Trinity- Class 5

On Thursday 9th July the year 6's had the opportunity to go sailing at the North Devon Yacht Club. Jack Harty (an ex-pupil at Instow School) helped us and we had great fun! I really enjoyed sailing as we went on a Rescue Boat and it went really fast. Most of us had a go at steering the boat and we all really enjoyed doing it. We would like to thank the parents and teachers who helped organising

and helping us. Mia frown

Cycling Competition

On Thursday the 9th of July a selected group of year 5's and 6's got to go down to Moreton Park for a cycling race. There was a lot of waiting being done! First we rode in the Time Trials where we were timed doing one lap for the ten minute races. They only timed us to put us in a group with people of the same abilities.

Now to the ten minute races. Basically what happened is they timed ten minutes and we had to try and cycle as many laps as we could. It was very hard!!

Although, we were very lucky it was a warm day. It also didn't help that there was a big hill we had to cycle up! (I pushed my bike up that hill) On the whole it was great fun!! A huge thank you to Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Cox for all there help on the day.      By Olivia H




                                                            MASTERS OF MERTON!!!

On Sunday 5th July 2015 the football team went to Clinton School, Merton to play in a tournament.We had to wait an hour because of the rain but when it stopped raining we went out and played against Beaford. We won the match 4-0, the goal scorers were Oliver, Callaghan, Zach Ernest, Jenson Davies and Matthew Lewis. in our second match we played Horwood and Newton Tracy, we won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Matthew. We won our group and went in to the semi finals.


We were against Clinton School and beat the home team 2-0 thanks to Jenson and Zach's goals. This led us to the cup final...where we met Horwood and Newton Tracey..again! Oliver scored an amazing goal from the half way line. Horwood came back very quickly with a good goal. The game went to extra time and with just thirty seconds left, our captain Matthew Lewis scored the winning goal!


Our team was: Kieran Sonley, Ben Robinson, Ethan Cross, Jim Summers, Oliver Callaghan, Jenson Davies, Josh Ernest, Zach Ernest, Finn Putman and Matthew Lewis. We would like to say abig thank you to Ski Martin our coach for training us and supporting us to our first cup!

By Oliver Callaghan, Matthew Lewis and Ethan Cross

The Addams Family

On the 9th of July 2015 fifty five pupils (and parents)went to the Queens Theatre, Barnstaple to watch Freddie Harvey perform as Pugsley Addams in the Addams family.He was amazing, especially his solo song!


It was extremely funny particularly the part where he was on the stretching machine.All in all I think it was the best show I've ever seen , well done Freddie!

By Molly.

The Addams Family is an AMAZING show in the Queens Theatre on the 9th July.We all went because Freddie (Harvey) had an unbeliveable part in the Addams Family.He had the part Pugsley(the little brother) . It was very funny and very musical.


The Addams Family is about Wednesday (the big sister)(weird name) falling in love and how they get through it.In the end,it all turn... No I won't tell you,you will just have to watch it!!!! by Katie :b :) :)

Week beginning Monday 6th July

Monday - wow! Big news today, you may recall that earlier in the term we were studying democracy and debating and that we focused particularly on education. All of the children sent letters to Nicky Morgan MP to express their thoughts and feelings about the education system. I'm delighted to be able to tell you that we have received a reply today. She praises the children for using "great persuasive language" and said that "arguments were presented in a well-structured way". She also addressed some of the points raised by the class and acknowledged their "astute concerns". It is fantastic that the children's letters have been read and acknowledged and that they had a real purpose for their writing. Letter attached.

Mrs Brewer

Week beginning 29th June


Well done Class 5 for a fantastic flashbacks assembly! Thank you to all the parents who came to watch the assembly, we hope that your enjoyed our memories from the term.

At the end of the week we have been putting our Maths skills to practical use. We have taken several measurements ofthe 'Trim Trail' area of the bottom playground. We then used these measurements to create a scale drawing of the area to record the PTFA funding raising total for our new surface!

One of the units of work we are studying in Literacy is Poetry and to tie in with our Coasts topic we have been using poems with a coastal theme. Last week we analysed "Sea Fever" by John Masefield. We've now had the opportunity to write our own "Beach Fever" poems in the same style. The results have been fantastic!


Beach Fever by Olivia Harrison

I must down to the beach again, to the blustery beach and the breeze,

And all I ask is a warm coat and a lovely stroll of ease,

And the waves crash and the whistling wind and the seagulls screeching,

And a rustling tree on the sea's shore and grey clouds drizzling.


I must down to the beach again, to the sound of the lapping waves,

And all I ask is a stormy day and chilled winter days,

And the crabs scuttling and the fish leaping and a family chatting,

And a wind swept beach on the untidy coast and moored boats rattling.


I must down to the beach again, to the majestic dolphin life,

To the sleepless night and the dreamy day where the wind is sharp as a knife,

And all I ask is a happy family with an outdoors lifestyle,

And a warm evening and a sweet dream then the day's worthwhile.

Week beginning Monday 29th June

We started off the week well with an informative visit from Andy Bell. He spent the afternoon with Classes 4 and 5 teaching us about Changing coasts. We all looked at how coasts can either build or erode and enjoyed a sketching session up on the hill looking at the local features. We also took part in some practical learning experiences which included pouring vinegar on our sand to see the shell content and seeing how easily sand, gravel and rocks move under the pressure of water. The aerial views of the local coast line which Andy shared with us were fascinating as we got to see evidence of how the coast has changed overtime. We also made predictions about how our local coastline may look in the future. It is likely that the sea level will rise by about 1 metre in the next 60 -100 years so we may have more salt marshes locally.

Week beginning June 22nd.

What a fantastic start to the week! On Monday the class were joined by Geoff, a trainer from St John's Ambulance. He spent all day with us teaching us about how to provide efficient, safe and prompt help when someone is hurt or taken ill. He was most impressed by the fact that the children already had a good idea of " Dr ABC" (Danger, Airway, Breathing, Circulation) - they had obviously listened well at Lifeskills! They all learnt how to put a casualty in to the recovery position, how to treat for shock, what to do if someone is bleeding, how to treat burns and much more. It was an excellent learning opportunity and I was most impressed with the maturity of the group and their enthusiasm to take part. 

