Lundy - Class 4


In Lundy Class, we have been working on an extended story that started with a picture of a character and a setting. We have developed our writing skills by improving the opening of our stories and by learning how to correctly punctuate and set out direct speech. Read some extracts below.


In art, we have designed and made a clay fish, with a focus on shape, texture and pattern. The children are very proud of their final pieces and are very excited to paint them now. Please do pop in and take a look, if you haven't already.


Some of our year 5 pupils have been visiting Bideford College over the past few Tuesdays, learning French, cooking and making things in technology sessions. 


Emily and Tom represented the school in a cycling competition this week. Here is their report of how it went:



It has been a really busy "Sports Week" with a brilliant Sports Day on Wednesday. It is always so special to see how supportive and encouraging children are of each other and the sun shone on us too! We could not ask for more. We hope that you all managed to enjoy the events with us - we were so impressed with the number of parents, carers and grandparents taking part in the 'Ladies and Gentlemen's" races at the end; a great way to encourage sportsmanship and fun on Sports Day. Please have a look at the Gallery page to see photos of the day's events.


We were treated to a "Martial Arts" session on Thursday afternoon. Take a look at the photos below to see what we learnt:





The children in Lundy Class have been busy this week planning and preparing for their assembly. They have worked on their speaking, listening and performance skills and made decisions about what to include and what to share. The children should all feel proud of their final performance. Mrs. Wattley taught the class "Yellow Bird" in music, using Steel Pans and it sounded fantastic. Very well done Lundy Class! Look out for the next musical extravaganza at the Summer Fayre.


The children in Lundy Class are busy learning their times tables and spending 10 minutes at the start of every day, practising them in different ways. Then, on Fridays, they have a timed test (5 minutes) to see how well they are doing. The new National Curriculum guidelines for Numeracy state that by the end of year 4, children should know their times tables to 12 x 12. This is a significant change to previous requirements and children need to be learning their times tables from a much younger age (they now start in Year 1!) so it is vital that your child spends regular time each week (ideally daily in short bursts) learning them. The reasoning behind this change is that knowledge of tables really supports many other parts of maths learning, especially by the time children reach Year 4. Below is a useful website for showing a trick for making the 7x tables. There are many apps and websites available too: Topmarks is one that I recommend for mental maths work. The game 'Hit the Button' is great for working on speed.


Also, children have been using 'Flexitables' to help check their answers. Many of the children have commented on how much they like these and they have proved useful in various areas of maths too. 


In science, children have been working on friction and resistance, in relation to water. Here they are carrying out an experiment to find the best shape for streamlining in water:





This week we have made a start on our 'Coasts' topic, thinking about the coastal areas and features that we already know and might have been lucky enough to visit! To find out more about our topic, please follow the link below to see our topic plan. The  home learning this weekend asks the question 'Why is the beach at Saunton Sands so important in our local history?' (There have been some exciting events happening in North Devon this weekend for the children to find out about, marking the anniversary of the DDay Landings.) Our display is also ready for any pictures you take of visits to our local coasts over the next few weeks. We are also hoping to invite a local artist to help us with art inspired by the coast. Please let us know if you can help us.


Ali and Toby are our class reporters. This is what they have to say about this week's learning:



We only have one more week of cricket with our coach Max,  but so far it has been amazing. The warm ups we did were also very good. We have had games as warm ups (one of them you had to run around the pitch and they would throw a ball to you to catch). 


In geography (our topic) we had to write down natural and man-made features of coastlines, EG: Natural….Sand, rocks, natural rock formations,  Man-made….beach huts, sand castles, and towns  or lighthouses. This week was very FUN!!!!! 


Please find below this term's 'Coasts' Topic Plan and Newsletter:




Week Beginning 18th May

Well done to the Year 5 children who attended the BBC Ten Pieces Concert on Monday. Mrs Martin was very impressed with your enthusiasm and commitment. 


We have been working on multiplication and division skills this week, using a new learning tool called 'Flexitable' - it is a very practical, soft plastic times tables square that can be folded back to find and check answers. We also used it to look at square numbers and square roots. It is easily available to buy online if you would like to buy one to help you with your times tables practice at home.


Our Coast topic is well underway - if you find any driftwood and shells over the half term break, please collect them and bring them in for our artwork and display. Also, if you know of a local artist who gets inspiration from the coast, let us know!


Home learning research about Sir Isaac Newton is on display in the classroom. We have enjoyed looking at and listening to a variety of presentations of the information found.


Wishing you all a very relaxing holiday, hopefully in the sunshine!


