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We Wish You a Merry Christmas

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Week commencing 14th December 2020

We hope you have all had the opportunity to watch our nativity, Whoops-A-Daisy Angel.  If you haven’t seen it yet we suggest you pour yourself a coffee, sit back and enjoy the children singing some festive songs. 

Well done to all the children for your lovely singing and for remembering the actions to the songs.

During this, our final week of the term, the children have been enjoying lots of Christmassy art and craft activities.  We cut out a large Christmas tree from cardboard and the children made baubles and paper chains to decorate it.  We have also made Christmas party hats and clay Rudolph models.

Abbi played some Christmas songs and nursery rhymes on her recorder.  The children joined in by shaking shakers in time to the music and singing along.   We played a Christmas themed version of' Who’s taken the Giant’s keys?’, which we decided to call ‘Who’s taken Santa’s keys?’  We have also been very active playing party games, such as musical bumps and statues.  We have enjoyed some party food and a delicious Roddy the Reindeer chocolate cake which one of the children brought in to Pre-school to share with his friends.  All in all, a very busy week. 

We would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.  Have a lovely time with your loved ones. Stay safe and we will see you all in the New Year.  Pre-school re-opens on Tuesday 5th January 2021. 

Week commencing 7th December 2020

At this time of the year, we would usually be inviting you all to join us for our Christmas nativity performance.  However, this year with the current social distancing rules, this just isn’t possible and things have to be done slightly different.  We didn’t want you to miss out though, so for a few weeks now the children have been learning the songs and actions to this year’s nativity performance called 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel'.   We recorded this performance over three mornings so that all of the children could take part if they wanted to.  It will be posted on the school’s website during the last week of term.

To give you a sneak peek at what we have been up to, take a look at the pictures below.  As you can see, the children enjoyed dressing up in the festive costumes.  They all did so well with the performance, bearing in mind some of our children are just 2 years old. 

We will let you know when the recording goes live and we hope you enjoy watching it!

Week commencing 23rd November 2020

Everyone loves playing with water so this week the children have had fun mark making with water then waiting and watching as their pictures disappeared - Magic!

It is great to see the children's concentration and engagement when involved in any art and craft activity and yesterday we created some bright, feathery, Thanksgiving turkeys. 

We have been busy learning the songs and actions for our Christmas Nativity called 'Whoops a Daisy Angel', which we hope to film and share with you in a couple of weeks time - fingers crossed!


Week commencing 9th November 2020

We have had a busy time at Pre-school over the last two weeks and we have enjoyed playing outside in the late autumn sun.  The children have created some fantastic firework pictures and we have talked about fire safety.  We have also been finding out about Diwali, the Festival of Lights and have had a go at making our own lanterns and rangoli hand patterns.

We have been encouraging good listening and turn taking skills by playing with the Giggly Wiggly ball and have also played a game of ‘Who’s Taken the Giant’s Keys?  The children really enjoy this game and it encourages them to use their communication and language skills.  They love being the giant who falls asleep with the keys to his castle under the chair.  The giant is then woken up by someone taking the keys and has to guess where the noise came from by asking ‘x have you taken my keys?’.

Today everyone dressed up for Children in Need and wore spots/stripes/pyjamas and Pudsey wear.  We played a Pudsey Hide and Seek game and gave the children clues to follow to find the bears that were hiding around the room.  The children did some great Pudsey artwork too. 

Week commencing 19th October 2020

We started the week by having a good tidy up of all the fallen leaves in our outside area.  It was a very windy day though, so no sooner had we swept them into a tidy pile the wind came and scattered them around again! To help us in our work we sang our Autumn song called ‘Autumn Leaves are Falling Down’.  It was a fun way to start the day and the children were great little helpers. 

With Halloween looming, we thought we would find out about pumpkins and then have a go at making our own Jack O Lantern.  We found out that you need to be very strong to lift a pumpkin, but everyone was eager to have a go.  We also discovered where they grow and, having cut around the stem to create an opening, we found out what was inside - lots of seeds and orange pulp.  Some children wanted to put their hand inside to feel the slimy seeds and pulp.  For those that were not so keen to get their hands messy, we scooped the contents into a zip lock bag for further investigations.

Week commencing 12th October 2020

We have been looking at a book called ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers which is all about living on planet Earth.  From the book we could see that there are a lot of people living on our planet and we had a think about the ways in which we could be kind to each other.  Here are some of the children’s thoughts:

  • ‘kind hands’
  • ‘let friends play with toys’
  • ‘we have kind hands and kind feet’
  • ‘I look after my sister and baby brother’
  • ‘play police and doctors and everything’

We used mirrors to look at our faces and talked about our differences and similarities.  The children had a go at making a self-portrait for our ‘Here We Are’ pre-school picture.

Week Commencing 28/9/2020

Welcome back to Pre-school Everyone!

It has been lovely to welcome everyone back to Pre-school and we have been amazed how quickly the children have settled back into our morning routines.  This has been great to see as we want to ensure that everyone feels happy and secure when they are with us – your child’s well-being is our absolute priority.

The children have been happy to say their goodbyes at the door and eager to come in, seek out their friends and start exploring the day’s activities.  Here are a few photos to show how the children have been getting to know each other and sharing their play.

Last Day of Term – 16th July 2020

We celebrated our last day of term with a mini sports morning.  The children enjoyed taking part in an assault course where they had to balance, jump, crawl and throw.  We then had an egg and spoon race, along with jumping, hopping and balancing the bean bag on your head races.  Everyone received a medal for taking part and for all their hard work - it was a very lively morning. 

At the end of the morning, we said a fond farewell to some of the older children who will be leaving us to go to big school in September.  We will miss them all and have some lovely memories of their time at Pre-school.  We wish them all the very best for their future and know that they will have a great time and lots of new adventures at their new school. 