Week beginning 15th June

Oceanfest Schools Day

I have just returned from spending the day in Croyde with our 22 Year 6 children. We had a truly memorable day of fun and competition at the Oceanfest Schools Day, kindly organised by Petroc. Our children were a real credit to the school: working co-operatively and giving great encouragement to each other  during the AONB Code Breaker challenge; sprinting across the sand and launching themselves at the beach flags and finally, using up any remaining energy in the fast paced Zumba sessions!! Well done Year were fantastic! 

A huge thank you to all those kind parents who helped out on the day;  Oliver's mum, Lily's mum, Finnegan's mum, Faye's mum and Ethan G's dad. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support, not to mention high energy Zumba dancing!frown


Find out what Year 6 thought of the day next week! And in the meantime enjoy the photos of the day!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Mrs Tuoheysmiley

Week beginning 8th June


On the 9th of June some year 5 and year 6 children took part in a Tag Rugby tournament. In our first match we played Monkleigh A and beat them 9-3 that gave us a lot of confidence in our second match. In our second match we pulled it out the bag to beat Swimbridge 9-4. In our third pool match we played Lapford A and drew 6-6.


 We got to the knockout stages; in the quarter finals we played Horwood and Newton Tracey B and drew 6-6 but it had to go to golden try. We had the kick off Matthew received the ball, he sprinted up pitch to then off load to Louis who scored the golden try.. made by Matthew!


We had a rest before the semi final match against Kings Nympton in the match we lost 4-0 sadly.


During lunch there was a kicking competition and Matthew stood up for the school and won and received a trophy.


All thanks to Mr Atkinson and Mrs Cox.


by Freddie and Louis

My Money Week

In class this week our focus has been on the National "My Money Week". On Monday we had the difficult task of rating a range of careers based first on job satisfaction and then on wages. It was a very tricky task and prompted some interesting discussions on whether certain jobs should have a higher wage attached to them then others. We also learnt about different payment methods and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of credit and debit cards. We've also been thinking about safe ways to look after money and whether we should keep it at home or not. We thought about the  advice we could give to others about keeping their money safe.

On Tuesday we put our imaginations to great use and designed money boxes for children of our age. The features of these were quite amazing, from finger print scanning to water squirting out, internal cameras to robotic legs  - they really were creative. Do come in and have a look! 


Wednesday was geared to entering the national competition. We started off by considering what we all would do with £1 million pounds. The responses were varied: Ethan considered a villa in Florida, new phones and gadgets were high on wishlists, Joe chose a climbing trip to Mount Everest, Scarlett gave money to charity, many many pets were dreamt of and Sam donated money to the school. We then looked at our £1 million lists and realised that our lists could be divided under three headings, Spending, Giving and Saving. We discussed each of these in turn before designing our own top trumps to be entered into the competition. 


We've been really impressed with the attitude to our learning in class. It's really proved to us that it's never too soon to start discussing money matters with the children and to encourage them to have good finance sense in the future. Fingers crossed for our competition entries Class 5. Well done on a great week.

See the Netball Club page to read about the High 5 netball tournament at St Margaret's School.

Junior Life Skills

On June the 11th, the year 6's went down to Barnstaple football club for Junior Life Skills. It was really fun! We got put into eight groups to do eight different activities. One of my favourites was the police section because they gave us these goggles that made us see things as if we were drunk. They were amazing! I also enjoyed doing the CPR section with the ambulance service. If you did it right a green light would come on, on the dummy and if we did it wrong it would stay red. At the very end they made a massive fire and I could feel the heat from quite far away. It was an amazing day and i really enjoyed it!!!            Olivia Harrisonsmiley


Junior Life Skills had speeches that made us change our thoughts. We heard about seat belt safety, CPR, washing your hands,Dogs Trust, electricity and drinking. We all learnt lots and my most enjoyable one was the drinking workshop where you were drunk (don't worry they were only goggles!) and you had to do an assault course. I found out lots which really changed my thinking!        Faye Hcheeky


On Thursday 11th of June the year 6 children had a chance to go to Junior Life Skills. My favourite  was the talk with the policeman . I  had the chance to wear some goggles that made your eyes discombobulated; they made you act like a drunk person. Then the police man explained to me what drinks were safe and ones that are not. To trick me he invited me to taste the drink but it was actually washing up liquid. The other talk I really liked was the Western Power they said that electricity is so powerful that even if you get a conductor and put it to a pylon wire it could still kill YOU!!!!!                     FINNindecision

On Thursday 11th of June 2015 I went with the year sixes to Junior Life Skills. I enjoyed the fire talk, they talked to us about being safe when a fire is in your house. We watched a film about a house being caught alight with fire, Did you know a tea light next to a TV could ignite a whole room in ten minutes? we watched some fire men boil some oil and then they dropped a cup of water on it-there was a massive flame and a heat wave.           Archiefrown
On Thursday the 11th of June year 6 went to junior life skills we all had an informative time. We split in to 3 groups and there were 8 different stations to go to Western Power,the Police,the Dogs Trust, the Ambulance, Food Hygiene, the Fire, anti social behaviour and how to be safe in a car Jamessmileyfrown

Junior Life Skills

Week beginning 1st June

Welcome back, we hope that you had a lovely half term holiday!

This week we have made a start this week on our 'Coasts' topic, thinking about the coastal areas and features that we already know and might have been lucky enough to visit! Our list had an amazing selection of locations from sunny Instow all the way around the world to the Great Barrier Reef! To find out more about our topic, please follow the link below to see our topic plan. The  home learning this weekend asks the question Why is the beach at Saunton sands so important in our local history?


In Literacy we have started a sequence of work about Michael Morpurgo's wonderful book 'The Wreck of the Zanzibar'. We studied flash backs in stories this week and had a wonderful time thinking of our own memories of Key Stage 1!  In Numeracy we have been creating line graphs and interpreting the data they represent.


Week beginning 18th May

Class 5 have been utilising our data handling skills this week to create a 'Class 5 Clone'. As part of our investigation we considered what data we would need to collect to find the 'average' Class 5 pupil. In our groups we discussed the best methods for collecting our data, which data was most suitable and  whether the data would be qualitative or quantitative. We then collected the data and decided the most appropriate methods for presenting our findings. If you would like to meet our clone, pop in to Class 5 to find out more!!