See you back at school on Tuesday 2nd June (Monday 1st is an Inset day)


Mrs Turner and the Lundy Team 

Week Beginning 11th May 2015

Wednesday 13th May

Class 4 did cricket with Max and Quinton. It was great! Take a look at the photos above to see what a lovely afternoon of cricket in the sunshine we had. First we played a warm up game where you had to run around the pitch, every now and then they would throw the ball to see if you can catch it. After we played that we played another game where there would be batters and fielders; the batters take it in turns to hit the ball - You would get 2 strikes if you didn’t hit the ball well, or didn’t hit the ball at all you would get 1 strike.

However, the fielders are going to try to stop you from running to the red line and back by getting the ball, to be able to get the person you need to throw the ball once to another player BUT make sure it is a complete pass so you don’t drop it.

Then after all the batting players have batted you switch over.

The overall score was 20-19 to Toby’s team!

Reported by Ali and Toby



For the next two weeks, our learning in Literacy is all based on the book "Until I Met Dudley - How everyday things really work" by Roger McGough. We have started by finding out about how a toaster really works and had fun on Tuesday using symbols and actions to learn parts of the text by heart. By the end of this sequence of learning, we hope to be able to write our own explanations of how things work in a similar style.


Well done to Tallulah and Zach - our avid readers who are the winners of our latest reading challenge.


In Maths, we have been working on equivalent fractions, making our own fraction boards to help.


In Science this week, we used Forcemeters to measure the weight of various objects and learnt that weight is measured in Newtons.

Here we are:



Week Beginning  4th May 2015

After a trial for a few weeks, we are very lucky to have the website 'Espresso' as a resource for the next year. It is an award-winning, cross-curricular digital learning service full of instructional fun videos and follow up activities for the children to do on Learnpads individually. It is also kept up-to-date so that we can follow the latest events and this week, we learnt lots about democracy and the election.


Our task in Literacy was to create our own party and to write a manifesto to persuade other children in our class to elect a pupil to become leader to our school. Children then had to prepare a speech and on Thursday, they all took part in a ballot to see whose manifesto was the best! Congratulations to Faith who came first and to Elliott and Tom who were runners up. We had some great ideas shared from building a swimming pool to having 'Discovery Mondays'. I think my personal favourite would have to be chocolate on Fridays!


You will see from the Home learning this week that we have been working on finding the area of shapes. One investigation involved children calculating the cost of flooring to a new apartment. So next time you need a new carpet...


Next week, we start to think about our new topic "Coasts" and children will be involved in the planning process. If you have any of the following that we can use for our displays, we will be very grateful:



voile fabric or netting

fishing netting



We have already started to learn about "Forces" in science. In maths, we will be studying equivalence of fractions and continue to work on our times tables, linking them to division. 


Take a look at the Forest School page to see what the Year 5's have been up to!




Week beginning 27th april 2015

It has been a really busy week in Lundy Class with our year 4 children attending the Simonsbath Residential from Wednesday to Friday. I was lucky to be able to spend an evening and morning with the children and I was impressed with how enthusiastic and engaged the children were, albeit a little tired! I hope you were told about the 'Birds of Prey' session on Thursday evening when we met three beautiful birds - a barn owl, a peregrine falcon and a buzzard. Food was varied and aplenty - apple crumble midweek is a real treat for me! Look out for the photos on our Gallery pages.


Year 5 children and Year 3 and 4 children who were not at Simonsbath worked on a maths games project which, once finished, will hopefully help other children with various aspects of maths learning from times tables to fractions and decimals! I was impressed by the teamwork and perseverance shown while we worked on these games. 


Children have been busy learning about diary writing with Mrs Tuohey and here are a couple of extracts to share with you:


" The aeroplane lands smoothly and the overwhelming smell of smoke is unbearable. We collect our luggage and head to the taxi port. Skyscrapers tower intimidatingly above us. I stretch out my muscles and breath in the New York atmosphere. It's totally different to sunny Devon where, everywhere you turn, people smile and wave. Here most people are shouting down their iPhone 6 or drinking cola." by Lani.


" Today I am so excited because tomorrow it's the big match against Fremington F.C. I know I'm on the team because...well I just know I am! Tomorrow the teams are being announced, so I am worried I'll get injured at training this afternoon." by Ben.


Cricket coaching continues next week on Wednesday afternoon. Photos and match reports will be added for next week.





Angle hunting...



Class Four have been learning about decimals. They have learned that 0.6 is 60% and that is equal to 6/10.

Class Four have also been learning about angles. The have learned about acute, obtuse and right angles; reflex angles are yet to come!



Year Fives went down to the hall for singing practise with Mrs Martin. They are learning the song, ‘King of the Mountain’. Here are a couple of quotes that Year Fives said about the practice:




In Literacy, Class Four have been writing up facts about Ancient Greece from their earlier research on the Learnpads. The fact sheets will be displayed together in our classroom to make up a factual book about Ancient Greece. We are all working really hard this term on our joined handwriting too.


