Year 1 to Year 6 Curriculum

Curriculum Statement


Please also read our Vision, Values and Aims Statement below this statement, thank you.


Instow Community Primary School firmly believes that all children have a right to a broad, balanced, engaging and creative curriculum which develops and meets the needs of the whole child. We provide rich and varied learning experiences which give opportunities for cross curricular links, including outdoor learning which develop key transferable skills that children need in everyday life.


Our strong sense of family and community also ensures that we promote a high level of personal, social and emotional development.


We are very proud that pupils at Instow Community Primary School have very good academic levels of achievement.


We are also very proud of our enrichment opportunities throughout the school, for example Forest and Beach Schools as well as residential opportunities, along with our varied range of extra curriculum activities we offer.


Our school motto "Aim High" reflects our high expectations of the children in all that they do.


Please see below for termly curriculum plans, thank you.

Our Vision, Values and Aims Statement

Recent Medium Term Plans (before Coronavirus) to inform you of our planning that embeds longer-term understanding.