Kwik Cricket Tourmanent

On the 21st of May 2015 Instow School participated in a Kwik Cricket tournament at North Devon Cricket Club.We played four matches in total.We won 3 and lost 1. Match 1: Instow won the toss and our captain (Ethan Cross) chose to field.We bowled ruthlessly throughout the match,taking 10 wickets. Everyone started on 200 runs, the opposition finished on 203 runs(when you take a wicket it is -5 runs.)We then scored 230 runs, so we won!  Match 2: We lost the toss to Yeo Valley and they decided to bat. Archie captained well,it was the same story as the last match... we bowled well and they finished with 181 then we batted and got 213 so we won again! Match 3:we won the toss against Forches Cross and our captain, Katelyn, chose to field. They got 209 and we got 252 so we won for the last time... We topped our group and went into the play-offs against Bratton Fleming. We won the toss and our cap (Ollie) decided to field.They scored 238 we scored 209. The whole team played really well. We would like to thank Mr Lewis and Mr Clements for taking us to the event and supporting us through all the matches.

by Ethan Cross & Ollie Callaghan 

Football Tournament Report


On Tuesday 19th of May Instow football team went to Sandymere to participate in a football tournament.We played a warm up match against St Mary's we lost 1-0.We played 2 group games, winning the first one 4-0 and our captain Matthew Lewis scored a hat-trick during that game. In the second game we drew 3-3.We topped our group.We went into the play-offs[only the top three teams went into the play-offs].We played St Mary's and this time drew 0-0.Then we went into the deciding match against St Helens Abbotsham[if we won we would win the tournament].However we narrowly lost 1-0 to a very unlucky deflected goal.We finished in a commendable 2nd place.We would just like to thank Ski Martin for coaching us so well.

                                  By Matthew Lewis and Oliver Callaghan

Week beginning 11th May

Congratulations to all our Year 6 children who completed their SATs this week.

Everyone worked incredibly hard, we are really proud of you all! smiley

We are now looking forward to starting our new topic 'Coasts' and exploring our local area to support and extend our learning.

Over the weekend please start to think about your knowledge of coastlines, next week we are going to start our 'coastal learning journey'.  See our class blog for more ideas

Class 5 have also been working on our cricket skills. Each week Max, from North Devon Cricket Club, leads our P.E. lesson. We have developed our fielding, bowling and batting skills and played some great new games including Danish long ball. Here are some action shots from our lessons!


Week beginning April 27th

Following on from our debate on education we have been writing about what we believe should be important in the education system. The maturity and thoughtfulness of the class has been overwhelming. We linked this writing task with what we have been learning about "Austin's Butterfly". Ask your children what this is about! It involves the children re-drafting their work, having received very specific critique from their peers. We hope you will enjoy reading the paragraphs below.


"I feel passionately about residentials because not only are they fun and enjoyable they are also educational. In addition they build up children's confidence and independence.Children need skills such as these because they are crucial for later life. it is also healthy to get away from your home lifestyle once in a while. I fully agree with the prices, even though they are expensive they are worth every penny". Olivia.


"I am passionate about P.E. Plenty of people think that every school child should participate in P.E every week. Why? Well children need exercise and they need to learn to work as a team whilst also gaining a good sense of sportsmanship. Physical education involves a wide range of opportunities for children to find their passion". Finn.


"If I had the opportunity to contradict one thing in our education system it would be school uniform. Why do you need school uniform? When you are in the boundaries of a safe and secure school... why? School uniform can ruin people's individuality". 


"University fees: it's the horror that haunts all high aiming students. What should we do about it I hear you ask? £36000 - sound like a price never to be discovered. Unfortunately though this torture is constantly rammed in to the mind of luckless parents as they are forced to juggle with their child's future. Shouldn't the price decrease and welcome more students into the arms of universities?".


In class we have also been thinking about the General Election and with the help of Espresso and some excellent video clips of Parliament the children soon improved their understanding of the process. We started to consider what we thought would make good manifestos. If it fits in with your day it would be great if you could take your child to the Polling stations with you next week so they can see first hand what we were learning about. 

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.

Week beginning 20th April

This week we have revisited the theme of diaries. each person chose an animal...domestic or wild, and created a diary extract for the animal. Our focus was developing the skill of inference, we tried to give clues to our animal's behaviour without literally explaining it. Here are some extracts for you to read....


Willow's Diary.

24/04/15 7 p.m

Dear diary. It's seven o'clock now so I'm going to meow at the door. That, apparently, is the way to get out. A large giant comes to speak to me in a baby voice, while the smaller one drags his feet across the floor with his headphones on. He lets me out and I scamper along the stones to the soft , dewy grass. I'm free to do what ever I want!

By Bram



Eddy's Tail

Wake Up/Breakfast-Hmm, what's that? Oh, it's my keeper, poking me with her fingers. They scooped me up, then carried me lower and lower... Wait what!? How dare they! I was passed into bigger paws and thrown into the frosted morning! Well there goes it. Sat in front of the big plank that opens... again.

Finally! The plank opens and now I am sprinting to the best room of the house; the feeding room! And already a perfect meal of chicken mush is awaiting for the arrival of my stomach...

By Sophie




Diary of a Dumb Hamster

9pm Eyelids flicker,tail fidgets, poke my nose out of bed and yawn.

9:30pm Get out of bed, still yawning, peace and quiet, stomach rumbling.

9:45pm Delicious smell of fresh nibbles to eat (nuts again!) gobble, gobble, no more rumbling stomach.

10:10pm Taking some food to corner(save for later)

6:30am Humans come charging downstairs,they punish bread in boiling heat and drown flakes in cold milk.

7:00am Humans take me out of my cosy domain, and put me in a green ball,off I go! Oh no, here is the big four-legged thing with a soppy nose,get away! 

7:45am Back in cage,need water!

8:00am Humans leave...peace...sleep YEY!


Week beginning April 13th

Welcome back to the Summer term in Trinity Class. We hope you all had a lovely break an enjoyed the sunshine and chocolate! It's going to be a busy term ahead with all kinds of fantastic learning opportunities to share. Already we have enjoyed a visit from the RNLI and recapped how to keep safe on the beach and in the water. Look out for some photographs on the Class 4 page. Freddie made a great lifeguard!