Written by Ali and Toby – Lundy Class Reporters


News Update from the Lundy Class Team


Well done to Lucy, Shaun and Tom, our newest members of Lundy Class. They have all made a great start and have settled in really well. Welcome to the Lundy team!


The Year 3 and 4 Residential is nearly here. Make sure you all start packing your things this weekend and most importantly, don't forget your teddy for bedtime! 


Year 5 children and those not attending the Residential will be starting cricket coaching on Wednesday afternoon for an hour. Please make sure you have your PE kits in school with you at all times. These coaching sessions will take place every Wednesday until half term.


The new Maths National Curriculum requires that Year 4 children know their times tables up to 12 times 12 by the end of this year. This is quite a challenge and I have discussed ways to work towards this with the whole class. Year 5 children are expected to already know this. Please do not panic if you do not know all of your tables yet. Remember to work on one table at a time and practise for about ten minutes every day  for at least a week so that you can become more fluent  and accurate. We will have timed tables tests every Friday and after half term, we will have 10 minutes practice time in class too during registration. Good luck!







Welcome back after the Easter break. Hope you all enjoyed the lovely sunshine! 


On Tuesday, we had a visit from the local RNLI Lifeguards to remind us about sea and sun safety:


"During the RNLI safety talk, I learnt that a red and yellow flag means swimming and body-boarding; the black and white flag means kyaking and surfing; the red flag means DANGER."


"RNLI stands for 'Royal National Lifeboat Institution'." Ali


"Slip (on a Tshirt), slap (on a hat), slop (on some suncream), slide (under some shade), wrap (around sunglasses) and slurp

(some water)!" Tallulah


"You need shelter from the sun." Maisy


"When you are our at sea and you are in trouble, you have to put one arm up and clench your fist." 


Look at the photos below to see Mrs. Brewer being rescued by our very own resident Lifeguards!!





Children have worked hard this week on the Easter Story, producing their own version of the story in their own words and pictures. We were thrilled with the quality of pictures designed to accompany the Easter poem for our church service on Friday. Please see below. 

Ancient Greek 3D pots are almost complete and year 4 children produced Greek mosaics of their initials.  As the Spring term was so short, we will continue with our current topics for two more weeks. There is no formal home learning this week as we really want you all to have a great holiday and a rest, in readiness for the busy summer term ahead. However, there is an art activity for you all to do:

Draw your hand up to your elbow and colour it in shades of brown - you can use any materials to decorate it, from paints, crayons, oil pastels to collage using a range of textures. Cut out your design and bring in to school by Friday 17th April. It will then be added to a whole school display in the hall.


Lundy Class staff would like to wish you all a very happy Easter and look forward to seeing you all back bright and breezy ready for the final term of the year. frown

Week Beginning 16th March 2015

In maths we have been learning to problem solve using multiplication and subtraction skills. Year 4 children have learnt the grid method to multiply and Year 5 children have learnt the formal written method to multiply 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. To support their learning with this, it is so important that children keep practising their times tables. We will be focussing on

8 x tables next week. Ask your child to show you the 'finger trick' for the 9 x tables and the song for 7 x 8!


We are working on writing information about Ancient Greece at the moment, with the focus on organising information into clear paragraphs. We have watched video clips, made notes on the key points and then turned these notes back into our own words.


Year 4 children had an exciting time at the Forest on Thursday. Take a look at the Forest School pages to see a few pictures of their latest adventures! A huge thank you to the many parents who volunteered their time.


The following extracts are taken from our reports about the 'Solar Eclipse' on Friday 20th March:

Instow School's Cross Country March 6th 2015

On Friday 6th March, we hosted a Cross Country event at Moreton Park, Bideford for the local schools. In the morning we had about 200 pupils from Year 3 and 4 tackling the course and in the afternoon we had about 300 pupils from Year 5 and 6 taking on the route. All pupils showed great determination and were so encouraging and supportive to each other. The schools that took part were Instow, Appledore, St. Mary's, Kingsley, St, Helen's, St, Margaret's, Woolsery, West Croft and Holywell.

A huge well done to Thalia who came second in the race, a fantastic achievement and the Year 4 girls together won the cup for Instow.

Thank you to all parents and governors who helped with the event.

Evolution and Inheritance - Mr bones visits instow primary school!

On Wednesday 4th March, Mrs Cross visited us to talk to us about our science topic. We watched a really interesting and informative Powerpoint presentation, showing how humans have evolved over millions of years and had the chance to handle a modern day human replica skull. Mr Bones proved very popular!

Diversity Event at Pilton Community College

Lundy class managed to eat their way around the world today at this colourful and culinary event. Children were excited to see a display about Greece and learnt about the language and culture too. How lovely to see some of the previous staff who have taught us some Mandarin and Arabic in previous years.


