Pre-School Policies

Aims and Objectives of our Pre-School

Accident and Incident Policy

Anti-bullying Policy - February 2022

Behaviour Policy - February 2022

Complaints Policy and Procedure - February 2022

Computing Policy

Equipment and Resources Policy

Fire Drill (Early Years Unit)

Food and Drink Policy and Procedure

Food Safety Management System

Data Protection Policy (GDPR) Policy Feb 2022

GDPR Privacy Notice for school and pre-school workforce Feb 2022

Grant Funding Policy

How the children learn policy

Illness/Infectious Policy

Inclusion and SEND Policy for Pre School

Induction for new parents to Pre-School

Induction and training for new staff to Pre-School

Induction and training for volunteers to pre-school

Managing allegations against staff and volunteers Feb 2022

Medical Conditions and Administration of Medicine

Missing Children Policy and Procedures Jan 2022

Mobile Phones and Smart Watches Policy

Ofsted Contact Details for Parents

Parent Helpers, Students and Visitors

Parental Involvement Policy

Photographs, Videos and Computing Policy

Record Keeping Policy

Risk Assessment Procedures in School and Pre-School

Role of the Parent Helper

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Staff Management

Student Placements (Year 10) Policy and Guidelines

Sun Protection Policy

Toileting and Intimate Care Policy

Transition/Admission to School from Pre-School Policy

Uncollected Child Policy