This week in class we have started a literacy sequence linked to our speaking and listening skills; we will be holding some debates. The great balloon debate caused quite a stir. Who should we throw out of a hot air balloon in order for everyone else to survive? It would be interesting to hear if views at home differed to those held by the children. In maths we have been looking at the language for probability and solving problems involving dice, packs of cards and spinners. The year 5 children have also been rehearsing for their concert linked to the BBC 10 pieces. Tickets for the performance on the 18th of May are selling out fast so make sure you get in touch with the Queens theatre if you still need to purchase some.

Week beginning 23rd March



We have rounded off our learning this term by focusing on the Easter story. We spent time studying the events of the Easter week and considered how the different characters would have been feeling through out the week. Each child took on the role of one of the disciples and wrote 'A Disciple's Diary' to convey something of the emotional  turmoil  that they might have experienced.  We had some superbly empathetic accounts from a range of disciples!


  All the staff in Trinity class would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and well done to the class for all you hard work over this term. Have a lovely holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in April!  Happy Easter!smiley

Week beginning March 16th

Over the last few weeks we have been studying the features that we would expect to find in a written argument. We've also debated the topic of fast food in class. All of this preparation work is now coming together in our extended writing. Each of us is writing a balanced argument about whether there is a place for fast food in society. These are still a work in progress but below are a few examples of paragraphs completed so far.


"Cheap, efficient, quick and convenient; fast food is helpful if you are in a situation where you need food and now. For example, you may be visiting a child in hospital or at an after school club that has finished late. Fast food can then be a delicious treat for yourself" Joe T


"Litter. One of the main disadvantages of the fast food industry. When you go out do you find fast food packaging littered on the ground? This causes pollution and can harm or even kill animals. Fast food and all of it's packaging could also be contributing to damaging the world's atmosphere!"  Mia


"Many critics believe that fast food creates countless tonnes of pollution. Wrappings, paper bags, polystyrene cups and plastic can be seen littering the streets of towns, cities and villages alike" Finn


"On the other hand, a positive about fast food chains is that they employ lots of people. Therefore, if we were to shut down fast food restaurants many teenagers and young people would not have the experience of work. Would they be out on the streets more on Saturdays and Sundays?"  Fahren.



We've also been continuing with our sessions around the BBC 10 pieces initiative and this week listened to "Connect It" by a Scottish composer called Anna Meredith. We worked in small groups to create our own compositions using body parts as percussion instruments, this led to an impromptu performance in assembly on Monday. It was great watching the children overcome their initial hesitation and once we've rehearsed some more we will try and post a video.... watch this space!

The Trojan Horse

A huge thank you to Mia's mum and dad for creating not one, but two amazing Trojan Horses for us. They will provide the perfect back drop for our story booklets; look out for them in the classroom and in the hall. smiley

Week beginning 9th March


This week Trinity class have been thinking of our mums! We have spent time considering all that they do for us and all that they mean to us. We can say no more for now...but look out for some thing special on Sunday! smiley

We have also been working hard to complete our illustrated Trojan Horse story booklets. These have been planned and written to introduce the famous Greek myth  to younger children. We are hoping to share our booklets with Eddystone class later in the term.

During our Red Nose Day activities today we found out more about the life of Ngosa, a 9 year old girl from Zambia. We compared aspects of her life to our own. It gave us a real insight in to the positive impact of our Red Nose Day fundraising! 


TRI -GOLF LESSONS with Ross from Royal North Devon Golf Club

We rounded off our week with a brilliant Tri - Golf lesson! Ross from the RND Golf Club came in to introduce us to some a range of golfing skills. After a warm up game of 'Rory says..' in which we had to navigate between bunkers, greens, tees and water, we swiftly moved on to putting and chipping skills. Despite the drizzle everyone had a lot of fun and played some great out Tiger Woods!




Week beginning 2nd March.

What a talented bunch of children we have in Trinity Class. This week we have had many Ancient Greek home learning projects brought in; it seems as though we have some budding Jamie Olivers in our midst! As well as delicious pancakes and various breads and dips we've also seen some fantastic Greek temples made out of all kinds of materials. The children have been very creative and the driftwood, clay, paper and lego models all look great on display. Do pop in and have a look.


At the weekend Louis was selected to be a mascot for Exeter Chiefs Rugby. We enjoyed hearing about this wonderful experience and looking at his photographs and video clip. 

This photograph shows Louis in the press area, maybe a career in Sports Journalism?



We were also delighted to listen to Sam's CD which he has made with his piano teacher. Well done Sam. It's great to celebrate the achievements of the children and to hear about their wide range of interests out of school too.

EVOLUTION and INHERITANCE - A Visit From Mrs Cross and Mr Bones
A HUGE thank you to Mrs Cross, and Mr Bones the skeleton,  for coming in to Lundy and Trinity classes to give an excellent talk about evolution, inheritance and adaptation. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about these scientific theories. It was fascinating to look at our own skeleton structures ( with the help of Mr Bones!) and learn how these have changed over time. We also discovered the similarities in  bone structure across a range of mammals. 


Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic afternoon at this year's Instow Cross Country festival. The sun shone brightly and the conditions were perfect for running. We met some tough competition from other schools, but we all gave of our best and completed the course! There was a brilliant sense of sportsmanship as we all cheered on runners from our school and other schools too! A big thank you to Miss Graves for organising such a great event, also to Mr Mackie and all the parents who came to help and support us!smiley


We were well and truly entertained today (Friday) with tales of powerful Olympian gods, sea gods, sky gods, underwater gods, half-gods and human heroes. Created thousands of years ago, Greek myths often feature battles between heroic humans and terrible creatures, such as the Minotaur, half bull, half human. We learnt how myths were based on the fact that gods, like mortal men, could be punished or rewarded for their actions. During the workshop sessions, children practised the art of storytelling for themselves, using skills that Clive taught them to engage the audience. 

Week beginning 23rd February


Welcome back, we hope that you all had a lovely half term!

Just to remind you that this week it is Class 5's assembly, starting at 2.50pm on Thursday. We hope to see you there.smiley

Following the assembly Mrs Brewer and Mrs Tuohey will be holding a SATs information meeting for parents of Year 6 children. We will be finishing off our week in style with a visit from the story teller Clive Pig. We will be having some writing workshops on Ancient Greek myths. Watch this space! 