Back in a classroom, we were also taught the Greek alphabet (only 24 letters) and then had a try at working our names. Thank you to all of the staff who helped to organise this at Pilton CC and thank you to Lundy Class who were a credit to Instow School.




EGYPT - Did you know Arabic (the language Egyptian people speak and write) starts from right to left when it is written?


GREECE - I liked the Greek stall because it was full of things and my favourite food was cake from Argentina. It was made from chocolate biscuits and caramel and it was delicious!


JAPAN - Did you know that Japan has over 90 letters and is home to my favourite food - 'Prawn Crackers'?






Reminders Week Beginning 2nd March 2015

Pilton Community College Trip - Monday 2nd March

Thank you to the parents who have offered to drive on Monday. We aim to leave Instow by 10:45am at the latest so that we arrive in good time (taking into account the road works en route). Children will need a packed lunch, drink and fruit snack. Booster seats are also needed for those children below the legal height please (there is a measure in our cloakroom for you to check if required).


Forest School - Tuesday 3rd March pm

Don't forget to take a look at the Forest School page to see what the children have been up to each week!


Class Assembly - Thursday 5th March

Parents, carers and grandparents are all invited to join us at 2:50pm for our assembly about Ancient Greece. We hope to see you there.


Cross-country - Friday 6th March

Year 4 will be taking part in the morning. Year 5 will be taking part in the afternoon. Children will need full PE Kit, a drink and fruit snack. Transport is provided. Please make sure that all reply slips are returned as soon as possible.


Thank you from Spacelab Planetarium

Thank you very much for sending me the ‘Leo the Lion’ letter.  Please tell the children that I think it is a super piece of artwork and I am very grateful.  The children might like to know that Leo will be easy to see in the evening sky this March and April and I attach a map that might help them to see this constellation in the spring sky.


  Thank you again,




Clive Pig storyteller extraordinaire!

We were well and truly entertained today (Friday) with tales of powerful Olympian gods, sea gods, sky gods, underwater gods, half-gods and human heroes. Created thousands of years ago, Greek myths often feature battles between heroic humans and terrible creatures, such as the Minotaur, half bull, half human. We learnt how myths were based on the fact that gods, like mortal men, could be punished or rewarded for their actions. During the workshop sessions, children practised the art of storytelling for themselves, using skills that Clive taught them to engage the audience. 


Check out the blog for Clive's challenge to us!

Week beginning 23rd February

Welcome back. We hope that you had a lovely break and are feeling refreshed and ready for another exciting half term ahead.


Year 4 children will be going to the Forest on the following dates in the afternoon (please note the changes):

Thursday 26th February 

Tuesday 3rd March

Tuesday 10th March

Thursday 19th March

Tuesday 24th March and Thursday 26th March (2 sessions to make sure that they fit in all 6 sessions!)


Other exciting news:


Our class assembly is Thursday 5th March at 2:50pm. We hope to see lots of parents and grandparents there so that we can share some of our learning with you. 


This Friday morning, we have Clive Pig coming in to tell us some Greek Myths and then to lead writing workshops for us. Watch this space for more news later this week...


Fascinating Fossils

A Visit from Julian Vaynes of the North Devon Museum


This morning Lundy and Trinity classes had a real treat, a visit from Julian Vaynes, the Education Officer from the North Devon Museum. Our science topic this term is evolution and inheritance. Julian brought with him a wide range of unusual objects which extended our science learning. Amongst the amazing artefacts there was an elephant's tooth, part of the tooth of a mammoth, a whale vertebrae, a selection of antlers, some spindle whorls and a range of axe and arrowheads. Here are some insights in to our discoveries this morning...

Did you know...? 


...antlers are made from keratin, the same material found in hair and nails. antler that was found off Westward Ho! at low tide indicates that the sea level thousands of years ago was lower than it is now.

...spindle whorls were a key part in the spinning process, allowing wool to be spun more efficiently.

...elephants teeth are so strong that they could eat wood if vegetation was in short supply.


A huge thank you to Julian Vayne for a fascinating morning!


To see photographs of our morning please look at the Gallery. smiley 


Week beginning 26th January 2015


We have continued our Literacy learning with the Colin Thompson picture book "The Paperbag Prince". It is a story with a strong message and amazing illustrations. Every time, we return to it, there is something new to learn. 


In science, we have started to think about how fossils are formed. Thank you to the children who have already brought in fossils to look at in class. 


Take a look at the slideshow this week which shows the work children have been doing in gymnastics. They have been working with partners to create a sequence - the pictures show the range of different balances that children came up with, ensuring that they included tension and control. 


