Pre-School Policies

Aims and Objectives of our Pre-School

Accident and Incident Policy February 2022

Anti-bullying Policy - February 2022

Behaviour Policy - February 2022

Charging Policy - February 2022

Complaints Policy and Procedure - February 2022

Computing Policy - February 2022

Fire Drill (Early Years Unit)

Food and Drink Policy and Procedure

Food Safety Management System - February 2022

Data Protection Policy (GDPR) Policy Feb 2022

Equipment and Resources Policy - February 2022

GDPR Privacy Notice for school and pre-school workforce Feb 2022

Grant Funding Policy

Health & Safety Policy - February 2022

How the children learn policy - February 2022

Illness/Infectious Policy - February 2022

Inclusion and SEND Policy for Pre School

Induction for new parents to Pre-School Feb 2022

Induction and training for new staff to Pre-School Feb 2022

Induction and training for volunteers to pre-school Feb 2022

Intimate Care Policy (Babcock) Feb 2022

Managing allegations against staff and volunteers Feb 2022

Missing Children Policy and Procedures Jan 2022

Mobile Phones and Smart Watches Policy - Feb 2022 (was updated in Sept 2021)

Parent Helpers, Students and Visitors - Feb 2022

Parental Involvement Policy Feb 2022

Photographs, Videos and Computing Policy - Feb 2022

Record Keeping Policy - Feb 2022

Risk Assessment Procedures in School and Pre-School Feb 2022

Role of the Parent Helper - February 2022

Staff Code of Conduct February 2022

Staff Management Feb 2022

Student Placements (Year 10) Policy and Guidelines Feb 2022

Sun Protection Policy Feb 2022

Teaching Teams across Pre-School and School 2021 2022

Toileting and Intimate Care Policy Feb 2022

Transition/Admission to School from Pre-School Policy Feb 2022

Whistleblowing Policy February 2022

Uncollected Child Policy Feb 2022