Week beginning 9th February


Wow...what a busy half term!

In Trinity Class this morning we spent time reviewing our learning from the last six weeks. We are using all our experiences to write scripts for our class assembly on February 26th. So if you would like to know more about Mary Anning, the fossil hunter, or a hunter of another kind...Orion, the starry constellation, then please come along to watch our performance.

We hope that you will all have a lovely half term week. Don't forget the maths and reading home learning challenges for this week.

If you are going to the Gang Show this week look out for Mrs Brewer who is taking part...all the best Mrs Brewer!smiley


We look forward to seeing you all, relaxed and refreshed, on Monday 23rd February.


Week beginning Monday 2nd February


Evolution and Inheritance

Today (Monday) we have welcomed Julian Vayne from Barnstaple Museum to our class. We invited him to talk to us about Evolution and Inheritance which is our current area of learning in science. To bring our learning to life Julian brought in many artefacts for us to handle and sketch. These included an elephant's tooth, a whale's vertebrate and some beautiful fossils. We learnt lots about DNA and how living things have evolved over time. We also thought about how we have inherited more than just physical characteristics from previous generations; we have also inherited skills and technologies such as weaving and carving. What made the session even more exciting was that some of the items had been found locally including a stag's antler which was discovered in the sand at Westward Ho! It was partially fossilised and we had a big discussion about how it came to be there. A fascinating morning, thank you Julian for bringing our learning to life.


Week beginning 26th January.


Collective Nouns!

Over the last couple of weeks we have  been sharing a fantastic non-fiction text called "A drove of bullocks". Last week we wrote about our own groups of  animals such as " An igloo of Polar bears" or "A kindle of kittens" . We made sure that we wrote in a similar style to the author. Our independent writing challenge this week was to transfer our learning to a different subject - we wrote about career choices!


Have you ever heard of  ..... A program of journalists? How about A dose of doctors? A spoonful of nurses? Here are some examples of our writing.


A Stalk of Detectives by Ethan

A stalk of detectives, always watching, always following. Some things are not simple. Not to a detective. Always complicated, always complex. Nothing stands in the way of a detective and his case. They find clues we can't find, see things we don't see. Interesting, intelligent people, each detective is one of a kind.


A Potter of Police by Louis

These interesting investigators, walking around the town with their uniform polished to the peak. They can be calm and gentle but at times aggressive and angry. Interesting things, they make people stop and look.


A Power Supply of Inventors by Archie

These technological people are not to be disturbed. Putting power in to new contraptions and watching them from behind their cracked welding goggles. These phenomenal fixing and mending men spend days making amazing things and then watch them go up in thick black smoke.


In Science we have started our topic about Evolution and Inheritance. Can you look at some family pictures at home? What do you think you have inherited from members of your family? We've also been thinking about fossils, please do some research about Mary Anning to bring in and use at school. If you are planning a family day out for half-term then maybe a trip to the Jurassic Coast would be fun!


Week beginning 19th January


SPACE LAB: Stories in the Stars

On Thursday 22nd January Trinity and Lundy classes had a real treat - a visit from the Space Lab! Each class spent an hour in the space dome finding out more about the Ancient Greeks and their mythical stories about the constellations.

Some comments from Trinity class...

As we entered the Space Lab we had to crawl through a dark tunnel; we came out in a large dark dome. Mr Barber then showed us some pictures of Greece, Mount Olympus and the ruins of Ancient Greek temples. He told us the stories of the different constellations including Orion and Leo the lion.


Greek mythology is amazing, Mr Barber told us all about how Herakles completed twelve hard labours and how Zeus rewarded him with a lion's skin.


We found out that the Olympic games were first held in Greece. Only men were allowed to watch the games; the competitors wore no clothes!


We heard the story of Apollo, the god of the sun, and how his promise to Phaethon, his son, ended in disaster.


Did you know that the Ancient Greeks believed the world was flat? Fishermen sailed close to the shore because they were afraid that if the sailed out too far, they would drop off the end of the world!


Our Greek Mosaics

Check out our blog for the exciting David Walliams World Book Day challenge! smiley

Week beginning 12th January

In true Ancient Greek style we have been busy with different cultural events this week in Class 5.

We have been working on some wonderful Greek art as we studied mosaic work and geometric patterns.

(Look out for the pictures of a work over the next few weeks!)

On Tuesday morning our Year 5 children attended a music workshop at Park School. As part of our BBC Ten Pieces project the children were invited to have a go at playing a range of instruments from the string family of the orchestra.

On Wednesday afternoon our Year 6 went to Bideford College to watch their production of 'Fiddler on the Roof'.

A few thoughts on these events.....

Fiddler on the Roof

"I really enjoyed going to 'Fiddler on the Roof' - their singing was amazing!"

"The stage was huge and the scenery was really well designed."

"There was a great moral to the story...tradition is a good thing, but is important to welcome changes too!"

"The story taught us about the traditional Jewish way of life."


BBC Ten Pieces Workshop

"At first we made some high pitched squeaks, but eventually we played some proper notes! It was great fun."

"I had a go at playing the cello, it was quite hard. It made my arrm ache but I really enjoyed it!"

"I really enjoyed trying out the violin and the viola."





Happy New Year

Welcome back to school. We hope you all had a wonderful break with your families and friends.


We are looking forward to a fun term ahead with lots of exciting learning opportunities already planned. Our main topic this term is Ancient Greece but we will also be finding out about Evolution in our Science lessons and much more.


Week beginning 5th January .

On Tuesday afternoon we learnt about Epiphany, the time in the Christian calendar when we remember the Wise Men who followed the star to the stable in Bethlehem. This led to an interesting conversation about what gifts we could give to a special baby born today. Our ideas included: the gift of knowledge and education, one of our own treasured items, a pet to keep them company and medical supplies for all emergencies. We also used Alex's knowledge and experience to help us find out about celebrations in Spain at this time of year. January 6th in Spain is known as the Magic Kings festival and we watched a video of a Spanish parade and heard about the tradition of leaving straw or hay out for the King's camels. Alex told us that if the children have been good they get presents on 6th January but if not they only get coal (apparently there is even fake coal which is made of sugar!).



Mrs Brewer was determined to teach us all how to read time tables accurately so she enlisted the help of the popular bear known as Paddington!