Latest news:

We have been invited to attend the Diversity Day at Pilton Community College on 2nd March 2015 from 11:30 until 1:45pm. There will be a Greek stall for us to visit and we will be taught some Greek in the Language Labs too! We are also able to have lunch there so children will need a packed lunch that day please. We also need parents to help us with transport and of course, you are very welcome to stay and join in if you wish. Please indicate if you are able to help on the letter that will follow this week. Thank you.

week beginning 19th january

We welcomed Mr Barber into school on Thursday for our Ancient Greek Myths and Legends workshop. What an amazing hour we had! Mr Barber showed us pictures of places in modern Greece first of all and then photographs of some of the monuments from Ancient times. He told us wonderful stories using lights and stars showing the constellations to help bring the stories to life. It was a magical atmosphere and very exciting. I overheard one child whisper with delight, "Oh, I love stories!" We all felt really inspired to learn more about this exciting topic.

Here are a few of our responses to the visit:


"For the grand finale, stars appeared in the sky , we all 'wowed' at the incredible show," Lani


"Mr Barber showed us slides of Ancient Greek ruins which fell down because of earthquakes," Emily


" Olympia is the place where the Ancient Greeks did the Olympic Games," Harry


" It felt like I was somewhere in space, flying towards my favourite constellation," Ali


Latest news

In January, DK launched an exciting new website, DKFindout (see link below). Challenge: take a look at the site and find out what the Ancient Greek's would eat for breakfast! Post your answers on our blog and see if you can be one of the first five children to earn a housepoint for doing so. Good luck!






Week beginning 12th january


It has been very exciting to see the many different types of Home Learning brought into class this week. We have watched and listened to Ancient Greek presentations about famous Ancient Greek characters and the way of life of people and children back then; other pupils made models of temples using recyclable materials and we all even tried sweets made to an Ancient Greek recipe, thanks to Emily and Toby. Please do pop in and see our work on display. 


We have also been asked to produce artwork for the Burton Art Gallery so we have made a start by designing and making 2D Greek pots in the style of those from Ancient Greece. Our next project will be to make some 3D pots in the same style. Later this term, we will also make Greek mosaics.


Our Science topic this term is 'Evolution and Inheritance". If you have any fossils that you are able to bring in to school, that would be great. Please also bring in a photo of one or both of your parents to help with some learning about inheriting good looks!


The Planetarium is visiting next Thursday so we will have lots to report on next week. Watch this space...



Ancient Greek Pots

Happy New Year!

It doesn't seem five minutes since the end of term and here we are starting anew! I hope that you have all had a chance to relax and recharge your batteries ready for another busy term ahead. Our new topic is about Ancient Greece and children have already begun by sharing what they know and listing questions which will guide our planning for the term ahead. We have invited the Spacelab Mobile Planetarium into school to watch a presentation about Ancient Greek Culture and Myths and Legends and will be hosting a local storyteller into school towards the end of our topic to bring to life Ancient Greek Legends. More details to follow. If you have any resources to support our learning such as books, artefacts, postcards or maps, we would be very grateful. Also, to help with Greek art and craft, we need cardboard inner tubes from kitchen towels and wrapping paper. Thank you.


BBC Ten Pieces Music initiative

We have been hearing more about this initiative in class this week and our Year 5 children are looking forward to some instrument workshops next week. All of Lundy Class and Trinity Class were treated to an afternoon of music on Wednesday when we watched the introductory DVD. Children were so enthusiastic that we listened to all ten pieces in one afternoon! Just a few of the comments made:

" Excited feelings!"

" like something is falling."

" I can imagine something being chased."

Over the coming weeks we will all be involved in this exciting project during our Music lessons at school. Watch this space.


In Maths this week, we have been learning about 3D shapes. We had to describe shapes by thinking about their properties and then had fun making skeleton 3D shapes from straws and Playdough. We have also practised our 6x tables and will start times tables tests next week so be sure to practise at home!


Finally, we have begun a new Reading Challenge called 'The Lundy Reading Olympiad'. Check out the leaflet in reading journals to find out more about it. Happy reading!



Another term is over and it has ended on a very happy note, with a memorable Christmas party, full of party games, laughter and yummy party food. Thank you to parents for providing us with an array of sweet and savoury foods. Friday was especially colourful with an assortment of fun Christmas jumpers worn by children and staff.


As this is a very busy holiday, there will be no formal home learning set. This week, we looked in detail at the school website and learnt how to use the blogging feature. There is a new blog where we can write about favourite books. Do take part and share your favourites - it might just help somebody else to find a new book. (Remember to only include your first name - no surnames please). There is also a section of games called "Kids' zone" which is definitely worth a look.


We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.


We look forward to seeing you all in 2015.


The Lundy Teamfrown




Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies - December 2014

As is the tradition at Instow Primary School, children gave an amazing performance in the annual Christmas show "Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies". Children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have worked really hard on learning song words, lines and dance moves. We are all very proud of the children and think that you will agree that there was wonderful singing, great acting and lots of humour too - a show to remember! "Oh yes it was!"

