School Uniform

Our school’s uniform

The uniform required for both boys and girls consists of:

  • navy blue sweatshirt, cardigan or hoodie
  • Navy blue polo shirt navy or grey trousers, shorts or skirt
  • black shoes or trainers (no logo or flashes of colour, including white)
  • navy fleece optional In the summer, children may wear a blue/white checked dress


Instow Community Primary and Pre-School offer branded uniforms if parents wish to purchase this however there is no expectation that parents have to buy the branded items. Jumpers, cardigans and hoodies can be brought with the school logo on (this includes Pre-School which has a different logo; a sandcastle).

Branded uniform is not an expectation.



Children are expected to wear:

  • a white t-shirt or a white polo shirt,
  • black or navy bottoms (leggings, tracksuit bottoms, skort),
  • a navy hoody 
  • trainers



Bracelets, necklaces, dangling earrings and other accessories are not permitted for reasons of health and safety. Children are permitted to wear small studs in the ears. Please note that these must be removed on PE days. Should we noticed that your child is wearing an item of jewellery which is deemed unsafe, a member of staff will ask your child to remove the item and it will be placed somewhere safe for collection at the end of the day. Jewellery worn for religious reasons will be permitted upon direct agreement, in writing, from the headteacher. 



We kindly ask that or long hair is tied up in a ponytail, plait or other controlled style. Headwear worn for religious purposes is permitted.



For more information, please read our School Uniform policy