Our task was to take Paddington on a grand adventure around the UK, leaving London at 9am and returning by 9pm. Paddington was allowed to travel by bus, train and ferry, we were all given a number of detailed time tables for these modes of transport. There was a great buzz in the room as we all planned our routes and learnt more about how time tables work. We had lots to learn about travel connections and the 24 hour clock. Some of us also found it frustrating to realise that we could get Paddington to Newquay or Edinburgh and then not have the right connections to return to London! We all need to continue to practise these skills at home please!


BBC Ten Pieces Music initiative

We have been hearing more about this initiative in class this week and our Year 5 children are looking forward to some instrument workshops next week. Over the coming weeks we will all be involved in this exciting project during our Music lessons at school. More details to follow.


Wb 15th December


This week in Literacy we finally completed our traditional tales! We utilised the writers tools we have studied, alliteration, contrasts, simles, metaphors and mystery! Here is an extract from Sophie's tale...

                                                       Beauty and the Beast


     The moon; which was the only thing guiding Eleanor through the monstrous forest, shone brightly. The prickly brambles, belonging to the herds of rotten trees clawed Eleanor's golden hair. Eleanor was running away from home, as her father didn't bring her diamond earrings, but for some reason she felt like the branches were trying to stop her... trying to warn her that something was waiting deeper in the forest...


      Ignoring her ghastly fear, Eleanor continued to ride through the dark forest. After riding for what seemed forever, her horse, as dark as the midnight sky, began to tremble,                                                                                                          "Hurry up you stupid horse!" demanded Eleanor, but instead of listening to her the horse rapidly flicked her off, and ran into the distance. She could remember nothing.



Robin on the Run!!

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies


Did you see the Hoodies as they entertained the crowds?

Did you spy the Sheriff as he tracked the outlaws down?

Did you shout and boo at the mean imposter King?

Did you join the panto. mood and clap and cheer and sing? 



We hope that you enjoyed our production of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies - what a performance!

Brilliant singing, wonderful acting and some great comedy moments that will be remembered for years to come!

We would like to thank ALL the children for their dedication and hard work to create such a stunning show. You all showed great enthusiasm in learning the songs and your lines for the play. Thank you to all the parents for producing such an eye-catching array of costumes and also to those parents who lent us their 'make-up' expertise for the performances. Look out for the DVD and a chance to enjoy it all again! frown




Week beginning December 1st -ADVENT

Amidst the hustle and bustle of play rehearsals Class 5 took some time to pause and consider the season of Advent.

Did you know that the word Advent comes from the Latin word 'adventus' whch means arrival?

We created our our Advent crown and considered the meaning of each of the Advent candles. Each week has it's own candle..they symbolise HOPE, PEACE, JOY and LOVE; the fifth and final candle is lit on Christmas day, it symbolises the arrival of Jesus.


We wrote acrostic poems on the theme of Advent,

All waiting for the arrival of Jesus,

December is the month of Advent,

Very happy Mary and Joseph,

Every December it's Christmas,

Never forget what Nativity is about,

To bring peace, love, joy hope and Jesus!

By Kieran Sonley


All waiting for Jesus

December is the month of Advent

Visting Jesus

Entering the Inn where Jesus was born

Nativity is the story of Jesus

Thanks for Christmas

By Joe Passmore  









On the 3rd of December Instow football team competed in a six a side football tournament at Bideford College our captain was jenson. We played well and in the first game we lost 2-1 to St Marys School, Matthew scored a goal. That match was followed by the second game against St Helen's School the score was 3-2, Matthew scored both goals! As the tournament went on we improved! We played Bradworthy and score was 2-2 again Matthew scored both goals.  The next game was our last.... we made it a good one! It  was against Appledore, the score was 1-0 again the goal was scored by Matthew, after that we went home happy!

                             By Joe Thompson and Matthew Lewis


Week beginning 24th November

We have had another busy week in Class 5; play rehearsals are in full swing.. with grand entrances, speedy exits and some nifty choreography all taking shape! We have also designed posters to advertise our production, so look out for those appearing around the school.


Year 6 children researched the history of Christingle; then ran workshops for the younger children as we all worked together to create our Christingles for our service at St. John's Church. Thank you to Mrs Stevens who came in to help with our Christingle creations! Here are a few photos...please go to the gallery to see more!

Operation Christmas Child

A big thank you for your generosity in providing gifts for our Operation Chistmas Child boxes. Each house group filled two boxes which were checked and packaged by year 6 children, ready to be delivered to our local collection point at the weekend. smiley

Week  beginning Monday 17th November

In Class 5 this week we continued our book study of 'Beauty and the Beast' by Geraldine McCaughrean. As we read the first few pages of the book  we discovered the many writers tools that have been used to create a sense of mystery and adventures. Over the next few weeks we will be using these tools to create our own traditional this space!


Our Year 5 children have been out at Forest are some updates about their adventures!

Forest schools is an active time in the woods we make lots of things. We usually go there once or twice a week .The woods are called Bulworthy Woods. The sharing owner is Farmer May, we often see him driving in his truck when we get there or just finished.He always gives us a friendly smile.When we get there on the first week we make boundaries and dens! We have hot chocolate and bicsuits, yummy! When we make things we use tools such as saws and drills. We have  a world class photographer and that is Mrs Wattley!!! It is a bit of a tradition when we get to go to the forest schools we play a game called the 'Name Game', we go round in a circle we say what we feel and link it to a chocolate or something. When it gets close to Christmas we have a Christmas workshop  and we make things out of wood and wool and lot's more . Recently we have been making bows forn our Christmas play, Robin Hood.     There is absolutely noTV ,no phones just  lots of fun!




Year 5 children went to forest schools in Bulworthy Woods . Farmer May owns the wood and kindly lets us use it . We have done a lot of  activities, such as den building ,christmas decorations,drilling , sawing and making bows ! When I step in the forest I feel reallyexcited. I love when we have a free time because we get to roam around our area of the wood. When we go it's a tradition to play the Name Game. We pick a subject and we have to say something then say your name. At the end of forest schools I feel disappointed.


smileyHave  a look at our Forest Schools page to see lots of photos  of our activities!smiley

Week beginning Monday 10th November


This week Years 5 and 6 welcomed a representative from Childline to our school. They all attended an assembly about the work of Childline, this will be followed up in the next couple of weeks with class workshops.