Have a lovely Summer everyone!

Pre-school re-opens on Tuesday 8th September.

Week commencing 8th June 2020 - 13th July 2020

It was lovely to welcome the children back to Pre-school on the 8th June.  Everyone was excited to see their friends again and it was great to hear the hall come back to life with the sounds of chattering and laughter.

We have been so proud of the way in which the children have quickly settled and adjusted to the new routines that we have in place to keep us all safe.  We have some amazing little helpers when it comes to washing the toys at the end of the day.

Following the children's interests, our learning has been all about 'Water'.  We have found out where water comes from by working together on a large picture to show 'The Water Cycle' and then carried out an experiment by making our very own rain cloud.  We have also created a colourful 'Under the Sea' picture and discovered some interesting facts about the different sea creatures. 

Some of our Pre-school families have decided to stay at home for the time being and we have missed them, but look forward to the new school year when we can all, hopefully, be back together again. 

Here are some pictures of the things we have been doing over the past few weeks. 

Week commencing 16th March 2020

It was such a lovely morning that we went for a walk to the Chapel Garden.  We enjoyed exploring the play equipment, looking for signs of Spring, playing hide and seek and making shadows on the grass using our bodies.  

Thursday 5th March 2020

Here are some pictures from World Book Day.  Thank you for bringing in your favourite stories to share with your friends. 

Week commencing 2nd March 2020

We have been exploring, investigating and asking lots of ‘Why do you think…..?’ questions this week.  We started by having fun with gloop, exploring the way in which the texture changed every time we touched it.  A great way to introduce descriptive words such as soft, gooey, slimy, runny and hard.

We then had fun with magnets and tested objects to see if they would be attracted to the magnet and stick to it.  We have also been exploring how and why different objects float or sink when placed in water.  The children loved this activity and then enjoyed having a go at making boats and predicting what would happen to their boat when they put it in the water.


Week commencing 10th February 2020

Over the last couple of weeks the children have each made a book called ‘All About Me’. We have been talking about the things that make us similar to our friends and the ways in which we are unique.  It was fun to take turns looking in the mirror to compare our eye and hair colour and to make some very silly faces!  The children drew some amazing pictures of their family and had a go at writing or tracing over the letters in their name.

For Valentine’s Day we made ‘Happy Hearts’.  This was a great activity to help develop their fine motor skills by using scissors, holding a pencil to colour in the shape then adding the eyes, nose and mouth and learning how to fold the paper to make the springy arms and legs.  The children were pleased with their creations as you can see in the pictures below.

Week commencing 20th January 2020

During the past two weeks some of our activities have been themed around the Chinese New Year.  We started by looking at the world map to work out where we live in relation to China and then thought of different ways in which we could travel there.  We have all worked together to make a big, bright dragon collage.  The children then had fun making their own mini dragons using a cardboard tube.  By blowing down the tube they could make their dragons breathe fire! One morning we had noodles for snack-time which were tasty but a bit tricky to pick up – we didn’t use chopsticks as we decided that using a spoon and fingers would be much easier.

Week commencing 16th December 2019

We all enjoyed our Christmas party today with lots of dancing, party games and delicious party food.  Happy Christmas everyone!

Week commencing 9th December 2019

Thank you to everyone for joining us on Wednesday to support our Christmas Nativity ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’. 

Every child showed amazing confidence as they happily sat on the stage and joined in with the nativity songs and actions.  They had a go at saying their speaking parts too.  Well done to you all, we are very proud of you. 


Week commencing 25th November 2019

The children have noticed that it is beginning to get much colder outside, so we thought this would be an ideal time to find out what animals do during the winter.  We introduced the word ‘hibernation’ to learn how some animals go to sleep throughout the cold winter months. 

We made a hedgehog from our handprints and collected lots of leaves to make a lovely cosy bed for the hedgehog to curl up in.  We asked the children what they would take with them if they were sleeping through the winter.  A favourite teddy was the most popular item to have, along with pillows and blankets.  The children then had fun making their own cosy places to hibernate – although they didn’t stay asleep for long!

Children in Need 15th November 2019

We have had a fun morning at pre-school today as our activities have been focused on Children in Need.  We iced some biscuits and decorated them with happy faces, coloured in some Pudsey pictures and made Pudsey's face using our link cubes.  The children helped to raise some money by wearing their pyjamas and clothes with spots/stripes.

Week commencing 4th November 2019

We have been very busy over the past two weeks with lots of art and craft activities.  We started by making paper lanterns and shared with the children some pictures of people celebrating Diwali, the Festival of Light.

On Halloween some children wore fancy dress.  We read the story of Meg and Mog’s Halloween Party and made witches' hats decorating them with moons and stars.

The children spent quite a lot of time creating their firework pictures.  This activity encouraged them to talk about the different sounds fireworks make and the colours that light up the night sky.

Some of the older children have shown an interest in the alphabet, so along with activities to encourage and develop their listening skills, we have been learning the letter sounds ‘s’ and ‘a’ by singing songs from Jolly Phonics. 

Week commencing 14th October 2019

A character from Toy Story 4 called 'Forky' seems to be very popular with lots of the children, so you can imagine how excited we were when Forky joined us at Pre-School for the morning.  One child had made a ‘Forky’ at home and brought it in to show his friends.  Following on from the children’s interests we decided to have a go at making this lovable character.  The children were really involved in the activity and whilst ‘making’ they were telling us about their favourite parts of the film.   

This week we have also had a go at making soda bread.   The children were very helpful when it came to juicing the lemon and gently kneading the dough.  They also helped to weigh and measure the ingredients, along with working out how many balls of dough were needed for each child to have one ball each.  Things got a little messy but we had fun!