Winter Market - Tuesday 16th December 2014

Next Tuesday some of the above home made gifts will be on sale at the Winter market held in the school hall from 3pm. Children from every class have been hard at work making a variety of gifts, including wooden ornaments, tree decorations and small gifts. Mrs Harvest and her Forest School team of children have also been busy collecting wood and materials to make many of the above items as well as the popular Christmas wreaths that were made for the market last year. Prices will range from 50p to £5 and profits from the sale will be going towards gardening projects around school. We look forward to seeing you there.






Wednesday 3rd December 2014 

Football Tournament at Bideford College

When we arrived at Bideford College we started to warm up by running up and down the Astroturf.

We lost our first game 2-0  but they missed a penalty.

Next game we lost again but we were  improving. We lost the game 2-3.

Our 3rd game we did not win but we drew 1-1. It was a better game.

Our 4th game was amazing because we won 1-0. Matthew scored every single goal.


So in the end, we lost 2 games, we drew 1 game and won one. We came third over all out of 8 teams

Reported by Jenson and Zach


Week beginning 24th November 2014




Following an assembly last week, Year 5 and Year 6 children welcomed back Colette, a representative from Childline to our school.  Children took part in a year group workshop which involved lots of discussion in small groups about keeping safe in a range

of situations. Here are a few of their ideas:


"I never knew there were so many types of bullying and abuse. I also learnt that 'Childline' is open 24/7 and is absolutely free. The number to ring is 08001111." Alice


" I had never heard of Childline before. It is an organisation that helps children who might be being bullied, abused or neglected. There is a telephone number that you can call if you are feeling happy, sad or think you are being abused. I learnt that there are many different types of abuse and can spot the signs." Tallulah


"It was interesting to learn how to spot different kinds of abuse."  Ben


Harry's Beetle!

As part of our learning about invertebrates and animal classification, Harry brought in a Rhinoceros Beetle for us to look at first hand. We were all surprised by its size and unusual markings and shape. We had a look at some pictures of different types of this beetle on the interactive whiteboard. Challenge: use your research skills to find out more about this beetle? 



As a school, we always look forward to this service; it is a special time when we can come together before the business of the Christmas season begins. Be sure to ask your child what each part of the Christingle orange represents. Check out the slideshow of pictures above to see how much effort one of our pupils made for the Christingle service in church on Friday - what an amazing hairdo!

Week Beginning 17th November



It has been 'anti-bullying week' and we started the week by writing a letter to give our ideas about bullying and how to stop it happening in school. We have had whole school assemblies, house group assemblies and class discussions to help us to explore ways to deal with issues when they arise. In class, we are reading 'The Angel of Nitshill Road' by Ann Fine; a story about a boy who torments and teases many children in his school until a new girl joins the school and challenges him. In class 4, we have a poster called 'THINK' which is there to remind us how to speak with respect and kindness to others. Ask your child to tell you what each letter stands for. 


Year 5 children have been enjoying their learning in maths with Mrs Knight, focussing on mental maths strategies and working on building speed and accuracy. Year 4 children have also focussed on their mental maths skills and need to practise 4 times tables this week.


A big well done to the children for learning their words for the show. Rehearsals are well under way and the songs are sounding great already. We are also busy making props - if you have toy swords, a drawstring purse or cardboard inners from kitchen roll, we would be really grateful. Thank you. If you are unable to get a costume together for your child, please let us know as soon as possible.





Children In Need

Week Beginning 10th November 2014

Please refer to the Class 5 page for the information about a Childline Assembly that was held this week for all year 5 and 6 children.


On Wednesday afternoon, Class 4 presented their class assembly in which they summed up their learning experiences from the past term as a News Report. During our literacy learning, children have worked in news teams, each child having a specific role (roving reporter, interviewee, script writer and so on). They all worked really hard as a team, collaborating, making decisions and working to a deadline, just like a real news report. The newly updated BBC 'Newsround' Programme was a great starting point.


On Friday, children looked great in their spotty clothes for 'Children In Need'. We thought about the many different ways we can help others. In groups, children were asked to think of 9 ideas to record on a post-it and then had to decide together on the most important ones to make a 'Diamond 9' shape. Here are a few of the ideas children came up with:


"By thinking of other people and being considerate and showing kindness."

"By cheering people up when they are upset, ill or have hurt themselves."

​"By looking after someone when they are in need."

"Give money to charity so that children don't have to live in poverty and can have the medicines they need."

"By standing up for each other when things are getting tough."


Next week, we will be linking our learning in literacy to 'Anti-bullying Week' and will be working with the book 'The Angel of Nitshill Road' by Anne Fine. In maths, we will be learning about column subtraction, negative numbers and rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. We will also look at multiplying by 10 and 100, including decimals for year 5 children.The focus for times tables this week will be 4x tables for year 4 and 8x tables for year 5.