A lady came in to talk to us about Childline, she spoke to us about abuse such as sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse and bullying and neglect. She told us the times of day we can call Childline - any time, any day, everyday (24/7). She said it was alright to feel happy and sad sometimes. Lily Grayling.

Childline is a helpful thing that can help kids to find out what to do if you are being bullied or some sort of abuse is happening. One thing that I learnt was that if you call Childline the conversation you have with the person stays between you and them unless you are in immediate danger. Also you don't have to pay for Childline, even in telephone boxes. The number is 0800 1111. It was a really helpful assembly. Olivia H.

Yesterday we had an assembly  about Childline. There was a really soft green speech bubble call Buddy. We are going to do some workshops too. They talked about why it was good to call CHildline and listed types of abuse. She also got out plastic bricks and a sack and acted as if the bricks were worries. There is a sign for the CHildline number which uses your fingers to remember the digits. There is also a website  Sam Harris


Childline is a helpful phoneline for children that are abused or bullied. Childline is there for children to talk to if they feel they need help and it's absolutely free to call. The number is 0800 1111. Molly


A person from childline came in to school to talk to us about how to keep safe and get help. It really helped me to understand things like neglect, bullying and abuse. It inspired me to think of people who are upset and of ways to help them. Tala.

Week beginning Monday 3rd November


We hope you all had a good half-term break and are well rested. We'll need some stamina for the busy half-term ahead! Our best wishes to Sophie who has been off school this week having broken her arm - we hope you will be back with us soon! smiley


On Tuesday we had a great trip to Barnstaple. We watched "Tarzan" as part of National Film Week and then enjoyed a backstage tour at the Queens Theatre. Highlights of our theatre visit included getting the chance to stand on the stage (and maybe dance a bit too!) and visiting the dressing rooms and the workshops under the stage. It was a great opportunity for the children to understand the wide range of skills needed for a career in the Arts and to see how setting, lights, sound etc. all play a part in a performance. We also went and sat near the mosaics on the Strand so that we could consider how leisure and transport links have changed in Barnstaple over time. It was a busy and informative day and we are grateful to those parents who stayed to help us supervise the children.


Back at school on Wednesday it was clear that "Tarzan" had made a big impact on the class. The children all reviewed the film and produced some excellent written work. Below are some extracts:


"I didn't like the character of Clayton. He was brutal, unforgiving and spiteful" Jackson


"My personal opinion is that the animation is brilliant. It was very impressive how they got the water texture - it flowed well" Bram


"I learnt about how you should respect each other for who you are. You should not be greedy or bad things will happen to you. Perseverance is also really important" Louis


" I really liked Tarzan as he was very adventurous and really quite humorous! On the other hand I really didn't like the big silverback gorilla" Mia


" I loved the personality they gave Tarzan; he was oblivious to the world around him. Jane was given a slightly aggressive and unforgiving nature which I didn't like. All the other humans shared the same quality... greed" Ethan


To see photos from our day look at the Class 4 page. Next week we will be studying the use of contrasts in the film.

Year 6 Reading Leaders Training Day

On the 6th of November five year 6 pupils went on a Reading Matters training course to teach little ones to read. We got a booklet to complete the rules and games and we even had to sign a contract! I really enjoyed it when we were given the names of people with their personalities and we had to select books for them! We even got a buffet for lunch (it was delicious!) Another great thing was that we were given these folders to help us with our younger year 1 or 2 children and their reading. The course was really fun! 

Mia Sharmansurprise


 On Thursday 6th Novenber 2014 five children went on a training day at West Croft School. The day was designed to train us how to help  those who struggle with reading and make it fun for them!  So to help us know what it feels like, we had to read a page of backwards writing! We also received a pack to help us train our reading buddies and at the end, to make them feel proud, we will present them with a certificate! We are planning for our reading buddies, we want to help to build their confidence in year 1 or 2. It was so much fun! We even had to sign a contract.  FAYE HEALY!!!! frown


On Thursday 6th of November the first week back at school five  year 6 pupils went to West Croft School for a day of Reading Leaders training. Dianne, our teacher for the day, taught us the best ways to find a good book for our partners(year 1 or 2 pupils) She also said playing word games is a good way to keep them entertained and to help them gain their confidence. We had a phenomenal buffet lunch of jacket potato. I had a great time!!! By Olivia Harrison.surprise

Week  beginning 20th October

Wow..what an action packed half term it has been!

We rounded off our learning by writing recounts of our residential trip and designing leaflets to encourage other people to visit Paignton. Looking forward to our school production, we had a first read through of the script for 'Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies'.

For Home Learning over the half term Class 5 have been asked to start learning their lines and familarising themselves with the song lyrics please. In addition please  October's reading target 'Draw a story map for one of the characters from your book'. Finally every child has brought home their 'Cauliflower Card' design to be completed over the holidays please.


Have a relaxing and fun filled half term holiday!

Mrs Tuohey, Mrs Brewer and the Trinity class team smiley

Paignton Residential October 14th-17th

Years 5 and 6 have safely returned from their adventure to Paignton. What an amazing experience we all shared. The children were a credit to the school and were an absolute pleasure to spend time with. They were accompanied by Mrs Brewer, Mrs Tuohey, Mrs Turner, Mrs Harvest, Mrs Wattley, Mr Mackie (school governor) and Mr Guymer (parent). Below are some of the comments made by the children.

On the 14th October we adventured down to Paignton for our residential. We stayed at the Cleve Court Hotel. One of the meals we had was Pizza! Most people's favourite part of the trip was going to Woodlands. My best bit was Avalanche which is a water slide that is nearly vertical! To sum it up everyone enjoyed the residential and had lots of fun!  Katelyn.


We went to Paignton. We went to places like Paignton Zoo, Living Coasts, Woodlands and Crazy Golf. It was the best time ever! I really enjoyed Woodlands and all of the water slides. I can sum up our residential in a few words: fab, amazing exciting and an adventure. Tala.


Paignton residential was awesome! Woodlands was the best part, the water slides were phenomenal! Paignton zoo was cool too, I saw an elephant called Duchess and a lion called Lucifer. At Living Coasts we saw penguins, lots of fish, otters and seals. On the night walk I saw a pregnant zebra! During the boat trip we saw a heron and an egret. The hotel was amazing..... the breakfast ... WOW! I'm sorry we had to leave. Olivia.



