Our School Development Plan aims for 2016/17

School Development Plan for 2017/18. please click on the link to open.

2016/17 School Development Plan Priorities:

Following on from our successes last year, like all schools across the country we were challenged by the system of calculating attainment and progress. At Instow our pupils have always made good or better progress, especially the children who have some obstacles in the life. 

We are working to focus on the following areas this year:

  1. Building on our successes in pupil well-being and achievement, we will take further steps to ensure all stakeholders understand and uphold a growth mindset environment at Instow.
  2. To continue with raising standards in grammar & spelling and writing, across all year groups. From analysis there are clear areas of development for some boys and girls.
  3. To continue to develop skills in arithmetic and investigative skills across all year groups. From analysis pupils need good reading and comprehension skills, as well as key preparation for new areas of study.
  4. To ensure the smooth joint working of primary school and pre-school, between sites.
  5. HT and SLT to liaise with Governors to further develop their monitoring and evidence-gathering role.


During 2015/16 we had worked together to address these aims:

1.Developing teaching and learning which cultivates a high level of pupil responsibility for their own learning, so that pupils are motivated, confident and attaining in their studies, especially in writing and maths.

2.Provide opportunities for More Able pupils via ACCT events that deepens their understanding.

3.Provide effective learning opportunities for vulnerable groups of pupils that impact upon their progression. (Learning Mentor role, Pupil Premium, Service Premium, SEN, Thrive, P.E Premium)

4.Ensuring that Governors and Headteacher will continue to liaise effectively to:

a.develop an effective understanding of the quality of learning throughout the school;

b.develop Governor roles in school;

c.raise the profile of Governors within the school community.

d.develop the role of Atlantic Coast Co-operative Trust to benefit pupils at Instow.