The Queen's Theatre and Barnstaple Cinema Trip

Week Beginning 3rd November 2014

 Class 4 and 5 have had an exciting start to their week with a trip to Barnstaple Cinema and to the Queen's Theatre. At the cinema, we were treated to the film 'Tarzan' -  part of 'The Into Film Festival' which is taking place around the UK this November. The theme is 'Anti-Bullying - Heroes'. Films have been specially chosen where the heroes beat the bullies in their own worlds and there are follow-up activities for us to do back in the classroom later this week. We picnicked in the rain (typically British) and then made our way to the theatre for a tour all around, including backstage, in the dressing rooms and even below the stage! Learning about the lighting and sound desk was especially interesting and some of our children were lucky enough to try out the stage lighting for themselves. All in all, a fun day out was had with lots of learning along the way! And as you can see from the photographs, a little bit of Autumnal fun at the end of the day too!




Week Beginning 20th October 2014


Children will be coming home with song words for our 'Robin Hood' show so that they can make a start on learning the words over half term. Some Year 5 children have also asked for a speaking part and will have their scripts too. Home learning for half term will be to read lots, carry on with times tables, design a Christmas Card (pack sent home on Thursday) and to have a look at Manga High - a website that focusses on maths games (children have stuck their log-in details into their Reading Journals). 


Have a lovely, restful holiday ready for the very busy half-term ahead.


Mrs Turner, Mrs Tuohey and Lundy team



Fairground Maths - problem solving in small groups

Creating our own Fairground Rides with Mrs Ryan

Lighthouse Project

While the year 5 children enjoyed their week away, year 4 children were also having fun. They were treated to an exciting Lighthouse Project with Mrs Knight and Mrs Ryan. Children did research, designed their own lighthouses, and wrote super poems. They have produced Lighthouse project books which are on display in the classroom. You are very welcome to come and look.

Paignton Residential

There are some very tired children in class 4 this week, after an action-packed few days in Paignton. What an amazing experience we all shared. The children were a credit to the school and were an absolute pleasure to spend time with. They were accompanied by Mrs Brewer, Mrs Tuohey, Mrs Turner, Mrs Harvest, Mrs Wattley, Mr Mackie (school governor) and Mr Guymer (parent). 


On our return to school the children received a lovely letter from Mr Mackie, a school governor who came to help on the trip: "I was so impressed with your polite and respectful manner which you showed throughout the week; your cooperation that enabled your teachers to organise and run the activities and the various visits, and with your clear enjoyment of the residential. No doubt, like me, you will have many memories of the trip and I am sure you are all better young people as a result of some of the challenges you took on and succeeded. You should all be proud of yourselves".


Well done to all of Year 5 and 6 and to all of the adult helpers. What a fantastic week! Take a look at the photographs on the Gallery to get a flavour of what we got up to:

Mrs Knight, Mrs Cox and some willing parents had the pleasure of taking our Year 4 pupils to a multi-skills festival based at Westcroft Junior School on the 13th October. The children joined in with other children from other Bideford Learning Community schools to take part in games and activities that built on their accuracy, ball skills, team work as well as having healthy fun. Great job Instow! Thank you Westcroft!

Multi-Skills Festival at Westcroft School, October 2014

Week Beginning 6th October 2014


Our focus this week in Literacy has been on information texts. We have linked our learning in Science and Literacy together, looking at classification of living things. We began this learning by reading an introductory text and we highlighted key features and scientific words that we were unsure of. We then used the Glossary to find out the meanings. Some of the words were challenging for the adults too! Ask your child to tell you what an organism is or to give you an example of an arachnid. Next, children were organised into 'expert groups' to research a particular animal group. They took on the role of the expert very well and enjoyed 'teaching' the other children about their topic. Finally, children wrote up their notes to produce a page for a class information book.


In maths, we continue to work on mental calculation strategies, with a focus on times tables. Please continue to practise these at home. Friday was 'Bulb Planting Day' and everybody enjoyed being able to plant their own bulb in the school garden. 


Next Tuesday, year 4 children have the Multiskills Festival to look forward to. Thank you to all of the parents that have offered to drive children there and support this event - yes please to all of you! Year 5 children have the Residential to Paignton from Tuesday to Friday. What an exciting week ahead!



Week Beginning: Monday 29th September


Well done to the children who made such an impressive effort with their home learning this week. Lighthouse models adorn our classroom and interesting posters are on display telling us about the history of lighthouses. We have also been treated to brilliant powerpoints - it was good to be able to put my feet up while children taught the class using their powerpoint - I might be out of a job soon! It has been great to see the variety of approaches to research home learning and a fantastic opportunity for us to learn from each other. 