On our return to school the children received a lovely letter from Mr Mackie, a school governor who came to help on the trip: "I was so impressed with your polite and respectful manner which you showed throughout the week; your cooperation that enabled your teachers to organise and run the activities and the various visits, and with your clear enjoyment of the residential. No doubt, like me, you will have many memories of the trip and I am sure you are all better young people as a result of some of the challenges you took on and succeeded. You should all be proud of yourselves".



Well done to all of Year 5 and 6 and to all of the adult helpers. What a fantastic week!

Week beginning 6th October 2014

This week has seen Trinity Class working hard to hone our writing skills. We have started to draft our auto biographies with Mrs Brewer.We have also worked  with Mrs Tuohey editing our final drafts of 'The World Around Us' - our Michael Morpurgo style writing.

We worked really hard on our drama and speaking skills as we prepared and presented our class assembly. Thank you to all those people who came to watch...we hope you enjoyed our performance! Learning and fun...the best combination!surprise


Look out for next week's North Devon Journal!  Our Year 6 children will be featured on the schools' page with photographs and interviews with several children!


We thoroughly enjoyed 'Bring A Bulb' day and have recorded our thoughts in our Green Finger journals.


And finally...who could forget? Next week is our big residential to Paignton Zoo...look out for the photos coming soon! smiley



Bring A Bulb Day

Week beginning Monday 29th September


It's been another busy week in Trinity Class. We've been really impressed by some of the home learning that the class has produced. Joe H, Sophie and Fahren all made superb lighthouse models which are now on display in the classroom and we've also watched some excellent powerpoints by Katelyn, Jackson and Robert. It was great that everybody approached the learning task in slightly different ways therefore not only have we learnt about Trinity HQ but also about the history of lighthouses, lighthouse design and lighthouses around the world. Well done to you all.



It won't have escaped your notice that the top playground has been full of bicycles! All of the Year 6 children are currently working towards their Bikeability awards. We were delighted with the reports from Jo, their instructor, on Wednesday. She commented on how sensible and polite the children had been - always great to hear. All being well, by the end of next week, we should be able to report on some Bikeability rewards being received. Keep up the hard work year 6! 



The World Around Us - Michael Morpurgo

In our Literacy we have been studying the work of Michael Morpurgo. One of his top tips for writing is that

"You just drink in the world around you. Look, feel, dream and read...."

Trinity Class took his advice and we spent Thursday morning 'drinking in our world'!

Here are just a few of the wonderful descriptions we created...


'Lighthouses beckoning boats over the bar'

'Robins feasting on bountiful berries'

'The old well flooded with flowers'

'The beams of sun reflected on the snow white walls'

'The lych gate opened wide in welcome'


To read more extracts please come and see us in Trinity Class!



Thursday 9th October




Week beginning 22nd September 2014

Harvest Celebrations

Thank you for all your generous Harvest gifts.

Trinity Class have been reseaching the origins and traditions associated with Harvest this week.

Did you know....?

  • Harvest Festival used to be celebrated at the start of the Harvest season on August 1st. It was called Lammas, meaning 'Loaf Mass'. Farmers made loaves of bread from their new wheat crop and gave them to their local church.
  • At the start of Harvest communities would appoint a respected man from their village as 'Lord of the Harvest'. He negotiated the harvest wages, he also sat at the head of the table at the Harvest Supper!
  • The tradition of celebrating Harvest Festival in churches was started in 1843 by Reverend Robert Hawker from Morwenstow in Cornwall.


Counties of England - what a learning challenge!


As part of our Geography this year we are challenging ourselves  to become more familiar with the Counties of England - and that includes the teachers! This week we have been studying the UK map and also made sure that we all know the 8 compass points. We have started to locate Counties on our maps and to use the correct geographical terms to describe their position. Vocabulary such as "Coastline" "Landlocked" "Bordered" was being shared across the room! 


We wondered how confident the parents would be at locating and naming the Counties....


So, here's a challenge ... answers on a postcard please to Mrs Brewer (A housepoint for your child if correct!)

1) Hampshire is south of ....?

2) Norfolk is north of...?

3) Surrey is north east of...?

4) Merseyside is bordered by...?

5) The counties that border Wales are...?

Book Week - September 2014

We have had a wonderful Book Week in Trinity Class - Class 5.

On Thursday Class 4 and 5 took part in the Devon Schools Library Service 'Reading Roundabout'.

Senior librarian Nicola Cowling brought in a fantastic selection of books from a range of different genre. We were then able to spend time browsing through the books. We were each challenged to read books from a new genre and out of our reading 'comfort zone'!

Nicola Cowling was really impressed with both classes

"The pupils responded very positively with lots of book talk and animated discussions!"

The Reading Roundabout

John Dougherty


On Thursday afternoon we had a brilliant visit to Barnstaple Library where, as part of the Appledore Book Festival, we heard a talk by the author John Dougherty. He was incredible...a great inspiration! Here are a few thoughts from some of Trinity class.


"It was very humorous and entertaining. People always say that libraries should be quiet...but not this one!"

"John Dougherty was funny my cheeks ached!"

"John Dougherty was so funny! He sang songs, read extracts from his book, made us laugh and talked to his mug! Thank you teachers for a great day!"

It really was a superb afternoon! We bought some of his books for the if you would like to follow the adventures of Stinkbomb and Ketchup- Face pop in to Trinity class!


We would really like to thank all those parents who helped with transport to and from the library.

For more pictures see Lundy -Class 4's page!

Class 5 - Trinity Class

What a fantastic first week in Class 5 - Trinity  Class!

The acrostic poem that the children have created really sums up hopes for the new year in our class.

Trying our best,

Responsible, reliable and resourceful,

Inventive with ideas,

Never giving up,

Imaginative and inspirational,

Taking risks,

Yearning for learning.


Celebrating our successes,

Listening to and respecting each other,

Aiming High!

Setting a good example,

Sociable, sensible and safe!





Year 6 sharing books with our new Reception children

Welcome to Class 5!

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday and hearing about your exciting summer holidays! 

Mrs Brewer, Mrs Tuohey, Mrs Cox and Mrs Wattley

Newsletters for 2013 / 14 are on the School Newsletters page.