in the song, we had Smarties, Maltesers, even Cheerios on the top!  We then had a competition to see who could roll the longest playdough snake.

One child told us about her chickens and brought in some freshly laid eggs.  Everyone had a turn at holding an egg and describing how it felt.  The children handled them very carefully and we didn’t have any breakages.

A fairy door appeared amongst the plant pots last week, which inspired the children to make fairy wands and create their own magic spells, which resulted in the adults being turned into frogs!


Week commencing 24th May 2021


At long last – a dry, sunny day, so we made the most of the lovely weather and went on a ‘Wellie Walk’ to the Chapel Garden.  Our first outing of the year and what a great time we all had as you will see from the photos.

We have all been waiting patiently for our sunflowers to grow, but the weather just hasn’t been warm enough yet for the seeds to wake up.  The children looked at pictures of sunflowers to find out what their sunflower will eventually look like.  They then had a go at painting a sunflower picture by following step by step instructions.  The children listened to the instructions really carefully and produced some great artwork.

On Thursday we all said goodbye to Sarah.  Sarah has been a valued member of the team and we wish her every success for the future – we will miss you!

Week commencing 3rd May 2021


One day last week the wind was extremely wild and blustery so we made kites and had fun flying them indoors and out.

As you will see from the photos, we have had some great little helpers who were very keen to paint the fence.  We encouraged them to reach up high on tip toes and bend down low to the ground using big arm movements to help with the development of their upper body and core strength.

We noticed how the colour of the fence changed and thought of words to describe the wet fence such as soggy, soaked, dripping and drenched.  


Week commencing 26th April 2021


Last week we started to talk to the children about how plants grow and the things they need to thrive and stay healthy.  Each child decorated a plant pot.  This week, using their decorated plant pots, the children have been planting sunflower seeds.

Firstly, we tipped the soil into a large tray and gave everyone time to explore and describe the feel of the soil on their hands.  We said hello to a couple of snails who had decided to hide on the inside of the soil bag, then scooped up handfuls of soil and started planting.  The children showed good listening skills as they listened to instructions on what to do next.  Everyone did a great job as you will see from the pictures below. 



Week commencing 29th March 2021


We have spent a lot of time playing and exploring outdoors because the weather has been so lovey this week – Spring has arrived at last!  We have also been learning some Easter/Spring songs and have recorded them to share with you.


Happy Easter Everyone!  Pre-school will return on the 20th April. 


Spring in My Toes

Still image for this video

Somebody is Waking Up

Still image for this video

The Easter Bunny

Still image for this video

Week commencing 22nd March 2021


Over the past two weeks we have been doing some science activities.  We have used magnets to sort a variety of materials into two groups, magnetic and non-magnetic.  We have made sensory bottles and found out that some objects float and some sink and we have learnt how water turns to ice which then turns back to water again.  The children were given a challenge to free all the frozen objects from the blocks of ice.  It was hard work chipping away at the ice, but with lots of perseverance (and a little hot water) everything was rescued.  


For Comic Relief the children wore red/brightly coloured clothing.  We suggested the children cut out a large red nose and then gave them a selection of craft materials to turn their red nose into a funny face.  One child decided to attach a lolly stick and make a puppet, other children joined in too, so we decided to get out the puppet theatre and the children put on their own puppet shows.  We saw lots of lovely imaginative play.  We also raised £18 for Comic Relief, so thank you everyone for your donations.

Week commencing 8th March 2021


Last week we celebrated World Book Day.  The children enjoyed coming to Pre-school dressed as their favourite book characters.  We shared stories throughout the morning and the children told us about their favourite stories from home. 

We have had some amazing imaginative construction play as you will see from the photos below.  We’ve also enjoyed some great water play whilst introducing words such as empty, full, half-full and estimating how many small cups of water it would take to fill a larger container.  The younger children have been colour matching and the older children have been playing with the ‘number truck, working on their number recognition and matching number to quantity.

We had time to go on a very fast and bumpy bus ride to the beach – our bus drivers definitely needed ‘L’ plates!

With Mother’s Day looming this Sunday we have been busy making cards and the children have told us some lovely things about what makes their mummy so special – we hope you all have a lovely day.