School Meals

School dinners from May half-term - end of term

There is always a jacket potato option for dinner

These are:

Monday - Beans and vegetarian sausage

Tuesday - Cheese

Wednesday - Beans

Thursday - Cheese and beans

Friday - Tuna and sweetcorn


Puddings for this half-term are 

Monday - Ice cream

Tuesday - Yoghurt

Wednesday - Chocolate Cracknel

Thursday - Flapjack

Friday - Homemade biscuit

The hot meal choices for this half term are saved in the file below.

School Meals Menu during Spring Term until Easter

School Meal Menu from 14th September 2020 until Christmas Break

School Meals from Tuesday 23rd April 2019 to 18th October 2019

Jacket Potato fillings:


If your child chooses a jacket potato meal, these are the regular fillings offered during the week. In addition your child is offered vegetables, as well as a range of salad items from our Salad Bar.


Monday - Baked Beans and Vegetarian Sausage

Tuesday - Grated Cheese 

Wednesday - Baked Beans

Thursday - Cheese and Beans

Friday - Tuna and sweetcorn

Children are cooked a fresh meal everyday with some fruits and vegetables being grown in the school garden! The cost is only £2.30 and is free for all children up to the end of Year 2 and any pupils eligible for free school meals from Year 3 to Year 6.



If you are eligible for free school meals and would like to apply, please contact the school office.