We continue to practise our times tables in random order and at speed. You may hear us chanting on our way back from the playground!  Class check ups will take place on a Friday morning and each child has a record card with stickers that they earn for each times table they know thoroughly. We are now expert at reading and understanding large numbers; the group of children in the photograph below were able to order their numbers from smallest to largest in record time. Well done children.


Just a gentle reminder - spellings come home on a Monday to learn for the following week; reading journals should be in school every day and should be updated regularly; home learning (maths, topic or science based) comes home on Thursdays to be handed in on the following Wednesday. Thank you for supporting your child with this. Please come and ask if you would like more information.

Week Beginning 22nd September


This week's Literacy has been all about inventing and describing our own dragons.  Here is a brilliant example of descriptive writing, full of tension, suspense and wonderful language. Well done Ben!




Ben's Dragon Description

Take a look too at our 'Only One Me' display. This delightful book has reminded us of what is important and that we are all different, unique and special. We have our own special pebble to remind us of the important messages in this lovely book.


Thank you to Emily and Toby who brought in parts of an old computer that they had dismantled. We were all fascinated to see the many different, tiny parts and really complex design. It has left us all wondering "how does a computer actually work?" Now there's a challenge!


We have made a start on learning our times tables again.  We will start more formal tables tests next week although to begin with, these will not be timed. To help with this, we hope that you have found the 'Multiplication' booklet of ideas useful. Children have also been updated with new Studyladder passwords and there are many fun activities to help with learning tables on there. The following apps are also very good if your child has access to an iPad, iPod or other tablet:


Times Table Terra (Mr Thorne)

XTable Clock

Squeebles Times Tables 2


Happy weekend


The Lundy Team :)


Week Beginning 15th September

Book Week has been a great success and I am sure that you will have heard some singing and laughter after our very entertaining trip to Barnstaple library on Thursday when we were all treated to the 'performance' from John Dougherty, children's author:

John Dougherty - author of Stinkbomb and Ketchup-face books

Joining in!

"What inspired you to write stories?"

"I'm a person and that is what we all do. We are all storytellers - we all dream, play and imagine...and I love reading!"


"Where do you get the ideas for your characters from?"

"One bedtime my children started calling each other very silly names - that's where I got the idea for Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face."


Here follows a few quotes from Class 4 children to show how much they enjoyed meeting John:


"I loved the theme song to Stinkbomb and Ketchup-face!"


"John Dougherty is a very enthusiastic writer and is full of weird and wacky ideas. I think he is great."


"It was really funny when he talked to his mug."


"I really enjoyed the super funny song. Me and my friends were laughing our heads off; it was that funny!"





Reading Roundabout

On Thursday morning, both class 4 and 5 took part in the Reading Roundabout, an initiative run by Devon School Library Service. We had the chance to look at many books from a range of genres, giving us time to explore books that we perhaps wouldn't normally look at. We recorded our favourites and then got to keep lots of them for our classroom libraries. 


"I couldn’t have asked for more enthusiastic children with whom to share the Reading roundabout activity." Nicola Cowling - Senior School Library Adviser.

High praise for the children of Instow Primary School again. You were a real credit to the school and your parents. Well done children!

Lundy Class (Class 4)


It has been lovely to see all of the children looking so smart in their new uniforms this week. We are beginning to settle in to new routines and will need to get used to our new class name over the coming weeks - the theme of lighthouses was chosen and Class 4 will soon be known as Lundy class. For your information, Mrs. Tuohey will be teaching on Mondays and Mrs. Ryan will teach on a Friday afternoon. P.E. is on Mondays and Wednesdays but it is a good idea to keep P.E. Kit in school every day in case there is an extra unplanned session. P.E. kits can be taken home to be washed on a Friday. Reading Journals also need to be brought into school every day and Mrs. Turner will collect them in on Tuesdays to check them.


We have started our Literacy learning about dragons, exploring and comparing the different ways that dragons are portrayed in different books and films. We have a selection of books at school and will be focussing next week on a book called, 'Dragons, Truth, Myth and Legend'. This will hopefully help us to answer a question from Lewis, "Did dragons really exist?" Watch this space over the coming weeks for our invented dragons; some of them are quite fierce looking! 


Thanks to Fundraising by the School Council, we have been able to play with a selection of great new playground equipment this week and more is to come from the Sainsbury's vouchers. Here we are having fun testing all of the equipment out:




Welcome to Class 4


Welcome back Class 4.

We hope that you have had a lovely summer holiday.

Mrs Turner, Mrs Tuohey, Ms Beer, Mrs Harvest and Mrs Wattley are your new teaching team and we are really looking forward to the year ahead. The classroom is looking bright and cheerful after the newly painted walls and the exciting news is that our new class name is Lundy, named after the lighthouse. Have any of you visited Lundy before? Perhaps you could find out some information about Lundy to share with us next week.



School Newsletters and Class Pages from 2013/14 can be found on the School Newsletters page.